Chapter 1709 – Devastating Calamity

That strand of golden violet divine radiance was grand, magnificent, and possessed the aura of an imperial sovereign. It emanated a myriad of strands of auspicious light while the energy of Divine Dao Order coiled around, and it surged chaotically while seeming extremely dazzling.

There was utterly no need to ask before Chen Xi knew that the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root definitely resided there. After all, the phenomenon there was truly too shocking. It was like the heavens and the earth had been split apart at the absolute beginning of the world, and it was an unimaginable scene of surging and seething divine radiance.

A strand of fragrance that seemed capable of penetrating the soul assaulted Chen Xi’s face. It was too thick, and it was like divine wine as it surged into Chen Xi’s body.

In an instant, all the injuries on his body that hadn’t been healed yet were actually being repaired at an unbelievable speed. In just an extremely short period of a few breaths, it wasn’t just his injuries that had been repaired, even his energy, spirit, and essence had been replenished, causing him to be full of vigor, extremely energetic, and it seemed as if his body was overjoyed and cheering.

This caused Chen Xi to be astounded. Isn’t this a little too inconceivable? It’s simply even more effective than an unparalleled divine herb.

In the past, merely the injuries left behind in his battle with the 36 Sword Souls would at least require around three months of time to heal, yet now, it had been completely healed in a mere few breaths of time. So, no matter who it was that experienced this, that person would probably feel shock and disbelief.

“That’s the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, and it has been nurtured here since countless years ago. If you refine and absorb it, then once you’ve advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm in the future, it’ll be sufficient for you to reign supreme throughout the world and be peerless amongst all your peers!” Senior White pointed towards the towering golden violet divine radiance in the distance, and his eyes glistened as he said in a proud manner, “Such a miraculous force is unique within this entire world. All those years ago when Xuan left, he’d probably never imagined that this Imperial Sovereign Dao Root would actually be able to survive until now.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “What do you mean?”

Senior White chuckled with disdain and said, “Silly kid, do you still not understand? No matter if it was the Chaotic Ancestral Root behind the Door of the Grand that had converged the might of the 3,000 Grand Daos, those Battle Souls trapped and suppressed on Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain, or even all the forces that existed within the entirety of Master Xuan’s Divine Temple, all of them were established to guarantee the survival of the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.”

When it spoke up to here, it couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “After all, it’s the easiest for heaven defying treasures like this to suffer calamity. If Xuan hadn’t done everything he could to set up all of this, this Imperial Sovereign Dao Root would have probably suffered a heavenly calamity since a long time ago, and it would have been obliterated from the world.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart because he hadn’t thought about this.

“Senior White, tell me how I should take it.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he forcefully suppressed the impulsive feelings in his heart as he spoke slowly.

He was able to acutely notice that an extremely terrifying force field resided around the golden violet divine radiance that shot into the sky, and it caused even his soul to tremble in fear. So, he was clearly aware that he couldn’t head over rashly.

“I have a condition. So long as you agree, then I guarantee you’ll be able to obtain this supreme fortuitous encounter with ease. Otherwise, no matter how extraordinary your ability is, you’ll be utterly unable to approach it at all!” Senior White grinned while its spirits rose, and it puffed up its chest. He seemed as if he was waiting complacently for Chen Xi to take the bait.

A wisp of cold light flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes. However, Senior White refused to budge at all this time, and it bared its neck as it cried out. “Even if you kill me this time, you can only dream that I would make compromise!”

“Let me hear it first.” Chen Xi was slightly helpless when encountering a shameless, hypocritical, and narcissistic old beast that had lived for countless years and loved to boast. Chen Xi really did have a headache with this fellow.

Senior White’s eyes suddenly lit up brightly when it heard this, and it spoke excitedly with a hint of anticipation. “Little Fellow, you don’t understand my pain. I’ve been all alone here for countless years, and there’s probably no one left in the world that still remembers my magnificence and excellence from all those years ago….”

The more it spoke, the more exaggerated it became, and it caused Chen Xi to frown and interrupt Senior White. “Make it simple!”

Senior White’s face froze, and it glanced at Chen Xi in a seemingly bitter manner. In the end, it revealed a lonely expression and sighed. “The world is so big. I want to get out of here and go around it. Is this reason sufficient?”

Chen Xi almost spat on the ground. This shameless old fart really is a complete weirdo.

However, if Chen Xi agreed, then in the future, he would have to travel with an old bird that was full of problems. So, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel vexed.

“Hmph! Don’t act like it’s a great injustice to you. Don’t forget that even the Master of the Manku period, Xuan, had to address me respectfully as teacher all those years ago. Having me with you is simply like a great fortune to you, Little Fellow. The myriad of cultivators in this world don’t have such luck! Not to mention that I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to them even if they knelt down and begged.” When it saw Chen Xi being hesitant, Senior White couldn’t help but feel slightly displeased and grunted coldly with a dignified appearance.

“I can agree to it. But you have to guarantee that you’ll listen to me in the future.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he gritted his teeth and spoke.

“It’s a deal!” Senior White instantly beamed, and then it became complacent again. “Little Fellow, I knew that you wouldn’t allow such a great fortune to slip by.”

When it spoke up to here, it glanced at Chen Xi with a contemplative expression, and then it coughed dryly and said, “Right, I have another condition. So long as you agree to it….” It seemed to intend to take a yard after being given an inch.


A sword howl resounded from King Xuan Sword while Chen Xi glanced at Senior White with a murderous expression, and this terrified Senior White to the point of shrinking back while instantly and sensibly shutting its mouth.

“Alright, I’ve agreed to you condition, so you can tell me now, right?” Chen Xi spoke coldly. He was clearly aware that he absolutely couldn’t treat this old bird in an amiable manner. Otherwise, this old bird would just try to take a yard, and it was extremely infuriating.

‘Wait.” Senior White soared into the sky. Its snow white wings unfolded in an elegant arc as it tore swiftly through space and arrived before the beam of golden violet divine radiance.

After that, the seven colored feathered crown atop its head suddenly emanated a wisp of dazzling light that swept out like a ripple.


The seven colored wisp of light was extremely mystical, and it surged with a mysterious and obscure aura. Everywhere it passed, the space around the beam of golden violet divine radiance suddenly started seething.

It seemed like a restriction that had been lying asleep for countless years was being opened, and the entire heavens and the earth resounded with surging rumbling.

A rain of violet light poured down, the myriad of chains of Divine Dao Order swayed, the chaotic airflow whistled without end, and it illuminated this expanse of the world in dazzling, resplendent, and gorgeous light.

The tune of the Grand Dao surged in waves throughout the heavens and the earth, and it sounded like the tune of nature was gradually sweeping towards the surroundings.

Such a scene could truly be considered to be unprecedented and capable of stirring the soul. It was like a divine miracle was occurring before Chen Xi’s very eyes.

At this moment, Senior White seemed to be dignified and solemn to the extreme. Its entire body was suffused with a supreme, ancient, imposing, and domineering aura.

However, Chen Xi felt amused when he witnessed all of this. This old bird really doesn’t forget to show off.


Senior White’s wings were like blades that slashed down lightly, and they forcefully slit open a passageway in space that led directly to the bottom of the beam of golden violet divine radiance.

“Make your move quickly! Calamity will descend soon!” Senior White’s anxious and solemn voice sounded out by Chen Xi’s ear, and it caused his heart to tremble. So, Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate to whistle through the air and flash over like a wisp of light.

Just as Senior White had promised earlier, Chen Xi hadn’t suffered any obstruction all along the way before arriving at the bottom of that beam of golden violet divine radiance.

Chen Xi noticed the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root at the first possible moment.

It was completely overflowing with violet light, and it was in the form of a blazing ball of light that was dazzling and resplendent to the limit. Moreover, it emanated the oppressive aura of an imperial sovereign.

When Chen Xi looked over carefully, he noticed the violet ball of light was suffused with a chaotic ancestral aura, and it seemed to be extremely silent. Moreover, specks of golden starlight floated within it. They seemed like numerous golden stars that were circulating within the universe, and it caused the ball of light to seem even more boundless and magnificent.

It was too extraordinary and aloof!

It was completely different from the other Ancestral Dao Roots that Chen Xi had seen in the past, and it was an entirely different existence.

Laying eyes on this Imperial Sovereign Dao Root was like laying eyes on the Imperial Sovereign of Ancestral Dao Roots. Its aura was so formidable that even Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble while a trace of terror arose involuntarily.


Suddenly, a thunderclap resounded in the sky, and it emanated a force that struck directly at the heart and caused one’s hairs to stand on end. It seemed like a devastating calamity was about to descend.

“Quickly!” At practically the exact same moment, Senior White’s loud roar resounded, and it seemed to be extremely nervous and anxious.


Chen Xi felt shocked, and he flicked his sleeve instinctively to sweep the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root away in one go. After that, his figure flashed as he returned along the path he took to arrive here.


At practically the exact moment that he completed all of this, the entire world shook while an indescribable terrifying force descended, and it forcefully obliterated the beam of golden violet divine radiance!

The myriad of strands of divine radiance and the energy of Divine Dao Order that suffused this expanse of the heavens and the earth were thrown into disorder, blasted apart, and obliterated at this moment.

This force was truly too terrifying, and as the aftershock from it swept out towards the surroundings, it actually merely took an instant to crush that passageway Senior White had created.

If Chen Xi hadn’t returned in time, then the consequences would be absolutely inconceivable!

“Run!” Once it saw Chen Xi return, Senior White flapped its wings in a practically desperate manner, and it swished through the air as it fled towards the distance.

That old fellow! Chen Xi cursed and hurriedly followed behind Senior White.

Chen Xi’s formidable senses allowed him to clearly detect that the expanse of the heavens and the earth behind him had already transformed into an expanse of darkness and deathly silence. The towering beam of violet divine radiance was gone, the multicolored and blazing rain of light was gone, and the energy of Divine Dao Order that suffused the surroundings was gone as well….

There was only darkness like a black hole that could swallow the universe, and it was horrifying.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi’s heart shook as he noticed that an eye had soundlessly floated up into appearance within the depths of that deathly silence darkness. Even if it was only for a moment before it seemed as if it had never appeared in the first place.

However, Chen Xi was absolutely sure that it wasn’t an illusion because he’d seen that eye a very long time ago!

It was deep, icy cold, and without any emotion. It was exactly like the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation that had caused countless rains of blood in the three dimensions along with the Sovereign Sect!

All those years ago when he was at the God Attainment Region and because of the River Diagram fragments, Chen Xi had even been able to see countless cages that confined gods residing within that eye!

Yet now, after so many years, this eye had actually appeared soundlessly within the Desolate Manku Ruins outside the Ancient God Domain. Moreover, it had appeared in the deepest depths of Master Xuan’s Divine Temple. So, how could Chen Xi not be shocked by this?!

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