Chapter 1708 – A Test Of Limits

It wasn’t long before Senior White shook his head lightheartedly. Because even though this kid before him had been constantly suffering a beating, Chen Xi was actually able to resist the joint forces of 19 Sword Souls, and such defensive ability could be said to be peerless throughout the ages.

But in next to no time, his expression became solemn once more, and there was even a rare trace of worry in his eyes.

Chen Xi kept coughing up blood while his countenance grew more and more pale. Moreover, the perfectly round sword barrier created by the Impeccable Style was trembling violently like a bubble and seemed to show signs of being on the verge of destruction at any moment.

He was ceaselessly blasted flying by strand after strand of peerlessly fierce sword qi, and he wasn’t able to resist at all. He was still in a precarious position.

The Sword Souls were truly too formidable. Even if they merely utilized the Dismemberment Style, they were like numerous peerless Sword Emperors that emanated indescribably monstrous might.

If it was a one on one battle, then a Spirit God Exalt like Luo Shaonong who was ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart would probably not be a match for any one of them!

Yet now, 19 Sword Souls had attacked in unison, causing Sword Insight to shoot through the world, and they’d joined forces in besieging Chen Xi. Thus, it was obvious how terrifying the might they revealed was, and how dangerous such a situation was to Chen Xi.

Most importantly, along with the passage of time, numerous bright lights were charging up from the 36 mountains at Demon Ridge, and it meant that Sword Soul after Sword Soul were charging up into the sky and joining the battle….


Finally, when the number of Sword Souls arrived at 25, the barrier Chen Xi created with all his might via the Impeccable Style had finally been unable to endure the attacks any longer and was blasted into pieces of light that rained down towards the surroundings….


Senior White gasped in the distance, and his heart had risen to his throat. Could it be that this fellow is going to suffer calamity right before the very end?

Wouldn’t that be a real pity!?

King Xuan’s Divine Temple had been standing towering here for too long and had experienced the corrosion of countless years. However, since the ancient times until now, no one had ever been able to arrive here.

It could be said that Chen Xi was the first cultivator Senior White had met throughout these countless years, and Chen Xi’s display from before was truly extraordinary indeed, and even with Senior White’s critical gaze, Senior White found it difficult to find much flaws in Chen Xi.

Even though Senior White was extremely displeased by Chen Xi’s crude and rude attitude, when he saw such a young man being on the verge of falling into a precarious situation, Senior White was worried to the extreme as well.


Right when the strands of sword qi whistled over and were about to annihilate Chen Xi on the spot, another perfectly round sword barrier surged once more into appearance at this critical moment, and it barely blocked before Chen Xi.


The sword qi exploded into pieces, causing a rain of light to storm down and sweep towards the surroundings.

As expected, Chen Xi was blasted flying again, causing blood to seep out of the corners of his mouth and dye his clothes red.

He was in a truly too sorry state, and it was too dangerous. So, besides allowing Senior White to heave a sigh of relief, Senior White couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat for Chen Xi.

If I hadn’t tempered my heart to the point of being comparable to Primeval Divine Metal a long time ago, I would definitely die because of this kid…. Senior White patted his chest with his wings, and he seemed as if he’d just experienced a false alarm.

But in next to no time, his entire body shivered and froze on the spot. Because the situation of the battle in his field of vision hadn’t turned for the better, and it became even more dangerous for Chen Xi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Xi’s sword barriers were ceaselessly blasted apart, and he was going back and forth on the borders of life and death every single time, and even slightest mistake could have caused his death.

If someone without a firm will were to be in such a dangerous and horrifying situation, then that person’s mind would have probably collapsed before being annihilated on the spot.

However, this didn’t happen to Chen Xi. He encountered danger over and over again yet was able to save the situation over and over again as well, and his ability to persist until now was simply like a miracle.

However, Senior White discerned all of this clearly. It wasn’t a miracle, nor was it related to a miracle at all. It was entirely because of his own formidable strength that Chen Xi was able to accomplish this.

This sort of strength didn’t just refer merely to cultivation, it included will, wisdom, determination, intelligence!

Without all of this, then no matter how shocking Chen Xi’s cultivation was, it would absolutely be impossible for him to persist until now.

But because of this deep understanding, Senior White grew more and more worried and anxious instead. Because as time moved on, there were already an entire 32 Sword Souls that had joined the fight!

This amount was absolutely astounding. It was like 32 peerless Sword Emperors who were even more formidable than Luo Shaonong were jointly attacking Chen Xi. If the others in the outside world witnessed this scene, their jaws would definitely drop to the ground from shock and disbelief.


After a short moment, the 33rd Sword Soul joined the battle.

Chen Xi’s countenance was ghastly pale while his entire body was drenched in blood. Moreover, the vital energy throughout his body were showing signs of collapse, yet his eyes were still firm and bright.

Even if he’d been constantly suppressed from the beginning until the end and wasn’t able to counterattack at all, he’d been persisting and persisting since the beginning….


Another Sword Soul attacked, and it instantly crushed the sword barrier around Chen Xi into pieces. Moreover, even Chen Xi himself was struck to the point his ribs sank down, and his appearance was horrifying.

“35 Sword Souls. How could this fellow be so stupid and still be unable to comprehend the core profundities of the Dismemberment Style?” Senior White was anxious to the point his entire body was tense, and he was even more worried and anxious than Chen Xi himself. He truly wished for nothing more than to charge into the battlefield and personally describe all the core profundities of the Dismemberment Style to Chen Xi.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t act in that way. On one hand, it was because of the rules, but most importantly, if one was unable to comprehend this sort of supreme sword technique on one’s own, then it would be utterly useless even if another provided endless guidance.


A strong gale tore through space, and the 36th Sword Soul attacked!

At this instant, even Senior White’s expression had changed. The seven colored crown of feathers on his head was enshrouded by divine radiance, and Senior White felt suffocated.

Senior White hadn’t experienced such a feeling for a very long time, yet he had such a feeling while watching this battle. This caused Senior White to be embarrassed and furious. This little fellow really knows how to torture others!

Why doesn’t he just die!?


Right when Senior White was extremely agitated, a change had suddenly occurred in the battlefield.

At this moment, an indescribably sharp aura had suddenly erupted through the world like a supreme divine weapon after it had been thoroughly tempered within a furnace of chaos.

At this instant, the heavens and the earth had suddenly dimmed while all things fell into deathly silence. Only a wisp of bright light that was like a ghastly bolt of lightning in the world had flashed through the sky and tore it apart.

If one didn’t look carefully, it would even be difficult to find a trace of this wisp of light. It had appeared extremely swiftly, and it had vanished extremely quickly as well.

After that….

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All the strands of peerlessly fierce sword qi that were assaulting Chen Xi had been crushed into pieces at the same moment, and they dispersed throughout the surroundings like a rain of light and illuminated the heavens and the earth.

On the other hand, the 36 Sword Souls seemed as if they’d been frozen. They maintained their postures from before while they stood at areas in space.

“What?” Senior White’s pupils constricted abruptly.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A wave of muffled bangs resounded as all the Sword Souls were suddenly and instantly torn into pieces like paper!

All of this had occurred in an instant!

Senior White was utterly stunned.

Fine pieces of scattered sword qi surged like a torrent in Demon Ridge, and it ceaselessly swept out, tore space apart, and threw the heavens and the earth into chaos.

The 36 Sword Souls that were suppressed here for countless years had been completely drowned beneath this torrent and had vanished completely from the annals of history.

All of this was so turbulent, and so shaking to the soul!

After a long time later, all of this vanished, and the surroundings returned to calm while only waves of rapid breathing reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

It was Chen Xi’s breathing. His entire body was covered in blood, his countenance was pale as a sheet of paper, and the veins on his right hand that held the damaged King Xuan Sword had bulged up while his hand itself trembled.

He lay on the ground that was covered in a scene of desolation while gasping for breath. He seemed to be in a such a sorry and miserable state. However, his black pupils were so bright like the most dazzling stars in the sky, and a wisp of a relieved smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

This was the smile of a victor. It was heartfelt and revealed extreme pride, yet it wasn’t annoying but moving instead.

This battle could absolutely be considered to be filled with danger. It was alarmingly dangerous, and it was deadly to the extreme.

Now, all his opponents had been killed, and Chen Xi had the last laugh.

After a short while, Senior White flashed over, and it floated into appearance before Chen Xi before it spoke with an extremely complicated tone. “Heh! You finally had some brains. I thought that you’d definitely die this time.”

Chen Xi sat up while gasping for breath, and he said, “You seemed to have been even more nervous that I was.”

Senior White’s face froze, and then it grunted coldly. “Nervous? I’ve lived for countless years, so what sort of events have I not seen. Thus, how could I possibly be nervous?”

Chen Xi had been constantly smiling, smiling to the point Senior White felt uncomfortable. It couldn’t help but make two dry coughs and change the topic. “Why do I feel like you’d already grasped the core profundities of the Dismemberment Style since a long time ago. So, why didn’t you make a move as soon as possible and just had to make yourself fall into such a sorry state?”

Chen Xi took a deep breath before his body became suffused with glistening divine radiance, and the injuries he suffered during the battle were swiftly recovered at a visible speed.

After a while, he stood up, and he gazed towards the distance as he said, “That Imperial Sovereign Dao Root is over there?”

Senior White was furious, and he spoke with burning impatience. “I ask you something! Don’t change the topic!”

“You really want to know?”


“It’s very simple. I just wanted to test my own limits.”

Senior White was instantly stunned when he heard this answer. Test his own limits? Does anyone in the world even risk their lives to test their own limits?

This little fellow… is simply a madman!

Senior White truly wished for nothing more than to let a string of curses loose. Earlier, he was extremely anxious, yet never had he imagined that Chen Xi had actually done all of this merely for such a reason!

However, even though he thought in this way, his gaze towards Chen Xi had changed unconsciously while a trace of emotion creeped through his heart.

Perhaps only a young man like this can surpass the past and establish an ultimate path of his own, right?

“Senior White, are there any more tests after this?” Suddenly, Chen Xi spoke and jolted Senior White back to his senses. It stretched out its snow white wings before tearing through the sky and flying towards the distance.

“Come with me!”

Chen Xi was stunned because he hadn’t expected that this old fellow would actually agree so readily this time. Chen Xi shook his head, and then he hurriedly chased after to Senior White.

They passed through Demon Ridge and travelled forward for a long time before a golden violet colored beam of divine radiance that towered into the sky had appeared within their fields of vision.

Chen Xi’s eyes opened wide. Exactly what sort of divine radiance is that? It’s actually able to draw over a myriad of strands of the energy of Divine Dao Order to coil around it!

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