Chapter 1704 – The Spear Of The Valiant


Chen Xi practically instinctively struck with his sword.

However, the three-legged Suncrow’s figure flashed, and it transformed into a wisp of golden light that swiftly flashed away and stop atop a rock.

“Young man, this isn’t a place you can step foot on. Quickly retreat from here, otherwise, you’ll definitely suffer the calamity of death!” The Suncrow’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning, and its entire body seethed with monstrous divine flames. It was like a sun that emanated divine might that could incinerate the heavens.

In the legends of the primeval times, the Suncrow was a supreme flying beast. It could transform into the scorching sun in the sky, illuminate the skies of the ages, and it ruled over the alternation of the sun and moon; and the changes in seasons. It was extremely terrifying.

Now, this three-legged Suncrow that appeared within Master Xuan’s Divine Temple had berated Chen Xi and wanted Chen Xi to retreat. It seemed to be extremely awe-inspiring.

This caused Chen Xi to be surprised. A divine flying beast, a Suncrow, that possesses intelligence actually still exists within this divine temple? This is simply unbelievable.

“Young Man, if you continue hesitating, then don’t blame your ancestor for annihilating you!” The Suncrow stood proudly on the rock while lightly flapping its wings, causing the glow of flames to seethe and illuminate the world.

“Oh? Then let me see if you’re able to obstruct my path.” A wisp of killing intent suffused Chen Xi’s black pupils, and the King Xuan Sword in his palm emanated a wisp of an obscure and murderous fluctuation.


A wisp of sword qi transformed into a ray of flowing light, and it swiftly traversed through space and vanished.

The Profound Heart Sword Technique — Flowing Light Style!

At practically the exact same moment, the Suncrow flapped its wings, and its figure flickered. It actually split apart into 10 figures.

Every single one of these figures possessed monstrous divine might and seemed as if they were made flames and metal. They formed a completely round formation and circled in the air.


The 10 Suncrows circled in the air, and the divine flames they emanated forcefully wore down that strand of sword qi Chen Xi executed, causing a rain of light to descend in the surroundings.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his heart couldn’t help but shake. The 10 Suncrows were obviously not illusory, and they were real and actual divine flying beasts!

Obviously, this was a technique that formed ‘clones’ of one’s self, and it allowed that Suncrow to instantly form nine clones of its own.

In the next moment, the 10 Suncrows split apart, and they instantly transformed into 10 golden rays of light that pierced through space and assaulted Chen Xi from varying directions.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The space in this expanse of the heavens and the earth had horrifying holes burned into it. Those weren’t actual golden rays of light, and it was because they were moving too swiftly.

Even with Chen Xi’s current combat strength, his heart couldn’t help but shake, and his figure flickered repeatedly and was barely able to avoid this round of attacks.

“You dare to covet the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root when you only possess such ability? How laughable!” The Suncrow’s cold laughter resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Along with its voice, the golden rays of light whistled and intersected together at extremely terrifying speeds, and they even carried a form of an all-powerful penetrative force.


An extremely hard rock in the distance was pierced through, and then it was instantly incinerated into nothingness. It seemed like so long as one was just touched slightly by it, the consequences would be death!

Chen Xi dodged without end. However, his expression turned solemn because even if he executed the Roc Divine Technique, he was actually faintly unable to compare with the Suncrows’ speed!

It was too swift!

These Suncrows had grasped the Flamesun Divine Dao, and it possessed the might to incinerate the sky and boil the ocean. Coupled with the fact that its speed was swift like a ghost and the clones it created attacked from all directions, its might was even on par with being encircled and jointly attacked by 10 Spirit God Exalts of Gongye Zhefu’s level.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to realize the true meaning behind Jia Nan’s words. Even he who’d grasped the might of the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar felt that it was extremely strenuous here, let alone the others.


Suddenly, a strand of golden light flashed by, and it barely grazed Chen Xi’s shoulder, whereas, the terrifying incinerating force it possessed instantly burned off his flesh and skin, causing his bones to be revealed.

“How laughable! How laughable! After countless years have passed, have all the cultivators in the world become so weak now? Looks like the world has changed, and the current path of cultivation has already decayed!” The Suncrow spoke once more, and its dignified voice carried a strand of sorrow.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly while his expression was calm, yet a wisp of killing intent had already surged out from his heart.

He stopped teleporting and just stood on the spot, and then he took a deep breath before he instantly entered into an extremely tranquil state.

His peerlessly formidable will swept out like tidewater and covered the heavens and the earth a sit enveloped every single inch of space in this expanse of the heavens and the earth. On the other hand, a dazzling, divine, and grand wheel of light had floated up into appearance behind his head, and the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar resided within it.

In an instant, Chen Xi seemed to have become a completely different person. His vital energy seethed while his entire body was emanated powerful Sword Insight that shot into the sky. It seemed like a peerless divine sword had suddenly emerged from an abyss and was unsheathed at this moment!


At practically the exact same moment, a golden ray of light tore through the sky and arrived before Chen Xi, and it carried a terrifying force that was blazing to the point it could incinerate the world.


It was matchlessly quick!

It was quick to the point even Chen Xi’s senses were unable to capture its tracks in time!

If it was in the past, Chen Xi would definitely choose to dodge when facing such an attack, but he didn’t do so at this moment.

It was even to the extent that he’d closed his eyes at this moment while the Heart Energy within his body swept out without end.

The Profound Heart Sword Technique was a supreme sword technique, but at the same time, it was a mysterious sword of the heart!

The heart was boundless. It was capable of accommodating the ages and the universe in its tiny frame. It could encompass anything and everything.

This sort of energy was profound and obscure, and it was far beyond one’s imagination. Amongst all the cultivators since the ancient times and the shocking geniuses throughout the world, only a small group of people were able to fully control this energy.


At this instant, it seemed like space had been frozen and all things were motionless.

Only a wisp of sword qi flashed by lightly like a strand of wind, and it blew through the entire world.


The entire world rumbled as it shattered, and then it transformed into a ripple that swept towards the surroundings, causing the wisp of golden light to let out a shrill cry.

All things returned to their original state, and that golden ray of light transformed into a Suncrow as well. However, one of its wings had been cut off, and blood sprayed from the wound!

A single sword strike had cut a Suncrow down to the ground.

The Suncrow wailed as it fell, and it was like a sun falling from the sky.


Rocks shot into the surroundings while that Suncrow suddenly exploded into a ball of golden bright light that dispersed into the heavens and the earth.

“Hmm?” A furious, surprised, and bewildered voice sounded out in the heavens and the earth.

The attacks didn’t stop here, and the attacks of the other nine golden rays of light hadn’t stopped as well, and they became even more terrifying.

However, in merely an instant, all of these nine golden rays of light were cut down at the same time. They returned to the form of Suncrows, and all of them had lost a wing and were letting out shrill cries without end.


At this moment, it was like numerous suns were falling. The Suncrows exploded into pieces, and then dazzling golden light seethed before vanishing without a trace.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was standing on the spot from the beginning until the end. His eyes were closed, his expression was calm and indifferent, and he hadn’t moved at all.

Only the damaged King Xuan Sword in his hand had executed 10 strands of sword qi just now to cut off the wings of those 10 Suncrows. His movements were unhesitant and casual, and every single one of his attacks were the Flowing Light Style that was executed in the same manner yet the effect they produced was world shocking.

When Chen Xi opened his eyes, an unexpected scene occurred. The 10 Suncrows had fallen, yet a voice sounded out once more from the sky.

“Damnable kid! What's so great about grasping the core profundities of the Flowing Light Style? Ptooey! Ancestor will absolutely not let you off!” The voice carried an exasperated tone, and it sounded like a rascal on the street was cursing.

This caused Chen Xi to be stunned. “You’re still alive?”

“Hehehehe! Stunned, aren’t you? Look at how stupid you look. If Ancestor was so easy to bully, then how could I have resided here for countless years? Little Fellow, you’re still too immature, you’re still too young!” The voice wasn’t dignified like it was before this, and it revealed a complacent, proud, and ridiculing tone instead.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown, and his enormous will swept through the heavens and the earth, yet he was unable to lock onto the Suncrow’s tracks. On the other hand, that voice had gone silent at this moment, and it was like the Suncrow had left.

“I wonder what the heck that was. Why are these such things in this divine temple?” Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he was slightly speechless.

Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this before continuing forward. This time, he’d come here for the sake of the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, so no matter how much danger filled the path ahead, he would absolutely not give up!

All along the way, that specks of light formed from that strand of fragrance still drifted through the surroundings and hadn’t dispersed, and they drifted over from extremely far away as well.

As Chen Xi moved forward, he became much more vigilant.


After 10 minutes passed, a bloodied bronze spear suddenly pierced through space with tremendous and peerlessly domineering force, and its horrifying killing intent enveloped the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, even someone as formidable as Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel terrified. The energy, essence, and spirit in his entire body moved restlessly, and they were assaulted by the killing intent to the point they actually became uncontrollable.

“Hmph! Chen Xi grunted coldly while divine radiance surged throughout his body, causing his entire body to seem as if it was burning. Moreover, powerful Divine Energy surged ceaselessly, and it seemed like a seething ocean.


A strand of sword qi shot through the sky and revealed the extremes of the Flowing Light Style’s strength. It collided with the bronze spear, causing a deafening bang to resound, and it sounded like a pair of sun and moon had exploded at this moment.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi was shaken to the point of moving back repeatedly. To his shock, even though the spear was blasted back as well, only a mere instant passed before it droned, emanated divine radiance, and shot over explosively once more.

After all, Chen Xi had relied on such Sword Insight to easily cut off the Suncrows’ wings, yet now, he found it difficult to even shake the bloodied bronze spear!

“Idiot! This is the Spear of the Valiant. It advances courageously and never turns back! It was called the number one ferocious and courageous weapon during the Manku period, yet you utilized the most ethereal technique in the Profound Heart Sword Technique, the Flowing Light Style, against it? You’re simply even more idiotic than an idiot! If Xuan was still alive, then he would definitely be angered to death.” That voice resounded once more, and it was extremely complacent and ridiculing while it carried a wisp of pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune.

This was extremely infuriating because that voice was really annoying and seemed to be asking for a good beating.

The Spear of the Valiant? This thought had just flashed through Chen Xi’s mind when a bang resounded. The bloodied spear had attacked once more. It crushed space into powder, and it was domineering and ferocious to the limit.

Chen Xi was unable to dodge, and he could only go head-on against it.


A wave of terrifying sounds of collision resounded. This time, he was once again struck to the point of taking a few steps back, and his wrist was slightly numb.


Before Chen Xi could catch his breath, space exploded into pieces as the bronze spear attacked once more.

This spear was formidable indeed. Its moves were simply, violent, and filled with flaws during head-on collisions. However, when combined with its all-powerful domineering strength to advance courageously, it became terrifying to the extreme!

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