Chapter 173 – Exiled to Dragonhell Peak

Chapter 173 – Exiled to Dragonhell Peak

Amongst the four areas in the sect entrance test of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, bone age and constitutions only required one to attain a certain required level before being able to pass the test. Because these two things were innate and impossible to be changed by anyone, the percentage of elimination wasn’t high.

It was precisely because of this that even though there were a few tens of thousands of young disciples from the various cities of the southern territory that had come to participate in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s entrance exam, 70% of them had passed the test of bone age and constitution.

These two areas were merely the basic conditions for entering the sect.

The remaining test of will and test of comprehension was the most important, and were the two areas with the highest rate of elimination. The disciples that passed both the test of will and the test of comprehension were only the most outstanding 100 people, and only they were able to become Inner Court disciples and even Elite Disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. As for the others, they could only start from being an Outer Court disciple.

But, who would be willing to start from being an Outer Court disciple and work their way up?

All these young geniuses that had rushed over from all around the southern territory had come for the positions of Inner Court disciples, and they’d probably rather be eliminated and leave than start from being an Outer Court disciples that were at the lowest ranks, and work their way up.

If the test of will and comprehension were compared, the test of will was most difficult to pass. After all, the Illusory Devilrock Grand Formation posed an extremely brutal test towards one’s body and state of mind, and not everyone was able to endure it, whereas the test of comprehension was different. It was similar to the test of natural talent, and an easy test would allow it to be discerned clearly.

For example, 1,000 people had entered the Illusory Devilrock Grand Formation earlier, yet after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, only 13 people had passed, and the harshness of the test was obvious.

The test of will was so important, yet Hua Hong was able to become the elder that managed the test. This sufficiently proved that this fellow was a dignified and lofty figure with monstrous authority amongst the elders of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

But at this moment, everyone was stupefied when they heard the explosive shout in the heaven and earth that was like a thunderclap. There’s actually… There’s actually someone that dares call Elder Hua Hong an idiot?

But a scene that caused everyone to be even more amazed appeared.

Hua Hong had fearless like attacked earlier with an imposing aura that was like a dragon, and his palm was only 30cm away from slapping onto Chen Xi’s head. If this attack were to descend, then Chen Xi’s head would burst open like a watermelon for sure. But when he heard this loud shout that abruptly sounded out, Hua Hong’s expression instantly became pale and he withdrew the strength on his palm as his body made an unbelievable turn in midair that was like a spirit serpent pulling weeds or a sparrowhawk turning over before returning to his original position. Every movements was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it was an extremely rapid flow of moves that was exceedingly beautiful, causing him to seem as if he utterly didn’t make a move. Obviously, his control towards his own strength had attained an extremely high level of being able to freely control it.

But Hua Hong’s expression at this moment was already anxious and doubtful, seeming to have been scared of that voice from before that was filled with power and influence, and he stared blankly, causing the monstrous might on his body to vanish without a trace.

Similarly, Chen Xi’s composure had drawn the attention of many people because they noticed that from Hua Hong attacking up to this moment of him returning to the spot, Chen Xi’s expression actually didn’t change in the slightest, light like the clouds and calm like a lake, it was as if he’d long since expected the unexpected event that had appeared at this moment.

When their expressions were compared, it instantly allowed the surrounding people to notice a trace of an inkling. All this was probably caused by that voice from before that was filled with power and influence, right?

Who’s that person?

The answer was obvious, only a few people in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect were able to completely subjugate him, like Ancestor Ling Du, the Sect Master Ling Kongzi, Daoist Wen Xuan…

When they thought up to here, the gazes the surrounding people shot at Chen Xi instantly changed. So it turns out that this kid has a great background as well. No wonder he dares stand up to Elder Hua Hong.

Chen Xi noticed all this and knew who spoke out earlier, yet he didn’t reveal it and just looked silently at Hua Hong.

“Hmph! I never expected that a fellow like you has someone backing you, but don’t be arrogant. Isn’t it fine if I don’t take the position of that little girl?” In this deathly silence, Xie Qiqiao suddenly spoke out.

“Oh, then whose position are you prepared to take?” Chen Xi asked leisurely.

“You don’t have to care about that. I’ll wait for the next batch, or if there are none in that batch, then I’ll take the next batch. At any rate, there are a few tens of thousands of people that haven’t participated in the test of will. I’ll be able to choose one in the end.” Xie Qiqiao felt herself to be extremely intelligent as she replied.

She had never imagined that at the instant these words entered into the ears of the surrounding people, it instantly caused public wrath. Amongst these people were young men and young women that were just about participate in the test of will, and there were also the seniors and guards that had followed them to participate in the tests… If it was any other place, all of them were respected figures, and how could they possibly endure such sentiments?

“Little Girl, karma will always come to bite you, and trouble won’t look for you unless you ask for it, yet those who ask for trouble will die for sure!”

“You’re going too far! We’ll never submit without putting up a fight! No matter whose daughter you are, since you dare speak such shameless words in front of all of us, today’s matter is not over!”

“Truly an idiot. These words can only be concealed within your heart, can it be spoken out loud?”

Various types of loud shouts and cursing gushed out, and all of them pointed straight at Xie Qiqiao. Instantly, this young girl around the age of 14 or 15 was stunned. She’d been pampered since childhood and obtained the favor of everyone around her, causing her to be like a fresh flower that had bloomed in a greenhouse, so how could she have experienced a scene like this?

“You… All of you are getting tired of living! Do all of you know who I am?” Xie Qiqiao’s beautiful face was angered to the point of going pale, and her rage overcame her reason, causing her to peak even more unrestrainedly.


The nearby Hua Hong’s face twitched, and he didn’t hesitate to immediately walk forward with an expressionless face before raising his hand to knock Xie Qiqiao out, then he turned around and said to an Inner Court disciple, “Send her back to the Xie Clan to be properly disciplined. Tell her father that I can be considered to have saved her life this time, and the debt from all those years ago has already been fully repaid, so we don’t owe each other anything anymore!”

Two female Inner Court disciples received Xie Qiqiao from him right away before accepting their orders and leaving.

After he finished doing all this, Hua Hong’s expression aggrieved as he cupped his hands towards Chen Xi and said via voice transmission. “I didn’t know that it was Supreme Ancestor that had arrived, my crimes deserve a thousand deaths, and I hope that Supreme Ancestor can forgive me.”

Chen Xi’s expression still remained unchanged.

When he saw this, Hua Hong knew that he’d completely hit a wall, and it was entirely impossible to redeem everything. His aged face instantly went dim and listless, and he turned around to leave dejectedly.

“Where are you going?” Chen Xi frowned.

Huo Hong’s figure stiffened before turning around and saying with pleasant surprise, “Supreme Ancestor, have you forgiven me?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “No, I wanted to ask who will manage this test of will after you leave.”

The trace of hope that had just arisen in Hua Hong’s heart was instantly destroyed once more, and his heart fell into a bottomless chasm as he said bitterly, “Supreme Ancestor has already arranged for someone to head over, as for me… I’ve already been stripped of all duties and exiled to Dragonhell Peak to repent and ponder upon my faults.”

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further, as he already detested this fellow to the limit. Under the gazes of everyone, this fellow dared to violate and look down upon the rules, and because of a single disagreement, he attacked me. Looks like he’s become accustomed to abusing his powers in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect and developed a domineering and arbitrary arrogance. If a person like this doesn’t suffer, then he’ll never know reverence.

The conversation between the two of them was done via voice transmission, and the surrounding people only saw Hua Hong say something humbly before his expression became indeterminate. It was dejected sometimes and delighted sometimes, yet in the end, he’d turned around dejectedly and left. Everyone noticed this and were instantly shocked once more, and it caused them to start guessing Chen Xi’s identity.

“Little Brother Chen Xi, you’re really here.” Right at this moment, along with a hearty laughter, a handsome middle aged man with eyes that were like peach blossoms and hair that hung loosely on his shoulder walked over slowly from the distant sky. Every step he took was 300 meters in distance, and his voice had only just descended when he’d already arrived before Chen Xi. It was precisely the Nine-tailed Fox King!

Little Brother Chen Xi?

Chen Xi?

When they heard Qing Qiu’s hearty laughter, the surrounding people instantly guessed Chen Xi’s identity, and all of them gasped and were secretly shocked without end.

So it’s him!

Right, only the brother of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Elder Bei Heng possessed such monstrous power and influence, otherwise, even if the Sect Master Ling Kongzi arrived, he might not necessarily be able to drive away Hua Hong.

When they thought up to here, everyone came to an understanding that the person that called Hua Hong an idiot was surely Bei Heng, without a doubt.

But who is this handsome middle aged man? When did the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect have this elder? He actually dares to call Chen Xi as Little Brother. This is an act of going against his superior!

The gazes of everyone descended onto Qing Qiu and they were extremely bewildered.

Chen Xi paid no attention to the surrounding gazes and discussions, and he couldn’t help but say in surprise when he saw Qing Qiu arrive, “Big Brother Qing Qiu, you wouldn’t have come to take over the test of will, right?”

Qing Qiu laughed loudly. “It’s precisely so. Not only have I taken over the test of will, I’ve also taken over all of Elder Hua Hong’s duties and have become the Chief Manager of logistics. Haha!”

Chen Xi smiled. “Then I really have to congratulate Big Brother.”

“Little Brother, what are you talking about? If it wasn’t for you, it would be impossible for me to control power over an entire area after just entering the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. The Sect Master, Senior Brother Ling Kongzi, did this in order to calm the rage in your heart. After all, that Hua Hong was really too despicable, and he even caused Supreme Elder Bei Heng to be extremely enraged.” Qing Qiu praised.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and said, “Senior Brother Ling Kongzi is too courteous.”

Qing Qiu smiled before turning over to look at Mu Yao and saying as he waved, “Little Miss Mu Yao, your display today isn’t bad. Come here, this common token of passing the test is yours.”

“Me too, I passed the test as well.” Mu Wenfei stood out as well and grinned as he spoke.

This kid had been observing from the sidelines since the beginning, and even when he saw his Big Sister Mu Yao being bullied, he remained completely unmoved. It wasn’t because he was cold blooded, but it was instead because he knew that his Big Brother Chen Xi would surely assist her, and he only had to stand at the side and watch how this Elder Hua Hong is struck with misfortune.

Sure enough, watching the excitement had indeed caused him to cry out with satisfaction. He yearned in his heart that he would one day be able to grow into a figure like Big Brother Chen Xi; he didn’t have to lift a finger, yet there would be someone to help him take care of everything!

“You little kid, you’ve enjoyed yourself from watching the show, right?” Chen Xi scolded Mu Wenfei playfully, and then he cupped his hands towards Yan Qingni. “I have to thank Miss Yan for lending a hand. Thank you.”

Yan Qingni blinked her clear eyes and smiled charmingly. “Supreme Ancestor, this is a duty of mine, and I can’t bear to receive your thanks.” Her voice was soft and charming like the chirping of an Oriole, and it moved one’s heart.

Chen Xi was amazed in his heart. In the eyes of the others, a single joke spoken by this woman had made her seem to be rather familiar with Chen Xi. What was this called? This was called borrowing power! But it wasn’t nice for Chen Xi to say anything. After all, she’d helped him earlier.

If she uses me, then let it be. At least I have value to be used… Chen Xi ridiculed himself endlessly, and he thought of Bei Heng. Bei Heng takes care of me so well, yet how is this not another form of ‘using’ me?

“Oh, so there’s such a thing as this.” Qing Qiu grinned as he glanced at Yan Qingni, and he nodded as he said, “If you encounter any trouble in the future, you can come look for me on Nine-tailed Fox Peak.”

Yan Qingni was instantly greatly delighted in her heart, yet she said respectfully, “Thank you, Elder Qing Qiu, for your help.”

Presently, Qing Qiu had replaced Hua Hong to manage the logistics of the Inner Court, and his authority was extremely eminent as well. Being able to form a relationship with someone in his position was something that she’d dreamed of as well.

This was her successfully ‘borrowing power.’ She’d borrowed Chen Xi’s power to win over a trace of Qing Qiu’s acknowledgment, and to the future advancement of her status in the sect, it would naturally provide an extremely great beneficial effect.

“Little Brother, I have to try my best to do what I was entrusted with. Now that I’m managing the test of will, I don’t dare to continue chatting idly with you.” Qing Qiu said with a smile, “I’ll come to True Heart Peak to have some wine with you when I’m free.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Go ahead Big Brother, I just happened to bring along this pair of brother and sister to test their comprehension ability.”

Chen Xi was just about to turn and leave when he suddenly saw the youth from the family of hunters, Zhu Xun, still standing there with his hands grasping his own tattered beast skin clothes, and he seemed to be helpless and didn’t know what to do. When he saw Chen Xi look over, he hurriedly raised his dark and honest face, and his clear and pure eyes emitted a trace of pleading and yearning.

What sort of gaze was this?

Unwillingness to be poor?

Unwillingness to be ordinary?

Or perhaps, he yearned to struggle free from the chains of his fate, and not allow himself and his family to once again suffer the disdain and rejection of others?

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