Chapter 1727 – Dispute

Chen Xi gazed at Logia Mountain that stood in the distance, and he couldn’t help but nod. “This is a paradise indeed. Its divine veins glow brilliantly while an auspicious aura surges into the sky. It’s very suitable to cultivate.”

With his discerning ability, he was naturally able to discover many secrets with a single glance.

Empress Yu Che said, “According to rumor, this mountain has existed for 180 million years, and its history goes back even further than Spirit Sphere Sect.”

As they chatted, the two of them had already brought the young man, Xiao Ma, onto the shore.

Logia Mountain was extremely vast, and it extended boundlessly into the distance. It was covered in lofty and steep peaks, and it seemed vast like a continent.

Spirit Sphere Sect was established at the top of one of those peaks. The top of that peak was enshrouded in an auspicious glow while violet divine radiance rained down. It was an extremely grand and magnificent sight.

There as utterly no need to look before one could locate Spirit Sphere Sect.

The young man, Xiao Ma, had come here to this for the sake of joining Spirit Sphere Sect, whereas, Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che intended to head to Spirit Sphere Sect to gain information related to Arambha Temple. It just happened to be on their way. So, under such circumstances, Chen Xi would naturally not leave the young man by himself.

Moreover, Xiao Ma had a honest bearing, was obviously from an impoverished background, and had been extremely reserved and sedate all along the way. However, this caused Chen Xi to have a good impression of the young man.

They didn’t waste any time before they soared into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, they’d already arrived before Spirit Sphere Sect.

At this moment, many men and woman were gathered outside the sect, and there were a few hundreds of them.

These men and woman obviously possessed very extraordinary backgrounds. They wore luxurious clothes while they had seniors, guards, and lackeys from their clans by their sides.

When Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che arrived here with Xiao Ma, they didn’t draw much attention.

“There more fellows have arrived. Alas, the competition is growing stronger and stronger.”

“I heard that Spirit Sphere Sect is only recruiting 30 disciples this time. If we estimate based upon this, then more than half of us will be eliminated.”

“Hmph! I’m not worried about all of that. I’m worried about whether some people would cheat and use their influence to be recruited.”

Chen Xi was able to utilize these conversations to determine that these men and woman were obviously just like Xiao Ma, and they’d come to join Spirit Sphere Sect.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle because these men and woman had actually taken him and Empress Yu Che as people who’d come to join Spirit Sphere Sect.

“Let’s go.” Empress Yu Che couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of this. She glanced at the sect in the distance and intended to enter it.

“Wait a moment.” Chen Xi glanced at Xiao Ma, and then he started pondering deeply instead.

Truthfully speaking, Xiao Ma’s natural talent could only be considered to be not bad, and it could absolutely not be considered to be outstanding. It was even inferior to many young men and woman in the vicinity. Coupled with the fact that Xiao Ma didn’t possess the backing of any clan, there was obviously not much hope for Xiao Ma to enter Spirit Sphere Sect through his own hard work.

“With his natural talent, it’s definitely impossible for him to enter Spirit Sphere Sect.” Empress Yu Che seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and she spoke frankly.

Xiao Ma’s face froze, and he was struck with panic while his gaze dimmed. Never had he imagined that these two seniors by his side would directly determine his inability to pass even before he’d participated in the test.

This was simply like a sudden strike of thunder to him, and he was stunned on the spot while a wisp of indescribable bitterness surged out from his heart.

“Haha! Xiao Ma! It really is you! Will you still not give up? I never expected that your useless father had some ability and was actually able to send you here.” Suddenly, a young man in embroidered clothes and a marten coat roared with laughter as he walked over, and he didn’t conceal his ridicule at all. Moreover, there were numerous lackeys and guards by his side, and it seemed extremely showy.

“However, just as this miss said, trying to enter Spirit Sphere Sect with natural talent like yours is simply wishful thinking.” As soon as the young man finished speaking, he cupped his hands towards Empress Yu Che in a very graceful manner while revealed a wisp of a brilliant smile.

Xiao Ma’s face sank, and he glared furiously. “Meng Yuanqing, who’re you calling useless?”

“Angry? Haha! Your father was once a servant of my Meng Clan, so calling him useless is like thinking highly of him.” The young man that Xiao Ma called Meng Yuanqing laughed coldly and said, “Besides that, if you dare to continue barking like that, then don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood the relationship between Meng Yuanqing and Xiao Ma, and he felt that it was no wonder that Meng Yuanqing dared to humiliate Xiao Ma in such an unbridled manner.

Xiao Ma’s entire body shivered with rage. He forcefully gritted his teeth and endured it by force, and he didn’t say a single word in the end.

He didn’t ask for assistance from Chen Xi or Empress Yu Che, and he didn’t allow his rage to overwhelm him and fight desperately against Meng Yuanqing.

Because he still hadn’t given up on joining Spirit Sphere Sect, so he would absolutely not allow any other matter to stop all of this.

However, in the eyes of the other young man and woman in the vicinity, Xiao Ma seemed to have silently shrunk back and was cowardly. So, all of them couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of disdain or pity on their faces.

Chen Xi noticed all of this. At this moment, he finally stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Ma on the shoulder, and then he looked at Yu Che and shrugged. “Look, so much of trouble was caused because of a single sentence you spoke.”

Empress Yu Che shrugged as well. “I’ll make it up to him.”

Their attitude caused many others in the vicinity to be bewildered, and they were unable to figure out their relationship with Xiao Ma.

Especially Meng Yuanqing, he hurriedly smiled and said, “Miss, there’s no need for that. That kid, Xiao Ma, has always been a lost cause, and what you said wasn’t wrong at all. So, is there even anything to make up for?”

Empress Yu Che glanced at him and didn’t say anything before she walked towards the entrance of the sect.

Even though it was merely a glance, it caused a wisp of coldness to arise in Meng Yuanqing’s heart for no rhyme or reason. He couldn’t help but shudder while his soul felt terrified and uneasy, and his countenance suddenly turned ghastly pale.

What… what’s going on? Meng Yuanqing was astounded in his heart. At that instant just now, he’d simply seemed as if he’d fallen into a boundless abyss, and he’d almost drowned in it and lost consciousness!

He wanted to open his mouth and exclaim with shock, yet he actually noticed that he was unable to make a single sound. It was even to the extent that it seemed as if his entire body was restrained and unable to move by even an inch. It was as if he’d been transformed into a clay statue!

Only he himself was aware of all of this, and the guards and lackeys in the surroundings had actually not noticed it at all.

This caused Meng Yuanqing to feel even more terrified in his heart. Who exactly is that woman!?

“Tell your Supreme Elder Liu Ya’zi that an old friend has come to visit.”

There were two disciples from Spirit Sphere Sect standing on guard before the entrance, and they were instantly stunned when they heard Empress Yu Che.

What high sounding sentiments. She actually dares to call herself an old friend of the Supreme Elder!

“Haha! A distant relative of Spirit Sphere Sect’s Master arrived earlier, and now an old friend of Senior Liu Ya’zi has arrived.”

“Hmph! For the sake of entering Spirit Sphere Sect, are people willing to stop at nothing nowadays? She actually dares to pretend to be an old friend of Senior Liu Ya’zi. She’s simply audacious to the extreme!”

“I never expected that while she seemed to possess an extraordinary bearing, she truly speaks in an utterly absurd manner.”

The others in the vicinity were stunned as well when they heard Empress Yu Che, and then they roared with ridiculing laughter and had teasing and mocking expressions on their faces.

Earlier, there had already been others that intended to utilize the name of Spirit Sphere Sect’s Master, relatives of elders, friends, and old acquaintance in order to worm their way into Spirit Sphere Sect. However, all of them were exposed in the end, and they were driven out of the sect.

So, never had they expected that another one had arrived now, and this person had even tried to feign a relationship with Senior Liu Ya’zi!

Who was Liu Ya’zi?

He was the Supreme Elder of Spirit Sphere Sect, a senior that possessed a cultivation at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm! Moreover, he hadn’t made an appearance in the world for countless years.

On the other hand, Empress Yu Che wore a green blouse, a white skirt, a feathered crown, and black gauze to cover her face. Even though her bearing was graceful, she seemed to be extremely mysterious and kept a low profile. So, it was extremely difficult for others to link her to an Imperial Monarch.

Under such circumstances, would anyone believe what she said?

Even though it was like this, the disciple before the entrance still cupped their hands in a rather polite manner and said, “I’m sorry, my sect’s Supreme Elder has been in closed door cultivation for many years, and he has shut himself off from the outside world.”

“I never expected that even you would be refused.” Chen Xi walked forward, and as he listened to the discussions in the surroundings, he couldn’t help but feel that it was slightly laughable.

“Looks like all of this is because I was too polite.” Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes were suffused with a wisp of a helpless expression. Indeed, with her identity, she didn’t have to notify anyone of her arrival no matter where she went because they would have already come over to welcome her respectfully. So, how could such an incident occur?

Of course, all of this was because she’d changed her appearance and dressing, and she’d concealed her identity intentional. This was the reason for the current situation.

“Hey, the two of you should just wait here calmly. You’ll be kicked out if you continue putting up that act!” Someone cried out while taking pleasure in their misfortune.

Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes turned cold.

Right at this moment, a dignified and loud shout resounded from within the sect. “Who’s making noise here? What would others think of our sect!”

Along with this voice, a middle aged man with a cold expression that wore a robe embroidered with pythons and a jade belt appeared before the entrance, and his gaze was like cold lightning as it swept throughout the surroundings.

In an instant, the surroundings became deathly silent like cicadas in the winter.

“Third Elder….” One of the disciples before the entrance hurriedly moved forward and narrated everything that occurred earlier.

“Oh?” When he heard that someone actually pretended to be an old friend of the Supreme Elder, Liu Ya’zi, the dignified middle aged man’s face sank, and his gaze was like a blade as it swept towards Empress Yu Che.

The others in the vicinity couldn’t help but take pleasure in Empress Yu Che’s misfortune at this moment, and they seemed as if they were waiting for the show.

“Eh?” However, the dignified middle aged man didn’t flare up, and he seemed to have noticed something, causing him to speak with surprise and bewilderment. “You’re….”

“Little attendant, do you intend to make a move against me and kick me out?” Empress Yu Che spoke indifferently.

Little attendant? Everyone was astounded. This woman actually addressed the third elder of Spirit Sphere Sect, Mo Daochen, in such a manner?

However, when he heard this method of address, the dignified middle aged man’s robust body shook while his expression changed abruptly, and he still seemed to be in disbelief as he stuttered. “You…. You’re….”

As he spoke, he actually fell to his knees with a thump, and his forehead was drenched with cold sweat while he opened his mouth.

However, he was interrupted by Empress Yu Che, and she said indifferently, “Take me to see Liu Ya’zi.”

“Yes, yes, yes….” Mo Daochen hastily got up to his feet, and he seemed as if his tongue was tied and had a respectful expression.

When they witnessed this change of events, everyone in the surroundings were utterly stunned, and their mouths were opened wide from shock.

At this moment, the third elder of Spirit Sphere Sect, Mo Daochen, who was a supreme existence in their hearts had actually knelt on the ground while seeming to be filled with respect and awe. How could they dare to believe their eyes?

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