Chapter 1707 – Sword Qi Enveloping The Surroundings

There was a total of 36 mountains.

Every single mountain had a faint and obscure aura lying dormant within it. It seemed like the aura of a man yet wasn’t, seemed like the aura of a ghost yet wasn’t as well, and it was definitely the aura of the Sword Souls that Senior White spoke about.

In an instant, Chen Xi had determined the rough situation in Demon Ridge. He took a deep breath, and a wisp of a murderous expression silently suffused the space between his brows.

All of these Sword Souls had grasped the core profundities of the Dismemberment Style. Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of them if he had to fight them one on one, but if they swarmed him, then it would definitely be an extremely terrifying scene.

Fortunately, he’d already attained a complete grasp of the core profundities of the Impeccable Style that possessed the greatest defensive ability, so Chen Xi felt slightly more at ease with it to rely on.


Suddenly, the space extremely far in the distance was slashed apart like cloth by an extremely sharp wisp of sword qi, and the sword qi shot directly at Chen Xi.

It was swift, precise, and fierce!

It vividly displayed the quintessence of the Dismemberment Style, and facing this strike caused others to feel a feeling of suffocation that struck directly at them. It was too terrifying.

At this instant, even Chen Xi’s entire body couldn’t help but be suffused by a strand of coldness, and a chill ran down his spine. He practically instinctively utilized the Impeccable Style!


A wave of sharp and ear piercing sounds of collision resounded, and it shook the perfectly round sword barrier to the point a rain of light erupted from it, whereas, Chen Xi’s entire figure was blasted flying with force, causing the vital blood within his body to roil while he almost coughed up blood.

It was too formidable!

It was simply like a myriad of mountains had converged on a single embroidery needle that smashed over fiercely, and it created an extremely terrifying impact.

If it wasn’t for the defensive ability of the Impeccable Style, merely this strike would have been sufficient to penetrate Chen Xi’s body and annihilate him in one go!

This wasn’t exaggerated because perhaps the Dismemberment Style couldn’t compare to the Flowing Light Style in terms of speed, but if it was in terms of destructive force and penetrative force, then it could absolutely be considered to be the strongest in the Profound Heart Sword Technique!


Another strand of sword qi lit up in the distance. It swiftly tore through space and arrived before him. It was still the Dismemberment Style, it was still that fierce and precise, and it shot directly at the vital point between Chen Xi’s brows!

Does it really think I’m so easy to bully!? Chen Xi took a deep breath before he suddenly waved his sword, and he similarly utilized the Dismemberment Style.


The two strands of sword qi collided in midair, causing divine radiance to erupt. It blasted the world in an area of 500km into pieces, and even space was thrown into disorder.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, when compared to the Sword Soul’s Dismemberment Style, his own was like a piece of bamboo that was empty on the inside and only looked good on the outside, causing it to be instantly crushed into powder by the opposing attack. Moreover, the attacking strand of sword qi didn’t lose momentum and continued slashing down towards him.

Even though its strength had obviously weakened greatly when compared to before, this comparison allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that his grasp of the Dismemberment Style was too much weaker indeed!


He swung the damaged King Xuan Sword to slash that wisp of remaining sword qi into pieces, and only now did Chen Xi notice his opponent clearly. Shockingly, a black figure had silently floated up into appearance on the mountain extremely far away.

Its entire body flowed with fierce sword radiance, and it was ethereal and illusory. It simply seemed like a peerless sword was revealing its supreme edge!

This was one of the Sword Souls that were buried here. They had suffered qi deviation from being too infatuated in the Sword Dao, and they only left a strand of their soul behind. It had existed until now and had long since lost all mental ability to the point of becoming demonic, bloodthirsty, and unable to even recognize their own loved ones. If they were in the outside world, then such strands of Sword Souls would definitely be able to cause unimaginable calamities to the cultivation world.

However, at this moment, they were suppressed here by the Master of the Manku period. They were unable to bring calamity to the world, and they’d become a strong barrier that guarded this place instead.

If one wanted to obtain the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, then there were only two outcomes. Either kill them or be killed! 


The Sword Soul moved once more. A wisp of glistening sword qi floated up into appearance on its palm, and it destroyed Yin and Yang as it swept towards Chen Xi.

The Dismemberment Style didn’t simply attack in a direct manner, and it had extremely precise, fine, and profound variations. It was extraordinary, natural, and unrestrained. However, no matter how it varied, it always carried a precise, fierce, and focused imposing aura as it attacked!

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi made a move as well. Divine radiance effused out from his entire body while powerful and vast Divine Energy transformed into strands of mysterious talisman markings that circulated around his body, causing him to seem like a peerless imperial exalt and possess an oppressive imposing aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, he collided over 100 times with the Sword Soul. Both of them utilized the Dismemberment Style, and their sword qi collided with each other like diamond trying to cut diamond. It was a true equal struggle.

Such a battle was extremely dangerous because both sides were utilizing the strength of a sword strike that excelled in fierceness and destructive force. So, the slightest bit of carelessness would cause one to be slaughtered on the spot.

Compared to the Sword Soul, Chen Xi was in a comparatively safer situation because the Impeccable Style he possessed was sufficient to help him save himself from danger.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t able to gain even the slightest advantage now. The reason was that his grasp of the Dismemberment Style was still inferior to the Sword Soul, and it was even to the extent that he had to frequently utilize a defensive strategy during the intense battle between them.


Suddenly, a bright ray of light charged out from a mountain in the distance, and then it transformed into a Sword Soul. It actually tore through the sky and joined the battle, and it attacked Chen Xi along with the other Sword Soul.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt extremely strained and signs of danger appeared incessantly.

Earlier, just dealing with one Sword Soul had already forced him to utilize the Impeccable Style to save himself. Now, with another Sword Soul of similar strength joining in the battle, the pressure Chen Xi endured was obvious.

This won’t do. If this continues, then what would I do if all the Sword Souls in all 36 mountains within Demon Ridge launch an attack against me?

I must end the battle as soon as possible!

But how exactly should I overcome this situation?

Chen Xi practically instinctively placed his attention on the Dismemberment Style. He was very clearly aware that this tempering was targeted at the Dismemberment Style, but even until this moment, he actually still found it difficult to fully comprehend its profundities.

It was too difficult!

It was obviously much more difficult than it was to comprehend the Ocean Cliff Style, Flowing Light Style, and Impeccable Style. It wasn’t because this move was extremely profound, and it was instead because it was extremely difficult for Chen Xi to quickly capture that strand of fierce and murderous aura while in such an intense battle!

Yes, he needed time and needed energy to deduce it. However, unfortunately, he didn’t even have the time to catch his breath amidst the pincer attack of these two Sword Souls. Moreover, the situation he was in had become extremely serious, so he wasn’t able to gather his concentration to deduce the profundities of the Dismemberment Style at all.

Of course, he could slowly temper it through live combat, but Chen Xi didn’t dare guarantee if he would truly be able to master all its profundities before all the other Sword Souls attacked.


Suddenly, a strand of bright light arose from the third mountain, and then a Sword Soul charged out and whistled over.

This caused Chen Xi’s expression to become extremely solemn, and he didn’t dare give it any further thought and fought with all his might.

For a time, this area was filled with peerless sword qi that intersected and whistled through the world. They caused extremely terrifying torrents of air to arise and sweep towards the surroundings.

Such a scene was simply like the scene of the end of the world.

If Luo Shaonong was still alive and witnessed such a battle that could shock the world, it was a mystery how he would think at that moment!

Perhaps, Jia Nan had already guessed all of this since the beginning, and that was the reason he’d resolutely given up on this fortuitous encounter?

After all, Chen Xi’s current combat strength was sufficient to easily annihilate Luo Shaonong who was ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. However, he’d been constantly obstructed here, and he’d experienced a great deal of tempering before being able to arrive at Demon Ridge, yet he was still showing signs of being suppressed now. Such circumstances obviously showed what sort of blow the others would suffer if they came here.

To put it simply, this place, Master Xuan’s Divine Temple, wasn’t a place that just anyone could enter.

It had stood towering here for countless years, yet there had still been no one capable of taking the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root away, and the reason was obvious.

When the third Sword Soul joined the battle, Chen Xi was completely suppressed, and he was unable to counterattack any longer.

He could only rely on the Impeccable Style to put up an endless defense as he dodged without end. Every single strand of sword qi that struck the sword barrier carried unparalleled force, and it shook Chen Xi to the point his vital blood roiled without end. In the end, strands of blood even seeped out from the corners of his mouth.


After a short while, Chen Xi was blasted flying again, and his countenance turned slightly pale. However, his gaze was still firm, persistent, and bright like an eternal star.

It had been extremely long since Chen Xi had experienced the feeling of absolute suppression, and this didn’t cause him to be aggrieved but caused his fighting spirit to soar instead.

Because he was clearly aware that his path of cultivation had been tempered like this since the beginning. When everyone was surprised and shocked by his extraordinary combat strength, none of them knew how much painstaking effort, sweat, and blood he’d paid for it.

Moreover, no one knew how many dangers and lethal calamities he’d experienced all along the way!

However, all of this wasn’t important anymore. Presently, Chen Xi was clearly aware that after he experienced this extremely dangerous tempering, the benefits he obtained would absolutely not disappoint him.

Of course, he had to pay a price for this, and that was to constantly endure lethal danger and the constant suppression of his body and soul.

At this moment, Chen Xi was in an extremely sorry state, but there were no worries or thoughts in his heart, and it was even to the extent that he’d forgotten the heavens, forgotten the earth, and forgotten everything.

He’d forgotten everything around him.

He’d forgotten the passage of time.

He’d forgotten the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

His eyes, his heart, his mind…. All of his concentration was converged onto this battle. He was like a piece of iron that was being refined in a furnace. Even though it was being tempered without end, it never broke from the beginning until the end!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

During this entire process, the fourth mountain, fifth mountain, sixth mountain…. Sword Souls ceaselessly joined the battle and besieged Chen Xi.

Strands of peerless sword qi were executed via the most destructive sword move, the Dismemberment Style, and they were like rays of light that swept through the heavens and the earth with all-powerful might capable of slaughtering everything before them!

On the other hand, the completely round sword barrier around Chen Xi surged violently. When looked at from afar, he was like a ball that was being blasted flying without end, and he was utterly unable to counterattack.

“19 Sword Souls have already attacked. Why hasn’t this little fellow finished comprehending the core profundities of the Dismemberment Style?” In the distance, Senior White had folded its wings and stood proudly at the top of the clouds while looked down at the battle in the distance. There was no teasing, unruly, and complacent expression in its eyes any longer, and they revealed a trace of a bewildered and solemn expression instead.

“Impossible. According to the natural talent and comprehension ability he revealed earlier, it would have been sufficient for him to comprehend its profundities a long time ago before the sixth Sword Soul had even attacked….”

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