Chapter 1722 – He Has Arrived

In an instant, Empress Yu Che’s heart sank to rock bottom.

If it was merely the Sage Portrait or merely just the 24 Divine Boundary Pearls, then she was confident that she would be able to take Chen Xi away with her by fighting desperately.

But when both of these Natural Spirit Treasures that possessed unfathomable might appeared at the same time and were utilized by Imperial Monarch Chong Dou, it caused her to feel helpless.

It was impossible even if she fought with her life on the line!

This was the reality of the situation, and she had no choice but to admit it.

Om! Om!

The Divine Boundary Pearls droned as they emanated sky blue waves of divine radiance, and they resided ahead and completely blocked off Empress Yu Che and Chen Xi’s paths of escape.

Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s entire body was covered in arcs of lightning, causing him to reveal an imposing aura of supremacy, and a wisp of a smile of success hung on the corners of his mouth.

“The Sage World combined with the 24 Divine Boundary Pearls. Can any Imperial Monarch in the Ancient God Domain break through such a defense?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou looked at Empress Yu Che, and then he said indifferently, “Yu Che, I’ll give you one last chance. Move aside obediently and hand this kid, Chen Xi, over to be dealt with by me.”

Every single word he spoke carried extremely oppressive force.

All the great figures in the distance were completely at ease when they saw this. The unexpected event from before had been turned around, and the dust was finally about to settle now. So, they became excited once more in their hearts.

“Hand him over here!”

“Chen Xi, hurry up and kneel!”

“If you still have any conscience, then don’t make things difficult for Empress Yu Che. Obediently turn yourself over, kneel down, and atone for your crimes!”

All the great figures from the top-rate powers in the Imperial Region shouted loudly with grim voices. They weren’t afraid of Empress Yu Che’s identity, and there were merely afraid of her cultivation.

After all, with their current statuses, they didn’t even have to show respect when they encountered ordinary Imperial Monarchs.

Coupled with the fact that Empress Yu Che was driven into a corner now and was completely suppressed by Imperial Monarch Chong Dou, it caused all of them to stop worrying that she would dare to continue acting violently.

Empress Yu Che’s face sank when she heard these shouts, and she said coldly, “If all of you dare to continue mouthing off, then I’ll take your worthless lives even if I have to put my life on the line!”

A single word that was spoken in a murderous and resolute tone caused the expressions of all those great figures to freeze, and they were furious in their hearts, yet none of them dared to say another word.

However, the gazes they shot at Empress Yu Che and Chen Xi carried a wisp of disdain and coldness. It’s already at a time like this, yet she still refuses to give up. How pitiable!

On the other hand, Le Wuhen and the others were utterly dejected. They were of the lowest seniority amongst all the people present here, and they were utterly unable to even talk during this situation, let alone help Chen Xi.

Not to mention that even Empress Yu Che had been obstructed, so could anyone in this world save Chen Xi?

“Senior….” Chen Xi who’d been constantly watching all of this in silence had taken a deep breath and intended to say something.

However, he was interrupted by Empress Yu Che. “Listen to me.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was both moved and furious in his heart. The emotions he experienced were extremely complicated.

A great figure at the Imperial Monarch Realm had actually been reduced to such a state for the sake of saving him, so how could Chen Xi not be moved?

But he felt even more rage and hatred!

He hated those old fellows for going too far, and he hated himself for being powerless to deal with all of this and could only be at the mercy of others!

He recalled the scenes from before. First, Di Yunqiu attacked with the intention of forcefully searching his soul, then Gongye Nanli attacked with the intention of crushing him on the spot….

In the end, Imperial Monarch Chong Dou acted in an even more overbearing manner. He wanted to command and force Chen Xi to kneel down and take his own life. This was simply arrogant and bullying to the extreme!

If I’m able to survive this calamity, then I’ll definitely make all of you have a taste of your own medicine in the future! I definitely will!! Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent while hatred surged endlessly in his heart, and this wasn’t the first time that such a thought had arisen in his heart.

“Yu Che, they’ll be here soon, and you’re bound to be unable to escape then. If you still continue to refuse to give in, then the situation will only become even more disadvantageous for you.” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou spoke slowly in a composed and haughty manner.

Even though he spoke like this, he didn’t dare to be too oppressive towards Empress Yu Che. Because if she fought desperately with her life on the line, then the consequences weren’t something he was willing to experience.

“What if I fight with my life on the line?” Empress Yu Che seemed to have seen through Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s thoughts, and she spoke coldly.

“Fight with your life on the line?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s expression was indifferent as he said, “Even if you do fight with your life on the line, can you guarantee that you’ll be able to break through the defenses of the Sage World and the 24 Divine Boundary Pearls? Can you guarantee that you’ll be able to take that little bastard away successfully?”

Every single question was spoken in a overbearing manner, and it even carried a ridiculing tone. He seemed to be ridiculing Empress Yu Che for overestimating her ability.

Empress Yu Che fell into silence.

When the great figures in the distance saw this, the cold smiles on their faces grew deeper, and an indescribable sense of accomplishment arose in their hearts when they saw an Imperial Monarch being pressured to such a state.

“Chen Xi, hurry up and kneel!” Gongye Nanli was unable to restrain himself any longer, and he shouted loudly. He didn’t believe that Empress Yu Che would dare to get distracted and deal with him while amidst such a situation.

Bastard! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while the depths of his eyes were filled with ghastly killing intent.

Imperial Monarch Chong Dou and Empress Yu Che were in confrontation.

Chen Xi puckered his lips and kept silent.

All the great figures in the distance were smiling coldly.

Gongye Nanli shouted loudly with the intention of forcing Chen Xi to kneel down and atone for his ‘crimes’.

Le Wuhen and the others had livid expressions while they felt utterly dejected in their hearts.

At this instant, the atmosphere seemed to be so deathly silent, and it was practically suffocating.

After a short moment, Empress Yu Che seemed to have made some sort of decision. She suddenly raised her head while her clear eyes were filled with a resolute expression.

Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s face sank, and he said coldly, “What? You intend to make a futile effort under such circumstances? To tell you the truth, the people that’re about to arrive are the Sovereign Sect’s….”


Before he could finish speaking, a wave of violent fluctuation suddenly arose from above the Sage World, and it swept out like a ripple.

Hmm? Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s voice stopped abruptly, and a wisp of bewilderment suffused his eyes.

Everyone else in the surroundings was stunned. Exactly who’s so audacious to act like this at such a critical moment? Does that person not even recognize the Sage World formed from the Luo Clan’s Sage Portrait?


Before they could recover from their shock, the Sage World trembled violently once more. It rumbled like a thunderclap and swept through the heavens and the earth, causing the hearts of everyone to jerk while the vital blood within their bodies roiled.

Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s face turned gloomy. Have those fellows from the Sovereign Sect arrived? But why would they act in such a way?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right at this moment, the rumbling resounded densely like a storm, and it swept towards the surroundings.

The entire Sage World that covered an area of 500,000km trembled violently, and it emanated a miserable droning sound as if it was unable to endure such a burden.

Shit! Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s expression finally changed completely. Only now did he realize that this person’s strength wasn’t as simple as he’d imagined.


However, right when he intended to take action, a deafening explosion resounded abruptly. Under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the entire Sage World seemed like shattered glass as it transformed into powder that dispersed into the surroundings.

“Retreat! Quickly!” The energy that dispersed out was too terrifying. It crushed space and all things into powder, causing the others to instinctively start dodging successively.

Even Empress Yu Che’s pupils constricted slightly, and she brought Chen Xi along to avoid the brunt of this force.

“Who exactly is it!? How audacious of you!” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s voice was low and carried a strand of anger. He suddenly flicked his sleeve, and the 24 Divine Boundary Pearls transformed into a straight ray of light that smashed down towards the distance.

However, the scene that occurred next caused everyone to be stunned silent.

The string of Divine Boundary Pearls were actually lightly flicked back by a broad and slender hand, and they droned as they were blasted flying back to Imperial Monarch Chong Dou.

That casual way of flicking them back was like casually flicking a fly away. However, that wasn’t a fly, and it was the ultimate treasure of the Imperial Region’s Luo Clan. It was a supreme Natural Spirit Treasure capable of restraining a world and the energy within it!

Now, it had even been utilized with rage by Imperial Monarch Chong Dou, so its was obvious how terrifying its might was. However, it was actually easily flicked away by that hand!

At this instant, Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s heart shook fiercely, and his expression became solemn.

Right amidst this expanse of deathly silence, a figure strode through space and approached.

He had a tall figure, snow white hair that hung loosely on his shoulders, an ordinary and clear face, and a pair of eyes that seemed to contain countless stars flickering, surging, and seething within them. It was like they reflected the passage of time in the universe, and it was the grand scene of the cycle of life and death for all things.

At merely the instant they met this person’s gaze, their souls trembled with fear, and it seemed like all the secrets they possessed had been completely exposed.

This caused them to be unable to help but feel astounded. Exactly what sort of cultivation does he possess to be capable of accomplishing this?

Eldest Senior Brother! Chen Xi’s heart shook fiercely when he saw this figure. Never had he imagined that his Eldest Senior Brother would actually float down at this moment!

The Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord! Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes flowed with extraordinary splendor. They were extremely bright and faintly revealed a wisp of pleasant surprise, and there was even a sense of relief within them.

Wu Xuechan! Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s face instantly turned extremely grimly. He’d similarly felt slight disbelief and wondered why he’d encountered Oracle Mountain’s eldest disciple here.

Amongst all the great figures present in the surroundings, merely a small group of people had discerned Wu Xuechan’s identity, and their figures couldn’t help but stiffen while they revealed dumbstruck expressions.

As for those that didn’t recognize Wu Xuechan, they were able to rely on the imposing aura Wu Xuechan emanated and the reactions of everyone in the surroundings to instantly realize that Wu Xuechan was definitely extraordinary!

“Why is you that arrived here?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice.

“Because the Fellow Daoists from the Sovereign Sect are unable to come here any longer. So, only I’ve come.” Wu Xuechan smiled and spoke in a flat tone.

However, the information revealed from his words caused Imperial Monarch Chong Dou to be completely stunned. His pupils couldn’t help but constrict while his body stiffened on the spot, and tempestuous waves had arisen in his heart.

Even until this very moment, all the great figures in the surroundings were only able to faintly guess that the forces of the Sovereign Sect were coming to deal with Empress Yu Che as well.

As for who exactly from the Sovereign Sect was coming, they didn’t know the answer to that. However, they were sure that since the objective was to deal with Empress Yu Che, these forces would possess a cultivation at the Imperial Monarch Realm at least, right?

However, at this moment, Wu Xuechan who’d arrived abruptly had actually said that those members of the Sovereign Sect were unable to come here any longer. Didn’t this mean that they’d suffered calamity?

When they thought up to here, their hearts shook without end and were unable to calm down for a long time.

“But… why has a member of Oracle Mountain like you come here? Everything here doesn’t seem to be related to your Oracle Mountain, right?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s expression was gloomy as he spoke word by word.

“My Little Junior Brother has already been bullied to such an extent, yet you actually say it isn’t related to me, Wu Xuechan?!” Wu Xuechan’s expression instantly turned cold and indifferent. As his eyes blinked, it seemed like a universe was circulating within them, and his entire body surged with a strand of vast and powerful imposing aura that shook the sky to the point it fell into disorder while all things wailed.

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