Chapter 1703 – The Fortune In The Divine Temple

Even though Chen Xi didn’t know the origins of the Five Saint Treasures of the Buddhist Sect, his discerning ability had long since been tempered to an extremely skilled state, so he naturally instantly discerned how rare and precious they were.

This was the reason why Chen Xi was so shocked and extremely grateful at this moment.

Jia Nan merely smiled in response to Chen Xi’s gratitude, and then he stood up and said, “If Fellow Daoist is able to eliminate the secret technique that Miss Zhen has been inflicted with one day in the future, then please make a trip to the Buddhist Sect in the Imperial Region. At that time, I’ll be awaiting your arrival, and all I ask for is a head-on battle with Fellow Daoist.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said, “Why do you act in this way?”

Jia Nan’s expression was calm and firm. He remained silent for a long time before he said, “For the sake of my own path towards the Dao.”

It was an extremely incomprehensible string of words, yet it caused Chen Xi’s eyes to narrow. He cupped his hands and said, “I’ll definitely go over when the time comes.”

Jia Nan pressed his palms together and bowed. “Thank you for fulfilling my wish, Fellow Daoist.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly turned around and actually intended to leave.

“Wait!” Chen Xi stopped him. “You’ve helped me so greatly, so please take the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root within Master Xuan’s Divine Temple.”

Jia Nan didn’t turn around, and he just stood on the spot and said calmly, “Fellow Daoist, may I ask you if you’re confident in your ability to advance into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm within 10 years of time?”

Chen Xi was stunned by this question, but he still answered. “If nothing unexpected happens, then it would be more than enough.”

Jia Nan continued. “I want to challenge you when you’re a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and not at your current realm of cultivation. As for that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root…. Besides Fellow Daoist and Yea Chen who’s ranked at the 1st position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, no other person in the world can obtain it.”

As he finished speaking, his voice carried a rare trace of disappointment before his voice recovered its calm.

Chen Xi’s brows raise, and he faintly guessed something.

He went silent for a short moment before he suddenly flicked his sleeve, and he passed a jade box to Jia Nan through the air. “There’s a ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root in here. Please accept it.”

He’d obtained it from Gongye Zhefu’s corpse. In the end, it should be Le Wuhen and the others who were supposed to obtain it first, but it had been seized away by Gongye Zhefu and the others.

Jia Nan seemed to be slightly surprised. He finally turned around and he remained silent for a long time as he gazed at the jade box that floated before him, and then he finally kept it away carefully.

After that, he pressed his palms together, bowed as he praised buddha, and then turned around and left swiftly. From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t spoken another word, and he was composed and firm just like he was before this.

However, in the eyes of Chen Xi, Jia Nan had an extra sense of mysteriousness now.

In the eyes of others, Jia Nan’s actions were inconceivable indeed.

He’d passed through numerous dangers and experienced countless tempering in order to ascend Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain. Yet he had seized the opportunity present during the world shocking battle between Chen Xi and Luo Shaonong’s group to enter Master Xuan’s Divine Temple and obtain the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

He’d only shown himself after the curtains to the battle were drawn, yet he took the initiative to assist Chen Xi, and he utilized the Benevolent Buddha Incantation and the Five Saint Treasures to suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom in Zhen Liuqing’s body. However, he’d actually paid such a price merely for the sake of being able to face Chen Xi head-on in battle in the future.

It was even to the extent that he remained indifferent even when Chen Xi took the initiative to speak about giving the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root to him on many occasions.

All of this really did seem inconceivable.

Why did he do this?

What sort of considerations did he have when he acted in this way?

Chen Xi didn’t know, and it was even to the extent that he was unable to see through Jia Nan. So, Jia Nan seemed even more mysterious in his heart.

Perhaps when he stepped foot onto the paradise that was the Buddhist Sect within the Imperial Region and fought Jia Nan, then he would be able to obtain all answers.

But no matter what, Chen Xi was extremely grateful to Jia Nan, and he wasn’t unwilling at all when he took the initiative to give the ninth-grade Emperor Ranks Ancestral Dao Root away just now.

“Liuqing, don’t worry, I’ll definitely bring you back to life, no matter what the cost!” Chen Xi lowered his head and stared at Zhen Liuqing’s tranquil and pretty face in his embrace, and there was no sadness but only resolution in his heart.

He carefully kept Zhen Liuqing’s body away in the universe within his body because only by doing this would he be at ease the most.


After that, Chen Xi took a deep breath and shot his gaze towards Master Xuan’s Divine Temple that stood in the distance.

Earlier, Jia Nan had said that in this entire world, only Chen Xi and Yea Chen who was ranked at the 1st position on the Domain Enlightened Chart were able to obtain the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root from Master Xuan’s Divine Temple.

At that time, Chen Xi didn’t think too much about it. At this moment, when he thought about it carefully, he noticed a conclusion that terrified him to the extreme.

Does this mean that even if Luo Shaonong and the others entered the divine temple before me, they would be utterly unable to obtain that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root?

If this is real, then why is it like this?

Could it be that the Master Xuan’s Divine Palace has some other secrets?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he felt slightly curious.

He didn’t hesitate to stride towards the divine temple.

In the sky, 10 Suncrows resided there and emanated blazing golden light that was grand and divine.

The divine temple in the distance had been standing towering there for countless years. It was grand, lofty, and emanated strands of fragrance that transformed into speck of light before effusing out from there.

Everything was so quiet and solemn.

Only the sound of Chen Xi’s footsteps swept through the surroundings and resounded on the mountain peak.


As soon as Chen Xi’s figure approached it, the door to the divine temple was suddenly suffused with a layer of light, and it was bright, golden, vast, and divine like the first ray of light at dawn.

This was a restriction that lay before him and obstructed the entrance.


Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing a strand of divine radiance to sweep out, and it blasted fiercely onto that golden screen of light, causing thunderous rumbling to resound.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, the golden barrier of light merely trembled lightly before it recovered to its precious state.


Chen Xi attacked once more. This time, he’d utilized 80% of his strength, causing a strand of divine radiance that carried surging Divine Dao Laws to transform into the shape of a sword before slashing down forcefully.

Such a strike was even sufficient to kill Spirit God Exalts like Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang with ease. However, it was unable to break through the golden barrier of light in the end!

This caused Chen Xi to feel even more shocked. He took a deep breath before a blazing and gorgeous wheel of light that possessed boundless divine might floated up into appearance behind his head, and the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar resided within it.

He pressed his fingers together to form a sword, and then he executed the Dismemberment Style.

Chen Xi had already utilized his full strength in this strike!


A rain of light shot towards the surroundings while even the mountain peak trembled. This time, the golden barrier of light was slashed apart to form a passageway.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed. He’d seized this opportunity to charge in and vanish.

In next to no time, the entrance to the divine temple returned to its original state, yet the 10 Suncrows that resided in the sky before this had vanished….

Outside the Ancestral Root Grounds and before the Ancestral Root Divine Temple, the temple guardian seemed to have noticed something, and a wisp of a smile suddenly suffused the corners of his mouth.

In the end, he couldn’t restrain himself from laughing.

His laughter grew louder and louder. In the end, his laughter even shot into the sky and shattered the layer of clouds there.

His laughter carried extremely excitement, delight, and relief, and it seemed as if he’d accomplished a wish of his.

“What an extraordinary little fellow. He’s probably the ninth Comprehender of the River Diagram…. I only hope that he’ll be able to endure the tests within there and pluck the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root that Master took painstaking efforts to nurture. In this way, it can be considered as fulfill a wish of Master’s, and whether he’ll be able to surpass Master and establish his own Ultimate Path will depend entirely on him….” The temple guardian muttered while his aged face was covered in an emotional expression.

In his gaze, he recalled the past.

At that time, his Master had summoned over a thousand innate gods and utilized supreme methods to establish Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain. After that, he utilized extraordinary ability to construct the divine temple at the peak of the mountain before suppressing the Battle Souls of a myriad of enemies there. He’d done all of this with the final objective of nurturing that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root!

Moreover, all of this had become his Master’s one and only worry before leaving….

Perhaps it was a supreme fortuitous encounter to those of the future generations, but only the temple guardian was clearly aware that his Master had done it for the sake of his path towards the Dao!

It wasn’t merely for the sake of his Master’s own path towards the Dao, and it was also so that all the beings in the world could comprehend the ultimate path, stand aloof from the myriad of Daos in the universe, and arrive at the end of the Grand Dao!

In the entire world, how many people could possess such breadth of mind, vision, and spirit?

“But….” Suddenly, the temple guardian frowned, and he seemed to have thought of something. “This kid will be in big trouble from killing that many Spirit God Exalts.”

Even though he thought in this way, the temple guardian wasn’t worried.

This was a form of tempering. If one didn’t experience the tempering of the world and didn’t experience rising and falling on the path towards the Dao, then how could one tread on a completely different path from everyone else?

In his opinion, even if Chen Xi died young in the future, the sky wouldn’t collapse, and the world would have just lost a single cultivator.

After he passed through the entrance, Chen Xi stopped moving and sized up the surroundings.

This was a practically primitive and ancient forest. Mountains studded the ground while rivers intersected, and it was extremely vast. Moreover, the air was filled with seething golden radiance and enshrouded by mysterious chaotic aura.


The golden radiance surged while containing a fragrance that penetrated into the soul. It surged into Chen Xi’s body, causing his entire body to feel warm and extremely comfortable.

This sort of feeling was like bathing in medicinal water that was prepared from boiling unparalleled divine herbs, and it was sufficient to make any cultivator become extremely enchanted by it.

If one cultivated here, one would absolutely be able to attain unexpectedly miraculous effects.

There are probably many natural treasures of the heavens and the earth scattered throughout here! After he sighed with emotion in his heart, Chen Xi continued on his journey. He traversed through the ancient forest in search of the legendary Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

He wasn’t searching aimlessly, and he was searching for the specks of light in the air that were formed from strands of fragrance and was heading towards their source.

This fragrance was extremely unusual. It seeped into the bone and even caused one’s soul to trembled, and Chen Xi had noticed how unique it was since a long time ago while he was still outside the divine temple.

All along the way, he saw many divine herbs that were rarely seen in the outside world. But to Chen Xi’s surprise, the essence nurtured within most of these divine herbs had been completely absorbed at the moment they matured, and only their withered bodies remained.

Who absorbed all the essence contained within these divine herbs?


Right when Chen Xi was bewildered in his heart, a violet gale arose abruptly, and then a three-legged Suncrow flew over. Its entire body flowed with terrifying divine flames as it dove down towards Chen Xi.

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