Chapter 1735 – Temporal Void Soul Control Technique

Merely these words alone caused Chen Xi’s depressed mood to be refreshed once more.

He was very clearly aware what these words meant.

That day, Jia Nan had merely utilized the Five Saint Treasures to help Zhen Liuqing suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom within her, but it could merely last for 10 years.

This made Chen Xi rather anxious, and he wished for nothing more than to abandon everything he was doing and search for the method to deal with it.

However, the Divine Black Lich Venom was obviously a secret technique from the last era, and it was extremely difficult to deal with. There were practically very few people in the entire world that were capable of dealing with it.

It was even to the extent that even his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, was helpless against it, and he could only guide Chen Xi to Arambha Temple in order to seek out a method to deal with it. This obviously showed how malicious such a secret technique was.

Now, even if the Goddess didn’t have a method to eliminate it, but if she were able to completely suppress it, then Chen Xi wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough time, and it would undoubtedly give him even more opportunities to search for a method to eliminate it.

“Senior, please provide me with your guidance.” Chen Xi cupped his hands solemnly.

She said indifferently, “Don’t get happy too early. You’ll have to make preparations in order to utilize this method.”

“How should I prepare?”

“First agree to complete three tasks for me, and I’ll help you so long as you accomplish them.”

“Senior, please be frank.”

When Chen Xi returned, Empress Yu Che and Senior White noticed that his brows were knit together tightly, and he seemed as if he’d encountered a problem.

Empress Yu Che couldn’t help but ask. “What’s wrong?”

Chen Xi sighed, and then he told them about the details of his conversation with the Goddess.

At this moment, Senior White and Empress Yu Che finally understood why Chen Xi’s brows were knit together tightly.

It turned out that the three tasks the Goddess mentioned was first to send off all those cultivators that were waiting outside Arambha Temple to pay a visit to her.

Secondly, she’d passed a jade slip to Chen Xi, and the names and required amounts of around 100 plus matchlessly rare divine materials and divine herbs were recorded within the jade slip. Moreover, she asked Chen Xi to make sure to gather every single one of them.

The third task was to be a guard and look after Arambha Temple for five years.

Amongst these three tasks, it was definitely the third that was the easiest to accomplish. It was merely five years of time, and so long as he was able to completely suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom within Zhen Liuqing, then not to mention five years of time, Chen Xi would even be willing to do it for 10 years!

The tasks that truly gave Chen Xi a headache were the first two.

When he just arrived at Arambha Temple on that day, he’d laid eyes on the cultivators that were waiting in the violet bamboo forest. All of them possessed formidable auras and extraordinary origins, and it was even to the extent that some had already been waiting for a few thousands of years!

Under such circumstances, it wasn’t so easy to send them off smoothly.

Besides that, the second task was extremely troublesome as well. Because the names of the divine materials and divine herbs listed out in the jade slip were matchlessly rare in the world, and it was even to the extent that Chen Xi hadn’t even heard of more than half of them, so where should he go to gather them?

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that the Goddess was absolutely not intentionally making things difficult for him, and if his inferences weren’t wrong, then the materials listen in this jade slip were probably being prepared to be utilized to suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom.

“It’s slightly troublesome indeed. Amongst those cultivators that reside in the violet bamboo forest, at least six have already stepped foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm, and there’s even no lack of existences with extraordinarily great backgrounds and mysterious origins amongst the others. So, it’ll be extremely difficult to make them leave obediently.” Empress Yu Che frowned as well, and she understood what troubled Chen Xi.

Six Imperial Monarchs! Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he gasped. Only now did he know that there were actually that many Imperial Monarchs within the violet bamboo forest.

“Both of you are still too wet behind the ear. What’s so difficult about this matter?” Senior White chuckled instead and seemed proud as if it looked down upon all living beings. “Allow your ancestor, I, to ask the both of you a question. Why did those fellows come here for?”

“To have their questions answered.” Chen Xi recalled what the white spirit deer had said on that day, and he didn’t hesitate before he answered.

“Exactly, since they’ve come to have their questions answered, then they’ve definitely encountered an extremely troublesome barrier in their cultivation. Thus, they didn’t hesitate to come here with the intention of obtaining guidance from the Master of Arambha Temple.” Senior White spoke confidently. “So, you just have to help them deal with the problems they’re facing in their cultivations and it’ll be solved with ease.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he frowned and said, “How could I help someone at the Imperial Monarch Realm?”

Senior White gazed at Chen Xi with an expression of pity, and then it pointed at itself and said, “Obviously, it’s impossible for you, kid. But could it be that you haven’t noticed that your ancestor, I, am here?”

How could Chen Xi have not been aware of this. However, he was clearly aware that if he took the initiative to ask for Senior White’s help, then Senior White would definitely refuse and make excuses. So, it was better to make it propose this itself. Because in this way, he would be halfway to success.

Chen Xi patted himself on the forehead and acted as if he’d gained sudden enlightenment. “How could I have forgotten that an erudite senior like you is here? I could really have been considered to have been searching for a donkey while riding one.”

Senior White instantly erupted with rage. “Who’re you called a donkey?”

Chen Xi roared with laughter, and he pulled on Senior White’s wing as he headed out of the courtyard. “You’re an erudite senior, so how can you make a fuss about that with a junior like me? That’s beneath your status. Come! Come! Come! Quickly help me deal with this troublesome task.”

“Hmph! At least you’re sensible, kid. If your ancestor, I, wasn’t magnanimous, then how could I endure such insult? During the Manku period, anyone that dared to curse at your ancestor, I, would definitely have his entire family tree annihilated! Don’t laugh, kid. If your ancestor, I, said even a single thing that was false….” Senior White bragged about itself while spitting saliva throughout the air as it left with Chen Xi, and they gradually vanished into the distance.

Empress Yu Che followed them from far away, and she couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw this.

Actually, once when stayed with Senior White for a long time, then even though one would feel that this old bird was extremely garrulous, narcissistic, and proud, but it indirectly brought a great deal of joy to others.

Chen Xi was extremely confident in Senior White’s ability.

Earlier, while they were traversing the divine restriction that led here, it was because of Senior White’s guidance that Empress Yu Che’s combat strength had improved greatly in a short period of time, allowing her to easily annihilate the silver divine ape within the restriction.

At that time, Chen Xi had witnessed all of it.

Even though Senior White loved to brag, it kept a great deal of things hidden away. So, since it was able to provide Empress Yu Che with guidance, it was naturally able to guide the other Imperial Monarchs.

Chen Xi’s group quickly walked out of Arambha Temple under the lead of the white spirit deer, and they arrived once more at the violet bamboo forest.


“Looks like it was that young man who advanced a few days ago. His natural talent really is extraordinary. I just wonder what sort of relationship he has with the Temple Master.”

“He really is an extremely astounding young man with extraordinary natural talent. His future is limitless.”

When they noticed the arrival of Chen Xi’s groups, these figures didn’t ignore Chen Xi’s group completely like they had on that day, and all of them seemed to be sizing Chen Xi up with expressions of admiration.

“Young man, why have all of you come here?” An extremely old man inquired about the reason for their arrival.

“To help provide guidance to Fellow Daoists.” Chen Xi grinned lightly as he spoke frankly.

Provide guidance?

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the attention of all the cultivators in the bamboo forest.

“Did the Temple Master send you here?” One of them couldn’t refrain himself from asking this question.

Chen Xi shook his head, and then he took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, to tell you the truth, the reason I’ve come to help provide all of you with guidance is because I want to solve your troubles as soon as possible so that all of you can return from here.”

“Haha! Young man, who gave you such confidence to actually be arrogant to the point of intending to provide all of us with guidance?”

“Alas, I thought I was mistaken earlier, but it turns out that this little fellow really intends to act in that way. How simply laughable and absurd! Are the troubles encountered by an Imperial Monarch during cultivation something a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like you can provide guidance on?”

“How presumptuous! Aren’t you being a bit too arrogant!? Little Fellow, quickly leave this place so as to avoid infuriating us and bringing calamity to yourself.”

“Fellow Daoists, haven’t all of you heard him clearly? This little fellow intends to kick all of us out!”

All of them were slightly astounded in the beginning, but they couldn’t help but sneer right after that. Moreover, some were surprised, some felt disdainful, and others laughed lightheartedly without end.

All of them felt that Chen Xi was behaving badly and causing trouble, and if it was out of consideration for their identities, they would have taught Chen Xi a lesson since a long time ago.

Chen Xi was prepared for such a reaction, so he didn’t get annoyed and said seriously, “Fellow Daoists, all of you aren’t mistaken, and I’m serious.”

“Little Fellow, I’ll punish you if you speak another word of nonsense!” A Fiendgod who had a mighty figure and wore beast skin clothes walked out. He had a beast bone longbow strapped to his back, and a pair of brilliant sun and moon floated in his palms. Moreover, strands of divine light and lightning surged out from within his eyes as they blinked, and his imposing aura was extremely shocking.

He was an Imperial Monarch. He stared coldly at Chen Xi while his voice rumbled like the sound of the Grand Dao, and it caused the souls of others to tremble.

A cold glow flashed in Empress Yu Che’s eyes, and she stood in front of Chen Xi.

However, Chen Xi smiled and gestured to Empress Yu Che that there was no need to be tense. He said, “In a moment, everyone will definitely understand if I’m talking nonsense or not.”

“Looks like you really intend to look for trouble?” The Fiendgod beast skin was displeased, and his imposing aura rose explosively, causing a strand of a terrifying aura to envelop the violet bamboo forest.

Chen Xi glanced at Senior White. Only now did Senior White smile with satisfaction, and it flapped its wings as it soared into the sky and looked down at everyone from above.

“All of you ignorant fools, could it be that you don’t know that everyone specializes in something? Don’t all of you know that those who know are those who teach?”

As soon as Senior White spoke, its voice carried a sharp and mocking tone, and it caused the expressions of many cultivators to turn grim while coldness arose in their eyes.

Senior White seemed completely indifferent to this, and it glanced sideways at the Fiendgod in beast skin and spoke with a disdainful tone. “Just like you. You’ve attained the Fifth Star Imperial Monarch Realm for no less than 10,000 years, right? You’re clearly cultivating the Temporal Void Soul Control Technique that’s a top-rate body refinement technique in the entire world. However, you’ve been constantly stuck at this realm of cultivation, and there’s only a single reason for this. Your soul has definitely suffered irreparable harm, and it caused you to be unable to condense your own Void Image!”

At the beginning, his expression was filled with rage from being ridiculed by Senior White, and he was on the verge of going berserk. However, when he heard the rest of Senior White’s words, he instantly seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and he cried out involuntarily. “How did you know that my soul was injured in the past?”

All the others originally thought that this foul-mouthed bird was talking nonsense. However, when they saw him reveal such a shocked expression, all of their hearts jerked. Could it be that it was right?

Even if Chen Xi had witnessed Senior White’s ability a long time ago, he still couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise when he witnessed such a scene again. This old bird really is keeping a great deal of treasures hidden away!

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