Chapter 1728 – Violet Bamboo Stream

The atmosphere was deathly silent while everyone was stunned like clay statues.

Even those two disciples standing on guard before the entrance had their eyes opened wide at this moment, and they seemed as if they’d seen a ghost.

“Bastard! Open the entrance!” Mo Daochen couldn’t help but berate loudly when he saw them like that.

The two disciples seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, and they hurriedly opened up the restrictions that guarded the sect before standing afar at the side with humble expressions.

“Senior, please go ahead!” After experiencing that initial shock, Mo Daochen had slightly recovered from his shock, and he discerned that Empress Yu Che didn’t want to expose her identity. Thus, he acted extremely sensibly and didn’t mention Empress Yu Che’s name when he addressed her.

Empress Yu Che nodded.

It wasn’t that she was relying on her might to bully him because she hadn’t pressure Mo Daochen at all from the beginning until the end. All of this was done by Mo Daochen himself.

On the other hand, Mo Daochen felt that this was a matter of course.

All those years ago when he was still just an attendant, he had the fortune to pay Empress Yu Che a visit with his Master, Liu Ya’zi, so he was naturally clearly aware of how lofty Empress Yu Che’s status was. Even his Master, Liu Ya’zi, had to assume the formalities of a junior when meeting her!

“Xiao Ma, come here.” Chen Xi gestured at Xiao Ma who’d been dumbstruck in the distance.

“Oh.” Xiao Ma’s entire body trembled, and he hurriedly walked forward with a respectful and terrified expression.

“Senior, he is?” Only now did Mo Daochen notice Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but ask respectfully.

“Chen Xun, a companion of mine.” Empress Yu Che explained casually.

“So, it’s Senior Chen Xun.” Mo Daochen hurriedly bowed, and he pondered in his heart. Chen Xun? Could this be another Imperial Monarch?

As they chatted, Chen Xi’s group had entered Spirit Sphere Sect under Mo Daochen’s lead.

After a long time passed, all the others in the surroundings had finally recovered from their shock. However, at this moment, their expressions were complicated to the extreme.

They finally understood that the woman wasn’t pretending, and merely Mo Daochen’s respectful and fearful attitude allowed them to clearly understand that she wasn’t just simply an old friend of Liu Ya’zi’s, and it was even to the extent that her origins were even more terrifying!

Dang! Dang!

A wave of grand ringing of bells resounded from within the sect in the distance.

“It’s time. Those that’re participating in the test, please enter the sect and wait. Other unrelated persons should wait on the spot.” One of the disciples standing on guard before the entrance announced loudly.

The spirits of the others were refreshed, and they immediately passed by the others and entered the sect after their identities were inspected.

Only Meng Yuanqing was refused.

“Why?” He was extremely furious.

“You yourself are clearly aware of the reason.” That disciple spoke with an emotionless expression.

“Because of Xiao Ma?” Meng Yuanqing wasn’t an idiot, so he was immediately able to faintly guess this, and his face sank.

“It’s good that you understand.” That disciple spoke coldly. “I’m doing this for your own good. If Third Elder finds out that you’d once entered into conflict with that Xiao Ma, then you ought to be clearly aware of the consequences.”

Meng Yuanqing was stunned, and he had an ashen countenance as if he’d lost his soul. Moreover, a strand of regret and frustration could help but arise in his heart.

I lost my chance to obtain the supreme fortune of taking a master and cultivating in Spirit Sphere Sect merely because of the son of a servant?

Row upon rows of pavilions covered the area within Spirit Sphere Sect. The hills in the surroundings were elegant and seethed with divine radiance, causing it to seem like a divine kingdom established amidst the mountains, and it was a rather magnificent sight.

The rear of the mountain.

This was a restricted area within Spirit Sphere Sect because the Supreme Elder, Liu Ya’zi, was in closed door cultivation here.

Mo Daochen acted according to Empress Yu Che’s instructions and didn’t disturb the others within the sect, and he led Chen Xi and the others directly towards the rear of the mountain.

“Master, an old friend has come to visit.” He took a deep breath before he spoke respectfully before an abode.

“An old friend?” A low voice suddenly sounded out from within the above. “Daochen, exactly which old friend is it? If it’s an ordinary person, then tell that person that I’m at a critical moment of my cultivation and I’m sorry for being unable to entertain them.”

Mo Daochen glanced at Empress Yu Che with an embarrassed expression, and then he said respectfully, “Master, it’s… it’s that senior from Snow Ink Region. There already here.”

“Who? Could it be….” That voice suddenly became heavy. In the next moment, the abode’s restrictions rumbled as they opened, and then the figure of a thin old man appeared from within.

This person wore grey clothes, and his hair was white yet possessed the complexion of a child. Moreover, divine light flowed within his eyes, and his appearance was rather shocking.

However, his pupils suddenly constricted when he saw Empress Yu Che, and he cried out involuntarily with shock. “So, it’s Senior Yu Che.”

This person was naturally the Supreme Elder of Spirit Sphere Sect, Liu Ya’zi, and he was an existence at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

“After so many years, I never expected that you would already be only a single step away from stepping foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm. Congratulations.” Empress Yu Che spoke indifferently.

“It really is you.” Liu Ya’zi was excited and pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly said, “Quickly, quickly come in.”

“Wait. Make arrangements for this little fellow first. I got him into trouble for something I said outside the sect.” Empress Yu Che pointed at Xiao Ma as she spoke.

Xiao Ma seemed to be extremely perturbed. However, he wasn’t stupid, so he hurriedly bowed when he heard this, and he said, “Greetings Senior.”

“Make arrangements?” Liu Ya’zi nodded to Xiao Ma, and then he looked at Empress Yu Che with a puzzled expression.

“Exactly. This little fellow seeks the Dao wholeheartedly, and he can be considered to be fortunate to have been able to come here with me with the intention of joining your sect.” Empress Yu Che explained casually.

Liu Ya’zi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He thought it was something major, but it turned out to be merely making arrangements for a young man to join the sect. This was simply not a problem at all for him.

He immediately looked at Mo Daochen, and then latter instantly understood his intentions and hurriedly said, “Don’t worry Master. Leave this to me.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Xiao Ma was excited in his heart, and he suddenly knelt down and kowtowed without end.

“Ha! Little fellow, you place great important on ties and know to repay you debts. You really aren’t bad. Work hard and cultivate in the sect from now on, and I guarantee your future will be limitless.” Liu Ya’zi laughed lightheartedly.

“Let’s go, little fellow.” Mo Daochen raised his hand and helped Xiao Ma up, and then he bid his farewells to everyone before leaving swiftly with Xiao Ma.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that out of respect for Empress Yu Che alone, Xiao Ma wouldn’t be treated coldly within Spirit Sphere Sect at all.

“Senior Yu Che, please come in.” Liu Ya’zi beamed from ear to ear while he invited fervently. “I gathered some Divine Cloudwell Tea during these years, please take this opportunity to evaluate it.”

After the time for an incense stick to burn, two figure left Spirit Sphere Sect, and they headed towards the south of Logia Mountain.

“Didn’t the Grand Lord give you a piece of violet bamboo? Based on my deduction, the Arambha Temple is probably in the vicinity of Violet Bamboo Stream that Liu Ya’zi mentioned.”

“Yes, I’m of the same mind as well. However, according to what Liu Ya’zi said, the environment there is slightly unusual.”

“Let’s investigate first at least.”

These two people were exactly Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che.

Because of Empress Yu Che, Chen Xi practically didn’t have to put in any effort to obtain some information from Liu Ya’zi.

However, to Chen Xi’s regret, Liu Ya’zi was utterly unaware of what sort of power Arambha Temple was, and it was even to the extent that he wasn’t aware that any other power besides Spirit Sphere Sect existed on Logia Mountain.

However, the information Liu Ya’zi provided allowed Chen Xi to find out that Logia Mountain was filled with mysterious and unfathomable places, and it still hadn’t been completely occupied by the Spirit Sphere Sect even until now.

For example, the area where the ‘violet bamboo stream’ resided was an extremely dangerous area.

That area was filled with a mysterious and ancient restriction, and if one didn’t know the method to overcome them, then even Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods would suffer calamity there and perish. It was extremely formidable.

In the annals of history, the Spirit Sphere Sect had dispatched experts over there to investigate on more than one occasion, but none of them survived in the end. This caused the Spirit Sphere Sect to fully abandon any intention to occupy that area.

However, this information caused a flash of inspiration to arise in Chen Xi’s heart. Because his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had passed him a piece of violet bamboo before he came here.

Violet bamboo, violet bamboo stream…. There’s probably some sort of relationship between the two of them!

When Chen Xi sensed that they’d teleported for no less than five million kilometers in distance, he finally saw the place where the violet bamboo stream resided.

The first scene that entered his eyes was a quiet and beautiful gorge. An extremely clear stream flowed within the gorge. It twisted and turned, and a dense violet bamboo forest grew at the side of the stream.

Every single bamboo was ramrod straight and beautiful. They shot into the clouds while their leaves were suffused with violet radiance. As they floated in the air, they revealed a dreamlike hue.

The atmosphere here was tranquil, and only the tinkling of the stream resounded while he violet bamboo forest at the sides of the stream swayed with the wind and rustled.

If one wasn’t aware that this place was filled with danger, one would think that this was a paradise isolated from the outside world.


Chen Xi flicked out a strand of sword qi, and it tore through space and charged into the gorge.


Before the sword qi could even approach, the originally tranquil scene suddenly underwent a transformation. It emanated a strange fluctuation that caused expanse after expanse of violet mist to seethe and rise up, and it completely enveloped the gorge.

After that strand of sword qi entered the mist, it was like a clay ox that had fallen into an ocean, and it didn’t even cause a trace of a ripple before it vanished without a trace.

Hmm? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed because he’d acute noticed that even his perception was unable to detect what was going on within the gorge any longer!

“This really is a mysterious and unfathomable divine restriction. Based on my observation, it’s covered in killing intent capable of slaughtering gods and devils. Even if I took the risk and entered it, I would probably encounter extremely great danger.” Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes were suffused with a wisp of terrifying light, and her voice was slightly solemn. She’d been probing it as well, and she’d sensed the terrors within it.

“Looks like Arambha Temple might really be hidden here. Now, allow me to see exactly how formidable this divine restriction is.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a strange expression suffused the space between his brows.

A divine restriction?

To someone like Chen Xi who came from Oracle Mountain and had attained extraordinary accomplishments in the Talisman Dao since a long time ago, it was obviously not very deterring.

“You intend to break open the formation?” Empress Yu Che spoke with surprise.

“If I’m able to locate a safe path through it, then I naturally don’t have to do that.” Chen Xi didn’t even turn around to look at her as he answered her question because the attention of his heart and mind had already been drawn over by this divine restriction that was before him.

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