Chapter 1736 – The Proud Senior White

Everyone was surprised, and they gazed at Senior White with doubtful expressions.

No one spoke with disapproval again, and all of them watched coldly from the sidelines. They seemed as if they intend to continue watching to see if this foul-mouthed old bird was really erudite and capable of answering all their questions.

Senior White grew even more complacent upon noticing this, and it raised its chest and revealed a supremely arrogant bearing as it said, “See, your ancestor, I, discerned with a single glance that your soul was injured. Could it be that I still aren’t qualified to provide you with guidance?”

The man in beast skin had a surprised and indeterminate expression, and then he grunted coldly after a short while. “Then tell me…what sort of technique can repair these injuries of mine?”

Senior White spoke with disdain. “What’s so difficult about that? Your ancestor, I, has at least 16 different methods to deal with this problem for you. But….”

When it spoke up to here, it suddenly shut its mouth, and then its eyeballs spun as it started pondering deeply.

“But what?” The man couldn’t refrain from asking this question.

“Hmph! It looks to me like this fellow is putting on an act.”

“If you know the answer, then quickly speak of it so as to avoid us looking down upon you.”

The cultivators in the vicinity frowned, and they tried to goad Senior White into providing the answer.

“Nevermind. Your ancestor, I, will be benevolent today and bestow supreme fortune upon you to remodel yourself.” Senior White sighed deeply, and it caused the corners of the mouths of everyone in the vicinity to twitch.

“You….” The man in beast skin’s face sank. A dignified Imperial Monarch like him received the worship of all no matter where he went, so when had he even been criticized by bird?

However, he was interrupted by Senior White before he could finish speaking. “Listen well because I’ll only say it once.”

As it spoke, it placed its wings behind its back and strode through space while revealing the bearing of an erudite expert. “The Temporal Void Soul Control Technique is cultivated in accordance with the heavens, the earth, the profound, the truth, the ages, and the origin. It draws upon the energy heavenly lightning, earthly flames, dark water, true force, ancient qi, and origin spirit to temper the body, condense a Void Image, open up the tiny apertures in the Bloodsoul….

“However, the biggest taboo when cultivating this technique is to suffer an injury of the soul. Thus, it can barely be considered as a first-rate technique in the world. In the annals of history, Primeval Fiendgods of great wisdom had once created the Void Soul Nourishing Technique in response to this flaw, and only then were they able to resolve the latent problem in the Temporal Void Soul Control Technique….”

Senior White’s voice reverberated through the violet bamboo forest. The Fiendgod in beast skin originally felt humiliated and was extremely furious at Senior White. However, as he listened and listened, he was stunned on the spot.

He felt as if he’d been struck by lightning, and he’d forgotten everything while only Senior White’s sharp and ear-piercing voice remained.

However, at this moment, this voice was indescribably wonderful to the man in beast skin. It was like the chanting of the Grand Dao, and it gradually resolved the questions that had accumulated in his heart over the years, causing him to feel as if he was suddenly enlightened.

On the other hand, the others in the vicinity were utterly unable to discern how profound Senior White’s words were.

However, they were able to discern that the man actually seemed as if he was possessed. His expression was sometimes covered in pleasant surprise, sometimes covered in shock, sometimes beaming from ear to ear, sometimes seeming to be lost in thought….

It truly seemed like he was listening to supreme profundities and had fallen into a state of Dao comprehension.

This caused all the others in the surroundings to be shocked. They finally affirmed that this old bird wasn’t boasting and exaggerating, and it actually possessed real ability and genuine knowledge!

Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che exchanged glances before they started laughing soundlessly, and they sighed endlessly with emotion in their hearts as well. This old bird that’s full of flaws isn’t completely good for nothing….

“Excellent! Excellent!”

When Senior White finished explaining everything, the man in beast skin was actually excited to the point of jumping with joy on the spot, and he seemed to be madly delighted.

With his identity as an Imperial Monarch, he’d actually acted in such a ridiculous manner, and if it was at any other ordinary time, the other cultivators would probably laugh with ridicule at him.

However, at this moment, no one laughed. Because they were clearly aware that the problem which troubled the man for over 10,000 years had actually been dealt with in this short period of time!

This was a problem encountered by an Imperial Monarch!

How many people in the entire Ancient God Domain possessed the ability to provide guidance to Imperial Monarchs?

If it wasn’t for that, why would the man in beast skin have to wait here bitterly just for the sake of seeking guidance from the master of Arambha Temple?

Thus, no one laughed when they saw the man completely disregard his bearing and jump with joy.

However, only Senior White laughed. It gazed at the man in beast skin with disdain and cried out. “You over there! Exactly how long more do you intend to continue jumping for?”

The beast skin man’s body stiffened before he seemed as if he’d awakened from a dream. He revealed a wisp of an embarrassed expression, and then he took a deep breath and bowed as he said, “Thank you, thank you for your guidance, Fellow Daoist. I’ll never forget such a great kindness, and I’ll definitely repay you tenfold if I have the chance in the future!”

“Repay me?” Senior White’s eyes lit up, and it said, “Don’t wait for the future, you can repay me right now.”

The man was instantly stunned.

All the other cultivators in the vicinity revealed a wisp of astonishment as well. This old bird is really straightforward!

As Senior White spoke, it waved its wing at Chen Xi and said, “Little Fellow, come over here and let him have a look at that jade slip.”

Chen Xi was stunned for a moment, and then he instantly came to an understanding before he withdrew the jade slip which had the Goddess’ list of various divine materials and divine herbs recorded on it.

The man in beast skin frowned, but he still took it in his hand, and then he instantly revealed a wisp of hesitation after he looked through it briefly.

The hearts of the cultivators in the vicinity jerked when they saw this. Even an Imperial Monarch is so troubled by it. Could it be that the conditions within that jade slip are extremely harsh?

“Senior, there’s a huge amount of divine materials listed here, and every single one of them are extremely precious. I merely have a few of them in my possession….” The man in beast skin laughed bitterly, and even his method of address had changed.

He was interrupted by Senior White before he could even finish speaking. “Don’t worry. Your ancestor, I, am clearly aware that it’s utterly impossible for you to possess all of this. Otherwise, wouldn’t you be even more formidable than the Master of Arambha Temple?”

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings jerked. Exactly what sort of rare divine materials are recorded within that jade slip that even the Temple Master was actually unable to gather them?

“Hand over those divine materials that you possess, and you’ll be considered to have repaid me.” Even when asking for the treasures of others, Senior White seemed as if it was a matter of course.

This scene caused Chen Xi to sigh with emotion in his heart. Only a fellow like Senior White would be able to accomplish something so shameless with such ease.

Of course, Chen Xi merely sighed with emotion in his heart, and he actually really supported and appreciated Senior White’s actions.

The man immediately withdrew a few divine materials.

A Heavenluck Cloudsoul Herb that was 300,000 years old.

A ball of Fire Lightning Origin Qi that was gathered from amidst the Chaos.

A Violetsky Soulrock.

Every singe one of them could be said to be precious treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck, and they were irresistibly tempting and priceless even to existences at the Imperial Monarch Realm.

The cultivators in the vicinity instantly recognized these divine materials, and their expressions couldn’t help but change slightly because paying such a price… was slightly terrifying.

However, it caused the man in beast skin to feel completely relaxed. Compared to these pieces of external wealth, obtaining the method to resolve the barrier he faced in his cultivation was undoubtedly the most important.

Senior White waved his wings in an unconcerned manner. “Leave them behind. You can leave.”

“Thank you, Senior.” The man placed the three divine materials into jade boxes and passed them to Chen Xi before he cupped his hands towards Senior White, and then he turned around and left.

The atmosphere in the surroundings became slightly deathly silent.

All the cultivators in the surroundings were slightly hesitant, and they seemed to be pondering about something.

Senior White was slightly impatient instead. “Don’t waste time. All of you take a look at the divine materials recorded in the jade slip. If you possess them, then you can come obtain guidance from your ancestor, I, and then quickly leave this place.”

This sort of attitude seemed to be extremely bad, and it was oppressive.

However, all the cultivators in the surroundings were clearly aware that this was the old bird’s character, so they couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with the old bird.

It was precisely these words from Senior White that caused their hearts to be moved.

Earlier, when they witnessed Senior White explain and provide guidance to the man in beast skin, it caused their doubt towards Senior White to reduce greatly, and it was even to the extent that many had aroused the intention to seek guidance from Senior White.

After all, for the sake of waiting for the Master of Arambha Temple to resolve the problems that troubled them, all of them had already been waiting here for too long. How could they not desire to leave as soon as possible?

So, the jade slip was immediately passed around. However, they still felt slightly dizzy when they saw the precious divine materials that were listed in the jade slip.

They were too precious!

Every single divine material could be considered a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth, and when all of these divine materials were added together, their value was immeasurable.

Even with their wealth and ability, they felt that it was simply impossible to gather all of these divine materials.

“Fellow Daoist, isn’t this slightly oppressive?” Someone spoke with a slightly unsightly expression.

The others chimed in with agreement as well, and they felt that Senior White was intentionally making things difficult for them.

“All of you simply don’t know what’s good for you. Compared to your own cultivation, all of this external wealth is nothing!” Senior White grunted coldly and berated them. He simply seemed as if he was teaching his disciples a lesson, and it was completely blunt, causing the expressions of all of those cultivators to become slightly unsightly.

“I have two divine materials that fulfil the requirements, and I’m willing to give it a try.” A young man walked forward. He carried a bronze sword on his back, had a dignified bearing, and his entire body was covered in a layer of hazy Sword Insight.

“You?” Senior White glanced at him and grunted. “Young man, I noticed that Sword Insight covers your body and is impossible to be restrained. Have you encountered a problem in your comprehension of the Sword Dao?”

The young man wasn’t surprised because anyone with discerning ability would be able to discern this.

He nodded and said, “Exactly. May I ask if you have a method to resolve it?”

Senior White said flatly. “Hand the materials over, and your ancestor, I, will tell you.”

The young man readily withdrew two jade boxes and passed them to Chen Xi. The latter inspected them briefly before nodding to Senior White.

When he saw this, Senior White said, “A problem like yours can’t be resolved by guidance alone, and you must take a beating.”

Take a beating? The young man was stunned, and then he said angrily, “You old cheat! This is the answer you give me?”

The cultivators in the vicinity were displeased as well, and they felt that Senior White was acting in a perfunctory manner and humiliating the young man.

“You really are young.” Senior White shook his head as he chuckled, and he revealed a haughty expression. He couldn’t even be bothered to make a fuss about it before he said to Chen Xi, “I’ll leave it to you.”

Chen Xi nodded because he’d noticed the young man’s shortcomings in the Sword Dao as well.

He immediately chopped off a piece of violet bamboo that glistened like jade, and then he ripped off the leaves on it before he held it in his palm. He’d taken it to be his weapon.

“What? You intend to fight me?” The young man’s face sank. Even though he had a young appearance, he’d actually cultivated for a few tens of thousands of years, and he’d stepped foot into the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since a very long time ago.

Under such circumstances, he would naturally take Chen Xi who’d just advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm to be a junior.

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