Chapter 1721 – Divine Boundary Pearls

All of them felt suffocated and astounded.

If Empress Yu Che was said to be a peerless sword that was hidden within its sheathe, then at this moment, this sword had left its sheathe to reveal its peerless edge, and she was like an imperial monarch that intended to slaughter the world!

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

The heavens and the earth wailed while a peerlessly murderous aura swept out from Empress Yu Che, causing space to fell into disorder while the Grand Dao in the heavens and the earth collapsed.

This was similarly the imposing aura possessed by an Imperial Monarch. With a single thought, the world could be changed while all things could be utilized. Their divine might was immeasurable.

“It’s impossible for you to leave.” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s light sigh resounded through the heavens and the earth. In an instant, a rain of light flowed through the Sage Portrait, and then the sound of chanting resounded while a myriad of mysterious and ancient characters sprayed out from within it.

Every single ancient character transformed into the figure of a sage.

There were a myriad of ancient characters, and they transformed into the figures of a myriad of sages. They stood solemnly in the surroundings while chanting the supreme tune of the Dao, and it shook the soul as it resounded through the world.

In an instant, all of this transformed into a barrier that completely sealed off an area of 500,000km in the surroundings, causing it to be impossible for one to flee.

All the others in the surroundings felt a wave of terror in their hearts. They acutely noticed that they’d actually lost all ability to sense the heavens and the earth. It was like they resided in a cage that was isolated from the world, and they were banished by the Heaven Dao!

“The Sage World?” A wisp of a cold and fierce expression suffused Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes, and there was even a trace of a solemn expression there. “You’re really willing to pay such a huge price in order to kill a junior.”

“No, while killing this kid is a must, but most importantly….” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou said indifferently, “It’s to trap you here!”


The swords in Empress Yu Che’s palms howled and emanated peerless Sword Insight. They seemed to be unable to restrain their desire to drink blood.

“You still refuse to give up? You ought to be clearly aware that the Sage World is utterly not something that you can break out from. In the entire Ancient God Domain, merely a few people in the Imperial Monarch Realm are capable of breaking through this barrier. But you, Yu Che, are not included amongst them.” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s gaze swept over coldly towards Empress Yu Che. “Give up. Your opponent is the Sovereign Sect. I don’t want to be swept into the enmity between the you and the Sovereign Sect.”

Every single word he spoke rumbled like the Grand Dao, and it shook the soul!

Empress Yu Che fell into silence.

No one knew what she was thinking.

However, this sort of silence had become a form of compromise and concession in the eyes of the others. Just as Imperial Monarch Chong Dou had said, they felt that she was definitely tacitly admitting that she was unable to break through the Sage World!

This caused many great figures from the various large powers to heave sighs of relief, and they revealed a wisp of a cold smile once more.

Earlier, when Empress Yu Che arrived, they were worried that an unexpected change in the situation would occur. However, when they witnessed the precautions Imperial Monarch Chong Dou had prepared, they were instantly filled with confidence once more.

Yes. In their opinions, it wasn’t just Chen Xi who would be unable to escape calamity under such circumstances, even Empress Yu Che was in a precarious situation!

On the other hand, when Le Wuhen and the others witnessed such a change of events, their hearts instantly hit rock bottom, and they felt as if they’d lost their souls. Never had they imagined that even the arrival of Empress Yu Che would actually be unable to turn the situation around.

All of this was caused by Imperial Monarch Chong Dou!

Obviously, for the sake of killing Chen Xi and taking revenge for his clansman, Luo Shaonong, he wouldn’t hesitate to pay any price and had set up so many precautions!

“Yu Che, if my Gongye Clan hadn’t let you off all those years ago, you would have probably been annihilated by the Sovereign Sect a long time ago. How could you possibly have survived until now and became the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region?” Gongye Nanli gritted his teeth and spoke resentfully. “It would be fine if you stayed quietly at Snow Ink Region for your entire lifetime. But it just so happened that you still refuse to realize your errors, and you utilized this kid to harm a direct line descendant of my Gongye Clan, Gongye Zhefu! Your crimes are simply unforgiveable!”

“This time, let me see how you’ll be able to escape!” His voice didn’t just contain resentment, there was even a form of complacency.

Empress Yu Che glanced coldly at him. “I never expected that such a shameless person like you actually exists in this world. The day will come when I’ll kill my way into the Gongye Clan, and I’ll allow all of you to experience the pain of losing your friends and loved ones!”

“You….” Gongye Nanli was furious. Never had he imagined that Empress Yu Che would still act so arrogantly under such circumstances.


Empress Yu Che on the other hand couldn’t be bothered to listen to his nonsense. She casually slashed with her sword, and Sword Insight shot out like a bolt of lightning that silently shot through space and assaulted Gongye Nanli.

Gongye Nanli was instantly astounded. It terrified him to the point his entire body shivered, and his soul almost left his body.

When an Imperial Monarch attacked, their imposing aura would envelop the surroundings, and it pressed down upon Gongye Nanli to the point it was as if he’d been restrained. Even if he commanded great authority and might amongst Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, he was still weak like an ant before an Imperial Monarch.

“Hmph!” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou grunted coldly. The space in this expanse of the heavens and the earth suddenly collapsed, and it instantly obliterated the wisp of sword qi that Empress Yu Che executed.


However, before all of this could settle down, Empress Yu Che suddenly tore through space with Chen Xi by her side, and she transformed into a wisp of flowing light that charged swiftly towards the distance.


Space exploded into pieces while all things were thrown into disorder. At this moment, Empress Yu Che had utilized her entire strength, causing this expanse of the heavens and the earth to tremble as soon as she made a move.

Obviously, her attack against Gongye Nanli just now was just cover, and her true objective was to seize this opportunity to leave with Chen Xi!



Chaos filled the surroundings. The great figures that stood in Empress Yu Che’s path exclaimed with shock and dodged endlessly with astonishment. They didn’t dare to bear the brunt of her force.

“Yu Che, I’ve given you a chance. Unfortunately, you refuse to realize your errors!” Along with Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s indifferent voice that carried matchless killing intent, the images of numerous sages soared into the sky while emanating boundless divine might and chanting profound truths. They formed a terrifying force that smashed down upon Empress Yu Che.

“A chance? Keep it for yourself!” Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes were completely chilly.

Clang! Clang!

With a raise of her hand, the Skyruin Sword and Avīci Hellsword soared successively into the sky.


The might of the Sage World collided with the pair of swords, and it created a terrifying torrent of energy that swept towards the surroundings. Everywhere it passed, everything in the heavens and the earth suddenly collapsed into powder, and the world was thrown into disorder.

If this expanse of the heavens and the earth was said to be a piece of drawing paper, then this drawing paper had been completely crushed into pieces at this moment, and it seemed to be extremely astounding.

This was the might of a collision between Imperial Monarchs.

If the Sage Portrait hadn’t enveloped the surroundings and blocked most of the energy that swept out, then merely this collision alone would have been sufficient to spread to Phoenix Perch City and cause a calamity!

In next to no time, Empress Yu Che had arrived before the barrier.


The swords intersected to form a cross, and they carried the terrifying might of an Imperial Monarch as they slashed forcefully onto the barrier.

She’d utilized her full strength because she didn’t dare to delay at all. She knew that the situation they were in would constantly deteriorate if they were unable to leave in time.

However, to her shock, her full forced strike seemed like a clay ox that fell into an ocean. The Sage World merely revealed a wave of violent trembling before it recovered to its previous state.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without any hesitation, she attacked once more. In an instant, she executed a myriad of sword lights that whistled through the air like divine rivers, and the impetus they revealed was astonishing to the extreme.

However, right at this moment, the images of numerous sages appeared, and they stood in the path of all of her attacks.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Even if the images were obliterated one after the other, they seemed as if there was no end to them, and they ceaselessly surged into appearance.

This caused the expression in Empress Yu Che’s eyes to grow even more solemn and faintly carry a wisp of anxiousness. She’d never imagined that the Sage Portrait passed down by the ancestors of the Luo Clan would actually be so difficult to deal with.

She attacked once more.

Divine flames blazes throughout her body and shot into the sky while her boundless imposing aura grew even more monstrous. It vividly displayed the strength possessed by an Imperial Monarch.


Finally, the Sage World shook violently and faintly showed signs of collapsing.

However, before Empress Yu Che could make another move, Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s figure appeared out of thin air while the Sage Portrait floated in his palm, and then a rain of light flowed out from it and completely dispersed Empress Yu Che’s attacks.

“Why stubbornly make a futile effort? You’re bound to be unable to escape with me here.” At this moment, Imperial Monarch was like a mountain that was impossible to move, and he relied on the Sage Portrait in his hand to fight Empress Yu Che equally.

Empress Yu Che remained silent, and she attacked with her swords in hand.

However, in the end, even if she relied on the might of the Skyruin Sword and Avīci Hellsword, she was merely able to fight Imperial Monarch Chong Dou equally, and both of them were unable to harm each other.

But Empress Yu Che was clearly aware that even though it seemed to be an equally matched battle, if they continued staying in such a stalemate, then it would become even more disadvantageous for Chen Xi and her!


Suddenly, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed through her clear eyes, and then she opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence. It was unknown what secret technique she’d executed, but her imposing aura had risen explosively.


She actually forcefully blasted Imperial Monarch Chong Dou flying with a single strike of the sword!

“You actually didn’t hesitate to harm your foundation just for this little bastard!?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou was shocked and infuriated. He seemed to have never imagined that Empress Yu Che would act so madly.

Empress Yu Che remained silent, and she seized this opportunity. Her red dress fluttered while her entire body glowed brilliantly, and the sword in her hand intersected before she slashed them down while with unstoppable and terrifying force.

Its might was so terrifying that it could shake the world!

At this moment, all the great figures in the distance were astounded while they felt as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice. They almost knelt on the ground as they’d been terrified by Empress Yu Che’s imposing aura.

This was a desperate move from an Imperial Monarch, so how could it be ordinary?


In the next moment, a world shaking rumble resounded, and it truly seemed like a universe had been blasted apart. This expanse of the heavens and the earth was thrown into extreme disorder, and it transformed into a chaotic expanse that was without any order.

It was even to the extent that those with comparatively inferior strengths in the surroundings were shaken to the point of bleeding from all seven apertures, and their countenances instantly turned ghastly pale while terror filled their hearts.

“24 Divine Boundary Pearls! I never expected that you, Luo Chong, would really be so scheming and actually bring the ultimate treasure of your Luo Clan here!” Suddenly, Empress Yu Che’s voice that was filled with anger resounded from amidst the surging light, and she seemed to be surprised and furious.

Meanwhile, many others were able to notice that the Sage World hadn’t been broken apart, and the reason was that 24 resplendent, completely round, and translucent pearls were revolving in the air there.

These pearls were only the size of an infant’s fist and flowed with divine radiance that seemed like dark blue waves. They were suffused with the aura of the Dao and Divine Chains of Order stretched out from them. When these 24 pearls were interlinked with each other, they seemed like iron chains that surrounded a river, and they actually caused others to feel tiny before them and feel as if it was impossible to shake them.

This was the ultimate treasure of the Luo Clan, the 24 Divine Boundary Pearls. Once they were utilized, they could confine the boundaries of a world, lock down the energy there, and remain indestructible!

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