Chapter 1705 – Divine Staray Butterfly

This was a perfect example of overcoming everything with force.

So long as one possessed absolute force, then it would be sufficient to crush everything!

The Spear of the Valiant was sharp, advanced boldly, and destroyed everything before it. So, colliding head on with it was simply like colliding with a mountain that was impossible to move, and if one’s will was slightly shaky, then one was bound to have one’s will to fight taken away. In that way, one wouldn’t be far from defeat.

At this instant, Chen Xi felt a strand of terror as well when he faced such simply and direct attacks, and he wanted to dodge and fight it in a roundabout manner.

However, right at this moment, that complacent and proud voice resounded once more. “Little Idiot, if you’re unafraid of dying, then continue dodging. The Spear of the Valiant has seized the courage of the world. So, once you dodge, it’ll be like sailing against a current, and it will definitely lead to your defeat!

“What did I, your Ancestor, say just now? You are too young, too immature. If you withdrew obediently earlier, then you wouldn’t have to embarrass yourself in this way.”

This voice was simply too annoying, and it caused Chen Xi to feel a wave of agitation in his heart. So, Chen Xi’s expression turned icy cold as he berated. “Shut up!”

Even though he spoke in this way, Chen Xi stopped dodging when facing the explosive attacks of the bronze speak, and he instinctively utilized the Ocean Cliff Style to collide head-on with it.


Chen Xi was still blasted back during this collision, but his entire body shook because he’d acutely noticed that the Spear of the Valiant’s strength had decreased sharply.

Earlier, during the battle with the 10 Suncrows, the tempering I received from the battle allowed me to completely grasp the core profundities of the Flowing Light Style. Could this battle with the Spear of the Valiant be another form of tempering, and it’s testing my grasp of the Ocean Cliff Style? Suddenly, a thought flashed in Chen Xi’s mind, and it caused his eyes to light up abruptly.

Chen Xi decided to give it a try.



In the next period of time, Chen Xi fully severed all of his distracting thoughts, and he had no further intention to dodge or feel fear while he fought the Spear of the Valiant with all his strength.

In a short period of a few breath of time, they’d collided over 100 times. Every single collision was like a star had exploded into pieces and caused a rain of light to spray.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi utilized the Ocean Cliff Style to go against it.

This technique surged like an ocean and was lofty like a cliff. Unlike the ethereal Flowing Light Style, it carried a crushing and powerful imposing aura when utilized in a head-on battle.

Even though Chen Xi was ceaselessly blasted back during these 100 plus collisions while a trace of blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth and the vital blood within him roiled, his eyes were growing brighter and brighter, and his imposing aura was growing stronger and more courageous as the battle went on!

Later on, he faintly revealed a supreme bearing of destroying all that stood before his sword.

During this entire process, the Ocean Cliff Style was tempered to the point of becoming even grander and flawless. A mere light strike of it was like an enormous army was galloping through the world, and it seemed to intend to sweep through the universe!


In the end, Chen Xi suddenly let out a long howl. He was like a god of war, and his entire body contained oppressive divine might as he slashed with his sword.

In an instant, the Spear of the Valiant was shaken to the point of emanating rapid and ear piercing buzzing. After that, it started to collapse inch by inch from the tip. In the end, it exploded into a rain of light that dispersed towards the surroundings.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression was completely emotionless and composed.

He’d fully grasped the core profundities of the Ocean Cliff Style, and this allowed him to full confirm that no matter if it was the attacks of the 10 Suncrows or the head-on collisions with the Spear of the Valiant, they were all a form of test in the end.

Or perhaps, it was a form of tempering towards the Profound Heart Sword Technique he possessed!

If he won, then he would naturally be able to continue forward, and if he lost….

He would probably lose all chances of obtaining that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root!

“Eh!” That voice resounded once more, and it seemed to be slightly surprised. However, it quickly recovered its complacent and ridiculing tone. “The log of wood finally grew some brains. But it was really too slow. If I, your Ancestor, didn’t tell you right at the beginning that the Flowing Light Style was unable to go against the Speak of the Valiant, then an idiot like you would probably still be unable to figure out the secrets behind all of this.”

This time, Chen Xi didn’t get annoyed, and he said with a serious expression instead, “Thank you.”

Earlier, it really was because of this fellow that Chen Xi had understood how terrifying the Spear of the Valiant was. Even though the way this fellow spoke was slightly irritating, this fellow had helped him in the end.

“Dammit! You actually thanked me, your Ancestor. My god! Little Idiot, you simply have no character! However, why do I suddenly feel a little gratified? This won’t do, this won’t do at all! I’m not bought over so easily. Wouldn’t that be too shameful?” The voice continued nagging, and it was extremely unbearable. It was simply like the ramblings of a crazy old lady.

However, Chen Xi directly disregarded it. He shook his head and continued forward.

What sort of test will I face next? Chen Xi felt slight anticipation.

As if it had heard the voice in his heart, it wasn’t long before a divine formation suddenly surged into appearance and covered the heavens and the earth. Wind and clouds flowed about within it while lightning rumbled, and it vividly displayed the changes in the world.

This was utterly not threatening to Chen Xi who’d attained extraordinary attainments in the Dao of Talismans since a long time ago.

However, he didn’t break the formation open because it wasn’t dangerous, and it was only an illusion formation. It displayed the extremes of illusion, was filled with the strange and unusual, and it caused others to be unable to distinguish the right path.

In next to no time, numerous multicolored butterflies fluttered over. Their wings were thin, fine, and flowed with all sorts of gorgeous radiance, causing them to be rather beautiful.

As the divine formation circulated, the butterflies were like strands of brilliant light that flickered and moved indeterminately within it, and it was extremely difficult to lock onto them.

“Hehehe. Little Idiot, your Ancestor won’t give you any tips this time. Good luck!” The voice resounded as expected, and it seemed to intend to watch the show.


The heart of Chen Xi who was sizing up the surroundings shook abruptly, and then he waved his sword to block before him. A strand of light that seemed like starlight had suddenly collided with his sword, and it caused sparks to shoot towards the surroundings.

Before Chen Xi could make any further reaction, a myriad of rays of light actually surged over in an instant from all directions. Every single strand of light was extremely fine and seemingly translucent. So, it was extremely difficult to notice within this everchanging formation.

Most horrifying of it all, the might of every single ray of light wasn’t weaker to the full forced strike of a Spirit God Exalt at Gongye Zhefu’s level. Now, they covered the heavens and the earth as they smashed down explosively in a dense mass, and such a scene simply caused one to feel despaired and helpless.

It was impossible to break through their encirclement!

Chen Xi had instantly determined the situation he was in.

The reason was that these rays of lights were too numerous. Even if he was able to resist them, there would be even more lights that arrived after that, and it was endless like tidewater.

Chen Xi was similarly aware that these attacks had definitely come from that group of butterflies that appeared earlier. But now, he was unable to lock onto them and was unable to locate any traces of them.


He eliminated the divine formation in one go!

However, Chen Xi was already clearly aware that this was a form of test and tempering. Perhaps it was filled with danger to others, but to Chen Xi, it was a superb opportunity to improve himself, so he would naturally not miss such an opportunity.


In the next moment, the King Xuan Sword in his palm suddenly emanated a wave of ripples, and it formed a completely round and translucent sword barrier.

Within the sword barrier, the sun and moon alternated, the mountains and rivers stood on guard, and surging Divine Energy circulated. Moreover, strands of obscure and crystalline Heart Energy seethed and glowed within it.

The Profound Heart Sword Technique — Impeccable Style.

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink!

A wave of sparks shot towards the surroundings. The sword barrier glowed brightly, and it obstructed all these rays of light.

However, it was extremely strenuous for Chen Xi!

The might of a myriad of rays of light was equivalent to the attacks of a myriad of Spirit God Exalts, and at this moment, they collided successively with the sword barrier. So, it was obvious how terrifying the impact from this was.

If this continued, then even if Chen Xi’s body was made out of steel and possessed the assistance of the Divine Dark Parasol Tree to replenish his Divine Energy, he would still be unable to avoid defeat in the end.

Earlier, Chen Xi was already clearly aware that this was a form of tempering. So, he didn’t fall into panic when he noticed such danger.

He started to think of a method to deal with the situation.

Moreover, all of this was definitely related to the Impeccable Style. Because as far as Chen Xi was concerned, this test targeted his grasp of the Impeccable Style.

If I’m able to neutralize and absorb all force to replenish the energy of the sword barrier, then I wouldn’t have to support it with Divine Energy, and I’ll be able to remain invincible while relying solely on this sword technique….

Then, how exactly should I accomplish such a thing?

Chen Xi ceaselessly deduced in his mind.

Clink! Clink! Clink!

During this entire process, wave after wave of light ceaselessly whistled over. They were like tidewater that surged over without end, and they rumbled endlessly while charging continuously at the completely round sword barrier.

On the other hand, even though Chen Xi’s figure was shaken to the point his figure constantly staggered back, he hadn’t noticed it at all, and his mind and soul were completely immersed within the deduction of the Impeccable Style.

“Hehe. Little Idiot, if this goes on, then you’ll definitely be killed by those Divine Staray Butterflies. Why don’t you beg me, and perhaps I, young Ancestor, will be benevolent and provide you with guidance.” When it noticed how Chen Xi’s figure was in an embarrassing state, that voice couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule, and it seemed to wish for nothing more than for Chen Xi to make a fool of himself.

But right after that, its laughter stopped abruptly and fell into silence.

Because the completely round sword barrier Chen Xi created within the formation was suddenly suffused with strands of ripples that seemed like vortexes. They didn’t just neutralize the waves of attacks that struck the sword barrier, they even surged with a devouring force that absorbed the dispersed energy and transformed it into the sword barrier’s own energy that was flawlessly controlled by Chen Xi.

It felt like the entire sword barrier was a bottomless mire. The energy that was ceaselessly being neutralize were rain droplets, and as the amount of rain grew, the mire grew stronger.

Unless the rain droplet rose explosively to a level that was sufficient to collapse the mire, otherwise, it was utterly impossible for it to affect the mire.

However, if such a level of rain was compared to cultivators, then it had long since exceeded the scope of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely composed, and he wasn’t in a sorry state any longer.

His eyes were bright while he felt a wisp of delight in his heart. Because he’d finally grasped the core profundities of the Impeccable Style at this moment!

It was to utilize force against force to maintain an impeccable defense!

Moreover, he’d even utilized the might of the Devour Divine Dao, causing the perfectly round sword barrier to possess the ability to convert energy, and it could be said to possess both offensive and defensive ability!

“That quick?” That voice resounded, and it was slightly exasperated. “Hmph! I don’t believe I’ll be unable to do anything to a little fellow like you!”


Right after he finished speaking, the divine formation rumbled and shattered into pieces. All the attacks vanished into nothingness and ceased to exist.

“Little Fellow, only the last test remains. If you’re able to pass through it with your own ability, then your Ancestor, I, will stop making things difficult for you!”

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