Chapter 1717 – Unexpected Event

Gongye Nanli, a figure that possessed great authority in the Gongye Clan.

His strength was even more formidable than Di Yunqiu, and he was ranked at the 83rd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart!

It seemed to be an inferior ranking, but one had to realize that every single Universe Enlightened Ancestral God had lived for a few thousands or even tens of thousands of years!

Not to mention that ascending into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm itself was an extremely difficult thing, whereas, the difficulty to become eminent amongst all the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods of the Ancient God Domain in order to ascend onto the Universe Enlightened Chart was obvious as well.

At the very least, the combat strength of a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Di Yunqiu was sufficient to crush most experts in the same cultivation realm, yet he was still unable to ascend onto the Universe Enlightened Chart.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the Universe Enlightened Chart was even more difficult to ascend onto than the Domain Enlightened Chart, and the rankings on the chart practically didn’t change for a very long time.

The reason was that these old fellows at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm were truly too formidable and extremely difficult to annihilate. So, shaking their position on the chart was simply as difficult as ascending the heavens!

At this instant, a formidable figure like Gongye Nanli had attacked with rage. For a time, space seemed as if it was burning while the Grand Dao collapsed, and a ray of divine light shot through the sky while causing all sorts of terrifying scenes to arise.

“Shit! Retreat!” The expressions of Le Beiyou, Shentu Bao, and the others changed slightly. They knew how formidable this attack was, and they practically instinctively brought Le Wuhen and the others along as they dodged towards the distance in order to avoid being affected.

At this moment, they seemed to be unable to pay any more attention to Chen Xi.

The distance in their relationships was obvious at this moment. Compared to Chen Xi who was a young man they’d just met, their first consideration was definitely Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, and Zhuanyu Shui who were the disciples of their respective clans.

Coupled with the formidable ability that Chen Xi revealed earlier, it caused Le Beiyou and the others to start suspecting that it was very likely for Luo Shaonong and the others to have been killed by Chen Xi.

Thus, under such circumstances, they instinctively placed their personal safety and interests as their top priority, and they were unwilling to be swept into this monstrous storm.


The divine light descended from the sky while a strand of terrifying aura enveloped down, and the energy of the Grand Dao rumbled. At this moment, Gongye Nanli obviously seemed to intend to annihilate Chen Xi in one go.


Chen Xi didn’t move forward but retreated instead. His figure flashed and smashed through space as he flashed into the sky above God Burial Ocean, and he barely avoided this attack.

The terrifying force of this strike crushed the spot were Chen Xi stood just moments before, causing it to collapse and transform into a horrifying abyss.

It was too formidable!

If this strike were to actually hit Chen Xi, then the severity of the consequences was obvious.

“Bastard! How dare you dodge!” Gongye Nanli grunted coldly. His foot smashed through space as his figure moved like a war god from the primeval times that controlled a myriad of Daos, and even a casual move of his body carried the might to split the heavens and the earth apart.

He charged into the sky above the God Burial Ocean, and with a flip of his hand, a strand of crimson divine radiance emerged. It was like a divine sun rising from his palm, and then it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

The water in this expanse of the ocean was instantly evaporated, causing it to transform into an expanse of ground that was dry and cracked while the sky seemed as if it had been incinerated as well. Terrifyingly high temperature burned space to the point it formed warped and shattered expanses of space.

Such a scene was simply like the true scene of an ocean being boiled while the sky was incinerated!

The terrifying waves of heat from this caused many cultivators in the vicinity to feel suffocated. It was like they’d suddenly entered into a furnace in this instant, and it was extremely hot, dry, and uncomfortable.


Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament and slashed in midair.

The Dismemberment Style!

After he experienced the tempering from the 36 peerless Sword Souls, the might of his Dismemberment Style was completely different when compared to before, and it was precise and murderous to the extreme.

In merely an instant, it slashed the divine sun that burned the sky into two, and then it split space into two as it struck directly at Gongye Nanli.


This strike was too swift, and it fully displayed the quintessence of the 1st level of the Sword Emperor Realm. Gongye Nanli was caught off guard, causing his pupils to construct while he slapped repeatedly with his palm before the thick energy emanated from his palm was able to disperse this attack.

What a formidable Dao of the sword!

The hearts of all the others in the surroundings shook. They were mostly top-rate existences in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and they were old fellows that had lived for countless years. So, they noticed how extraordinary and profound Chen Xi’s Sword Dao was with just a single glance.

Such a Sword Dao has obviously fused with Heart Energy and ascended above the Sword Emperor Realm to possess its own ‘force’!

A wisp of shock couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of everyone when they realized this. Where exactly did this little monster come from?


On the other side, Gongye Nanli and Chen Xi were in intense battle. Both of them were fighting for supremacy above the God Burial Ocean. Sword qi swept horizontally and vertically while divine radiance shot towards the surroundings, and it reduced the ocean in an area of 50,000km into a scene of desolation, causing it to seem extremely astounding.

If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own two eyes, it would absolutely be impossible for them to imagine that there was actually a Domain Enlightened Spirit God in this world who could rival a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God on the Universe Enlightened Chart to such an extent.

This was simply world shocking!

Moreover, this caused them to feel even more certain that the death of Luo Shaonong and the other six Spirit God Exalts was definitely related to this kid!

This caused many old fellows to feel even more resentful, and if it wasn’t out of consideration for their dignity and face, they would have probably charged out a long time ago and joined forces with Gongye Nanli to deal with Chen Xi.

“This kid is actually so formidable. How did all of you get to know him?” At this moment, Le Beiyou couldn’t help but be shocked, and his elegant face was covered in a solemn expression.

“Hmph!” Le Wuhen grunted coldly with a gloomy expression. He was very disappointed in his ninth uncle, and it was even to the extent that he felt infuriated.

Chen Xi was his friend, and both of them had treated each other with sincerity all along the way. Now that Chen Xi had encountered misfortune, he could only watch helplessly from the side, and he felt both disgruntled and guilty.

He’d intended to charge out and fight alongside Chen Xi on more than one occasion, but he’d been obstructed by Le Beiyou in the end. This caused his attitude towards Le Beiyou to become even more adverse.

It wasn’t just him, Yuqiu Jing, Zhuanyu Shui, and Shentu Yanran had livid expressions as well because the display put on by the seniors from their clans had simply disappointed them to the extreme.

They were naturally clearly aware that they would become the common enemy of everyone present in the surroundings if they helped Chen Xi at this moment. However, could it be that they should abandon their friend because of this?

Indeed, they were very proud, very conceited, and even arrogant and domineering. However, their hearts still flowed with hot blood, and they were extremely loyal to their friends!

This was friendship! Since they’d acknowledged Chen Xi as a friend, then was there any need for any other explanation?

There was no need at all!

“Yanran, if you’ve really taken this kid to be your friend, then Third Uncle will fight on your behalf even if I have to give up my life. However, I can’t utilize the name of the clan.” When he noticed Shentu Yanran’s gloomy expression, Shentu Bao couldn’t help but sigh, and he said with a complicated expression. “Friendship is important of course, but when it implicates the interests of the clan… then we’re bound to have to make compromise. This is reality. You’ll naturally understand after you’ve gained even more experience in the future.”

“There’s no need for that.” Shentu Yanran shook her head decisively and said, “Chen Xi has his own choice. We respect him, and it’s just that… we’re unable to just stand by idly while he suffers calamity. It’ll make me feel unable to forgive myself.”

Shentu Bao’s brows raised. “Then what do you intend to do?”

Shentu Yanran bit her cherry lips and gritted her teeth as she said, “His enemies are my enemies. Regardless of whether it’s now or in the future!”

Shentu Bao was shocked in his heart. The meaning behind these words was too clear. It seemed to be equivalent to saying that whoever who dared to harm Chen Xi today would definitely suffer her revenge in the future.

It seemed to be ruthless and resolute, yet it actually revealed a strand of deep helplessness. Because if she had the ability, she would assist and save Chen Xi right now. How could she possibly wait until the future to take revenge?

This was because she lacked the strength to accomplish it.

Moreover, it was a compromise she had to make after she considered the current state of the situation.

“Alright!” Shentu Bao went silent for a long time before he patted Shentu Yanran on the shoulder, and then he spoke with an extremely gratified tone. “Third Uncle supports your decision.”

Le Wuhen and the others had witnessed all of this, and the hot blood in their hearts seethed while they secretly made the same decision.


Suddenly, after a violent sound of collision, the equally matched situation underwent a sudden change.

Gongye Nanli that revealed unparalleled divine might had actually been blasted flying by a sword strike from Chen Xi, and he coughed up blood without end!

In an instant, everyone in the surroundings was shocked.

Even an old fellow on the Universe Enlightened Chart has been defeated, yet this kid is still merely at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. If he advances into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm in the future, then how extraordinary would he be?

“You despicable little bastard! You actually plotted to lure me into a trap!” Gongye Nanli roared while his figure flashed, and he actually executed teleportation to flash towards the shores of the God Burial Ocean.

What’s going on? All of the spectators were astounded because they’d never expected that Gongye Nanli would actually seem to intend to flee after merely suffering a single setback

“What a smart little fellow. He actually relied on the situation in the heavens and the earth to do battle. Since the ancient times until now, the God Burial Ocean has been enveloped by a terrifying force field that suppresses one’s cultivation, and only cultivators at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm can enter it safely. Existences that exceed the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm would have their cultivations forcefully suppressed to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and it would be impossible for them to bring forth their fully strength!” Someone sighed with emotion and pointed out the reason.

All the spectators came to a sudden understanding when they heard this, and then they felt a wave of embarrassment. They were naturally clearly aware of all of this, but it was precisely because they were clearly aware of it that they’d overlooked it.

Similarly, if this unique force field didn’t exist on the God Burial Ocean, then they didn’t have to wait at the shores of the ocean at all, and they’d probably set out a long time ago and charged into the Desolate Manku Ruins to investigate the truth.

It was even to the extent that they wouldn’t have to stay outside when that place of supreme fortune opened once more, and they could have entered just like the others and searched for fortune within the Desolate Manku Ruins.

Simply speaking, all of this was because the God Burial Ocean was too unusual. It didn’t belong to the Ancient God Domain and possessed a unique force field that suppressed one’s cultivation, causing experts above the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm to not dare try stepping foot into it at all.

Obviously, Gongye Nanli had overlooked this as well, and he finally came to realization after he suffered a setback in the battle.

“Old Bastard, you’ve been mouthing off and calling me a bastard for so long, yet you intend to leave now?” Chen Xi grunted coldly. He strode through space while a wave of his hand caused a myriad of strands of sword qi to descend like a cage from the heavens, and they sealed off Gongye Nanli’s paths of retreat.

He’d seized such an opportunity with great difficulty, so he would naturally not watch as Gongye Nanli returned to the shores of the ocean.

In other words, Gongye Nanli was currently an existence that had been suppressed to the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and he’d completely lost his advantage at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. So, if Chen Xi still didn’t defeat Gongye Nanli now, then this battle would have been completely meaningless.


Sword Insight shot into the sky. It was like a sky blue ocean had surged into appearance, and it lay before Gongye Nanli’s path like a natural chasm that was on the verge of drowning him within it.

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