Chapter 1737 – Guidance

Chen Xi grinned before he stabbed with the piece of violet bamboo.


The violet bamboo seemed as if it had been given life in Chen Xi’s hand. It seethed with a wisp of fierce and murderous Sword Insight, and it carried the might of a storm as it attacked.


Space was like a canvas that had a perfectly straight line torn open on it, and that line headed straight for the young man.

Hmm? The young man’s eyes narrowed. He’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually attack just like that.

He instinctively drew his sword and slashed with it.


To the shock of everyone, even though Chen Xi was clearly utilizing a piece of bamboo, even in a head-on collision, it still struck the bronze sword in the young man’s hand to the point of droning without end.

“Hmph!” The young man’s face sank. He’d actually not gained the slightest advantage during this collision, and this caused a wisp of rage to arise in his heart.

It was just a young man who’d just advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and he was even utilizing a piece of bamboo as a weapon. So, if he was unable to subdue the young man, then it would be extremely embarrassing for him.


However, before he could even react, Chen Xi had stabbed once more with the bamboo. The violet bamboo shot forward like a ray of light, and it swiftly stabbed at the center of the young man’s forehead.

It was too swift!

The young man didn’t have the time to dodge, and he could only raise his sword horizontally to defend against it.


He was blasted by this strike to the point of staggering a few steps back. This caused his expression to grow even more gloomy, and a wisp of rage arose in his eyes.

Chen Xi was being overbearing and simply didn’t take him serious at all, and he felt that Chen Xi was going too far!


The bronze sword in his hand let out a clear howl, and then blazing divine radiance rose from it as he took the initiative to attack.

However, his movement stopped abruptly after merely an instant, and his figure stiffened on the spot while his face had frozen.

Because a piece of violet bamboo was suddenly pressed against his throat, and it was merely an inch away from easily piercing through his throat!

All the cultivators in the vicinity were shocked in their hearts.

Since this battle began until its end, merely a few breaths of time had passed, and Chen Xi had merely stabbed three times with the piece of violet bamboo before defeating his opponent!

All of this was too quick, and the Sword Dao Chen Xi revealed was so formidable that it even exceeded their imagination.

Fortunately, it was merely a spar, and both sides had held back. They hadn’t utilized their full strengths, and they merely competed in terms of the strengths of their Sword Dao. Otherwise, if they fought at full strength, then this violet bamboo forest would have probably been instantly destroyed.

The atmosphere was deathly silent.

Bead after bead of cold sweat flowed from the young man’s forehead and down his face.

His expression seemed to be extremely unsightly while he stood there without moving a muscle, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. I was actually defeated after merely three strikes!?

He was unable to accept this. He’d started training in the sword since a young age, and he was engrossed in the Sword Dao. Since he started cultivating until now, the Sword Dao seemed to have become a part of his life, and it couldn’t be separated.

It was precisely because of this passion that he’d attained the Sword Emperor Realm over a thousand years ago, and it shocked the world while he himself was reputed to be an extraordinarily dazzling figure on the path of the Sword Dao.

However, only he alone was clearly aware that his comprehension in the Sword Dao had fallen into a stagnant state after he advanced into the Sword Emperor Realm.

Now matter how hard he tried or how many experts and seniors he sought guidance from, they were unable to completely solve this problem of his.

Thus, in the end, he received the assistance of a senior and arrived here in the end with the intention of seeking guidance from the Master of Arambha Temple.

However, he’d utterly never imagined that he would actually lose at the hands of a young man that used a piece of violet bamboo as a sword.

Moreover, he’d even lost in the Sword Dao that he was most adept in and most pleased with!

This caused him to suffer an unprecedentedly heavy blow, and it almost made him start questioning the Sword Dao that he’d persisted on throughout his lifetime.

Why was it like that?


The same question reverberated ceaselessly in his heart, and his gaze become more and more lost.

Suddenly, Senior White grunted coldly. “Hmph! Those that wield the sword would rather be chopped down than bow, and they remain unyielding no matter what. Are you even worthy of speaking of the Sword Dao with that little bit of tolerance?”

It was like a thunderclap that resounded by his ear, and it caused the young man to suddenly recover from that dejected and lost state of mind.

He couldn’t help but gasp for breath while feeling a lingering fear in his heart. He was clearly aware that an inner demon had unknowingly formed in his heart because he was too obsessed in the Sword Dao. Now that he’d suffered such a heavy blow, and his mental state was affected, he’d almost suffered from qi deviation.

If Senior White hadn’t spoken profound truths and jolted him back to his senses, then even his cultivation would have probably been lost.

“It was a good match.” Chen Xi glanced at the young man before casually tossing the piece of violet bamboo away.

“I lost.” The young man was dejected.

All the others in the surroundings sighed with emotion as well, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a faint wisp of shock.

They’d already clearly determined that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao had far surpassed the young man, and none of them dared to rashly jump to conclusions and comment on exactly how far it surpassed the young man.

“Your comprehension in the Sword Dao will break through once more when you’ve overcome this defeat. Goodbye.” Senior White spoke casually and paid no further attention to the young man.

“Thank you for your guidance.” The young man went silent for a long time before his expression suddenly turned calm, and then he looked at Chen Xi. “Fellow Daoist, may I ask if you can take me as your disciple?”

Just this short sentence caused a mighty uproar in the surroundings. Has this fellow gone mad?

“I can’t.” Chen Xi’s answer was very direct and without any hesitation. However, what he said next caused the young man’s gaze to suddenly brighten.

“You have your path, and I have mine. You can try to surpass me, and I’ll wait for that day to come.”

“Alright! I definitely will.” The young man took a deep breath while his expression became firm, and he turned around and left swiftly.

“Fellow Daoist, my name is Ren Huanyu. I’ll come looking for you again one day. At that time, I’ll seek guidance from your Sword Dao again!”

“Ren Huanyu? That isn’t a bad name.” Chen Xi smiled and didn’t take it seriously because it wasn’t so easy to surpass him.

Once Ren Huanyu left, the atmosphere in the surroundings didn’t turn deathly silent again, and it became restless instead because many cultivators were already feeling impatient.

“Fellow Daoist, I have three divine herbs that fulfil your requirement. Please provide me with your guidance.”

“Let me go first. I have an entire seven divine materials that fulfil the requirements. Not to mention that I arrived here much earlier than you did. So, even if we line up, I should be first.”

“Keep it down! Let me go first.”

Many cultivators were shouting as they swarmed towards Senior White.

After the examples of the man in beast skin and Ren Huanyu, all of them firmly believed in Senior White’s ability, so they would naturally not choose to continue watching from the sidelines.

A quick witted cultivator even passed Chen Xi all the divine materials he possessed and said, “Fellow Daoist, five of the divine materials amongst them are those that you require, and the others are some small gifts. Take it as my kind intentions and please accept it.”

As a matter of course, this person became the third person that Senior White provided guidance to.

The surroundings were bustling, and the more it was like this, the more complacent Senior White was. He raised his head high, had his wings behind his back, and seemed extremely proud and complacent.

“Don’t fight. All those that possess the divine materials can line up, and your Ancestor, I, will make an exception today and provide guidance to all of you.

“As for those that don’t possess the listed divine materials, you don’t have to be upset. It’s fine if you provide some treasures as compensation. However, all of you can only line up at the end. When the time comes, your ancestor, I, will provide all of you with varying levels of guidance according to the circumstances.”

Spit sprayed from Senior White’s mouth as he ordered them around, and he seemed to be commanding, full of energy, and boundlessly graceful.

However, surprisingly, those cultivators weren’t displeased at all. Obviously, they were worried about infuriating Senor White and being unable to obtain his guidance.

This caused Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che to sigh with emotion. They’re a group of cultivators with extraordinary background and unfathomable origins, and there’s even no lack of Imperial Monarchs amongst them. Yet now, they’re being ordered around obediently by an old bird that’s full of shortcomings. It really does cause one to sigh endlessly with emotion.

However, Senior White could be considered to possess real ability and great knowledge. He pointed out the problems those cultivators faced with merely a few words, and then provided them with guidance that struck the heart of the matter, causing his image in the hearts of those cultivators to rise steadily.

It was even to the extent that some cultivators cried tears of joy after they obtained his guidance, and they addressed Senior White as Master. It was truly a very touching scene.

In short, the atmosphere seemed to become very solemn and sacred. All the cultivators seemed as if they were disciples that were listening to supreme teachings, and they gazed at Senior White with respect and admiration, and they were even on the verge of kneeling down and prostrating themselves in worship.

On the other hand, Senor White spoke cheerfully like an expert. However, Chen Xi was able to discern that this old bird was probably already complacent to the extreme in its heart.

“Goddess, that birdy is really extraordinary.” The Goddess and Huicong were standing extremely far away from the violet bamboo forest since an unknown period in time. At this moment, Huicong couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise as she watched the scene of Senior White providing those cultivators with guidance.

“It’s extraordinary indeed. Huicong, have you heard that there’s a sprite in this world that’s born in the Chaos and innately possesses the ability to see through everything? Moreover, with a little bit of cultivation, it can possess great knowledge of both ancient and present information, possess knowledge of everything in the world, and discern all techniques in the world. It’s called the Master of all.” The Goddess’ voice was flat, yet it carried a trace of deep meaning.

Huicong said with shock, “Goddess, you wouldn’t be talking about that birdy, right?”

“Even though it isn’t there yet, it isn’t too far away.” The Goddess didn’t deny it.

For a time, Huicong couldn’t help but be stunned on the spot, and then she muttered. “Since it’s so formidable, then why is it only at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm?”

“The Grand Dao takes from those that have too much and provides for the lacking. Those that possess natural talent that’s too heaven defying will suffer the envy of the heavens in the end.” The Goddess spoke flatly before turning around and leaving. “Return with me. That little fellow is already trying so hard, so we ought to prepare some things as well.”

“Are we going to refine the Pill of Fate and Wisdom?” Huicong hurriedly caught up to her.

“It’s still too early for that.”

After an entire seven days of time, Senior White had finally relied on his glib tongue to send all of those cultivators off.

Chen Xi felt speechless because Senior White had been chirping on incessantly for seven days and nights, yet actually didn’t seen exhausted at all. Up until this moment that everything had ended, Senior White actually seemed unsatisfied and seemed to feel a sense of loss.

How lonely was this old bird in the past!?

“Unfortunately, we were barely able to obtain over 20 types of divine materials, and we’re still lacking over 80 types.” Empress Yu Che counted and sorted Senior White’s ‘spoils’ from these seven days, and she couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed.

“It’s already very good. At the very least, besides all of these divine materials, we’ve even gathered a large amount of other treasures and finished a task. It’s already a very good accomplishment.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke.

Empress Yu Che nodded, and then she asked. “Then what do you intend to do next?”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought instead, and he said, “Yu Che, do you still remember the Treasure Exhibition?”

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