Chapter 1733 – World Shocking Phenomena

Early in the morning on the next day.

A wave of knocking resounded, and it caused Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che to awaken from their meditation.

“Please enter,” said Chen Xi.

To their surprise, it wasn’t Huicong but the white spirit deer.

“Fellow Daoists, my Master is in closed door cultivation, and she’ll only be able to meet all of you in a while. If you don’t have any other urgent matters to attend to, then you can wait here for now.” The white spirit deer spoke in a warm voice.

Closed door cultivation? Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che were stunned, and they faintly sensed that there was probably something fishy about this.

Huicong hadn’t returned yesterday, and today, they were told the Master of Arambha Temple was in closed door cultivation. So, they felt that it was too much of a coincidence. 

Chen Xi frowned as he asked. “May I ask Fellow Daoist how long we have to wait?”

The white spirit deer answered. “At least three to five months to an immeasurable amount of time.”

“Alright, then we’ll wait here for three to five months of time.” Chen Xi suddenly smiled and said, “In any case, we’re free, so we can seize this opportunity to meditate and cultivate here.”The white spirit deer nodded, and then it turned around and left.

“You really intend to wait here?” Empress Yu Che’s brows raised. “I feel that the Temple Master is probably avoiding us intentionally. If it’s like this, then it would be meaningless no matter how long we wait.”

“So long as they don’t drive us away, then there’s definitely a chance to turn the situation around. It’s best for us to wait for a while.” Chen Xi’s eyes were covered in a firm expression. So long as he was able to find a way to revive Zhen Liuqing, then he would wait no matter what.

“This place isn’t bad, and it’s isolated from the outside world. Presently, your enemies in the Ancient God Domain have probably issued a worldwide warrant for your capture. So, it isn’t bad for you to lie low here for a while.” Senior White yawned and spoke lazily.

Chen Xi nodded. He intended to seize this opportunity to break through into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.


From this day onwards, Chen Xi occupied a room by himself and entered into closed door cultivation.

Empress Yu Che didn’t stay idle as well, and she utilized all her ability with the intention of obtaining some techniques related to cultivating from Senior White.

Unfortunately, Senior White had lived for countless years, yet his combat strength was merely comparable to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. So, after being coerced by Yu Che who was an Empress, it yielded in the end and started to guide her in her cultivation.

However, it couldn’t avoid feeling displeased in its heart. So, the weird old bird vented its bellyful of rage onto the Horned Auspicious Whitejade Turtles in the pond.

Moreover, Senior White had sneakily captured one, and it became Senior White’s food in the end. Only then was Senior White satisfied.

However, it wasn’t long before the white spirit deer came over and warned Senior White in a cold and stern tone, and only then were the Horned Auspicious Whitejade Turtles able to avoid Senior White’s murderous hands.

After an entire seven days had passed, they still didn’t hear from Huicong.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of that.


Chen Xi sat cross-legged within the room. His tall figure was ramrod straight while his entire body seethed with vast divine radiance, and it seethed brilliantly and emanated a divine aura.

In the universe within his body, vast divine energy swept through it like a river, and it spread through every single inch of space there and circulated without end. Moreover, it revealed a sign of being full and flawless while seething to the extreme.

This wasn’t all of it. At this moment, it seemed like the furnace of the Grand Dao was circulating both inside and outside of his body. His spirit, energy, and essence were utilized as the bridge while his vital energy was utilized as the catalyst, and his entire body seemed to be burning violently. 

This was a form of ‘accumulating strength’, and he was preparing to charge into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

The Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was a state where one returned to one’s ancestral roots. Once one attained this realm of cultivation, an Ancestral Root of Divine Energy would be established in the universe within the body, and it would in a chaotic state. It swallowed the heavens and the earth, held Divine Energy within it, and accommodated everything.


After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi’s entire body was covered by surging divine radiance. The tune of the Grand Dao rumbled within his body like the roars of dragons, and it even sounded deafening like numerous divine mountains colliding endlessly within him.

This scene was extremely extraordinary, and an ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God would be absolutely unable to possess such an immense imposing aura. 

On the other hand, a seemingly chaotic area had suddenly appeared in the universe within its body, and it was like a primeval abyss that emanated an ancient and boundless aura.

The Ancestral Root of Divine Energy!

This was the sign of advancing into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

“Ha!” Suddenly, Chen Xi’s voice resounded like a thunderclap as he let out an obscure sound of the Dao.

Along with this sound, a violet ball of light soared into the sky. It was completely dazzling, and it seemed like numerous golden stars were floating within it. These innumerable stars circulated without end, and they emanated an aura of an imperial sovereign that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

As soon as they appeared, the entire room was illuminated brightly in golden light. 

It was the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root!

A unique and supreme Ancestral Dao Root in the heavens and the earth. It could only be chanced upon by luck, and it was even a level higher than the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root. It reigned supreme through the ages, and it was unrivalled. 

At this moment, Chen Xi opened his mouth and swallowed it into his body.


In a mere instant, it seemed like the chaos in the universe within Chen Xi’s body had been split open, and a thunderous and extremely grand bang resounded.

The myriad of stars in the surroundings trembled and droned within end.

A wisp of violet blazing radiance suddenly surged into the universe, and then it rooted itself at the Ancestral Root that was established within the universe in Chen Xi’s body.

At this moment, it seemed like everything had fallen into a motionless state. The ceaselessly circulating Divine Energy, the myriad of stars that floated in the universe, and even the energy, essence, and spirit within Chen Xi’s body had fallen into deathly silence.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In merely a short moment, a wave of extremely rhythmic rumbling resounded from the universe within Chen XI’s body, and it seemed to possess its own heartbeat that was ceaselessly beating.

Along with this sort of rumbling, the universe within his body was covered in a layer of golden violet divine radiance, and strands of invisible energy of Divine Dao Order started to stretch through out the universe within his body….

In merely the time of a few breaths, the extremely vast universe within Chen Xi’s body seemed as if it was constructed from golden violet liquid. The stars, space, landscape…. Everything had a golden violet color, and they emanated an extremely oppressive aura.

It seemed like it had adorned an imperial robe, it was like a fish that had leaped through the heavenly gates to become a dragon, and it had instantly become different!

It was the imposing aura of an imperial sovereign, and it caused even his Divine Energy to carry a dignified aura of supremacy.

On the other hand, a brilliant golden violet ocean surged within the Ancestral Root of Divine Energy, and it was like a primeval fountain that had been born from within the chaos. It ceaselessly emanated blazing radiance, and it carried an aura of the Grand Dao returning to its ancestral roots.

This wasn’t the end of all of these changes, and it became more and more shocking and vast as time passed.

As it was said, the ancestral root was like establishing life in the world!

What did this mean? 

It meant that once gods possessed an Ancestral Dao Root, it was like being rooted in the heavens and the earth, and they stopped sailing along with the tide like they had in the past.

Moreover, once one attained this realm of cultivation, the Grand Dao had returned to its ancestral state. Thus, so long as the Dao Root remained intact, then one would remain unharmed no matter what sort of storm assaulted, and it would be impossible for the cultivator’s life to be harmed.


For an entire half a month of time, shocking transformations had been constantly going on throughout Chen Xi’s body, and it seemed to be endless.

Especially later on, the Soul Divine Flame and Ultimate Divine Dao Altar within his soul had actually become golden violet in color, and their auras grew even stronger while they became even more dazzling and resplendent.

All of these signs proclaimed that Chen Xi was breaking through at a shocking speed, and he faintly showed signs of taking that final step from the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm and becoming a true Universe Enlightened Ancestral God!


On the 36th day that Chen Xi had entered into closed door cultivation to charge into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, a wave of terrifying rumbling suddenly arose in the sky outside the courtyard.

In an instant, boundless golden light descended from the sky and illuminated the nine heavens. Moreover, numerous bright golden flowers descended like rain, and the sounds of chanting resounded through the heavens and the earth.


“That kid has finally arrived at this stage.” 

Empress Yu Che and Senior White swiftly raised their heads, and a wisp of extraordinary splendor arose in their eyes when they noticed such grand phenomena of the heavens and the earth.

“The aura of an imperial sovereign descending from the heavens, and the scene of golden flowers raining down from the sky. Is he advancing into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm? But this is slightly astounding….” The white spirit deer raised its head, and its eyes were enshrouded by divine light while it seemed to be deducing something.


Right at this moment, a wave of rumbling arose in the sky once more, and the phenomena like heavenly dragons soaring, phoenixes letting out clear cries, gods singing, and so on and so forth appeared. 

Later on, numerous violet colored auspicious clouds floated up into appearance, and besides radiating golden light, they even emanated a indescribably dignified aura.

“What’s that?” Empress Yu Che was shocked in her heart and extremely dazed because she didn’t know that Chen Xi had obtained an Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

The white spirit deer’s figure stiffened while it revealed an expression of disbelief.

In the violet bamboo forest, the numerous figures there stopped what they were doing, and they looked towards the distant sky in succession while revealing a wisp of terror on their faces.

“Exactly who caused such phenomena of the heavens and the earth?”

“Is this an advancement towards the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm? But the phenomena of the heavens and the earth created by it is unprecedented. Could it be that this person has refined and absorbed a ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root?”

“No. Even though a ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root is rare, it’s unable to create such an imposing aura during one’s advancement. I heard that only those who possess the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm would be able to draw down phenomena of the heavens and the earth to temper themselves as they broke through. They’re able to receive the providence of the heavens!”


Within Arambha Temple, a divine and dignified figure floated up into appearance. The figure had its hands behind its back as it gazed up into the sky, and it was precisely the mysterious Goddess of Arambha Temple. At this moment, she’d actually been alarmed by the phenomena.

“Violet qi came from the east, and it transformed into clouds that descended here. This is the… sign of an imperial sovereign! It really is like that. The Master of the Manku period really did leave a contingency behind before leaving.

“Looks like I can only gamble as well….” The Goddess muttered in her heart, and then she turned around and left.

“Lu’er, ask him to come see me after he completes his advancement.” A voice entered into the white spirit deer’s ears, and it caused it to be suddenly jolted awake from its shock. After that, it took a deep breath and replied respectfully. “Yes.”

The phenomena in the sky continued for an entire 10 minutes of time before they transformed into a ray of golden violet divine radiance, and then it suddenly descended and charged into the room where Chen Xi resided.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s figure was enveloped in divine radiance, and he seemed to have transformed into a ray of light that was dignified, vast, and divine.

After a long time, all of this energy was completely absorbed into his body, and the changes within him came to an end along with this.

Everything had returned to calm.

The extremely dazzling phenomena from before were gone, and reality had returned to the surroundings. So, it gave others a feeling of shedding all splendor and returning to simplicity.

However, Chen Xi didn’t awaken. At this moment, he’d fallen into a strange state, and he was in a completely dazed and oblivious state.

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