Chapter 1706 – Senior White

That voice seemed to be completely exasperated and slightly annoyed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. At this moment, he’d roughly determined that the owner of the voice had no ill intent, and the owner of the voice just had a bad mouth and was looking for a beating.

Chen Xi intended to continue forward.

At this moment, a wave of fluctuation suddenly arose in space, and then an extraordinarily majestic flying beast appeared.

It had snow white wings, claws that seemed as if they were made from gold and glistened brilliantly, a pair of eyes that were bright like the stars and revealed an oppressive and wild aura.

There was a crown of feathers on its head, and it emanated extremely dazzling and ethereal seven colored divine radiance.

At this moment, its wings were folded while its snow white, narrow, and long head was raised up high in a proud manner. It was simply majestic, imposing, and arrogant to the extreme.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wave of surprise. However, no matter how he looked at this flying beast, he felt that it was like a white feathered chicken, and it just had a good outer appearance and seemed like a very complacent showoff.

“Hmph! What’re you looking at? Are you feeling inferior in comparison when compared to my peerlessly majestic appearance?” He glanced at Chen Xi with in an extremely arrogant manner.

Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. So, this fellow is the owner of that voice! But… it really looks like a white feathered chicken.

When he thought up to here, a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he said, “May I know Senior’s great name?”

The ‘white feathered chicken’ seemed to have completely missed the teasing tone in Chen Xi’s words, and it raised its head up proudly and said while assuming the air of a senior. “Little Child, you’re quite well mannered. To tell you the truth, I, your Ancestor, was born within the Chaos of the Manku period. When I was born, seven colored auspicious clouds descended from the heavens, 10,000 golden lotuses arose from the earth, all the gods were terrified, and the sun, moon, and stars shook. If you didn’t witness the scene at that time with your own two eyes, then it would be absolutely impossible for you to image what sort of dazzling divine miracle it was. Even until now, it has become a brand in the Manku period that’s impossible to eliminate….”

The more it spoke, the more excited it became. Its spit sprayed throughout the surroundings while its spirits rose, and it seemed to be sighing with emotion about the past.

Chen Xi frowned from this instead. He’d never seen such a shameless and thick-skinned old fellow. But in the end, out of a form of respect, he forcefully restrained the disgust in his heart and continued listening.

According to this white feathered chicken, it was an innate god that was born within the Chaos of the Manku period. Besides that, practically everything else it said was exaggerated boasting of itself. Like how it followed the gods to launch an expedition throughout the world, swept through a myriad of regions. There was no other information that was of value.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel speechless. He’d utterly never imagined that he would encounter such an utter weirdo in the divine and solemn Master Xuan’s Divine Temple. Not only did this white fellow had a bad mouth that deserved a beating, it was fond of exaggerating and boasting as well. Moreover, it even maintained a proud and complacent expression from the beginning until the end.

It was the first time Chen Xi had encountered a flying beast that possessed such character, and he was at a loss for whether to laugh or cry.

“Senior White….” Chen Xi opened his mouth and gave it a nickname.

However, this instantly aroused strong displeasure in it. Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, it berated in a low voice. “How audacious! What did you call me, your Ancestor? You actually dared to defile my name? If this happened during the Manku period, then even Xuan wouldn’t be able to save you!”

Chen Xi felt a wave of helplessness and said, “Then you….”

“How audacious! How could you address your Ancestor with the word ‘you’? This is simply great disrespect….”

Chen Xi instantly stretched out his hand and grabbed ahold of its neck like he was holding up a chicken, and it seemed to be extremely easy. Moreover, it caused the white feathered chicken’s voice to stop abruptly as well, so the world became silent as well.

“You dare call yourself Ancestor when you only possess such ability?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. “I don’t mind slaughtering you if you dare to continue rambling on!”

The white feathered chicken was infuriated to the point its entire body trembled, and it glared at Chen Xi. It wanted to speak but Chen Xi was choking its throat, and its face flushed red from suffocation.

In the end, it became completely spiritless and dejected.

Chen Xi let go when he saw this.

However, as soon as he did, the white feathered chicken roared furiously. “Kid, you actually dared to treat your Ancestor in such a way. Do you know that even Xuan had to address your Ancestor respectfully as ‘teacher’ all those years ago? You….”

Its voice stopped abruptly as Chen Xi had grabbed its throat again, and this infuriated it to the point it was on the verge of exploding while boundless sorrow and rage arose in its heart. The world really has changed. Now, even a little kid dares to disrespect me….


How truly damnable!

“You’ll be called Senior White from now on. If you want to live, then be obedient and listen to me because I really won’t hold back if you continue rambling on.” Chen Xi glanced coldly at it before he let go.

Senior White flared up with rage from being threatened like this, and it opened its mouth with the intention of saying something. However, Chen Xi glared at it, and its face instantly froze while it forcefully swallowed back the words that were about to escape its mouth. It was aggrieved to the point the crown of feathers on its head trembled violently, and it was truly furious.

“Tell me where the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root is?” Chen Xi was finally able to suppress this fellow for now, and he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

Truthfully speaking, he could be considered to have taken a risk just now. If this fellow was really as formidable as he’d bragged, then the consequences… would be unimaginable indeed.

Fortunately, Chen Xi made the right bet. This fellow’s strength was barely on par with a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was simply nothing before Chen Xi now.

Yet just moments ago, he’d suspected that this fellow was an eccentric expert that had lived here for countless years.

Of course, Chen Xi wouldn’t look down on this fellow because of this. Because its ability to reside in Master Xuan’s Divine Temple itself was an extremely inconceivable thing.

“Why should I tell you?” At this moment, Senior White seemed to have calmed down, and it combed its snow white feathers in a carefree manner.

“Oh, are you sure?” Chen Xi’s brows raised while a cold glow flowed in his eyes.

Senior White’s figure stiffened while his eyeballs spun. “About that….”

When he spoke up to here, the feathers on its entire body trembled before it spoke unhurriedly in an extremely arrogant manner. “Forget it, I haven’t made an appearance in the world for many years, so it’s normal that you don’t know how formidable I, your Ancestor, am. So, I won’t make a fuss about it with you and I might as well tell you.”

Chen Xi shook his head. You’re obviously so afraid of being found out, yet you just have to put on such an act. This weirdo really is hypocrite.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to expose this fellow. This was an extremely proud, hypocritical, and annoying old fellow that likes to brag, so it was pointless to make a fuss about it with such a fellow!

“Lead the way.” Chen Xi spoke in a frank and direct manner.

Senior White was stunned. It still intended to say something, but it couldn’t help but pucker its lips when it noticed Chen Xi’s hostile expression. It actually shrugged in a rather carefree manner and seemed as if he was saying Chen Xi really didn’t have any patience.

After that, it flapped its wings and flew towards the distance.

Chen Xi immediately followed closely behind it.

All along the way, he noticed that the direction Senior White led him towards wasn’t different to the direction he’d determined earlier. Both of these directions were towards the source of the fragrance that floated over from afar.

Even though this fellow doesn’t have a good character, at least this fellow is reliable. Chen Xi muttered in his heart.

“Little Fellow, the final test is right ahead. You have to be careful. Don’t blame me for not reminded you.” After a short moment, Senior White spoke abruptly and was still complacent and proud as before.

“Call me Chen Xi in the future.” Chen Xi glanced coldly at Senior White before he shot his gaze towards the distance. An expanse of strangely shaped mountains resided throughout the ground there. They were of different heights and completely barren.

“What sort of test is this?” asked Chen Xi. Because he’d acutely noticed that this area was dangerous, and it was extremely unusual.

This time, Senior White seemed to answer extremely readily. It said proudly, “You’re probably unaware of this but this expanse of mountains is called Demon Ridge. Every single one of these mountains suppresses a Sword Soul, and all of them had suffered from qi deviation because they were too infatuated in the Sword Dao, causing them to only leave behind a Sword Soul that resides here. So long as you’re able to defeat all of them, then you’ll be able to lay eyes on the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.”

When it spoke up to here, it glanced at Chen Xi and said indifferently, “Chen Xi, I have to warn you. If you fail this test, then it’ll mean death for you. Even though I feel sympathetic for those with great genius, but I’m unable to lend you a hand because of the rules.”

Chen Xi had directly disregarded the last sentence Senior White said. No matter what this fellow spoke about, it just loved to brag about itself and couldn’t be believed.

Senior White couldn’t help but laugh coldly when it saw Chen Xi’s expression. “Don’t even think that I’m scaring you. Every single one of these Sword Souls have already grasped the core profundities of the Dismemberment Style. You ought to be clearly aware of exactly how formidable this sword move is.”

The Dismemberment Style!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and his expression became serious. This move was the most destructive, precise, and swift. In a one on one battle, it absolutely surpassed all other sword moves in terms of destructive force.

The most terrifying fact was that this move didn’t just possess shocking destructive force, it was extremely precise as well. Once it locked onto someone, then it was utterly impossible to dodge and could only be resisted head-on.

According to Senior White, all of those Sword Souls suppressed in Demon Ridge had grasped the core profundities of this move. So, how could Chen Xi not be shocked?

After pondering deeply for a long time, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes, and he flashed towards Demon Ridge.

He wanted to obtain that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root no matter what, so no matter how dangerous this test was, he wouldn’t stop because of it.

“Haha! He’s quite brave. Xuan didn’t misjudge him.” Senior White glanced at Chen Xi with surprise and seemed to be lost in thought.

But right after that, it shouted. “Chen Xi, do you still remember the impeccable style that you comprehended earlier?”

Chen Xi’s figure stopped abruptly for a moment, and he was clearly aware that this was a form of guidance. He didn’t even look back as he said, “Thank you.”

“That again! Chen Xi, you simply lack character! However, I, your Ancestor, am really gratified that you’re able to accept guidance with an open mind. My troubles weren’t taken in vain.” Senior White raised his head up high and sighed with emotion.

“….” Chen Xi was utterly speechless. He secretly decided that he could absolutely not be courteous to this shameless fellow in the future!

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Strong gales swept out like blades and whistled through the air before Demon Ridge. The heavens and the earth were covered in a deathly silent and murderous aura, and only those barren mountains resided here. They were like ferocious beasts of the Manku period that had been slumbering here for countless years, and they would awaken at the slightest sign of movement.

Chen Xi clothes fluttered as he stood afar and sized up everything in the distance. The air was suffused with a strand of faint Sword Insight, and it caused Chen Xi’s eyes to be unable to help but narrow before they were suffused with a wisp of chilly light.

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