Chapter 1716 – Peerlessly Courageous

Has this fellow gone mad?

Everyone was slightly surprised when they heard Chen Xi, and they found it difficult to believe their ears.

This included Le Wuhen and the others, and they couldn’t help but be extremely shocked in their hearts as well. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe Chen Xi’s words, and it was because they believed it too fully, so they were worried that he would risk everything and completely shed all pretenses with those great figures from the Imperial Region!

In that way, they might be unable to save Chen Xi even if they asked the seniors by their sides to make a move.

After all, a great figure at the Imperial Monarch Realm from the Luo Clan was present here!

“Hah! I never expected that a little fellow like this would actually be so unyielding.” Someone sneered.

“It’s just a little fool that came out of nowhere. He doesn’t know his own limits and vainly attempts to challenge the authority of the great clans from the Imperial Region. He’s simply courting death.” Someone else spoke with disdain.

“Now, even Le Beiyou, Shentu Bao, and the others would probably be unable to protect this kid.” Some took pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune instead.

No matter how the others in the surroundings reacted, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm at this moment, and he seemed as if he’d utterly not noticed the killing intent that effused out from the air.

“So, in this way, you intend to put up a stubborn resistance until the end?” Di Yunqiu spoke with an extremely ghastly tone, and killing intent appeared in his eyes as they opened and closed. Moreover, a strand of surging imposing aura rumbled as it swept out like a storm.

This was the pressure that belonged to a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. It shook the heavens and the earth, threw the surroundings into disorder, and seemed extremely terrifying.

“I’m just protecting my own dignity and the limits of what I’m willing to do.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“Dignity?” Di Yunqiu roared with laughter that was filled with ridicule. “What right does a little bastard at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm like you have to talk about dignity with me?”

Chen Xi remained calm and silent because there was nothing to say to an old bastard that was extremely conceited and arrogant.

“Little Fellow, out of consideration for Fellow Daoist Le Beiyou and the others, I’ll give you one final chance. Will you accept it or not? It’s all up to a single decision of yours!” Di Yunqiu spoke in a low voice.

Le Wuhen and the others gazed at Chen Xi in unison, and their gazes were filled with worry. At this moment, their hearts were in turmoil as well, and they were at a loss for what to do.

“Everyone, do you still remember our agreement from before? Leave the rest to me. In the future, please sever all relationship with me so as to avoid being implicated by me.” Chen Xi consoled them in a warm voice via voice transmission, and then he suddenly turned around and looked Di Yunqiu straight in the eye as he said, “One day, I’ll give all of you a choice like this as well. At that time, I’ll see how exactly precious your dignities are.”

“Bastard! You’re courting death!” When he heard these words that were filled with ridicule, Di Yunqiu was utterly infuriated. He suddenly grunted coldly before he grabbed forcefully at Chen Xi.


Space exploded into pieces as a large hand that was coiled with the divine radiance of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm descended like a hand that blotted out the sky and sealed off Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

As soon as an expert at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm attacked, the scene it created was absolutely terrifying. The attack faintly showed signs of returning to its ancestral roots and being capable of utilizing all things. It seemed to control the Grand Dao and had become the founder of the Grand Dao!



“Chen Xi! Watch out!”

Le Wuhen and the others were shocked and furious. They spoke furiously and intended to lend a hand, but they were forcefully restrained by the seniors by their sides.

At this moment, all the great figures in the surroundings were laughing coldly without end. He’s just an ant, yet he vainly attempts to speak about dignity. Since he refuses to act sensibly, then he deserves to be crushed!


Right at this moment, Chen Xi made a move as well. His fingers and palm were suffused with blazing radiance, and a world of swords silently floated up into appearance in his palm before colliding head-on with Di Yunqiu.

The faces of many great figures were suffused with a wisp of ridicule before their attacks had even collided. This little fellow is really fearless because he’s ignorant. He actually dares to go head-on against Di Yunqiu.


A rain of light erupted while the heavens and the earth shook. The ocean water in this area rumbled and erupted, causing a large expanse of cracks and rifts to be revealed.

At practically the exact same moment, a figure was blasted flying. The figure’s clothes had been torn into pieces, and it coughed up blood while its meticulously combed hair had become disheveled.

When they saw the appearance of this figure clearly, the ridicule on the corners of those great figures’ mouths instantly froze, and their eyes opened wide with disbelief.

Di Yunqiu!

How could this be possible?

After all, Di Yunqiu was a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God in the Imperial Region’s Di Clan. Such a figure was sufficient to crush any Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and even a Spirit God Exalt was merely able to barely protect themselves before such an expert, but it would absolutely be impossible for a Spirit God Exalt to shake such an expert!

Yet now, he’d actually been injured and blasted flying by a single strike!

In an instant, the surroundings fell silent. The great figures in the surroundings had experienced all sorts of storms and possessed extremely abundant experiences, but when had they ever witnessed such an inconceivable incident?

The dust and dirt dispersed into the surroundings. Chen Xi stood all alone on the spot. He was lofty and extraordinary, and his eyes that were deep like an abyss were indifferent and emotionless.

When they witnessed such a scene, the hearts of all the great figures shook once more, and they were unable to calm down. This kid is clearly a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, so how could he possibly possess such heaven defying combat strength?

“Bastard!” Compared to the others, Di Yunqiu seemed to be even more infuriated. He’d utterly never imagined that he would actually suffer defeat as soon as he made a move, and he’d simply lost all face in public.


He attacked once more. Divine light rumbled throughout his body and shot into the nine heavens. His entire figure was like that of a peerless war god, and it was arrogant and ferocious to the limit.

His hand blotted out the sky as it smashed down.

However, at practically the exact same moment, a wisp of sword qi appeared abruptly. It easily broke through his attack, and it caused the hairs on his body to stand on end.

Shit! Di Yunqiu intended to dodge on instinct. However, he felt pain come from his wrist, and then his hand was firmly held onto, and it was to the point his bones were almost crushed.


In the next moment, his entire body was raised up before his body was forcefully hurled to the ground like a wooden stake. The ground exploded into pieces, causing rocks to shoot into the surroundings. His face was reduced to a mangled state from this collision, and it caused him to be unable to refrain from letting out a miserable shrill cry that sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

After that, a foot stepped forcefully onto him, and it was like a myriad of mountains pressing down onto his body, causing him to be practically suffocated and unable to struggle up to his feet any longer.

This time, all the great figures in the surroundings had witnessed everything clearly. They saw Chen Xi casually subdue Di Yunqiu, and then hurl Di Yunqiu to the ground like he was hurling a wooden stake into the ground….


Many people couldn’t help but gasp.

Everyone was unable to sit still any longer. They stood up swiftly as they watched all of this with disbelief, and their faces were covered in shock.

A young man at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm completely crushed a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God in a short moment!?

Such an astounding incident probably can’t be found in the entire boundless history of the Ancient God Domain, right?

Actually, all of them were unaware that Chen Xi had fought the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan who was at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm a long time ago while he was still at the World Enlightened True God Realm. Even if he was in a sorry state from being pursued by her, he’d still turned the tables around in the end.

Now, Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to the past any longer. He didn’t just possess the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar and had attained an unprecedented height in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he’d even tempered and grasped the core profundities of the Profound Heart Sword Technique while he was within Master Xuan’s Divine Temple.

Under such circumstances, it would have been impossible for Di Yunqiu to have lost so quickly if he’d acted a bit more cautious. However, it just so happened that Di Yunqiu wasn’t aware of all of this, and he’d taken Chen Xi to be an ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God. Thus, he’d suffered such a consequence.

Indeed, the gap between the Domain Enlightened Spirit God and Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was like a natural chasm, and Di Yunqiu’s cultivation at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was sufficient for him to disregard all Spirit God Exalts.

However, unfortunately, Chen Xi wasn’t a Spirit God Exalt any longer, and it might be more suitable to call his current cultivation as that of a ‘Peerless Exalt’!


“How audacious!”

“Quickly let my Master go!”

The forces Di Yunqiu brought along with him this time could be said to be vast. He hadn’t just ridden the bronze treasured carriage pulled by four seven-tailed Fire Pheasants, there were numerous Godslaves and lackeys by his side. At this moment, when they saw their Master suffering humiliation, all of them were instantly infuriated and charged forward in unison.


Chen Xi kicked Di Yunqiu flying before he utilized his palm and fingers to execute the core profundities of the Ocean Cliff Style.


Sword Insight surged violently like an ocean. It was like a myriad of rivers of stars had been drawn down, and they were vast to the limit as they swept out with monstrous imposing auras.

In an instant, all those Godslaves had charged over quickly yet left even quicker. All of them were forcefully blasted flying by the surging wave of Sword Insight, and they fell all over the ground while coughing up blood without end.

“This kid has already stepped onto the path to pursue the Ultimate Path of the Sword!” At this moment, all the great figures had finally discerned this clearly, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts. Why have we never heard the name of a such a shocking and heaven defying young man? It’s even to the extent that he doesn’t even have a place on the Domain Enlightened Chart?

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi display such peerless might, Le Wuhen and the others didn’t even have the time to feel excited before they heard a loud and deep voice resound abruptly from the sky. “Everyone! Now all of you’ve see it clearly. Even Fellow Daoist Di Yunqiu lost miserably, so Luo Shaonong and the others were definitely killed by this kid!”

It was Gongye Nanli who spoke these words, and these words instantly caused everyone in the surroundings to become agitated and feel suddenly enlightened.

At this moment, the expressions of those great figures from the Luo Clan, Yue Clan, Jin Clan, Kunwu Clan, Pei Clan, and so on and so forth had become extremely gloomy, and flames of rage blazed in their eyes.

Shit! Le Wuhen and the others muttered in their hearts while their expressions finally changed. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would be exposed at such a moment.

However, when they looked over to Chen Xi, they noticed the latter still had a calm and composed expression, and he seemed to have expected the appearance of such a situation.

Just as they thought, Chen Xi had given this consideration a long time ago. But at this moment, he didn’t care any longer.

There was nothing perfect in this world, and mishaps and danger could arise at any moment.

Just like this very moment. Even if Le Wuhen and the others relied on the forces of their clans to help him, it would produce very little effect before such a situation.

Coupled with the fact that Di Yunqiu and the other great figures were acting in an overbearing manner and pressing down step by step on him, Chen Xi would be utterly finished if he still didn’t do all he could to resist.

However, even though the situation before him was extremely adverse, it didn’t cause Chen Xi to feel despaired. Thus, he would naturally not be thrown into disorder.

“Bastard! Die!”

All of this took a long time to describe, but it occurred in an instant. After he saw through all of this, Gongye Nanli had already shouted loudly as he pounced down from midair while riding the nine-eyed Jade Toad.

His expression was cold while his gaze was like a bolt of lightning. At this moment, when he attacked with rage, he was like a burning comet descending from the sky, and his entire body was covered in the dazzling and blazing divine radiance of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, causing his imposing aura to be shocking to the extreme.

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