Chapter 1729 – Five Star Imperial Monarch

For an entire day of time, Chen Xi stood motionlessly and silently before the gorge, and he was like a clay statue.

Empress Yu Che didn’t disturb him, and she just stood quietly at the side.

She’d been aware since a long time ago that Chen Xi was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, and it was common knowledge that if it was in terms of attainments in the Talisman Dao, then it would probably be impossible to find another power in the Ancient God Domain that could rival Oracle Mountain.

Under such circumstances, Empress Yu Che was utterly not worried that Chen Xi would be unable to break through this divine restriction. Unless the might of this divine restriction had already exceeded the realm of Talisman Dao that Chen Xi possessed.

Time passed slowly, and another three days had past, yet Chen Xi still remained motionless. Only his slanted brows had gradually knit together, and he seemed to have encountered a problem that was difficult to deal with.

It was extremely difficult!

This divine restriction was extremely profound. The talisman formations contained with it were vast like an ocean and seemed as if they were created by nature. It was obscure and profound beyond his imagination.

It wasn’t just that. According to Chen Xi’s deduction, this divine restriction didn’t just contain the energy of Divine Dao Order, and it even converged the energy of Karmic Luck in the heavens and the earth and the energy from the hopes and desires of all living beings. It could be said to be inconceivable and otherworldly!

In this way, not to mention a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, even an Imperial Monarch would probably suffer calamity within it. They would be trapped in it and completely lose themselves within it.

With Chen Xi’s current attainments in the Talisman Dao, he was merely able to recognize its profundities and discover the lethal dangers that were hidden within it.

However, if it was in terms of overcoming the formation, it was far from sufficient.

It wasn’t because of his attainments in the Talisman Dao, and it was because he was restricted by his cultivation!

In other words, the energy contained within this divine restriction was utterly not something that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God could overcome.

It was even to the extent that Chen XI suspected that it would even be difficult for Empress Yu Che to accomplish it while receiving his guidance.

The reason was that the energy contained within the divine restriction was too profound like an abyss, and it seemed to accommodate the energy of the entire heavens and the earth within it!

This wasn’t something that an Imperial Monarch could accomplish.

“Looks like the cultivation of the person that established this divine restriction was at least above the Imperial Monarch Realm.” Chen Xi pondered swiftly.

This is an unknown area on Logia Mountain, and there are rarely any people that come here, so why would such a shocking divine restriction appear here?

Obviously, something is definitely hidden behind this divine restriction.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, it was definitely the Arambha Temple that lay behind the divine restriction.

It was even to the extent that he faintly felt that the expert his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, asked him to pay a visit to was the person that set-up this formation.

“Senior White, do you recognize this formation?” Suddenly, Chen Xi had a flash of inspiration, and he summoned Senior White.

As soon as this proud, complacent, narcissistic, and bad mouthed old bird made an appearance, it roared furiously. “Little Fellow, you’re really infuriated your Ancestor! Do you know that!? You actually confined me in that lousy universe within your body and showed no further concern to me. You’re simply cold blooded, cruel, and unfeeling to the extreme!”

Empress Yu Che was surprised, and she sized Senior White up carefully. She noticed it seemed to be very gorgeous with snow white feathers, sharp claws that seemed to have been made of gold, and a crown of feathers that were suffused with seven colored divine radiance. However, she wasn’t able to determine exactly what sort of divine flying beast it was.

She couldn’t help but be surprised by this. Where did Chen Xi find it? It’s actually completely different from the other divine flying beasts within the Ancient God Domain….

Chen Xi frowned, and he glanced at Senior White who was chirping on without end and said, “Are you done?”

It was merely three words, yet it caused Senior White’s face to freeze, and it mumbled. “Your Ancestor, I, is broad-minded and forgiving, so I’ll forgive you this time.”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart. Fortunately, I didn’t let this old bird out while I was at Phoenix Perch City, otherwise, who knows what sort of troubles it would have caused.

“Oh, this divine restriction? Since even you’re unable to recognize it, then it looks like I have no choice but to make a move….” At this moment, Senior White raised his chest and proudly swept the gorge with his gaze. In merely a moment, its face froze, and it cried out. “This divine restriction was probably established by a Daolord. My god! Little Fellow, could it be that you intend to provoke a Daolord? That’s no different than courting death.”

A Daolord? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he said, “Cut the crap. I asked you if you recognize this formidable!”

Senior White opened its mouth yet was unable to say anything for a long time.

Obviously, it didn’t recognize this divine restriction’s origins as well.

Chen Xi glared angrily at it and said, “Move aside.”

After that, he took a deep breath and muttered in his heart. Even Senior White doesn’t recognize this formation. Looks like I can only rely on the inheritance from the Infinite Divine Talisman to search for a safe path.


As soon as he decided, the Infinite Divine Talisman in the universe within his body rumbled as it started circulating, and it revealed numerous mysterious and grand diagrams of divine talismans.

On the other hand, Chen Xi fused everything he’d discovered with the Infinite Divine Talisman and started to deduce it at full force.

The Infinite Divine Talisman was said to be infinite and encompass everything in the world. It was capable of deducing the essence and profundities of all divine talismans, and it was the supreme inheritance of Oracle Mountain.

At this moment, Chen Xi relied on the Infinite Divine Talisman to start deducing the divine restriction before him, and in an instant, countless strands of comprehension surged into his heart like a torrent.

Time flowed, and a few days passed without Chen Xi noticing it.

“Little Girl, based on your outstanding aura, you probably already a Five Star Imperial Monarch, right?” Senior White was free and bored, so it sized Empress Yu Che up briefly before speaking as if it knew her.

Empress Yu Che glanced at Senior White with surprise. Never had she imagined that this old bird would actually be able to see through her cultivation.

“Hehe. Don’t look at your Ancestor in such a worshipping manner. Your Ancestor, I, still has a great deal of ability.” Senior White spoke complacently and proudly.

Empress Yu Che’s interests were greatly aroused, and she asked. “Oh? Then may I know who you are?”

“I can’t say, I can’t say.” Senior White had a mysterious expression. “The origins of your Ancestor, I, is too shocking, and it’ll only bring a great deal of calamity to you if I tell you about it.”

Even with Empress Yu Che’s temperament, she was almost unable to stop herself from rolling her eyes. Isn’t this old bird a little too good at bragging? It’s simply like a weirdo that loves to continue rattling on.

“You don’t believe me?” Senior White grunted coldly. “Little Girl, if I’m not wrong, then you’re cultivating the Imperial Region’s Yu Clan’s Boundless Void Accumulation Scripture, right?”

Empress Yu Che’s pupils instantly constricted.

Senior White continued speaking confidently while its spit shot into the surroundings. “The Boundless Void Accumulation Scripture really is a rare and precious qi refinement technique, and it can bring forth unbelievable effects when utilized to temper one’s cultivation in the Sword Dao. Unfortunately, this cultivation has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s no wonder that your cultivation has remained stagnant at the Five Star Imperial Monarch Realm for so long without any improvement.”

Empress Yu Che cried out involuntarily. “How do you know that?”

Every single word Senior White spoke was simply like a thunderclap, and it shook her heart and caused her to be unable to maintain her composure.

Because she really had stopped at the Five Star Imperial Monarch Realm for a long time, and she still hadn’t found a way to advance until now. This had almost become a knot in her heart.

When Senior White saw Empress Yu Che act in this way, it became even more complacent and proud, and it said lazily, “What’s so difficult about that? You’re still too young, little girl, and you’re inexperienced.”

Empress Yu Che didn’t dare be disrespectful as she had been earlier, and she took a deep breath before she said, “Then may I ask if you know how to resolve this?”

Senior White glanced at her, and then it said calmly, “Nonsense. Since I’m able to expose the barrier you’ve encountered in your cultivation, I’m naturally possess a profound technique to resolve it.”

Senior White paused for a moment, and then it suddenly chuckled. “Do you want to know the answer? Don’t be embarrassed and beg your Ancestor. Your Ancestor, I, am very easily convinced, so I might really agree.”

Empress Yu Che instantly frowned, but she was really struggling in her heart because she really urgently wanted to deal with this barrier in her cultivation.

After that, she seemed to have thought of something, and she suddenly grinned and paid no further attention to Senior White.

At this moment, Senor White became slightly anxious instead and said, “Little Girl, this is an opportunity that’s difficult to come by in a million years. I would normally never provide anyone with guidance so easily, so you have to cherish it. Once you miss this opportunity, then you won’t have another chance in the future.”

Empress Yu Che said indifferently, “There’s no need. Perhaps I’ll be able to obtain the answer by asking Chen Xi later.”

“That kid?” Senior White almost exploded with laughter. “What the fuck does he know?”

However, in merely an instant, it was instantly stunned as it understood Empress Yu Che’s intentions, and it stomped its feet. “Very good! You intend to utilize that kid to force me to help? What venomous intentions! However, aren’t you underestimating my backbone a little too much….”

“What backbone?” Right at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded out from afar, and it caused Senior White’s face to freeze before it instantly shut its mouth.

It was exactly Chen Xi that spoke.

“Do you have an idea?” asked Empress Yu Che.

“Yes, I’ve already deduced a path, and it’s sufficient for us to pass through safely.” Chen Xi smiled as he nodded.

“Since it’s like that, then let’s set out immediately.” Empress Yu Che hesitated briefly before she decided.

“Wait.” Chen Xi gazed at Senior White and didn’t speak, yet it caused Senior White to feel utterly uncomfortable and be unable to help but mutter. “Little Fellow, what do you want?”

Chen Xi said, “What did you say earlier? Do I have to remind you?”

Senior White cried out. “Alright, you actually aren’t hesitating to bully your Ancestor, I, for the sake of that little girl. You’re simply befuddled from lust, and it makes me… very disgusted and aggrieved!”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Trust me, I’ll confine you again if you continue spouting nonsense!”

Senior White instantly seemed as if it had been struck by lightning, and it became utterly listless. It tossed out a jade slip in an angry manner and said hatefully, “What a foul couple. How detestable!”

Foul couple….

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he heard this.

Empress Yu Che’s gaze turned cold as well, and they shot out like blades and locked onto Senior White.

“Hmph!” Senior White unfolded his wings instead and circled in midair while crying out haughtily. “I’ve already given the method to you. So, are we going or not?”

Chen Xi passed the jade slip to Empress Yu Che, and then he said helplessly, “Senior White has a very bad mouth, so just ignore his existence.”

Empress Yu Che smiled instead. “I know.”

Truthfully speaking, she was already extremely pleasantly surprised that she was able to so easily obtain the method to deal with the barrier her cultivation faced, so she would naturally not make a fuss about it with Senior White.

“Then let’s go.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart as well. He was really worried that Senior White’s foul mouth would infuriate Empress Yu Che.

“Yes.” Empress Yu Che nodded.

“Let’s set out!” Senior White was in high spirits.

Chen Xi immediately took the lead while Senor White stood on his shoulder, and Empress Yu Che followed closely behind him as they walked towards the gorge that was enveloped by violet mist.

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