Chapter 1711 – Speaking Frankly

Even though he didn’t whether to laugh or cry, Chen Xi still explained. “There’s no need to worry. I didn’t say that I failed.”

All of them were stunned and felt puzzled.

“Could it be that you’ve already seized that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root?” Shentu Yanran’s clear eyes glistened, and she spoke with slight disbelief.

The hearts of the others shook fiercely, and they gazed at Chen Xi in unison because if it was true, then it would truly be too shocking.

Before Chen Xi could speak, an extremely proud and dignified voice resounded. “Of course, with the assistance of your ancestor, I, wouldn’t obtaining such a supreme fortuitous encounter be extremely easily accomplished?”

Along with this voice, a white figure suddenly flew out from within the Door of the Grand Dao. Obviously, it was Senior White.

It folded its wings as it stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder, and its eyes looked down upon them all in a proud and imposing manner.

Needless to say, Senior White’s appearance was rather shocking. Its pure snow white feathers were suffused with strands of divine radiance, its sharp claws seemed as if they were made from gold, its eyes were deep and profound, and the seven colored crown of feathers on its head was enshrouded by seven colored light, causing it to seem extremely majestic.

As soon as it appeared, it instantly shocked Le Wuhen and the others, causing all of them to size Senior White up with slight surprise and bewilderment while wondering about its origins.

Senior White became even more complacent upon witnessing this scene, and it said, “Look at all of your stunned faces. All of you’re really lacking in experience. Your Ancestor, I….”

Chen Xi’s face sank when he noticed that this old bird was about to start bragging again, and he glanced at it.

Senior White’s face froze, and then it puckered its lips before starting to comb its feathers in an elegant manner. However, its eyes still sized up Le Wuhen and the others in an imperceptible manner.

“Everyone, there’s no need to pay attention to it.” Chen Xi couldn’t even be bothered to introduce Senior White, and he directly disregarded Senior White and said, “There’s no time to lose. Let’s leave this place first.”

Even though the others had many questions in their hearts, they were clearly aware that it wasn’t suitable to ask about it now after they saw Chen Xi act in this way.

At this moment, they were within a hall at the deepest depths of Violetsky Dao Palace. The journey back was very smooth, and it wasn’t long before they walked out of it.

“Someone is coming out.”

“Eh? How could it be them?”

When they saw Chen Xi’s group make an appearance, all the cultivators at the bottom of the white jade staircase were clamorous and extremely surprised.

They’d been constantly waiting here. They’d watched Jia Nan leave, and now they’d watched as Chen Xi’s group returned. Only Luo Shaonong’s group was nowhere to be seen, so all of them thought that Chen Xi’s group had definitely returned empty handed just like Jia Nan had.

Chen Xi’s group would naturally pay no attention towards all of this.

“Young Master Wuhen, did you manage to gain anything?” One of the cultivators asked with a smile on his face.

Le Wuhen glanced at that cultivator and said, “Just a little.”

“Could it be that… they really found that ninth grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root?” The hearts of all the cultivators in the vicinity shook.

Hearing the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root being mentioned caused the expressions of Le Wuhen and the others to turn slightly gloomy, and they didn’t answer before turning around and leaving with emotionless expressions.

However, this aroused doubt in the others, and all of them revealed surprised expressions.

“Looks like they failed. Their expressions are slightly unnatural.”

“Of course. Didn’t you notice that Luo Shaonong’s group hasn’t returned? That ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root has probably been seized by Luo Shaonong’s group.”

All the other cultivators discussed endlessly in low voices when they saw Le Wuhen’s group leave.

“Hmph! They should have given their own ability some consideration. Such an outcome was predetermined, and it would be weird if they were able to seize that ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root.”

Some cultivators spoke with ridicule. Most of them had come here in Luo Shaonong’s group. However, they were unable to enter Violetsky Dao Palace because of their insufficient strength. But when they saw Jia Nan and Chen Xi’s group return successively, they instinctively felt that Luo Shaonong’s group that still hadn’t returned had definitely succeeded.

Thus, they were extremely excited in their hearts now, and they felt proud because of it as well. So, their voices couldn’t help but carry sarcastic and ridiculing tones.

“The ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root? Hehehe, what a bunch of pitiable little idiots. All of you really deserve to be subordinates forever.” Suddenly, an extremely proud and complacent voice resounded, and it didn’t conceal its ridicule at all.

It was naturally Senior White that spoke these words. It flapped its wings as it circled around in the sky above them, and it left these words behind before turning around and tearing through the sky towards Chen Xi.

“Stop right there!” Someone was furious and berated loudly because being provoked like this by an animal was simply like trampling on his dignity.

Senior White couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to this person, and it flew slowly towards Chen Xi who’d walked towards the distance.


That cultivator executed a strand of sword qi with a raise of his hand, causing blazing light to shoot through the sky like a ray of brilliant sunlight, and it was extremely fierce and swift.


However, a hand suddenly stretched out before this sword qi could approach Senior White, and it clamped down onto the strand of the sword qi with two fingers, causing it to be instantly restrained before shattering inch by inch.

“You want to fight?” Chen Xi turned around and looked at that person as he asked in an indifferent tone.

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings jerked because the way Chen Xi dealt with that attack was too shocking. He’d casually obliterated that wisp of sword qi, and this wasn’t something an ordinary person could accomplish.

Coupled with the fact that they’d been clearly aware since a long time ago that Chen Xi possessed shocking combat strength and had defeated the joint forces of Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang by himself, he was utterly not someone they dared to offend.

“Calm your anger, Fellow Daoist. This Junior Brother has a violent temper, and he was just slightly impulsive earlier.” Someone spoke hastily to help mediate the situation.

The heart of that cultivator who launched the attack jerked as well, and a chill ran down his spine while he felt slightly terrified. Even though he was from the Imperial Region and possessed a lofty status that allowed him to look down upon most cultivators in the world, he really didn’t have the courage to offend and disrespect a genius like Chen Xi.

“Heh! You aren’t just an idiot, you’re even a coward.” Senior White grew even more complacent upon seeing this, and it spoke endlessly with ridicule.

It wasn’t just that cultivator, all the others were irritated by these words and felt extremely uncomfortable. That bird really needs a beating!

“Senior White, let’s go.” Chen Xi shook his head, and then he turned around and continued forward.

“How arrogant! If Senior Brother Luo Shaonong was here, then how could he dare act in this way?” That cultivator that launched the attack watched as Chen Xi’s group slowly vanished, and he finally spoke resentfully when Chen Xi’s group had vanished completely into the distance.

“That’s enough. We’re powerless before the current situation, so there’s no need to be angered by this.” Someone persuaded.

That cultivator grunted coldly, and his expression was extremely gloomy. Even though he felt that he was inferior to Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, and the others and was powerless to go against Chen Xi, he was still a respected figure from the Imperial Region in the end. However, his dignity had been trampled upon by an animal now, and it was very difficult for him to accept.

“That Chen Xi really is arrogant. He’d already offended Senior Brother Luo Shaonong and the others before this, yet he still dares to act so arrogantly now. He’s probably going to die young as well!” That cultivator cursed relentlessly.

It was mainly because Chen Xi and the others had already gone far into the distance, otherwise, he would absolutely not dare act in this way.

However, all of the others deeply agreed when they heard this. That Chen Xi really is too arrogant. Since he entered the Ancestral Root Grounds, he has successively offended Yue Ruhuo, Jin Qingyang, Di Jun, Gongye Zhefu, and Luo Shaonong. If an ordinary person was in his position, that person would have probably gone into hiding since a long time ago and be in constant terror, but he’s actually still acting so arrogantly.

“Fortunately, he returned empty handed this time. If he were to have obtained that ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, then wouldn’t he become beyond arrogant?” Someone laughed coldly.

“However, I wonder how Senior Brother Luo Shaonong and the others are now. Why have they still not returned?” Someone else was bewildered.


After the time for an incense stick to burn, a wave of rumbling suddenly arose in the sky above Violetsky Dao Palace. In an instant, everything including that white jade staircase transformed into an expanse of seething and blazing divine light before gradually vanishing in the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, the surroundings turned deathly silent. Everyone had stunned expressions that were filled with disbelief.

What’s going on?

Why has the Violetsky Dao Palace vanished abruptly?

Senior Brother Luo Shaonong and the others still haven’t returned!

All of them were shocked and unable to calm down. Could it be that Senior Brother Luo Shaonong and the others have already suffered misfortune?

When they thought up to here, their expressions changed. What exactly is going on?


Before they could wrap their heads around the matter, a wave of violent trembling arose in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and all things were thrown into disorder.

“Shit! The Ancestral Root Grounds is about to close!”

“Weren’t we supposed to have three months of time. Why has it ended in advance?”

“Could it be that the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root has been taken? But why haven’t Luo Shaonong and the others returned yet?”

“Could the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root have been taken by someone else instead?”

“It’s already at a time like this, so why discuss about all of this. Let’s leave! Quickly!”

All of them moved restlessly and clamorously while their expressions changed repeatedly. They hurriedly transformed into streaks that tore through space and fled towards the distance because one the Ancestral Root Grounds closed, then they could dream of leaving it in their entire lifetimes!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s group had left the Ancestral Root Grounds and walked out of the Ancestral Root Divine Temple. Thus, they didn’t know that a tremendous change had occurred right after they left.

When Chen Xi’s group appeared on the altar before the temple, the temple guardian suddenly opened his eyes, and his gaze instantly descended onto Chen Xi.

His eyes gradually grew brighter and brighter, and a mysterious smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

“Eh! You’re actually still alive?” Senior White cried out with slight surprise upon laying eyes on the temple guardian.

Le Wuhen and the others were shocked in their hearts. This divine flying beast of unknown origins actually knows the temple guardian?

“I want to talk with him privately.” The temple guardian paid no attention to Senior White, and he pointed his finger at Chen Xi before speaking slowly.

Le Wuhen and the others exchanged glances before leaving.

However, they couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked in their hearts once more. Exactly what occurred after Chen Xi entered the Door of the Grand Dao. He hasn’t just brought a divine flying beast of mysterious origin back with him, he even drew the attention of the temple guardian?

Le Wuhen and the others stopped moving when they’d arrived very far away from the temple, and they gazed at Chen Xi and the temple guardian from afar while their hearts were filled with complicated emotions.

They suddenly noticed that Chen Xi seemed to have become a completely different person after he returned from within the Door of the Grand Dao, and they were even more unable to see through him.

“Little Fellow, even though you obtained the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root in the end, I have to remind you that you’ve killed too many Spirit God Exalts this time. So, you’ll probably encounter all sorts of troubles after you leave this place.” On the other hand, at this moment, the temple guardian stared at Chen Xi while he spoke frankly about the situation Chen Xi was in.

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