Chapter 1724 – Divine Sovereign Priest

The heavens and the earth were covered in a scene of desolation.

Outside Phoenix Perch City and on the shores of God Burial Ocean, the stones, cliffs, plants, trees, ground…. Everything in an expanse of 500,000km had been transformed into powder.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

The rustling of the wind carried a strand of sorrow.

Wu Xuechan had left too suddenly, and his hasty actions caused many people to be bewildered.

But no matter what, all of them couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief in their hearts after Wu Xuechan left with Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che.

However, right after that, when they laid eyes on the scene before them and recalled the scenes from before, their expressions instantly became extremely complicated.

No one spoke, and the surroundings were covered in an expanse of silence.

The scene from before was too shocking, and it had exceeded all their imaginations. Their actions against Chen Xi this time had actually ended in such a miserable and horrifying manner.

At the same time, no one had imagined that a young man whom they felt possessed no reputation didn’t just possess an extremely heaven defying combat strength, he was actually the Little Junior Brother of Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan.

Moreover, no one had imagined that Wu Xuechan who hadn’t made an appearance for many years would actually make such a domineering display, and he only spoke a few words before suppressing all the great figures to the point of falling to their knees. Moreover, this even included an Imperial Monarch!

All of this caused them to feel horrified, terrified, bewildered, and filled with disbelief.


After an unknown period of time, a dragon roar resounded through the heavens and the earth.

After that, everyone saw that azure dragon carry Imperial Monarch Chong Dou who had an extremely livid expression as it tore through the sky and left.

He’d been forced to his knees in public today, and he could be said to have lost all face. At this moment, all the people in the surroundings couldn’t help but sigh without end as they watched him leave in rage.

When had an Imperial Monarch that controlled a myriad of Daos and possessed the might to overturn the world even been oppressed to such an extent?

It wasn’t long before Gongye Nanli who’d lost an arm and two knee bones gritted his teeth and left while being supported by his Godslaves.

From the beginning until the end, he didn’t say a single word as well.

All the others in the surroundings sighed in their heart when they saw this. The Gongye Clan of the Imperial Region was a top-rate great power with monstrous might, yet who would have imagined that such a great figure from the Gongye Clan like Gongye Nanli would actually be reduced to such a state one day?

Along with Gongye Nanli’s departure, all the other great figures who’d been forced to kneel had left successively with gloomy expressions on their faces.

It wasn’t long before merely Le Wuhen’s group remained here.

Compared to the others, their emotions were even more complicated, and their faces still carried a wisp of shock even until now.

They’d witnessed all of it with their own two eyes.

They’d watched Chen Xi defeat Di Yunqiu by himself.

They’d watched Chen Xi fight all those great figures by himself in the sky above the God Burial Ocean, and his might was brilliant like the scorching sun in the midday sky.

They watched Imperial Monarch Chong Dou restrain Chen Xi by merely speaking a few words and intended to force Chen Xi to kneel.

They’d also watched Empress Yu Che arrive abruptly and not hesitate to fight Imperial Monarch Chong Dou with her swords.

However, all of this wasn’t as shocking as the arrival of Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan.

That supremely domineering imposing aura and that supreme graceful bearing of crushing all experts in a casual manner caused all of their hearts to be unable to calm down even until now.

“Wuhen, why didn’t you say that this kid was from Oracle Mountain? If I knew he was the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan’s, little junior brother….” Le Beiyou had a complicated expression while his voice carried shock and regret. He seemed to really regret being so cold and indifferent towards Chen Xi just now.

“Ninth Uncle, I’m not like you. I didn’t care about his origins at all when I became friends with him!” Le Wuhen frowned and spoke with slight ridicule. He was still resentful towards Le Beiyou in his heart.

Le Beiyou’s face froze, and he was slightly embarrassed. However, he quickly recovered his composure and said, “I did all of that out of consideration for the clan’s interests. Even if I knew that kid’s origins, I would definitely place the clan’s interests first.”

Le Wuhen grunted coldly and didn’t speak any further.

“But Oracle Mountain has completely offended the Luo Clan, Gongye Clan, Yue Clan, Jin Clan, Kunwu Clan, and Pei Clan because of Chen Xi alone. All of them are top-rate powers in the Imperial Region, and this is more harmful than beneficial. It’s slightly not worth it.” Le Beiyou sighed with emotion.

“So what about it? No matter how furious these powers are, they would probably not have the courage to head to Oracle Mountain to get even.” Shentu Yanran spoke abruptly from the side. “After all, only a mere few powers in the entire Imperial Region can rival Oracle Mountain, and these powers don’t include those powers like the Luo Clan.”

“Exactly. Now that I speak about it, I really admire the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan. For the sake of seeking justice for his little junior brother, he completely disregarded their identities and forced them to kneel to atone for their crimes first. How satisfying!” Yuqiu Jing spoke in support as well, and his words were filled with extreme respect towards Wu Xuechan.

“Haha! Haven’t all of you noticed? Chen Xi’s style of doing things is actually similar to the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan. However, he never relied on the strength of Oracle Mountain to bully others, and it was Luo Shaonong and the others who were extremely conceited and ceaselessly provoked and attacked Chen Xi. In the end, they infuriated Chen Xi and were annihilated by him. They really brought it all onto themselves.”

Le Wuhen deeply agreed as well, and he sighed with emotion. “I’m sure that I wouldn’t even take a day before the entire Ancient God Domain will probably know of this incident, and it’ll cause a mighty uproar. Moreover, Chen Xi’s name is bound to shock the world!”

River after river of stars were traversed and galaxy after galaxy was passed by as Wu Xuechan brought Chen Xi Empress Yu Che along while traversing through space.

He seemed to be moving forward step by step, but every single step he took traversed countless galaxies.

It was too swift!

Chen Xi even felt that numerous universes were flashing by in his eyes.

“Little Junior Brother, you’re really had a hard time in these years. If I didn’t find out by chance that an unexpected event occurred in the Desolate Manku Ruin, I wouldn’t have imagined that you hadn’t just arrived at the Ancient God Domain, but you’re actually on the verge of breaking through to the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.” Wu Xuechan spoke in a warm voice, and his voice carried a trace of an apologetic tone.

“Eldest Senior Brother, it’s fine,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“Mmm.” Wu Xuechan nodded. He seemed to be constantly sensing something, and his brows frequently knit together briefly.

“Eldest Senior Brother, are Senior Sister Li Yang and the others well?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask this question.

“They’re in closed door cultivation. If nothing unexpected happens, then it’ll take 100 years at most before they’ll be able to emerge from their closed door cultivation.” Wu Xuechan answered casually.

Suddenly, his figure stopped while his eyes narrowed. In the next moment, he recovered his composure, but he’d changed the direction he was heading towards.

“Is someone pursuing us?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. Since they left the shores of the God Burial Ocean, he’d acutely noticed that Wu Xuechan was in a hurry and seemed to be sensing something.

Moreover, even though Wu Xuechan hadn’t said anything all along the way, he’d still frowned frequently. This caused Chen Xi to be even more puzzled, and he faintly sensed that something was unusual.

“Yes.” Wu Xuechan nodded. “I encountered three red robed Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect on my way to Phoenix Perch City just now, and I wasted some time killing them. However, I never imagined that it wasn’t just those three old fellows that had set out from the Sovereign Sect this time.”

Three red robed Grand Priests? Chen Xi was bewildered.

However, the heart of Empress Yu Che shook when she heard this, and a wisp of surprise suffused her clear eyes.

Red robed Grand Priests were old fellows that possessed extremely respected statuses in the Sovereign Sect. They lived in seclusion and controlled the matters of punishment in the Sovereign Sect.

Most importantly, all those that were able to become red robed Grand Priests possessed a cultivation at the Imperial Monarch Realm!

Empress Yu Che was clearly aware of all of this. However, she’d never expected that the Sovereign Sect would actually dispatch three red robed Grand Priests this time. Could it be that… they’d already deduced that I would leave Snow Ink Region, so they intended to annihilate me in one go?

Yes, Empress Yu Che was sure that the three red robed Grand Priests Wu Xuechan spoke about were the help that Imperial Monarch Chong Dou spoke about, and their true objective was to annihilate her.

However, by coincidence, these three fellows had encountered Wu Xuechan before they could arrive at Phoenix Perch City, and they suffered calamity in the end.

When she thought up to here, Empress Yu Che couldn’t help but feel fortunate in her heart. Never had she imagined that she would be able to safely avoid such a calamity because of Chen Xi.

“The Sovereign Sect again…. They really do refuse to go away.” A wisp of detest and killing intent arose in Chen Xi’s eyes.

Wu Xuechan smiled. He was just about to say something when his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he stopped on the spot.

“Little Junior Brother, I looks like I can only make you and Yu Che go on ahead first.” Wu Xuechan spoke while he revealed a wisp of a helpless expression between his brows.

Chen Xi and Empress Yu Che were stunned. Could it be that the enemy has caught up?

“I never expected that a Divine Sovereign Priest would be drawn over right after I killed three red robed Grand Priests.” Wu Xuechan sighed lightly. But he wasn’t afraid, and he seemed to be extremely helpless instead.

A Divine Sovereign Priest! Empress Yu Che’s entire body shook when she heard this title, and she seemed to feel slight disbelief.

“A Divine Sovereign Priest? Is he very formidable?” Chen Xi was fearless from his ignorance, and he frowned as he asked this question.

“I can only say that it’s very troublesome to kill him.” Wu Xuechan frowned, and then he said, “This won’t do. That old bastard will catch up soon. I’ll send the both of you off first. I’ll take you back to the sect in five to ten years of time.”

At this moment, Chen Xi fully realized that the situation was slightly severe.

After all, Wu Xuechan had smashed Imperial Monarch Chong Dou to his knees with a single strike of the palm earlier. But now, he needed five to ten years of time just to deal with a single Divine Sovereign Priest. This obviously showed how difficult it was to deal with this Divine Sovereign Priest.


Wu Xuechan flicked his sleeve, and a deep passageway was instantly torn open in the starry sky.

“Little Junior Brother, 10 years of time is far from sufficient to deal with the Divine Black Lich Venom. Even though that Miss Zhen has the Five Saint Treasures of the Buddhist Sect protecting her, it’s only a temporary measure.” Wu Xuechan withdrew a violet piece of bamboo that glistened like jade, and he passed it to Chen Xi. “Take this and head to Arambha Temple on Logia Mountain in South Sea Region. When you’re there, pass this to the Temple Master, and the Temple Master will naturally tell you how to deal with the Divine Black Lich Venom.”[1]

Wu Xuechan paused for a moment before he said with a smile, “If nothing unexpected happens, I’ll head to South Sea Region to look for you once I’m done.”

“Eldest Senior Brother….” Chen Xi had never imagined that he would have to be separated from his Eldest Senior Brother after they’d just been reunited, and he felt slightly unwilling in his heart.

Moreover, he’d never expected that even though he’d merely casually mentioned Zhen Liuqing’s situation on the way here, his Eldest Senior Brother had already taken notice of it.

“Go on.” Wu Xuechan smiled, and then he said to Empress Yu Che, “I’ll be entrusting him to you.”

Empress Yu Che nodded.

1. Arambha means beginning in Sanskrit.

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