Chapter 1718 – Attacking Successively

At this instant, Gongye Nanli’s expression finally changed, and he felt extremely aggrieved in his heart.

With his current status and strength, killing a Domain Enlightened Spirit God was simply as easy as squashing an ant, and even if he encountered a Spirit God Exalt, he wouldn’t take the Spirit God Exalt seriously at all.

Yet now, he just happened to be defeated in the hands of a young man while being watched by the gazes of everyone, and this was simply an extraordinary humiliation to him.

However, all of this wasn’t important at this moment. The true source of his aggrieved feelings was that a tiny thing he’d overlooked had caused his cultivation to be fully suppressed, and he’d completely lost his advantage as a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God?

If it was at any other ordinary time, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Because even if his cultivation had been suppressed while his opponent was a Spirit God Exalt ranked at the top 10 of the Domain Enlightened Chart, he would still be unafraid of the Spirit God Exalt and even be confident in his ability to defeat his opponent.

However, Chen Xi was obviously not someone the top 10 Spirit God Exalts could compare to. His combat strength was even more terrifying, and it could even be described as heaven defying!

Under such circumstances, he could only choose to flee the God Burial Ocean first.

But it was very obvious that Chen Xi didn’t intend to let him go.


Sword Insight surged like a tidal wave and emanated monstrous rumbling as it obstructed Gongye Nanli’s path.

Gongye Nanli practically instinctively utilized his full strength. He withdrew a sabre that was brilliant like silver snow, and it emanated a myriad of strands of divine radiance as he roared loudly and chopped down with it.

He intended to break through this expanse of monstrous sword qi!

He wanted to slash a passageway open!

However, in merely an instant, he was shocked and furious. Because his full forced strike was actually unable to shake that expanse of surging sword qi at all, and he’d been shaken to the point of moving backwards without end!

Exactly what sort of Sword Dao is this? Gongye Nanli was infuriated to the extreme, and his eyes almost split apart from rage. If he was able to recover his strength at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, then he would be able to destroy all obstruction with a wave of his hand.

But it just so happened that he was merely able to bring forth the full might of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God. Under such circumstances, how could he possibly be a match for Chen Xi?


In the next moment, Gongye Nanli was blasted back, and he had no choice but to dodge and completely lose any opportunity to flee to the shores of the ocean.

“Dammit!” His furious howl shook the heavens as he attacked Chen Xi with all his might. He was clearly aware that if he just dodged continuously, then he would be bound to lose any and all advantages he possessed.

“Everyone, what’re all of you still standing there and watching for? If we’re unable to crush this bastard this time, then we won’t have another chance once he flees into the depths of the God Burial Ocean!” At practically the exact same moment, Gongye Nanli sent a voice transmission to all the other great figures that stood on the shores of the ocean.


As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi had already charged over explosively towards him, and a single strike from Chen Xi almost caused the bones within his entire body to fall apart while his figure was blasted flying, causing him to not dare allow himself to get distracted again.

“What should we do?”

“Even if we enter the God Burial Ocean, our combat strengths will be suppressed as well, and it would be dangerous for us.”

“Could it be that we’re really going to just stand here doing nothing and wait for him to come to us? But I’m slightly unwilling to do just that.”

“If we attack together, then perhaps we would really have a chance at winning. We can give it a try.”

“That won’t do. Since that bastard was able to annihilate Luo Shaonong and the other six Spirit God Exalts in a single day, his combat strength has probably already arrived at the limits of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. If we suffer any mishaps after joining the battle, then everything would be too late.”

“Then what should we do? Could it be that we’re going to just watch helplessly as that little bastard acts overbearingly before us? If news of this were to spread, then the entire Ancient God Domain will probably laugh at us!”

At this moment, all the great figures from the Yue Clan, Jin Clan, Kunwu Clan, and Pei Clan were indeterminate.

The reason was that the God Burial Ocean would suppress their cultivations, and after they witnessed Chen Xi’s practically heaven defying combat strength, they had become slightly indeterminate and hesitant because they weren’t fully confident in their ability to annihilate Chen Xi.

This scene was extremely infuriating indeed. They’d set up such a vast array, yet they could only watch helplessly as they stood on the shores of the ocean, and they didn’t dare rashly step foot onto the God Burial Ocean. So, the aggrievance in their hearts was obvious.


Divine radiance erupted above the distant ocean while sword qi shot into the sky.

At this moment, Gongye Nanli had fallen completely into a disadvantaged situation, and he’d been completely suppressed by Chen Xi. He was struck to the point his clothes were tainted with blood, his hair hung loosely above his shoulders, and his face had warped. In the end, furious roars constantly resounded from him, and he seemed to be in an extremely sorry and pitiable state.

Such a scene horrified all the great figures on the shores of the ocean, and they simply didn’t dare believe their eyes.

Because his cultivation had been suppressed, a dignified great figure that was ranked on the Universe Enlightened Chart was actually being bashed up by a junior to the point of having no choice but to flee. This was naturally difficult for them to accept.

“Everyone, feel free to make a move. I’m here to preside over the entire situation, so there’s no need to be too worried.”

Right when all of those great figures were hesitant and indeterminate in their hearts, an indifferent and low voice resounded abruptly by their ears.

This caused all of those great figures to be shocked in their hearts. But after merely an instant, all of their eyes lit up.

Because the person that spoke was Imperial Monarch Chong Dou, Luo Chong, from the Luo Clan!

“Since Senior Luo Chong is present here, then why’re we still hesitating for?”

“Come, I’ve already accumulated a fucking bellyful of rage! We must kill this bastard!”

“Move out!”

In the next moment, numerous figures with monstrous imposing auras soared into the sky. They were like numerous scorching suns that were gradually rising into the sky, and they tore through the sky from all directions and flashed towards the God Burial Ocean.

Even though there was merely over 10 of them, they actually gave others the feeling like they were a vast army that was pressing down on the God Burial Ocean, and their imposing aura was vast and oppressive to the extreme.

“Shit!” The expressions of Le Wuhen and the others changed when they witnessed this scene, and their hearts burned with anxiety.


In the air above the God Burial Ocean, Gongye Nanli was blasted flying once more. He bled from all seven apertures while his face was savage and obscure by blood. Moreover, the clothes he wore had been torn into pieces, and he was in an even more miserable state than a beggar.

He was already on the verge of going mad from rage, and he roared furiously without end. However, he was utterly unable to resist Chen Xi’s direct and decisive attacks.

He swore to god that since he started cultivating until now, he, Gongye Nanli, had never suffered such a loss, and he’d never felt so aggrieved and resentful as he did at this moment. This sort of feeling caused his entire body to be on the verge of exploding apart.

Compared to Gongye Nanli, Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart as well. Up until this point in the battle, he’d launched lethal attacks on many occasions, yet he was never able to annihilate this old bastard. This obviously showed that even if Gongye Nanli’s cultivation had been suppressed, it wasn’t so easy to annihilate a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like this.


Chen Xi attacked once more with sword in hand. He’d already utilized his entire strength this time, and he intended to utilize the preciseness and ferocity of the Dismemberment Style to crush Gongye Nanli in one go in order to serve as a deterrence to the other great figures in the surroundings.

“How dare you bastard!” However, right at this moment, a loud shout resounded like thunder. Along with this voice, a crystalline and translucent jade cauldron soared into the sky and emanated a myriad of strands of hazy specks of light as it whistled over.

Chen Xi frowned, and then he instantly noticed over 10 figures that revealed vast divine might were attacking from afar.


Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing a strand of divine radiance to shoot out like a torrent, and it struck the jade cauldron to the point it trembled violently and was blasted flying.

Chen Xi seized this opportunity to attack Gongye Nanli once more.

“You’re courting death!”

“How arrogant and haughty of you!”

But it was very obvious that the great figures who’d rushed over didn’t intend to give Chen Xi this opportunity.

As soon as they arrived, they utilized their full strengths and various divine artifacts to launch ruthless attacks against Chen Xi from all directions.

Chen Xi had no choice but to stop and resist these attacks with the sword in his hand.

Rumble! Rumble!

In the next moment, this expanse of the ocean rumbled with thunder and lightning while divine artifacts soared through the sky. Even space was blasted into pieces while the surroundings were crushed into powder, and they fought to the point a shadow was cast over the heavens and the earth.

Such an astounding scene was overwhelming to the spectators, and it caused them to be repeatedly shocked in their hearts.

Who could have imagined that these great figures from top-rate powers in the Imperial Region would actually join forces one day?

Who would have dared to imagine that the opponent they joined forces against would merely be a young man at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm?

It was unimaginable!

Even if they’d witnessed it with their own eyes at this moment, they were slightly unable to accept it, and they were utterly shocked to the point of gasping endlessly.

Most astounding to them was that even under the circumstances that he was being besieged from all directions, Chen Xi actually didn’t fall into a disadvantaged position at all, and he fought those great figures equally!

“Wuhen, exactly how did you get to know this kid?” Le Beiyou’s expression was solemn, and he couldn’t refrain from asking this question because he’d truly been shocked by Chen Xi’s combat strength.

Even if it was because Chen Xi had relied on the unique ‘force field’ on the God Burial Ocean to suppress the combat strengths of those great figures, being capable of accomplishing this was unprecedented and absolutely shocking.

This time, Le Wuhen directly disregarded this ninth uncle of his.

His gaze stared fixedly at the battlefield in the distance while he prayed in his heart that Chen Xi would be able to persist until the end, and it was even to the extent that he wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to annihilate those old fellows.

It wasn’t just Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jin, and Zhuanyu Shui felt the same way as well.

However, no matter what, there was a wisp of worry that was impossible to eliminate from their hearts. Because this was the God Burial Ocean after all. So, even if Chen Xi was able to resist all of this now, it would be in vain if he was unable to escape!

At this moment, in his daze, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d returned to Master Xuan’s Divine Temple and returned to the situation where he was assaulted by the 36 peerless Sword Souls.

However, his opponents had been changed to over 10 great figures that came from the top-rate clans in the Imperial Region.

All of these old fellows possessed abundant combat experience. So, even if their cultivations were suppressed, but by relying on the supreme techniques and divine artifacts with extraordinary might that they possessed, their combat strengths were still extremely astounding and wasn’t something that could be compared to those Sword Souls that possessed no intelligence.

However, all of this didn’t pose any threat to Chen Xi now!


Suddenly, a strand of divine light erupted from Chen Xi’s body and shot into the sky. It transformed into a wheel of light that circled behind his head, and it was grand, sacred, and brilliant.

A divine altar floated within the wheel of light, and it was like a foundation stone that held down all Daos.

The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s imposing aura rose explosively once more, and it carried an aura of supremacy that reigned supreme to exalts and looked down upon the ages.


With a wave of his hand, numerous strands of sword qi rained down like a storm. They crisscrossed as they swept out explosively. Every single strand of sword qi contained supreme destructive force, and as soon as they appeared, this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth fell into deathly silence.

Only a clear and resounding sword howl that was deafening like the roar of a dragon surged through the heavens and the earth!

“The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!”

“This kid… has actually attained such a supreme realm of cultivation!”

“Shit! They’re in danger!”

At this instant, all the cultivators on the shores of the ocean were terrified, and their expressions changed abruptly.

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