Chapter 1730 – Mysterious Place

Visibility was almost zero within the seething violet mist, and this strangely silent atmosphere was filled with boundless killing intent.

At this moment, even Senior White and Empress Yu Che had solemn expressions, and they didn’t dare let their guard down. After all, this was a restriction established by a Daolord, and it was too terrifying.


The violet mist surged and drowned their figures within it.

Chen Xi seemed to be extremely confident. He strode along a strange route, sometimes turning back, sometimes stopping, and sometimes flashing forward swiftly.

During this entire process, all sorts of phenomena like lightning, tidal waves, volcanoes, spatial rifts that lay across the heavens and the earth like an abyss, the roars of ancient Fiendgods, torrents of blood pouring down, ghastly skeletons and corpses piled up on the ground…. Every single one of these phenomena appeared frequently and represented a form of lethal danger!

However, they were always able to brush past these dangers under Chen Xi’s lead, and they were barely able to avoid them.

All along the way, they encountered no danger. But even then, it still caused Senior White and Empress Yu Che to have solemn expressions and seem extremely vigilant.

Both of them were very clearly aware that if Chen Xi wasn’t leading the way this time, then they would have probably activated a divine restriction and caused boundless killing intent to descend.

Later on, the scenes ahead grew even more terrifying. Sometimes there were spatial black holes that swallowed the surroundings, sometimes there were a myriad of stars exploding simultaneously into pieces and causing a rain of brilliant light to descend before the entire universe was obliterated along with them….

It wasn’t an illusion, and it had really occurred. However, Chen Xi’s group had avoided these dangers before they occurred, otherwise, if they were swept into it, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

At this moment, even Chen Xi had a solemn expression, and his eyes rumbled with divine light and emanated a shocking glow.

This divine restriction was too horrifying indeed, and if one went head on against it, then even an existence at the Imperial Monarch Realm would probably perish within it!

It was no wonder that the Spirit Sphere Sect still hadn’t overcome this divine restriction until now. Because if one didn’t possess extraordinary attainments in the Talisman Dao or a supreme cultivation at the Daolord Realm, it was utterly impossible to surmount this divine restriction.

This caused Chen Xi to be even more careful and cautious. Sometimes, he didn’t even take a single step for two hours, and sometimes, he moved over 5,000km in distance within an instant.

At this moment, he seemed as if he could predict the future as he moved through this divine restriction that was filled with danger, and he intended to form a safe path of his own.


Two days later, a completely bright silver divine ape suddenly charged out from ahead. It was around 300m tall, and it had a snow white beat bone spear in its hand as it charged explosively through the air.

This expanse of space suddenly exploded into pieces, and its terrifying killing intent caused Chen Xi to feel suffocated and reveal an expression of shock.

“Yu Che, attack! You must kill it within 60 breaths of time!” Chen Xi spoke swiftly via voice transmission in a voice that carried a wisp of an anxious tone.

Clang! Clang!

Before Chen Xi could even finish speaking, Empress Yu Che had already attacked ferociously. The Skyruin Sword and Avīci Hellsword transformed into two shocking rays of light that whistled over.


It was like the heavens and the earth had split apart and collapsed while blazing divine radiance swept towards the surroundings, and it pressured Chen Xi to the point his figure staggered back.

In the next moment, Empress Yu Che was actually blasted back.

“How weak! Die!” The silver divine ape sneered with disdain, and its voice was like a thunderclap that shook the soul.


It swung its arm, and the bone spear crushed through space as it assaulted them once more.

Empress Yu Che revealed a solemn expression. She took a deep breath and utilized her full strength to fight it.

For a time, sword qi swept out horizontally and vertically while the images of spears flickered. It truly seemed as if they were on the verge of blasting this place into pieces and transforming it into a scene of desolation.

After all, Empress Yu Che was an Imperial Monarch, yet the silver divine ape was actually able to fight her equally, and this obviously showed how terrifying it was.

“This won’t do. If she’s still unable to kill this animal, then that safe path will vanish completely….” Chen Xi had an extremely gloomy expression while he felt anxious in his heart.

He was unable to interfere in this battle, and it was even to the extent that once he was swept into the battle, then he would be immediately annihilated on the spot without any room to resist.

Right at this moment, Senior White suddenly started speaking in a profound manner.

Empress Yu Che’s entire body shook before her figure suddenly flashed, and then she stabbed the Skyruin Sword in a inclined arc and into space. The blade hung in the air before descending like an ocean torrent. At the same time, the Divine Energy within her body roared like a dragon, and then converged within her palm before it suddenly shook.


In an instant, the imposing aura of the Skyruin Sword suddenly rose explosively.


It forcefully blasted the silver divine ape flying and caused it to let out a furious roar.

This caused Empress Yu Che to feel slight disbelief because she was absolutely unable to accomplish this in the past.

However, before she could recover from her shock, Senior White’s voice resounded once more.


Empress Yu Che practically instinctively utilized the sword in her hand and swept it in an arc in midair. It seemed like Yin and Yang had been sliced apart, yet it revealed a flawless and ghastly scene.


This strike actually slashed off one of the ape’s arms!

The blood of a god sprayed while the ape roared furiously without end, and it seemed to be in disbelief and became extremely violent.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally came to a slight understanding. Senior White wasn’t providing her with exact moves, and it was a form of unique technique to utilize the Divine Energy within her body. It was precisely this method that allowed Empress Yu Che’s control of the Divine Energy within her body to instantly attain an obvious increase by an entire level. So, its might rose explosively along with this, and it attained such a shocking effect.

Senior White spoke swiftly and narrated sentence after sentence of a profound and obscure technique. Under such guidance, Empress Yu Che fought more and more bravely, and she was unstoppable. She attacked the silver divine ape to the point it was blasted back repeatedly while blood sprayed violently, and it was actually unable to hold its own.

On the other hand, Chen Xi felt extremely astounded as he watched from the side. Never had he imagined that this proud, complacent, narcissistic, and foul mouthed old bird, Senior White, could actually guide an Imperial Monarch in battle. Moreover, he seemed to be so commanding and capable.

Looks like this old fellow is full of secrets. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.


A world shocking howl resounded as the silver divine ape’s head was chopped off, and it shot into the sky while its enormous body crashed to the ground.

In the outside world, this silver divine ape was capable of rivalling an existence at the Imperial Monarch Realm, yet now, it was directly annihilated by Empress Yu Che.

At this moment, even Empress Yu Che was stunned, and she was slightly unable to believe what she’d just accomplished.

“Hmph! I merely displayed some insignificant skill, yet it shocking both of you to such an extent. Both of you are still too young.” Senior White spoke complacently.

In merely an instant, the silver divine ape’s corpse transformed into a wisp of smoke that swiftly vanished on the spot, and if they didn’t witness it with their own two eyes, they would even wonder whether everything was an illusion.

After he witnessed this, Chen Xi’s expression became solemn as he said, “Leave this place quickly!”


As he spoke, his figure flashed and charged forward.

Empress Yu Che naturally didn’t dare to hesitate, and she hurriedly followed him.


Right when they’d just left, this expanse of the heavens and the earth suddenly collapsed and transformed into a void abyss where nothing existed!

Obviously, they would have definitely suffered calamity if they were a step slower.

In the next part of the journey, no further ferocious beasts like the silver divine ape had made an appearance, but it became more and more dangerous.

It could be said that every step they took was filled with danger.

All along the way, even Chen Xi was slightly terrified, and he didn’t dare allow himself to be distracted at all.

Under such circumstances, Empress Yu Che who originally intended to seek guidance from Senior White had forcefully restrained herself from speaking in order to avoid disturbing Chen Xi.

However, she’d decided in her heart that she would look for an opportunity to have a proper discussion with this old bird.

She was slightly shocked indeed during the battle with the silver divine ape because the technique Senior White provided her guidance in wasn’t just able to improve her control of her Divine Energy, even her cultivation that had been stagnant until now showed faintly signs of loosening up and breaking through.

To a cultivator at her level of cultivation, this was simply even more precious that obtaining a great fortuitous encounter.

“We’re here.” Suddenly, Chen Xi let out a long sigh of relief as he spoke in a relaxed manner.

He strode forward as he spoke, and the scene before his eyes instantly changed. An expanse of quiet forest that was enshrouded by divine light had appeared, and it was extremely calm and peaceful.

Based on his initial observation, this quiet forest wasn’t grown in an orderly manner at all, and there were numerous plants that one would mistake for weeds and wild flowers if one didn’t look carefully.

Actually, all of them were rare divine herbs that grew in the forest, and they emanated strange of fragrance and were extraordinarily pure.

However, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the surroundings of these divine herbs were covered in the fluctuations of restrictions, and they were obviously planted here by someone.

Besides this, there was a limestone path amidst the forest. It winded deep into the forest, and it was impossible to catch sight of the end of it.

The atmosphere here was quiet, and the air emanated an aura that caused one’s heart to become tranquil.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, his senses were actually restrained by an invisible force after he arrived here, and he was actually barely able to sense an area of 500km!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, Empress Yu Che was in the same situation, and this caused Empress Yu Che who’d just relaxed to become vigilant once more.

Since the divine restriction was so formidable, then it obviously showed how formidable that ‘expert’ who resided here was, so they absolutely couldn’t be careless.

“This place… is very unusual!” At this moment, even Senior White acted unusually and revealed a rare solemn expression. “If I’m not wrong, then we aren’t in the Ancient God Domain any longer!”


Empress Yu Che and Chen Xi were both stunned. We aren’t in the Ancient God Domain? Then where are we?

“In short, it’s best to be careful because a person capable of changing the world like this is absolutely not an ordinary person.” Senior White reminded. However, in the next moment, it showed its true colors and chuckled. “Of course, with your Ancestor, I, here, my present alone is sufficient to turn calamities into blessings.”

Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che exchanged glances, and both of them felt speechless.

“I never expected that after so many years, more Fellow Daoists have been able to come here. Please come with me.” Suddenly, a warm voice resounded. Along with this voice, a white deer that was suffused with a pure glow floated up into appearance in the air. It was completely snow white and untainted, and it had a single horn on its head, causing it to seem gorgeous and extraordinary.

As soon as it appeared, it nodded lightly to Chen Xi’s group, and then it turned around and strode on the limestone path in the forest.

The hearts of Chen Xi and the others instantly shook. Earlier, they were utterly unable to sense exactly how the white deer had arrived here!

It was too mysterious.

This place was filled with an aura that caused awe to arise in one’s heart.

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