Chapter 1714 – Overbearing

It wasn’t long before Yun Qing arrived outside the city gate.

The God Burial Ocean in the distance was calm, boundless, and filled with a deathly silent force that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

There were numerous figures scattered around the shores of the ocean, and they formed a dense mass.

A bronze treasure carriage pulled by four seven-tailed Fire Pheasants floated in the sky while Godslaves stood on guard around it, causing it to reveal a vast, imposing, and oppressive aura.

Yun Qing was clearly aware that this carriage belonged to a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God of the Gongye Clan in the Imperial Region, Gongye Nanli, and it was called the Fire Pheasant Carriage.

Croak! Croak!

A wave of croaking that rumbled like thunder resounded through the heavens and the earth. It was a nine-eyed Jade Toad that was enormous like a mountain and completely branded by strands of golden markings that curled around like earthworms. Moreover, it seethed divine radiance and revealed an imposing aura capable of devouring the world.

An grey haired old man who possessed a ghastly aura and a cold expression stood proudly atop the nine-eyed Jade Toad. He was Di Yunqiu from the Di Clan in the Imperial Region, and he was similarly a great figure who possessed monstrous authority.

Normally, great figures like these were absolutely rare to see, but because of this incident, existences like Di Yunqiu and Gongye Nanli could be seen everywhere in the surroundings.

They were scattered throughout the surroundings, and they were either riding luxurious carriages, divine flying beasts, standing proudly above the clouds…. Moreover, all of them were accompanied by Godslaves and lackeys that possessed formidable auras.

When looked at from afar, the weather in this expanse of the heavens and the earth changed indeterminately while space and time was sluggish, and they were enveloped by numerous monstrous auras that were extremely shocking.

If it was any other ordinary person that stood here, merely the strands of terrifying pressure that filled the air would be sufficient to instill terror in that person and cause that person’s knees to go weak.

The scene here was terrifying indeed. The great figures from the Imperial Region were like numerous overlords that had converged together at this moment, and the array they formed was absolutely not something that could be described merely with the words astonishing.

However, in Yun Qing’s opinion, the most conspicuous was an azure dragon that resided silently in the sky above the center of the God Burial Ocean’s shores!

The azure dragon’s figure was like a mountain range, its claws were like blades that descended from the sky, its eyes were brilliant like the sun and moon, and every single breath it took rumbled like a storm. Moreover, it was fully suffused by a strand of terrifying and suffocating pressure.

This azure dragon possessed a cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm at least, and it might be even more formidable than that!

It caused the hearts of others to tremble from merely looking at it from afar.

Yet at this moment, an old man was seated cross-legged atop the head of that azure dragon. His entire body was enveloped by a layer of blazing violet lightning, and it flowed with bolts of lightning, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly.

However, his aura was so formidable that it shot into the sky. Even though he was seated there silently, he was like an imperial monarch that had descended to the world and revealed a dignified aura of supremacy.

He was called Luo Chong, a senior from the Luo Clan in the Imperial Region, and he was called Emperor Chong Dou!

In other words, he was an existence at the Imperial Monarch Realm! An existence that could be a Region Lord that controlled a region in the Ancient God Domain!

The Imperial Monarch Realm!

Such a figure was considered a peak pillar even in the Imperial Region, and such a cultivation was sufficient to look down proudly upon all Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods in the world and possess monstrous prestige.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Yun Qing that was shocked, and the gazes of the other great figures in the surroundings were imperceptibly sizing up Luo Chong as well while the space between their brows faintly revealed expressions of surprise and fear.

It seemed like they’d never expected that the Luo Clan would actually dispatch a senior at the Imperial Monarch Realm because of Luo Shaonong’s death!

After all, those that attained a cultivation in the Imperial Monarch Realm had long since attained the peak of the path of cultivation of a god, and they usually might not even make an appearance for millions of years.

This obviously showed how important Luo Shaonong’s status in the Luo Clan was and how infuriated the Lou Clan was from his death.

This is going to be a problem! A wisp of terror and worry suddenly surged out of Yun Qing’s heart for no rhyme or reason. These forces before him were too shocking, and the suspicion on Chen Xi was too great, so even if they were unable to prove that it was Chen Xi who did it, could anyone dare to guarantee that these great figures wouldn’t vent their rage on him?

The surroundings were deathly silent.

No one spoke, and the gazes of everyone was placed towards the depths of the God Burial Ocean.

They were waiting.

Waiting for the truth so that they could vent their flames of rage!


“That seems like the Le Clan’s Soulsever Bottle Gourd!”

Suddenly, a surprised voice resounded. At this moment, the gazes of everyone shot over towards the distance in unison.

A trace of terror suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s heart, and then he awoke from his meditation.

At practically the exact same moment, Le Wuhen’s voice sounded out from afar. “Everyone, Phoenix Perch City is in the distance, Prepare yourselves, we’ll be leaving the Soulsever Bottle Gourd at once.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he finally understood where that trace of terror in his heart came from.

He took a deep breath, stood up, and walked out of the room.

Meanwhile, Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, Zhuanyu Shui, and the others had already gathered together, and they nodded to Chen Xi when they saw him.

Both them and Chen Xi understood that unprecedented danger was definitely lying in ambush before Phoenix Perch City, and whether they were able to pass through it safely would depend on what they did next.


Divine radiance enshrouded the surroundings while a rain of light descended, and the Soulsever Bottle Gourd revolved in a circle before Chen Xi and the others walked out swiftly from within it.

“There really is a lot of people here!”

“The Di Clan’s Di Yunqiu’s Fire Pheasant Carriage, the Gongye Clan’s Gongye Nanli’s nine-eyed Jade Toad…. Hiss! How could this be possible!? Immortal Monarch Chong Dou has come here as well!”

“The situation is slightly bad.”

“Looks like they’re already clearly aware about the deaths of Luo Shaonong and the others.”

The hearts of Le Wuhen and the others shook while they gazed at the figures that stood around the distant shores of the God Burial Ocean, and they realized that the situation was even more severe than they’d expected.

At this moment, they were standing above the God Burial Ocean, and they were less than 1,500km away from the shores of the ocean.

From this position, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that the cultivations of most of those figures that stood on the shores of the ocean were actually at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

Their imposing auras shot into the sky while the aura of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm swept out, and it seemed extremely shocking.

Especially at the center of the ocean’s shores, there was even an aura residing there that caused Chen Xi’s heart to palpitate. Without any doubt, it was definitely Luo Chong, ‘Imperial Monarch Chong Dou’ from the Luo Clan!

This vast array of forces caused Chen Xi’s eyes to be unable to help but narrow.

“Act according to circumstance. We absolutely must not slip up!” Le Wuhen spoke quickly via voice transmission, and then he led the others as he flew forward.

When they’d just arrived at the shores of the ocean, a group of great figures with monstrous auras moved over to greet them while revealing smiles on their faces.

“Hahaha! Wuhen, you’ve finally returned safe and sound.”

“Ninth Uncle, it’s you.”

“Yanran, your father asked me to welcome you back this time.”

“A’Jing, what gains did you obtain this time?”

For a time, the surroundings bustled with noise. It turned out that those great figures were the seniors of Le Wuhen and the others, and they’d been waiting since a long time ago.

Only Chen Xi had no one to welcome him. It wasn’t that he really didn’t have anyone to welcome him, but when he saw Yun Qing who stood in the distance intended to come forward, Chen Xi instantly sent a voice transmission to Yun Qing and asked Yun Qing to temporarily act as if Yun Qing didn’t know him because it wouldn’t be too late to acknowledge each other after he’d dealt with the dangerous situation before him.

Even though Yun Qing was bewildered, he was clearly aware that Chen Xi definitely had his own considerations when making such arrangements. However, Yun Qing didn’t leave just like that, and he stood at the side and silently watched the situation unfold.

“Chen Xi, allow me to make some introductions. This is my ninth uncle, Le Beiyou.” Meanwhile, Le Wuhen smiled as he turned around and introduced his ninth uncle to Chen Xi.

Le Beiyou was a middle aged man with a learned and refined bearing, and he wore a coronet and a broad belt. He was originally smiling as he watched all of this, but his eyes instantly narrowed when he heard Chen Xi’s name, and the smile on the corner of his lips had lightened greatly.

“Senior.” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he greeted Le Beiyou.

Le Beiyou nodded and didn’t speak any further.

Le Wuhen was stunned. He was just about to say something when Shentu Yanran was already smiling as she said to Chen Xi, “Chen Xi, this is my Third Uncle, Shentu Bao. Third Uncle, Chen Xi helped me greatly in the Desolate Manku Ruins this time.”

Shentu Bao had a robust figure and a rugged appearance. His gaze was like a bolt of lightning, yet he roared with laughter and said, “Since you’re a friend that Yanran acknowledged, then you’re not an outsider.”

Chen Xi smiled and cupped his hands in greeting as well.

Yu Qiujing, Zhuanyu Shui intended to introduce Chen Xi to their seniors as well, but they were interrupted by Le Wuhen. “Let’s leave this place first. We can have a proper chat after we enter the city.”

As he spoke, he glanced imperceptibly towards the surroundings.

The others instantly understood what he meant.

However, right when they intended to step foot onto the ocean shore and return to Phoenix Perch City, a voice suddenly resounded amidst this bustling atmosphere, and it seemed to be extremely sudden.

“Seniors, look! That’s Chen Xi!”

The figures of Le Wuhen and the others stiffened.

In the next moment, Chen XI noticed numerous gazes lock down towards him like icy cold blades.

The originally bustling atmosphere in the surroundings had suddenly become deathly silent as well, and a wisp of a murderous and oppressive aura faintly suffused the air.

“Let’s go. There’s no need to pay attention to all of this.” Le Wuhen sent a voice transmission in a low voice, and then he intended to continue leading the group forward. However, what happened next caused his heart to sink, and he had no choice but to stop.

Because a bronze treasured carriage pulled by four seven-tailed Fire Pheasants had smashed down through the clouds, passed through space, and obstructed his path.

At practically the exact same moment, a middle aged man that wore black clothes, had a cold expression, and had his hair combed in a meticulous manner strode out from within the treasured carriage.

Di Yunqiu!

A peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm expert from the Di Clan in the Imperial Region!

As soon as he made an appearance, he directly disregarded the others, and his gaze shot down like a blade and instantly locked onto Chen Xi before he said coldly, “You’re Chen Xi?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the gazes in the surroundings converged over, and then a shapeless pressure stretched out along with this.

If it was any other person, that person would have probably been completely terrified out of his wits when facing such a great figure from the Imperial Region.

However, Chen Xi didn’t. His expression remained indifferent as he nodded in a composed manner and said, “Yes.”

“Third Uncle.” Shentu Yanran frowned at the side and spoke in a low voice.

Shentu Bao seemed as if he’d awoken from a dream, and he nodded before he looked at Di Yunqiu and said, “Brother Yunqiu, please move aside. If there’s anything you need, it wouldn’t be too late to talk about it after we return to the city.”

Di Yunqiu grunted coldly and said, “Return to the city? At that time, it would probably be too late! Shentu Bao, move aside! It isn’t just me who wants to get to the bottom of this matter, the other Fellow Daoists in the surroundings want to as well!”

His words were unyielding and overbearing.

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