Chapter 1720 – Severing An Arm With A Single Strike

At this moment, as they watched Chen Xi being restrained like a prisoner by the invisible force field and being dragged over towards then, a wisp of a cold smile appeared on the livid faces of Gongye Nanli and the others.

Moreover, they had a feeling of delight from being able to vent their hatred soon.

A little fellow that came out of nowhere had caused them to be in such an embarrassing state just now and make a fool of themselves in public. They truly felt that Chen Xi was truly damnable and running wild.

So what if your combat strength is heaven defying?

So what if you possess the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar?

At this moment, aren’t you still being crushed like an ant?


Truly delightful!

As they watched Chen Xi’s figure come closer and closer, a wisp of delight surged from the hearts of all the great figures.

They were laughing coldly, and it seemed to be extremely ghastly. It was like they were watching prey come right to them and be slaughtered at their will.

“No! No!! Chen Xi! Flee! Quickly!” The faces Le Wuhen and the others were covered in anxiety and extreme worry. They shouted endlessly in their hearts while their bodies had even frozen on the spot, and it was even to the extent that they couldn’t bear to watch.

Yet this was the might of just two words that Imperial Monarch Chong Dou spoke!

After he said ‘come here’, he said ‘kneel down and take your own life’!

Everyone clearly remembered these words, so none of them made any rash movements at this moment. They were waiting, waiting to watch Chen Xi kneel down himself and take his own life!

When they thought up to here, many great figures felt a wave of excitement in their hearts. Was there anything better at venting one’s anger than watching a young man with heaven defying combat strength, extraordinary natural talent, and the ability to reign supreme amongst Spirit God Exalts kneeling before one’s self before taking his own life in order to atone for his crimes?




He was close.

Even closer.

As they watched Chen Xi fly uncontrollably like a prisoner and be on the verge of arriving on the shores of the ocean, all of them were excited to the extreme while the cold smiles on their faces deepened.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s expression seemed to be unexpectedly indifferent at this moment. Only his eyes burned with a wisp of killing intent and resolution that seethed to the extreme.

The aggrievance and flames of rage in his heart caused him to be overwhelmed with rage. So, even if he was unable to control his body at this moment, he would absolutely not kneel down!

Not to mention taking his own life before these old bastards!

Even if he could only suffer calamity in the end, he would utilize all of his final trump cards and disregard everything in order to annihilate this group of old bastards!

“Luo Clan, Gongye Clan, Yue Clan, Jin Clan, Kunwu Clan, Pei Clan…. I, Chen Xi, will remember this. If I’m able to survive this calamity, then I’ll definitely make all of you have a taste of your own medicine!” Chen Xi swept his gaze past the faces of all those great figures in the surroundings as he decided in his heart.


A strand of enormous force assaulted him and tossed Chen Xi’s figure onto the shores of the ocean before it intended to press him down to a kneel.

However, right at this instant, Chen Xi somehow summoned the strength to forcefully resist this pressure, and his backbone remained ramrod straight while he didn’t kneel.

However, has expression had started to warp while his entire body trembled. He seemed to be enduring a form of extremely painful pressure and torture.

He gazed towards the center of the shores of the ocean, and he looked at that figure who stood proudly like an emperor on the azure dragon’s head while a wisp of a chilly arc arose on the corners of his mouth. “Luo Chong! I’ll remember this!”

“Kneel!” Someone couldn’t restrain himself from berating in a grim voice.

“Kneel!” The other great figures spoke successively with voices that resounded like thunder, and their voices revealed indifference, coldness, disdain, and a form of delight and complacency.

For a time, the word ‘kneel’ resounded through this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and the atmosphere in the surroundings seemed to be even more murderous and deathly.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was completely isolated and helpless while surrounded by enemies. He seemed to be tiny and pitiable.

“These damnable old bastards!” Le Wuhen and the others gnashed their teeth with hatred to the point their teeth almost shattered into pieces, and their eyes were on the verge of splitting apart from rage. They’re going too far! They obviously intend to humiliate and torture Chen Xi to death!

Le Wuhen and the others intended to charge out on more than one occasion. However, no matter how they tried, they were forcefully stopped by the seniors of their respective clans, and they could only watch helplessly as all of this occurred, causing them to feel unprecedentedly tormented in their hearts.

“Kneel!” When he saw Chen Xi still didn’t kneel after so long, Gongye Nanli was unable to restrain the resentment in his heart, and he slapped his palm forcefully towards Chen Xi, causing a strong gale to arise while space was crushed into powder.

At this moment, Gongye Nanli had recovered his cultivation in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. As soon as he attacked, the might he revealed was naturally different from before. Not to mention that Chen Xi was currently restrained to the point of being unable to move, even if Chen Xi had recovered his freedom, he would be utterly unable to resist this attack without utilizing his full strength.

At this instant, Le Wuhen and the others felt suffocated. They couldn’t help but close their eyes, and they couldn’t bear to watch Chen Xi kneel.

At this instant, all the great figures couldn’t restrain themselves from laughing.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s eyes that were like two abysses of darkness were filled with a wisp of blood red color.

Time seemed to have stopped at this instant.


It was precisely at this instant that a strand of clear and glistening sword qi appeared out of thin air, and it was so sudden and so swift.


Gongye Nanli didn’t even have the time to react before his right arm was severed!

At practically the exact same moment, a wisp of a slender and graceful figure in a red dress appeared abruptly before Chen Xi. With a light flick of her fair hand, the force from Gongye Nanli’s strike was dispersed without a single sound.

All of this was completed in an instant.

Everyone was smiling coldly, Chen Xi’s eyes were blood red, a strand of sword qi appeared along with a figure in a red dress…. All of these were completely different, yet they occurred at the exact same moment.

After that, a severed arm shot into the sky while blood sprayed down like a waterfall. Gongye Nanli let out a howl of pain that shook the heavens, and he seemed like a ferocious beast that had suddenly been injured.


“What happened?”

“Who’s that woman?”

“Gongye Nanli actually had his arm severed in an instant. How… could this be possible?”

The spectators in the surroundings were in an uproar, and they were extremely shocked.

Everyone was astounded and became vigilant because never had they imagined that such a scene would actually occur at such a moment.

Le Wuhen and the others were stunned, and they couldn’t help but open their eyes. They noticed to their shock that a fiery red figure was suddenly standing before Chen Xi.

Her entire body seethed with hazy divine radiance while her figure was slender and graceful. She wore a fiery red robe with phoenixes embroidered on it, wore a crown styled in the form of a phoenix’s tails, and a piece of red gauze covered her face, causing only a pair of eyes that were clear like stars to be exposed.

Even though she merely stood there silently, her imposing aura felt like that of an exalt amongst emperors that had descended to the world. She emanated an imposing and suffocating aura that assaulted the face, and it felt as if she could control the fate of all beings.

An Imperial Monarch!

In an instant, it wasn’t just Le Wuhen and the others who were shocked, the pupils of all the other great figures constricted as well because they’d discerned the cultivation possessed by this person.

Chen Xi was stunned as well. The blood red in his eyes swiftly faded away, and he recovered his composure.

Earlier, he intended to utilize the Godslaughter Burst technique and fight desperately with the intention of taking those great figures down with him.

However, it was very obvious that he didn’t have to do that any longer because Empress Yu Che had arrived!

Yes, this woman in a fiery red dress that stood before him was the Region Lord of Snow Ink Region, Empress Yu Che.

A formidable existence that had attained the Imperial Monarch Realm in cultivation!

“Yu Che! It’s actually you!” Gongye Nanli roared furiously while a livid and gloomy expression, and he stared fixedly at Empress Yu Che while his eyes simply seemed to be on the verge of spouting flames.

“Why can’t it be me?” Empress Yu Che spoke with a clear, pleasant, and indifferent voice, yet it revealed a strand of supreme might.

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings shook fiercely. They finally understood the identity of this woman, but they were puzzled about why this woman dared to act in this way.

What sort of relationship does she have with Chen Xi?

After all, most of the people present here were great figures from the top-rate powers of the Imperial Region.

Could it be that she intends to go against all of these great powers? Where did she get the courage to act in this way?

“I understand now. Was it you that asked this kid to kill Zhefu!?” Gongye Nanli seemed to have recalled some matters of the past, and his expression grew even more livid while he spoke with fury.

“I didn’t come here this time to get even with you, Gongye Nanli, and if I did, then I would look for the entire Gongye Clan.” Empress Yu Che glanced at Gongye Nanli before she looked at Chen Xi, and then she said in a light voice, “Let’s go.”

As she spoke, she actually paid no attention to any of the other great figures in the surroundings. With a flick of her sleeve, a passageway was torn open in space, and she intended to leave with Chen Xi. The arrogant spirit she revealed unintentionally caused the hearts of many in the surroundings to shake without end.

“Yu Che, do you think you can just leave right under my nose?” Suddenly, an indifferent voice resounded. Along with this voice, that passageway suddenly collapsed and vanished completely.

It was naturally Imperial Monarch Chong Dou who stood with his hands behind his back in midair that had spoken these words. At this moment, it seemed like the sun and moon were floating within his eyes, and they were suffused with divine radiance as they swept over coldly.

“Hmph! I really want to see exactly what sort of ability you, Luo Chong, possess to stop me.” Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes narrowed while a wisp of coldness flashed through them.

Even though these two Imperial Monarchs were speaking with each other, as their voices sounded out, the atmosphere in this expanse of the heavens and the earth suddenly turned oppressive. Space and all things in the surroundings had fallen into a frozen state, and it was suffocating and terrifying.

At this moment, no one dared to speak.

Because this expanse of the heavens and the earth had already been enveloped and fallen into the control of the imposing auras possessed by two Imperial Monarchs!

“I heard you subdued the Avīci Hellsword some time ago. Perhaps that’s your greatest reliance? Unfortunately, if it was in the past, then I might fear your slightly. But if it’s today, then even if you’re able to fuse the Avīci Hellsword and Skyruin Sword into one, it would still be in vain. See what I have here?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou spoke indifferently as he looked down in a superior manner at Empress Yu Che who stood on the shores of the ocean, and then he flipped his palm.


A wave of strange fluctuation arose, and then a brilliant beast skin suddenly floated up into appearance in Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s palm. This beast skin revealed the grand and divine scene of all beings kowtowing while sages read scriptures.

The Sage Portrait!

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted. He hadn’t imagined that this treasure that fled with Luo Shaonong’s corpse would actually appear in Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s hands now.

“The Sage Portrait is an extraordinary treasure indeed. But even with it by your side, you alone are unable to make me stay.” Empress Yu Che remained composed as she spoke indifferently.

“I’m naturally clearly aware of that. However, who told you that I came alone this time?” Imperial Monarch Chong Dou spoke slowly while arcs of lightning flowed throughout his body, and he seemed arrogant and mighty as if everything was within his control.


The hearts of everyone in the surroundings shook when they heard this. Could it be that there are other Imperial Monarchs in the vicinity?

Empress Yu Che’s clear eyes narrowed, and she seemed to be sensing something. After a short moment, she said, “They still haven’t arrived, right?”

Luo Chong seemed to be very frank. “Yes, but it won’t be long.”

Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, Empress Yu Che pressed her hands forward in space, and then two divine swords floated up into appearance. The Avīci Hellsword entered her left hand while the Skyruin Sword entered her right.

In an instant, his imposing aura suddenly became murderous. It shook the sky as it shot into the nine heavens, and it threw the stars into disorder!

“Then feel free to give it a try and see if I’m able to leave before that!”

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