Chapter 1726 – Treasure Exhibition

To be more precise, it was a group of demon cultivators.

The leaders of the group was an orange haired young man with eyes that revealed a brilliant jade color. The skin on his exposed upper body was covered in smooth and dense lines, and it was branded with mysterious totems and tattoos.

There was a flower demon standing beside him. Its branches were spread out and glistening brightly, and a bloomed flowed on its actually revealed an extremely charming face.

Besides these two people, there was also an armored man that had the head of an ox with two horns, and a dwarfish old man that was only 66cm tall, had snow white hair, and sharp ears.

It was an extremely strange group of demon cultivators, and Chen Xi wasn’t even able to recognize their origins. However, based on their auras alone, besides the orange haired young man in the lead who was at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, all the others were actually at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

Obviously, they’d noticed Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che. As soon as they arrived, the orange haired young man smiled as he said, “Fellow Daoists, are you heading to Putuo Star to participate in the Treasure Exhibition that’s held there every 3,000 years?”

The Treasure Exhibition? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shook his head and said, “Sorry, we don’t have any intention to participate in the Treasure Exhibition.”

“Eh, both of you are actually not here for the Treasure Exhibition?” The flower demon spoke with a gentle, delicate, moving, and charming voice.

Chen Xi smiled as he shook his head once more.

“Nevermind, let’s go over ourselves. So long as we arrive there, we’ll be able to find out where the entrance to the Treasure Exhibition lies.” The orange haired young man sighed, and then he waved to Chen Xi as he led the others away.

In next to no time, their group had gone far away into the distance and vanished.

“How interesting. A young expert from the Flame Qilin Race is leading a group of three other demon cultivators from the Dancing Flower Race, Barbaric Spirit Ox Race, and Earth Battle Dwarf Race, and they’re actually travelling to participate in the Treasure Exhibition.” Empress Yu Che seemed to be lost in thought as she spoke from the side.

Only now did Chen Xi find out about their origins, and he couldn’t help but be astounded. Every single one of these races were extremely ancient and rarely seen.

This obviously showed that South Sea Region really deserved to be called the Paradise of all Races.

Chen Xi asked curiously “What’s the Treasure Exhibition?”

“It’s very complicated to explain. You can simply take it to be a grand trade fair. It’s held every 3,000 years. At that time, all the cultivators from all over South Sea Region would be attracted over by its fame.” Empress Yu Che spoke slowly. “Up until now, the Treasure Exhibition has been held for no less than 100 times, and if it was in terms of age, then it could be traced back to the primeval times”

She paused for a moment before she continued. “Simply speaking, divine materials, divine treasures, and all sort of strange and bizarre cultivation materials that are rarely found in the Ancient God Domain can be found in the Treasure Exhibition. Thus, it’s able to draw numerous cultivators over to participate in it.”

Chen Xi came to a suddenly understanding at this moment. The Treasure Exhibition was equivalent to a venue for cultivators to exchange treasures and accomplish the goal of ‘obtaining what each required’.

“If you’re interested, we can go have a look. Extremely rare and precious treasure always appear every single time a Treasure Exhibition is held. Moreover, it isn’t just the cultivators of South Sea Region that are drawn over by its fame, even the cultivators of the other regions are as well.” Empress Yu Che smiled lightly. “I remember that a young man picked out a treasure by chance during the last Treasure Exhibition, and he obtained a Natural Spirit Treasure with merely 100 Divine Crystals. This matter shocked the entire South Sea Region.”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “He really found a great fortuitous encounter by chance.”

Empress Yu Che said, “Examples like this are often seen during the Treasure Exhibition.”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “If we’re still in time after we get back from Arambha Temple, then we can look around the Treasure Exhibition.”

The two of them didn’t stay here any longer, and they teleported towards Putuo Star that resided in the distance.

Putuo Star, a star that was sky blue like an ocean.

Unlike other stars, this star was extremely vast. It lay across the universe like a brilliant blue sun, and it caused all the other stars in the surroundings to dim in comparison.

Most peculiar of it all was that numerous masses of land floated around Putuo Star. Every single land mass could be considered to be like a large world, and they were densely covered by divine veins and mountains. Moreover, there were numerous abodes on them, and countless living beings were residing there.

Logia Mountain was situated on one of these land masses.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che floated down onto one of the land masses. Even though it was described as a land mass, it was actually much larger than the Dark Reverie.

Numerous cities were spread out across it, and it was covered in the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. It was extremely flourishing and prosperous.

They didn’t waste any time here and travelled forward all along the way. After spending another 10 minutes of time, they finally arrived before a boundlessly vast ocean.

The sky was sky blue and the bluish green ocean was vast. Seabirds soared and flickered above the isles in the distance, and the beaches on the isles were covered in a layer of golden sand that glowed brilliantly.

All sorts of living beings from the ocean were making exchanges for goods with traders on the shores, and it seemed to be extremely bustling.

“This ocean is called the Ocean of Fallen Stars, and Logia Mountain resides at the end of it. According to our speed, we would be able to arrive there in around an eighth of an hour.” Empress Yu Che pointed towards the distance as she spoke.

Chen Xi nodded. “Then let’s set out.”

“Seniors, please wait a moment.” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded out.

Chen Xi turned around to look, and he saw an old man rushing over while bringing a young man with him.

“May I ask if seniors are heading to Logia Mountain?” The old man had a humble attitude, and he bowed respectfully.

He wore plain clothes while the marks of travel could be seen on his face. Moreover, he was only at the World Enlightened True God Realm and was extremely ordinary. Obviously, he was a cultivator that had always resided at the lowest rung amongst cultivators.

Chen Xi nodded. “Yes.”

The old man revealed a delighted expression, and he became even more cautious as he said, “I wonder… I wonder if you’re able to bring my son along with you?”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. However, the old man hurriedly spoke before Chen Xi could. “Seniors, don’t worry. My son is simple and honest, and he’ll absolutely not cause any trouble for the both of you. Moreover….”

When he spoke up to here, he withdrew a storage pouch and took a deep breath before he offered it up with both hands. “I still have 100 Divine Crystals with me. Even though it’s nothing, you can consider it as an embodiment of my intentions.”

He spoke sincerely, and his voice even carried a pleasing tone. Everything he said came from the heart, and Chen Xi was entirely capable of distinguishing that this person wasn’t lying.

Chen Xi glanced at the young man by the old man’s side. The young man had a weak figure, dark skin, and a honest bearing. He seemed to be slightly uncomfortable as he stood there, and his entire body was slightly stiff.

“Hmph! To think you even dare to try offering 100 Divine Crystals.” Someone sneered with disdain from afar. “The Ocean of Fallen Stars is filled with danger, and one must traverse countless dangers in order to arrive safely at Logia Mountain, yet you merely produced 100 Divine Crystals as compensation? You’re simply daydreaming.”

The old man instantly felt embarrassed, and he gazed at Chen Xi with a pleading expression that was even more intense.

He’d begged others on more than one occasion during the past few days, and he’d been refused every single time. So, if he was unable to succeed again this time, then he would fall completely into despair.

Chen Xi asked curiously. “I can agree to it. However, may I know why you’re doing this?”

The old man’s spirits were refreshed, and he became extremely excited. He repeatedly expressed his gratitude for a long time before he said, “I heard that Spirit Sphere Sect on Logia Mountain will be opening its doors and recruiting disciples in a few days. So, I wanted to bring my son there to give it a try.”

Spirit Sphere Sect? Chen Xi was stunned, and he thought in his heart. Looks like it isn’t just Arambha Temple that resides on Logia Mountain.

“Let’s go.” In the next moment, Chen Xi gestured to the young man because it was on the way in any case, so it didn’t matter if he brought a young man along.

“Thank you, thank you Senior for fulfilling my wish.”

If Chen Xi hadn’t stopped him, the old man would have knelt on the ground and thanked Chen Xi.

In the end, Chen Xi didn’t take the Divine Crystals from the old man, and he brought the young man called Xiao Ma along with them.

“Old Man Xiao, aren’t you worried about allowing those two people to bring your son along with them?” Someone came forward and spoke with a doubtful expression.

“Even though I’ve only gained limited achievements in my entire lifetime, I’ve seen numerous extraordinary figures. I guarantee that those seniors are absolutely not ordinary.” The old man took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

“What nonsense! Don’t forget that the Ocean of Fallen Stars is an extremely dangerous place. Casually handing your son over to them is simply too rash.” That person shook his head and sighed without end.

However, his eyeballs almost fell from their sockets in the next moment. In his field of vision, Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che’s figures suddenly emanated a wisp of divine radiance, and then they teleported while bringing Xiao Ma along with them and swiftly vanished without a trace.

Even though it was merely an instant, the trace of imposing aura that Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che emanated unintentionally caused him to feel suffocated, and his knees went weak to the point he almost dropped to his knees.

He finally understood that the man and woman from before really weren’t ordinary!

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Space flashed by as Chen Xi’s group of three traversed in the sky above the Ocean of Fallen Stars, and they headed straight towards the depths of it.

“Yu Che, do you know of Spirit Sphere Sect?” asked Chen Xi.

“I do. It can be considered to be a first-rate power in South Sea Region. All those years ago, I met a Supreme Elder of Spirit Sphere Sect on numerous occasions, so I’m clearly aware of Logia Mountain’s exact location. However, I’ve never heard of a power called Arambha Temple on Logia Mountain.” Yu Che spoke casually.

The figure of the thin young man who’d been keeping silent all this while had stiffened when he heard this, and he glanced at Empress Yu Che with slight disbelief. He seemed to have never imagined that this woman actually knew the Supreme Elder of Spirit Sphere Sect. To someone that was of poor background like him, it was simply unimaginable.

However, he didn’t say anything and became even more silent. It was even to the extent that he was at a loss for what to do, and he was uneasy and didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of this. He frowned as he muttered. “Strange, could it be that Eldest Senior Brother was mistaken?”

Empress Yu Che said in a light voice, “Let’s head to Spirit Sphere Sect to inquire about it first. There are numerous sects in this world that remain secluded from the outside world, and perhaps Arambha Temple is hidden someone on Logia Mountain.”

Chen Xi nodded.

The Ocean of Fallen Stars was extremely dangerous indeed. All along the way, the surroundings were filled with chaotic flows of space, tidal waves, and tempests. If an ordinary cultivator came here, then it would probably be impossible to traverse.

However, all of this seemed to be unable to pose any difficulty to Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che. They practically traversed it without encountering any obstruction and arrived at the end of the Ocean of Fallen Stars.

A lofty mountain that lay across the heavens and the earth appeared in their fields of vision. The mountain was precipitous and steep. It shot into the clouds and seemed to stretch boundlessly into the distance. Moreover, it emanated brilliant violet divine radiance that dyed the sky and clouds violent, causing it to be a rather magnificent scene.

This was Logia Mountain.

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