Chapter 1715 – Pressing Down Step By Step

Di Yunqiu’s voice had just finished resounding through the air when numerous voices sounded out from all directions.

“Fellow Daoist Yunqiu is right.”

“Shentu Bao, all of you can leave, but that kid can’t. No matter who comes forward, you can dream of taking him along with you!”

“Exactly. Once everything is investigated clearly, and if it’s really not related to this kid, then with our identities, we’ll naturally not continue making things difficult for him.”

These voices had come from all the great figures from the top-rate powers in the Imperial Region, and every single one of them was dignified and sounded like the tune of the Grand Dao as it resounded through the heavens and the earth. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

In an instant, the expressions of Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, Zhuanyu Shui, and the others turned quite gloomy, and they felt anxious in their hearts. All of them shot their gazes towards the seniors by their sides.

“Everyone, there’s only slight suspicion on Chen Xi, so your actions are going a bit too far. Could it be that all of you think that he alone was capable of killing seven Spirit God Exalts?” Shentu Bao frowned as he spoke, and he was slightly displeased.

He truly didn’t believe that Chen Xi was capable of accomplishing this, and the reason was extremely simple. Luo Shaonong and the others were all Spirit God Exalts that were extremely high on the Domain Enlightened Chart. On the other hand, no one had heard the name of this little fellow, Chen Xi, in the past.

Even if a little fellow with no reputation like this had entered into conflict with Luo Shaonong and the others within the Desolate Manku Ruins, how could he possibly annihilate Luo Shaonong and the others by himself?

“Hmph! This is a matter of great importance. Since there’s suspicion, then it must be investigated to the end. If you, Shentu Bao, continue acting in this way, then it’s equivalent to going against all of us that are present here in the surroundings!” Di Yunqiu grunted coldly, and his expression was extremely icy cold.

“What if I don’t agree to it?” Shentu Bao was furious as well, and he answered with a question.

When he saw this, Le Beiyou suddenly smiled from the side and persuaded. “Alright, calm yourselves. Isn’t just an investigation of the situation? It won’t take too much time.”

Di Yunqiu nodded and said, “Fellow Daoist Beiyou is much wiser and understanding.”

Shentu Bao frowned instead, and he glanced at Le Beiyou yet didn’t say anything in the end.

But in this way, Le Wuhen refused to accept this, and he said with displeasure, “Ninth Uncle, Chen Xi is my friend, and we have a friendship that has survived life and death. How could you act in this way?”

Le Beiyou smiled and said indifferently, “It’s only an investigation. Calm yourself. If this Young Brother Chen Xi isn’t the culprit, then I guarantee that no one will dare to harm him.”

Le Wuhen was stunned, and then he felt slightly helpless and agitated. The development of the situation had already started to faintly show signs of escaping his control, and this caused him to be unable to help but feel slightly ashamed to face Chen Xi.

Because he’d promised solemnly earlier and guaranteed that no major problems would occur. Yet such an incident had occurred now, and this caused him to feel extremely aggrieved in his heart.

It wasn’t just Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Zhuanyu Shui, and Yuqiu Jing were displeased and extremely furious in their hearts.

They were just about to speak when Chen Xi stopped them with a smile. “Senior Beiyou is right. It’s better to investigate this matter clearly. Up until now, I still haven’t figured out exactly what has happened and why I’ve been suspected for all of this?”

As he spoke, he gazed at Di Yunqiu and said calmly, “May I know if this senior can provide me with guidance?”

If it was someone that didn’t know Chen Xi’s ability, then hearing these frank words would probably dispel the doubts in one’s heart.

Even Le Wuhen and the others couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because they’d never expected that Chen Xi would be so proficient in lying, and Chen Xi didn’t even blink as he spoke.

Di Yunqiu grunted coldly, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he stared directly at Chen Xi. He emanated an oppressive and imposing aura as he said, “Little Fellow, you ought to be clearly aware of the price you’ll pay for lying.”

Chen Xi smiled indifferently. “There’s no need to remind me. Please point out the reasons.”

Di Yunqiu took a deep breath and laughed coldly. “Alright, then allow me to ask you if my Di Clan’s disciple, Di Jun, was killed by you!”

His voice carried a force that shook the soul, and it seemed like Chen Xi would suffer a devastating calamity if he lied.

This was a secret technique that specialized in deterring the soul.

However, if was obviously insufficient against Chen Xi, and he didn’t even give it any thought before he said with surprise, “What? Di Jun is dead?”

He seemed as if he was shocked from suddenly hearing of this news.

Di Yunqiu’s eyes narrowed, and he observed Chen Xi carefully for a long time before he said coldly, “Stop putting on an act. Why don’t you think about why so many people just happened to suspect you?”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Senior, you’re making an unfounded charge against me by saying that. May I ask if you have any proof?”

When they saw Chen Xi refuse to admit it no matter what, all the great figures in the surroundings frowned. If it wasn’t because of the presence of Le Beiyou, Shentu Bao, and the others, they would have probably made a move a long time ago and captured Chen Xi before torturing him cruelly.

Di Yunqiu started laughing out of extreme rage. “Proof? Alright! Then let me ask you if you entered into conflict with Di Jun in the Desolate Manku Ruins?”

Chen Xi said frankly, “Once, but it was merely a fight, and many people were present in the surroundings at that time.”

Di Yunqiu continued. “Then let me ask you another question, did you enter into conflict with Luo Shaonong?”

Chen Xi nodded again. “Yes, but it was only for the sake of fighting for a Dao Root, and we didn’t fight to the death.”

“Then did you enter into conflict with Gongye Zhefu, Yue Ruhuo, Jin Qingyang, Kunwu Qing, and Pei Wen as well?” Di Yunqiu spoke a string of names in one go, and it firmly drew over the attention of everyone in the surroundings. At the same time, numerous terrifying pressures swept over and pressed down upon Chen Xi’s body, causing his eyes to narrow abruptly.

After a short while, Chen Xi said, “Even though I’m unwilling to admit it, but all of that’s a fact.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

Earlier, most of them had only heard Chen Xi’s name for the first time, and coupled with the fact that Chen Xi had never ascended onto the Domain Enlightened Chart, it caused them to wonder exactly where this young man who possessed no reputation got the courage to dare offend so many Spirit God Exalts.

So, at this moment, when they heard Chen Xi admit it himself, a wave of ripples arising within their hearts was still unavoidable, and they had no choice but to reevaluate this young man.

“Then let me ask you one final question, were you behind the deaths of Luo Shaonong and the others!?” Di Yunqiu shouted loudly like a thunderclap that shot through the sky, and it was deafening.

“No.” Chen Xi’s answer was simple and concise.

“Alright, since you said that, then allow me to utilize a soul searching technique and investigate. If you really haven’t lied, then you can leave right now, alright?” Di Yunqiu spoke coldly.

“That’s inappropriate, right?” Le Wuhen was unable to restrain himself any longer because he felt that this old fellow was simply treating Chen Xi like a prisoner.

Shentu Yanran and the others gaze coldly with displeasure at Di Yunqiu as well. With the seniors of their respective clans present here, they would naturally not fear Di Yunqiu.

Di Yunqiu would naturally not take the obstruction of these juniors seriously. His ghastly gaze had been constantly locked onto Chen Xi, and so long as Chen Xi revealed even a trace of unusual movement, it would be instantly noticed by him.

Unfortunately, up until this moment, Chen Xi hadn’t given anything away at all. However, this didn’t dispel the suspicion in Di Yunqiu’s heart.

On the contrary, because Chen Xi’s display was too calm and composed, it caused Di Yunqiu to have a stronger feeling that even if Chen Xi wasn’t behind this matter, it was definitely related to Chen Xi.

“Let me ask you again. Are you willing to allow me to investigate with my soul searching technique in order to prove your innocence?” Di Yunqiu spoke in an overbearing manner.

Chen Xi’s face sank, and he laughed coldly. “Senior, please understand this clearly. Firstly, I’m not a prisoner, so I have no obligation to cooperate with you to find out the truth. Secondly, I don’t blame you for your continuous questioning because Di Jun had died after all! I understand how you feel.”

He paused for a moment before his expression carried a wisp of rage. “However, your request to search my soul is going a bit too far. Could it be that you really think my dignity can be trampled upon at will?”

He spoke word by word, and every single word was spoken with strong emotions, resolution, and force. He seemed as if he was filled with righteous indignation after suffering injustice.

This scene caused Le Wuhen and the others to exclaim with admiration in their hearts. They’d never imagined that Chen Xi would be able to put on such a remarkable act, and it was simply capable of turning the truth and lies around.

Di Yunqiu’s face froze, and he was extremely furious in his heart. If it wasn’t because of Le Beiyou, Shentu Bao, and the others, he truly wished for nothing more than to tear Chen Xi’s mouth into pieces and crush Chen Xi. In this way, he wouldn’t have to worry about Chen Xi’s refusal at all.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Shentu Bao spoke and intended to end this ‘questioning’ before leading everyone away.

“Wait!” Suddenly, a deep voice sounded out from the clouds in the distance, and it was Gongye Nanli who sat on the nine-eyed Jade Frog that had spoken.

“Young man, if you have a clear conscience, then agree to the search. If you’re proven to be innocent in the end, then I’ll apologize to you before everyone here!” Gongye Nanli spoke in flat voice, yet it carried a pressure that pressed down directly at Chen Xi.

On the other hand, many people in the surroundings were shocked when they heard him make such a promise. Because Gongye Nanli actually didn’t hesitate to bet his dignity for this matter. This obviously showed how great the harm the Gongye Clan suffered from Gongye Zhefu’s death was, and it was to the extent that he was willing to stop at nothing.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, this was simply like a joke, and he couldn’t help but laugh coldly. “Apologize? Will you apologize with your life? If it’s merely a normal apology, then forgive me for being unable to agree!”

Apologize with your life!

When he heard these offensive words, Gongye Nanli’s eyes turned cold while the imposing aura he emanated grew even more oppressive. He said coldly, “Little Fellow, don’t push your luck! If it wasn’t out of consideration for Le Beiyou and the others, how could we possibly have the time to waste our breaths on you?”

Indeed, Chen Xi was nothing in the eyes of these great figures, and he didn’t even have the qualifications to speak with them. The only reason they still hadn’t made a move was because they took Le Beiyou, Shentu Bao, and the others’ face into consideration.

However, if Chen Xi would rather die than cooperate, then they could only throw all considerations to the wind!

The atmosphere instantly became deathly silent.

The gazes of everyone shot towards Chen Xi, and they seemed as if they were waiting for him to make a choice.

The hearts of Le Wuhen and the others burned with anxiety, and they were extremely anxious.

Shentu Yanran suddenly gritted her teeth and was just about to stand out and say something when she was stopped by Chen Xi via voice transmission. “Don’t do anything. Leave all of this to me to deal with.”

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression seemed extraordinarily calm, and his eyes were already completely indifferent and without even a trace of emotion.

He swept all these great figures from the Imperial Region with his gaze, and then he lightly spat out a few words from between his lips. “I would rather die than live in disgrace.”

Every single word he spoke was calm and resolute.

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