Chapter 1731 – Meeting Again By Chance

The white deer was completely suffused with sacred light, and it was gorgeous and extraordinary. Its moved through the limestone path in an elegant and composed manner, and the sound of its hooves was like the sound of nature.

Empress Yu Che said via voice transmission in a low voice. “That seems to be a white spirit deer of legend. It’s an innate auspicious beast that’s extremely sacred, and all places that it resides are top-rate paradises in the heavens and the earth.”

Her voice carried a wisp of shock.

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart as well. A white spirit deer! That’s a innate divine beast that’s practically extinct!

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to take the lead to follow the white deer because the white spirit deer had a warm disposition and seemed to not carry any ill intent.

All along the way, Chen Xi had tried to converse with the white deer. However, no matter what Chen Xi asked, the white deer acted as if it didn’t notice at all and just continued leading the way by itself.

This caused Chen Xi to frown, and he forcefully restrain the questions in his heart as he continued following the white deer forward.

This quiet forest was extremely unique. As they walked amidst it, they could frequently notice numerous rare divine herbs in the surroundings, and they’d at least been growing for over 100,000 years. They gushed with light and energy while their fragrance assaulted the nose.

Besides all of this, the atmosphere grew even more tranquil the deeper they went. Mist curled up within the forest while clear radiance flowed through it. It was a dreamlike scene, and it caused others to feel as if they’d walked into a paradise that was completely separated from the outside world.

After walking for an unknown period of time, Chen Xi suddenly noticed strands of faint violet light descending from the sky like a waterfall. They filled the quiet forest and caused even the air to be suffused with pure energy of the Dao that assaulted the face.

Merely taking a casual breath here caused one to feel as if one was within the source of the Grand Dao, and the vital energy in one’s body surged. It was extremely miraculous.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but raise his head and glance over, yet he noticed to his surprise that numerous violet stars were floating in midair. They were less than 3km away from them, and they were glistening brilliantly and emanated violent radiance.

These stars merely the size of fists, and they were translucent, crystalline, and pure like violet jade. However, they were filled with pure energy of the Dao that was extremely pure and vast.

“Eh, these stars were actually refined into chess pieces before being combined with the energy of Dao Quintessence, and they were finally transformed into the Heaven Dao Order here that maintains the continuation of the heavens and the earth here. Only an existence at the Daolord Realm is capable of accomplishing this.” Senior White exclaimed with shock.

Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che couldn’t avoid feeling shocked. No matter who it was, that person would probably be unable to stay calm after witnessing such a scene. Star after star had been refined into what seemed like chess pieces and were set up in midair so that they could be transformed into the energy of Divine Dao Order. It was simply a marvelous creation that exceeded the marvels of nature.

“Little Fellow, why exactly have you come here?” Senior White couldn’t refrain itself from asking this question.

“To find a way to resolve the Divine Black Lich Venom.” Chen Xi didn’t conceal his objective.

“So, in this way, could it be that a Shaman Race expert from the last era that survived until now is living here?” Senior White spoke with surprise.

Chen Xi was suddenly stunned when he heard this. A expert from the Shaman Race of the last era? How could I have not thought of that?

“Look ahead quickly!” Suddenly, Empress Yu Che spoke with slight surprise.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over instinctively, and then his eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

A violet bamboo forest had appeared in the distance. Mist curled up from it, and it was like an celestial paradise. White cranes could be frequently seen soaring through the air, spirit apes played with each other, divine sparrows let out clear cries, and all sorts of divine beasts moved about there and painted a tranquil scene.

On the other hand, there were actually numerous figures residing within the violet bamboo forest.

There was a Fiendgod that wore beast skins, had a mighty figure, carried a beast bone longbow on his back, and controlled a pair of sun and moon that glowed brilliantly as he sat there in a meditative state with his eyes closed.

There was a Bi’an that shook its head lazily before suddenly transforming into a grey clothed old woman. She held a Daoist book in her hand as she strode up and down within the forest while shaking her head.

At the other side, a young man held a ancient bronze sword in hand as he stood on a rock. He maintained a form of unique posture of the sword while Sword Insight circulated throughout his body, and he seemed to be comprehending the Dao.

Besides them, there ere numerous figures that were either young or old and male or female. They resided in the forest while minding their own business.

Some of them were frowning while in deep thought, some were muttering to themselves, some were striding up and down, some were motionless like clay statues.

All of this seemed to be tranquil and peaceful.

“Where… exactly is this place?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He even thought that this might be an illusory realm. However, when he distinguished it carefully, he noticed that everything was real and not an illusion.

At this moment, even Empress Yu Che was speechless, and she felt dazed as if she didn’t know where she was.

“Interesting, interesting. Are they residing here because they have questions about the Dao?” Senior White seemed to have discerned something and seemed to be lost in thought.

“Questions about the Dao?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but say. “Senior White, have you discerned something?”

“It’s hard to say. Observe for a while longer and you’ll understand.” Senior White pondered deeply for along time. In the end, it shook its head and was unable to confirm its thoughts.

Chen Xi frowned. He noticed that when they arrived here, those figures that resided in the violet bamboo forest actually seemed as if they hadn’t noticed at all. Not to mention paying any attention to Chen Xi and the others, they didn’t even spare a glance at Chen Xi’s group.

This caused Chen Xi to feel a wave of bewilderment. Exactly where did these figures come from, and why have they gathered here?

Right at this moment, the white spirit deer that led the way ahead had stopped, and it turned around and said in a warm voice, “Fellow Daoists, please wait here.”

As it spoke, it actually seemed to intend to leave.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait a moment.” Chen Xi hurriedly stopped it and said, “May I ask if this is Arambha Temple?”

The white spirit deer nodded.

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed when he obtained a definite answer. This allowed him to heave a sigh of relief because he was truly worried that he’d come to the wrong place. It would truly be bad if he’d come to an unknown place.

“Fellow Daoist, I desire to pay a visit to your temple master. Please report my arrival.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and spoke.

“You just have to wait here.” The white spirit deer said in a warm voice, “See those Fellow Daoists in the forest. All of them have come to pay a visit to my Master. Some of them have already waited here for a few thousands of years, and some have waited for a few hundreds of years.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was slightly unable to believe this.

Senior White couldn’t help but cry out. “So, in this way, we have to line up and wait if we want to meet your master?”

“Fellow Daoist can be considered to be fated person since you were able to arrive here, so you ought to be clearly aware of the rules of my Arambha Temple. I hope you can show understanding.” The white spirit deep spoke apologetically.

“Hmph! How haughty! What if we’re unwilling to wait?” Senior White grunted coldly.

The white speed deep smiled and didn’t speak.

However, a wisp of an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate filled the air. Even with Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che’s cultivations, they felt extremely terrified at this instant.

It wasn’t just that. At this instant, many gazes had swept over from the violet bamboo forest in the distance, and they seemed to be slightly surprised that someone in this world actually dared to cause trouble here.

“I’m sorry, we have no intention to enter by force.” Even though he was unable to sense where that aura of danger came from, Chen Xi didn’t dare give it a try, and he hurriedly spoke up and explained.

“That’s for the best. Fellow Daoists, please do as you please.” The white spirit deer spoke with a warm tone.

“Wait.” Chen Xi immediately withdrew the glistening piece of violet bamboo and passed it over. “Fellow Daoist, please take a look at this token.”

“So it’s an old friend that has come to visit.” The white spirit deer was instantly stunned, and then it went silent for a long time before it opened its mouth to take the violet bamboo. It said, “Come with me.”

As it spoke, it turned around and moved further on the limestone path.

Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che exchanged glances, and both of them were excited in their hearts. They were clearly aware that they didn’t have to wait here like the others.


“Why did they receive such treatment?”

“An old friend has come to visit? That young man isn’t simple.”

After Chen Xi’s group left, a wave of whispered discussions arose in the violet bamboo forest. Obviously, they were rather shocked in their hearts as well.

But in next to no time, they recovered to their previous state, and they continued what they were respectively doing earlier and didn’t reveal any displeasure.

After continuing forward for the time for an incense stick to burn, the limestone path beneath them stopped abruptly, and a vast thatched cottage appeared ahead.

The surroundings of the cottage were covered by a bamboo forest and coiled by ages vines. It was quiet, elegant, and carried an otherworldly aura.

There was a stone tablet standing towering at the side of the cottage. The tablet was ancient and seemed to have experienced the passage of countless years, and it was branded with two ancient words ‘Arambha Temple’.

Chen Xi instantly took a deep breath when he saw this, and his expression became solemn. He was clearly aware that the person his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, asked him to visit was definitely here.

“Young Miss, an old friend has come to visit.” The white spirit deep stood before the thatched cottage and spoke in a warm voice.

“Uncle Lu, wait a moment. I’m refining medicine right now, and I’ll come open the door right away.” A clear and melodious voice sounded out from within. It tinkled like a spring and was rather pleasant to the ear, and it revealed a lively tone.

Hmm? Chen Xi’s brows raised abruptly. He faintly felt that this voice was actually slightly familiar, yet it just so happened that he was unable to recall where he’d heard it before this.

“What’s wrong?” asked Empress Yu Che as she’d acutely noticed the strange change in Chen Xi’s expression.

“It’s nothing.” Chen Xi shook his head because he was slightly unable to confirm this feeling.


It wasn’t long before the door to the cottage was opened from within, and then a pretty and happy face appeared from within. This was a young and pretty girl that wore a white dress. She was graceful and cute, and she emanated a strong aura of liveliness.

After she opened the door, her eyes that were like a pair of pitch black gems swept the surroundings, and she was instantly stunned upon noticing Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was stunned as well. His eyes opened wide while he felt slight disbelief.

“How could it be you?” The two of them spoke simultaneously.

At this moment, Empress Yu Che and Senior White were stunned. Chen Xi actually knows this young lady?

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s heart was rather uncalm at this moment. If he wasn’t wrong, this young woman before him was called Huicong!

All those years ago when he’d just arrived at the Last Day Domain from the three dimensions, he’d been pursued by the group led by the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian. Fortunately, he’d met Hui Chong and that mysterious Goddess by chance while he was fleeing, and this allowed him to avoid calamity.

At that time, he’d once asked Tie Yunping’s grandfather, Tie Kun, about Huicong and that Goddess’ origins because he intended to look for an opportunity to repay them for their life saving kindness.

However, Tie Kun refused to breathe a single word about it. He just told Chen Xi that the Goddess’ origins were extraordinary, and she resided in South Sea Region.

However, never had Chen Xi imagined that he would actually see Huicong in this mysterious and unfathomable place called Arambha Temple. This simply caused Chen Xi to feel disbelief.

Could it be that the mysterious Goddess by Huicong’s side is the Temple Master of Arambha Temple?

“So Young Miss knows this Fellow Daoist, then I won’t disturb you any longer.” The white spirit deer smiled warmly, and then it passed the piece of violet bamboo to Huicong before turning around and leaving.

Meanwhile, Huicong had recovered from her shock, and she grinned as she sized Chen Xi up before speaking with a slightly surprised tone. “Young Brother, I never expected that you would actually be able to find this place. It really is a small world.”

She had red lips, white teeth, a clear and pretty face, and seemed rather lively.

Chen Xi sighed with emotion. “I never expected that I would actually encounter Miss Huicong here as well.”

Senior White yelled. “What’s with all the nonsense? Since both of you know each other, then how can you be catching up outside here? This isn’t the way to treat a guest.”

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