Chapter 1702 – A Mighty Uproar

The Godrank Chart emanated golden divine radiance, and it illuminated the chaos in the sky.

It fluctuated without end while emanating an obscure and ancient aura, and it stood above all Grand Daos like the supreme Heaven Dao. Moreover, it possessed an indescribable feeling of majest.

In merely an instant, the chart suddenly shook, and then it expanded in the sky, causing the brilliant names branded atop it to be gradually revealed as well.

Every single name was dazzling, resplendent, and emanated brilliant light that shot into the sky. All of them possessed the imposing aura of an exalt.

“The Domain Enlightened Chart?”

“Could it be that… this unexpected event has occurred amongst the top 100 Spirit God Exalts on the Domain Enlightened Chart?”

All the might and ancient figures in the surroundings of the altar were surprised. They’d were accustomed to all sorts of storms and had existed for countless years until now, yet it was the first time they’d witnessed such an unexpected event.

“Do all of you remember that the Godrank Chart had moved unexpectedly like this a period of time ago, and it merely continued for a moment before it returned to normal? At that time, all of us thought that an Era Artifact that surpassed the might of the Heaven Dao had emerged into the world, but after we investigated it, we found out that it wasn’t the case.” A grey haired old man with a clear and thin appearance spoke in a low voice.

“Then what was the reason for it?”

“It’s very simple, a new Spirit God Exalt had been born outside the Imperial Region. That Spirit God Exalt’s strength was originally sufficient to be ranked on the Domain Enlightened Chart, but for some unknown reason, it was unable to ascend the chart in the end. Thus, it caused the unexpected movement in the Godrank Chart.”

“Oh? Then do you know who that young man is?”

“Not yet, and this really is slightly strange.”

“It’s only a Spirit God Exalt that wasn’t even unable to ascend the Domain Enlightened Chart. There’s no need to pay any attention to that person. Everyone, take a look at the unexpected movement of the Godrank Chart that’s occurring before us and see if you’re able to deduce anything?”

As they discussed animatedly, all the might figures had unconsciously moved their gazes towards the sky once more and gazed at the Godrank Chart.


Right at this moment, a name on the brilliant surface of the chart suddenly flew up from it, and then it transformed into a wisp of gold light that vanished into nothingness. It was like a comet that had fallen.

“Someone has fallen!”

“Who’s so bold to actually dare annihilate Spirit God Exalts on the Domain Enlightened Chart?”

“It was Pei Wen who’s ranked at the 53rd position that perished. That young man is the leading figure in the younger generation of the Imperial Region’s Pei Clan. I never expected that he would actually die young.”

All the might figures were stunned and slightly surprised.

“In these past few years, there have been experts on the charts that perished, yet it didn’t cause such movement in the Godrank Chart. Could it be that Pei Wen’s demise is related to something that’s sufficient to arouse the Godrank Chart’s notice?” Someone frowned.


As they conversed with each other, another name flew up from the chart and transformed into a wisp of golden light before vanishing.

“Jin Qingyang that’s ranked at the 24th position! He’s similarly the leading figure in the younger generation of the Goldrock Clan, and he possesses peerless ability. Moreover, an ancestor in his clan even gave the Natural Spirit Treasure, the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag, to him, and this obviously shows how highly that ancestor in his clan thinks of him. Yet now, he has actually suffered calamity and fallen.”

All the mighty figures were shocked because two Spirit God Exalts had perished successively in a short moment. So, what did this mean?

It was unusual!

The expressions of all of these might figures had unconsciously become solemn.


Before they could deduce the reason, another name flew out and vanished from the chart.

“Kunwu Qing that’s ranked at the 19th position!”

Three Spirit God Exalts perishing successively had utterly shocked all of these might figures, and they were surprised and bewildered. It was even to the extent that many had stood up from the ground and raised their heads to look up into the sky.

Spirit God Exalts!

Every single one of them were peerless figures. Only such figure could be born amongst a myriad of Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods. Yet now, in this short period of time, three Spirit God Exalts had perished successively, and such an astounding matter had never occurred in the past!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

However, to the shock of all of these mighty and ancient figures who’d stood on guard here for countless years and had extraordinary mental states, two more names vanished once more from the chart.

Yue Ruhuo who was ranked at the 14th position.

Di Jun who was ranked at the 12th position.

At the instant when they saw even the names of Luo Shaonong and Gongye Zhefu who were respectively ranked at the 3rd and 9th position had vanished from the chart as well; the surroundings fell into deathly silence and even a falling needle could be heard here.

At this moment, all of these mighty and ancient figures were shocked, and they felt astounded from inside out while their hearts were unable to calm down for a long time.

An entire seven Spirit God Exalts had perished successively on the same day, and there were even two existences ranked at the top 10 amongst them! If news of this were to spread, then the entire Imperial Region would probably fall into a mighty uproar!

“How did this happen?”

“Why has such a thing happened?”

“How truly shocking!”

After a long time, all of the mighty figures returned to their senses after they’d confirmed that there were no further names flying out of the chart. At this moment, their expressions that had slightly stiffened from shock had been replaced completely by solemn expressions.

They were clearly aware that such an unexpected event would definitely cause a storm to strike the entire Imperial Region, and it would cause numerous top-rate powers to be infuriated. The consequences of this were simply unimaginable!

“Exactly who was it that actually dared to commit such a grave crime and kill so many young geniuses? This person is simply audacious to the extreme and has gone mad.”

“Start an investigation! We must find out exactly who did it!”

“We should swiftly notify the clansmen of these fallen Spirit God Exalts. We can’t conceal the news, otherwise, their flames of rage would probably burn all the way to us, and that would be troublesome.”

“Death arising successively and unexpected movement in the Godrank Chart…. Could it be that the Ancient God Domain is about to fall into chaos once more? This isn’t a good sign at all!”

On this day, numerous pieces of news swept out, and it spread throughout the Imperial Region at an inconceivable speed.

In practically a short period of a single day, the entire Imperial Region had fallen into a mighty uproar. All the cultivators were discussing clamorously, and countless ancient powers were shocked.

At the peak of King Xuan’s Divine Mountain.

Jia Nan sat on the ground while his firm and tranquil face was suffused with a wisp of divine light. He carefully scanned Zhen Liuqing’s body for a long time before he sighed lightly.

“Miss Zhen had really been inflicted by Divine Black Lich Venom. It’s an ancient technique that existed in the last era, and very few people in the entire Ancient God Domain possess this technique.”

The last era? Chen Xi frowned. He wasn’t concerned about all of this, and he gazed at Jia Nan in a slightly hopeful manner as he said, “Fellow Daoist Jia Nan, based on your judgment, is it possible for Liuqing… to be revived?”

“It’s very difficult.” Jia Nan went silent for a moment before he said, “Once this secret technique is executed, its force will penetrate into one’s fate itself, control one’s destiny, and throw the mind and soul into chaos. Even great figures that possesses extraordinary ability would be helpless against this.”

Penetrate the soul and control destiny! Merely hearing these words caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink. He knew that the ‘Divine Black Lich Venom’ was extremely overbearing indeed, and it was beyond his imagination.

“So, in this way, there’s no chance… for Liuqing to be revived?” Chen Xi’s expression was unsightly while a wisp of indescribable sorrow and rage surged from his heart.

Jia Nan raised his eyes to glance calmly at Chen Xi, and he said, “Fellow Daoist, calm yourself. Now, it’s confirmed that Miss Zhen hasn’t passed away completely, and this can be considered to be fortunate, right?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his heart shook abruptly. Right, how could I have overlooked this?

Doesn’t the fact that she hasn’t perished represent a form of hope?

When he thought in this way, Chen Xi’s eyes grew more and more brighter, and the sorrow and rage accumulated within his heart had reduced greatly. He couldn’t help but ask. “Fellow Daoist Jia Nan, since you recognize this secret technique, then do you know the exact methods to deal with it?”

“I’m sorry, with my ability, I’m only able to temporarily suppress the assault of this energy for Miss Zhen, but I’m unable to resolve it.” Jia Nan spoke apologetically.

Chen Xi wasn’t disappointed, and his eyes grew even bright instead as he said, “That’s more than enough. So long as Liuqing’s survival is guaranteed, then I’ll definitely be able to find a method to resolve this problem in the end!”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have realized something, and he gazed at Jia Nan in a serious manner as he said, “What I said earlier still holds. So long as Fellow Daoist is able to help me with this, then the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root produced within Master Xuan’s Divine Temple is yours!”

Jia Nan didn’t speak, and he remained silent for a long time. In the end, he withdrew a lantern, a meditation cushion, a string of prayer beads, an alms bowl, and a scripture.


Jia Nan pressed his palms together in a solemn manner and started to chant scriptures. His voice resounded like the morning bell as he chanted in a boundlessly grand voice.

In the sky, numerous pure and divine lotus flowers that were white like jade had bloomed silently, and then emanated strands of divine radiance that enveloped Zhen Liuqing’s entire body.

In the next moment, these give divine treasures of the Buddhist Sect, the lantern, the meditation cushion, the prayer beads, the alms bowl, and the scripture actually transformed into five dazzling rays of light that surged into Zhen Liuqing’s throat, heart, mind, spirit, and Dantian before vanishing without a trace.

In an instant, Zhen Liuqing’s entire body was suffused by a divine and flawless glow. If she hadn’t stopped breathing, and if her eyes weren’t closed tightly, then she would utterly not seem like a dead person but someone that was in deep sleep.

This caused Chen Xi to be even more excited in his heart. Never had he imagined that the situation would take a turn at the moment he was most sorrowful, furious, and filled with despair.


Suddenly, Jia Nan coughed out a mouthful of blood while his countenance turned slightly pale. However, his expression still remained firm and tranquil as before.

“Fellow Daoist, I’ve already utilized the Benevolent Buddha Incantation and the strength of the Five Saint Treasures to suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom within Miss Zhen’s body, and she’ll be fine for the next 10 years.” Jia Nan grinned as he spoke, and he seemed as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

Chen Xi was shocked when Jia Nan coughed up blood, and he was immediately aware that it was definitely because Jia Nan had injured himself while doing all of this.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and cupped his hands in a serious manner. His heart was filled with gratitude.

The two of them were complete strangers, and there wasn’t any relationship between them at all. However, Jia Nan had actually taken the initiative to show himself and help Chen Xi greatly, and this caused Chen Xi to be extremely moved.

He didn’t know that those five treasures Jia Nan utilized to suppress the Divine Black Lich Venom within Zhen Liuqing’s body was the ‘Five Saint Treasures’ that came from five great Buddhist Master from the Buddhist Sect that had attained the Bodhisattva Stage. All of them were filled with Buddhist divinity and wisdom. Their value was so great that they could compare to five Natural Spirit Treasures!

Five Natural Spirit Treasures!

Would anyone in the world be willing to act in such an extravagant manner towards someone they’d just met for the first time?

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