Chapter 1719 – Imminent Danger

When they saw the flawless, sacred, and grand wheel of light rise behind Chen Xi, and when they saw the divine altar that floated within the wheel of light. Everyone in the surroundings was shocked, and they exclaimed involuntarily with surprise.

The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!

This was an extreme realm of legend. It was supreme, flawless, and reigned supreme and peerless above all Spirit God Exalts. In a myriad of years and a myriad of Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, it might even be impossible for a single Ultimate Divine Dao Altar to be born!

It was precisely because it was too rare that it had become a seemingly imaginary legend. Cultivators that were slightly young had even not heard of such a legend.

However, those great figures on the shores of the ocean were different, and they were clearly aware that this wasn’t an imaginary legend but a fact!

Because there was a known Spirit God Exalt in the Imperial Region that had attained this supreme state, and it was Yea Chen who was ranked at the 1st position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

He was a legendary young man that came from the Dao Institute in the Imperial Region, and he was renowned for being innately gifted!

No one was sure if another Domain Enlightened Spirit God had attained the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar before Yea Chen had.

Yet now, when they saw these grand phenomena that appeared from Chen Xi, all of them firmly believed that a second young man like Yea Chen really did exist in this world!

Now, all of them finally understood why Chen Xi’s combat strength was so heaven defying. He possessed a cultivation at the first level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and he’d attained the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar in his cultivation. How could this be something that other Spirit God Exalts could compare to?

At this moment, tempestuous waves were even surging within the hearts of Le Wuhen and the others. They’d known since a long time ago that Luo Shaonong and the others had been killed by Chen Xi, but even until now, they didn’t know that Chen Xi had actually condensed the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!

All of this took some time to describe, yet it was actually completed in an instant.

When Chen Xi utilized the might of the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar to execute a rain of sword qi that descended violently like a storm, the expressions of all the great figures in the surroundings changed successively while they felt extremely shocked in their hearts.



“We’re unable to go against him at this cultivation realm!”

They spoke with shock and fury, and they instinctively decided to retreat decisively and stop fighting Chen Xi head-on.

After all, this was the God Burial Ocean that suppressed one’s cultivation. Even if it was moments before this, they were still merely able to fight Chen Xi equally, let alone now?

Thus, retreating first had undoubtedly become the best choice.

“All of you want to leave? No way!” A myriad of strands of sword qi whistled down along with Chen Xi’s indifferent and murderous voice, and the sword qi sealed off their paths of retreat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, terrifying sounds of collision rose, fell, and surged through the heavens and the earth. Numerous divine artifacts were blasted flying and wailed through the air.

At practically the exact same moment, all of those great figures suffered calamity simultaneously. They either had their chests torn apart by strands of sword qi or were struck to the point of coughing up blood as they retreated. They were in a state of utter disorder, and they seemed to be in an extremely sorry state.

This was the might of the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!

If they hadn’t witnessed such terrifying and heaven defying combat strength with their own two eyes, then they would absolutely be unable to imagine that a Domain Enlightened Spirit God could actually possess such might.


Chen Xi tore through the sky and intended to seize this opportunity to slaughter some of these great figures. In any case, he’d already completely offended them, so if would be stupid for him to not annihilate them now.

However, right when he had just acted, a strand of indescribable terror suddenly surged from Chen Xi’s heart. It was like a blade pressing down on his back, and he sensed a lethal threat.

It was precisely at this moment that a low and indifferent voice resounded. “Little Bastard, you’re still thinking of committing murder? You’re courting death!”

This voice was filled with boundless dignity, and it was like an order issued by an emperor. Every single word carried a formidable aura that struck directly at the heart and shook the soul.

As it struck on Chen Xi’s eardrums, it actually shook him to the point the vital blood in his entire body roiled, and even his vital energy faintly showed signs of falling into disorder!

This was merely the might created by his voice alone!

This isn’t good! Chen Xi’s heart sank as he instinctively retreated explosively and flashed towards the depths of the God Burial Ocean.

He was clearly aware that it was definitely ‘Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’ who’d been silently residing at the center of the shores of the ocean up until now!

Moreover, the force that filled this voice allowed Chen Xi to clearly understand that if he encountered such a terrifying figure on the shores of the ocean, then he would probably not even have room to struggle and would definitely perish.

After fleeing for a few tens of thousands of kilometers through the ocean, the terror in Chen Xi’s heart had finally reduced slightly, and his enormous will swept out.

Sure enough, he noticed that the azure dragon that stood like a mountain on the shores of the ocean was roaring with its head held up high, and it let out a desolate and dignified dragon roar that shook the surroundings.

On the other hand, the figure that sat cross-legged at the top of the azure dragon’s head, was covered in strands of lightning, and seemed like an imperial monarch had suddenly stood up with his hands behind his back.

His gaze was like the sun and moon, and it was capable of illuminating the ages. Even though he stood there without moving, the imposing aura his entire body emanated caused an area of 500,000km in the surroundings to fall into a deathly silent and terrifying atmosphere. Space, light, ocean water, dust, airflow…. Everything was shivering and submitting before him.

The rage of an imperial monarch caused a myriad of corpses to be created and blood to flow.

Luo Chong was an imperial monarch amongst gods! He controlled the might of a myriad of Daos and possessed the might to turn the world upside down and command the world!

Existences beneath the Imperial Monarch Realm could only bow before him!

This was the imposing aura of a Imperial Monarch. Merely a single sentence was sufficient to scare Chen Xi back, and casually standing there was sufficient for him to instill terror in an area of 500,000km of his surroundings.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression was solemn to the extreme while his entire body was tense. Even though the God Burial Ocean suppressed one’s cultivation, it was unable to suppress the attacks of Imperial Monarch Chong Dou that came from the shores of the ocean.

Even if they were a few tens of thousands of kilometers apart, there wasn’t even a trace of the feeling of safety in Chen Xi’s heart.

Conversely, his heart was enveloped by the feeling of danger, and it was still palpitating with fear.

Gongye Nanli and all the other great figures seized this opportunity to return to the shores of the ocean in an embarrassing state. At this moment, they were looking at Chen Xi from afar with livid expressions, and the killing intent in their eyes was extremely terrifying.

Earlier, if Imperial Monarch Chong Dou hadn’t made a move, then they would have almost perished.

Now that they’d escaped, returned to the shores of the ocean, and recovered their cultivations, they naturally hated Chen Xi to the bone.

However, they were clearly aware that there was no need for them to make a move now. With Imperial Monarch Chong Dou here, there was no need for them to make a move, nor did they have the qualifications to do so.

On the other hand, in the opinions of Le Wuhen and the others, Imperial Monarch Chong Dou making a move was undoubtedly the worst scene they could hope to see, and it caused their hearts to rise to their throats.

If such a figure acted with full force against Chen Xi, then… how could he possibly survive?

At this moment, the surroundings were deathly silent. Many people revealed cold smiles while their expressions were filled with pity. It seemed like they were looking at someone who was about to die. So what if your natural talent in heaven defying? So what if you possess an Ultimate Divine Dao Altar? You’re just an ant before an Imperial Monarch!

“Come here.”

These were the first words that Imperial Monarch Chong Dou said to Chen Xi.

“Kneel down and take your own life.”

This was the second sentence.

“This Emperor will leave your corpse intact.”

This was the third sentence.

Actually, this was a complete sentence. However, Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s voice was filled with an indescribable force and imposing aura. Every single word he spoke was like the tune of the Dao of a sacred order, and it was extremely shocking to the soul instead, causing others to be unable to overlook the divine might contained within every single word.

After he finished speaking, this expanse of the heavens and the earth were suddenly filled with suffocating killing intent that pressures the soul.

It seemed like so long as Imperial Monarch Chong Dou became infuriated, then this expanse of the heavens and the earth would collapse into powder.

This caused the expressions of everyone in the surroundings to change, and only those great figures from the Imperial Region were still able to maintain their calm and composure.

There was no lack of Imperial Monarchs in their own clans, so they were already clearly aware of how monstrous the might of Imperial Monarchs was.

However, to Chen Xi who stood a few tens of thousands of kilometers away above the God burial Ocean, he felt a completely different form of pressure at this moment.

After Imperial Monarch Chong Dou finished speaking, an invisible force assaulted him from ahead, and it pressed down on his body and heart, causing his blood to seem to be on the verge of freezing.

It was the first time Chen Xi had encountered such pressure. It was simply like a myriad of divine mountains had pressed down upon him, causing every single inch of the bones in his body to be on the verge of collapse while even the soul in his body trembled violently.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s countenance turned pale, and his face faintly showed signs of warping. He seemed as if he was resisting indescribably pain and pressure.


In the next moment, a strand of powerful suction force surged over. It seemed like a shapeless hand had grabbed ahold of Chen XI’s body and created an irresistible pulling force. It actually pulled him flying through the air, and he staggered uncontrollably towards the shores of the ocean!

This scene was simply inconceivable!

Imperial Monarch Chong Dou had clearly not attacked, but merely because he said the words ‘come here’, it actually seemed as if it possessed supreme power that controlled Chen Xi’s body and forcefully dragged him over!

It seemed like this expanse of the heavens and the earth had obeyed Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’s order, and it was rejecting Chen Xi and intended to ‘move’ Chen Xi to the shores of the ocean.

Such supreme ability was truly terrifying, and it shocked all the others on the shores of the ocean to the point their hearts shook without end.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, the situation before him at this moment could only be described as one where he was powerless and despaired.

He was unable to control his body, and no matter how he struggled, he was actually unable to struggle free of the shackles of that invisible force.

His Divine Dao Altar? His cultivation in the Sword Dao? His combat experience? All of it was unable to be of any effect at this moment!

No! Chen Xi roared furiously in his heart. The spirit, energy, and essence within his entire body burned like lava, and he practically struggled with all his strength.


The space in this area exploded into pieces, and it seemed like an invisible force was blasted apart.

“Hmm?” A low and indifferent voice resounded. It was merely a single word, yet it caused this expanse of space to stabilize once more!

At the same time, a force field that was even more terrifying than before completely restrained Chen Xi, and the tendons, bones, apertures, and universe within his body were covered by shackles, causing him to be unable to move at all!


In the next moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed uncontrollably, and it whistled through the air towards the shores of the ocean at an even swifter speed.




The distance was growing shorter and shorter, and it was even to the extent that Chen Xi could already clearly discern the sneers and killing intent on the faces of those great figures.

He was able to see that Le Wuhen and the others were anxious to the limit and extremely uneasy.

Similarly, he was able to see that figure that stood proudly like an emperor above the head of the azure dragon….

No! Chen Xi roared furiously in his heart while extreme aggrievance and despair swept throughout his body like burning lava. But in the end, it was in vain.

After all is said and done, his only mistake this time was underestimating the might possessed by an Imperial Monarch!

When facing such a terrifying existence, all cultivators at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm were really at such an existence’s mercy and were unable to turn the situation around.

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