Chapter 1700 – Blood Covers The World

Pei Wen, Jin Qingyang, and Kunwu Qing had been killed, whereas, Gongye Zhefu was heavily injured.

At this moment, when Luo Shaonong and the others converged together, they finally noticed that merely three of them were still able to fight!

This caused their hearts to turn cold, and they’d been horrified by Chen Xi’s ruthless and merciless methods. They’d utterly never imagined that Chen Xi would act so fearlessly and recklessly.

Could it be that… he’s really not worried of the revenge from the various top-rate powers of the Imperial Region?

The chilly and illusory Overarching Heaven Net covered the peak of the mountain while numerous mysterious Divine Talismans formed a grand formation in the surroundings, and it completely sealed off their paths of retreat.

At this moment, the peak of Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain seemed to have transformed into a battlefield that was isolated from the world, and it was suffused with the smell of blood and surged with killing intent.

Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi carried Zhen Liuqing on his back as he moved through space, and his scarlet red eyes were indifferent, ruthless, and completely emotionless as they were before this.

His tall figure surged with extreme powerful killing intent, and it enveloped the heavens and the earth like the aura of purgatory. Moreover, the bloodstains on the surface of the King Xuan Sword in his hand had awakened, and they emanated a terrifying bloody glow.

Since the moment he’d decided to kill them, Chen Xi hadn’t spoken another word!

Because there were no words that could ease the sorrow, rage, and hatred in his heart. Only death and blood could vent all of this!

“Kill!” Luo Shaonong’s expression was solemn to the extreme as he shouted loudly in a grim voice.

At this moment, he didn’t dare hold even a trace of hope in his heart. So, he utilized his full strength as soon as he attacked!

Or perhaps, he’d already started to fight desperately at this precarious moment!

Because he was clearly aware that if he still didn’t fight desperately against an opponent like Chen Xi, then he might really lose his life in the next moment.

Luo Shaonong didn’t want to die here like this !

Who was he?

He was the leading figure in the younger generation of the Imperial Region’s Luo Clan. He was a peerless genius that was the center of attention in the world, an existence that was ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. His future was boundless, and his path towards the Dao aroused envy in the hearts of countless cultivations. So, how could he possibly be willing to lose his life here at this moment?

He was absolutely unwilling!


The dark and gloomy Blackspirit Sword soared into the sky while carrying a black world of lightning with it, and it emanated peerlessly formidable might as it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

This strike crushed space into powder and caused the grand formation in the surroundings to tremble violently without end. It obviously showed that Luo Shaonong couldn’t be underestimated when he fought desperately with his life on the line.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At practically the exact same moment, Di Jun and Yue Ruhuo attacked from the other sides. Moreover, they didn’t hold back at all and attacked with all their might!

They were similarly clearly aware that if Luo Shaonong lost, then they would perish along with him. Thus, there was utterly no need to tell them anything before they intended to fight desperately as well.


Yue Ruhuo waved the Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror, and it emanated a myriad of strands of Divine Earth Flames. The flames formed an ocean of fire as they swept out.

On the other hand, Di Jun withdrew the blood red curved blade, and it carried supreme Divine Energy as it chopped down towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi raised his head, and his gaze remained completely indifferent.


A blazing and gorgeous wheel of light that was completely round floated up into appearance behind him. The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar resided within it and emanated boundless and extraordinary might.

After that, a strand of sword qi flashed through the sky like a ray of light.

The heavens and the earth instantly fell into deathly silence. All things shivered in silence as such a terrifying scene appeared once more.

Earlier, Luo Shaonong had been defeated before such divine might.

At this moment, when he witnessed this scene, even if he’d already exerted all his strength and was fighting desperately, a wisp of coldness still couldn’t help but spread throughout his heart.


Rumbling resounded while a myriad of specks of light rained down.

As expected, Luo Shaonong was blasted flying once more. Blood flowed from his palm and wrist, and his bones had almost been blasted apart. Moreover, a strand of blood had seeped out from the corner of his mouth, and his expression was unsightly to the extreme.

The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!

This stage of cultivation was truly too terrifying. It reigned supreme amongst all Spirit God Exalts and crushed all cultivators of the same cultivation realm. Its divine might was immeasurable.


At practically the exact same time that he’d blasted Luo Shaonong back, another wisp of dazzling sword light shot out from Chen Xi’s palm. It tore through the sky like a ray of light that intended to pierce the sun, and it was brilliant and powerful.

“No!!” Yue Ruhuo’s pupils dilated, and he was terrified to the extreme. He’d never imagined that Luo Shaonong would actually be defeated so quickly.

Yet now, it was already too late for him to cease his attack.


The ocean of fire formed from a myriad of strands of Divine Earth Flames was crushed into pieces like paper, and it was unable to withstand Chen Xi’s attack at all.

Yue Ruhuo felt like he’d been struck by a comet. The tendons and bones in his arms cracked and exploded into pieces while the Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror flew out from his grasp. Moreover, his entire chest had suddenly caved downwards while he bled from all seven apertures, and he was blasted flying.

When he witnessed this scene, Di Jun was horrified to the point he let out a shrill cry, and his face warped from terror. He swiftly turned around, and then he tore space apart and fled as if he’d gone mad.

A peerless genius of the Imperial Region that was nicknamed ‘madman’ had actually been terrified out of his wits at this moment!

If news of this scene were to spread, it would probably cause a mighty uproar in the entire Imperial Region.

Was it laughable?

Di Jun didn’t think so much about it at all. He was afraid indeed, completely terrified. Only when he was so close to death did he realize that being alive was such a fortunate thing.

But it was very obvious that he was unable to escape. The grand formation in the surroundings and the Overarching Heaven Net that enveloped the heavens and the earth were like an iron wall that completely severed his paths of retreat.

At this moment, Di Jun truly felt what it was like to be a trapped beast in a hopeless situation!

His entire body shivered, his countenance was pale, his pupils had dilated, and his will to fight had been completely drowned by boundless terror.

When he saw Chen Xi’s indifferent and emotionless blood red eyes look over towards him from afar, it was like the final straw that fell the camel, and it caused Di Jun to be unable to hold on any longer. He knelt onto the ground with a thump and shouted hysterically. “Please, I beg you, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Earlier, he’d mouthed off with Gongye Zhefu and wanted Chen Xi to kneel, and he intended to torture and humiliate Chen Xi.

Yet now, Chen Xi didn’t say a single word before he himself took the initiative to kneel and beg for mercy. The matters of the world were truly uncertain. At this was vividly displayed at this moment.


A wisp of sword qi flashed by, and then Di Jun’s voice stopped abruptly. His eyes were opened wide as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and he seemed to still be unable to believe that Chen Xi would actually act so mercilessly and decisively.

But in the end, the light in his eyes dimmed down while his body crashed to the ground. A bloody hole had appeared in his throat, and it caused blood to gurgle out like tidewater from it before quickly converging into a pool of blood.

Another Spirit God Exalt of a top-rate clan in the Imperial Region had been killed!

Presently, only the injured Luo Shaonong, Yue Ruhuo, and Gongye Zhefu still remained in the surroundings.

At this moment, the atmosphere was murderous and bloody to the extreme, and it was oppressive to the point they couldn’t even catch their breaths.

Chen Xi seemed completely indifferent towards all of this. He turned around and walked forward step by step like a tireless and emotionless puppet.

The body of the King Xuan Sword that was mottled with scarlet red patches was dripping with strands of blood, and it caused the atmosphere to seem even more oppressive.

“Chen Xi, there’s no deep enmity between us. Why are you trying to kill us?” Yue Ruhuo roared loudly, and he was unable to control his emotions any longer.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally stopped moving, and he said indifferently, “It was all of you that forced my hand.”

His voice was hoarse and low. At the Ancestral Root Grounds, he’d defeated both Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang, yet he hadn’t killed them. During the battle from before, he’d similarly defeated Yue Ruhuo, Jin Qingyang, Di Jun, and the others, yet he didn’t execute any lethal blows as well.

Unfortunately, they didn’t appreciate his kindness, nor did they treasure it, and they utilized Zhen Liuqing’s life to threaten him instead!


Zhen Liuqing was dead!

So, whose fault was all of this?

When he thought up to here, the hatred, sorrow, and rage in Chen Xi’s heart surged, and it was impossible to restrain.


His sword soared through the sky like a flash of light, and it seemed as if nothing had happened at all. However, Yue Ruhuo’s head suddenly flew into the air while blood sprayed.

At this moment, Luo Shaonong’s expression suddenly became calm. He raised his head to look at Chen Xi as he said, “Do you really intend to act in this way?”

Chen Xi didn’t say anything, and he used actions to answer Luo Shaonong.


He swung the King Xuan Sword once more. It was like the scythe of the god of death that reaped a soul every single time it was swung.

At this instant, a wisp of a glow of self-ridicule and sorrow arose abruptly in Luo Shaonong’s eyes.


Unexpectedly, Luo Shaonong actually didn’t resist at all from the beginning until the end. He remained silent as if he’d completely given up on surviving, and his head was directly severed by this strike of the sword!


Blood covered the sky.

This scene caused Chen Xi’s eyes to narrow, and he was slightly surprised.

At the same time, a dazzling beast skin soared abruptly into the sky, and then it revealed the grand scene of all beings worshipping and sages reading scriptures.

The Sage Portrait!

As soon as it appeared, a bright light flashed and enveloped Luo Shaonong’s corpse. After that, a buzzing sound resounded before it transformed into a wisp of blazing flowing light that tore through space.

All of this had occurred too quickly, and it had exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. He was sure that he hadn’t just severed Luo Shaonong’s throat, even Luo Shaonong’s soul had been shattered into pieces. So, it was already no different to complete and utter death. But why did this occur?

There’s definitely something strange about this beast skin!

Chen Xi didn’t recognize the Sage Portrait, but he would absolutely not allow it to escape.


Chen Xi practically instinctively waved his left hand, and three bright golden coins shot out explosively from his palm. They formed the shape of the character ‘品’, and then they smashed down forcefully towards the Sage Portrait that was fleeing towards the distance.

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

A supreme Natural Spirit Treasure once possessed by the Master of the Sovereign Sect. It was said to be able to make all treasures fall before it.


In an instant, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall erupted with golden light and emanated strands of mysterious Dao markings that pinned down the Sage Portrait. Moreover, the collision between them caused dazzling divine radiance to erupt and sweep through the heavens and the earth.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi tore through space with sword in hand, and he intended to suppress the Sage Portrait with the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

“Little Fellow, don’t overestimate your ability!” Suddenly, an aged and dignified voice sounded out from within the Sage Portrait.

Along with this voice, that ancestral treasure of the Luo Clan emanated brilliant light, and its might rose explosively. Not only did it blast the Copper Coin of Treasurefall flying, even the sword strike Chen Xi executed was soundlessly dispersed into nothingness.


In the next moment, the Sage Portrait had already vanished completely within space.

Looks like that treasure is extremely important to the Luo Clan. Chen Xi’s blood red eyes were icy cold. He faintly understood that the biggest reason that happened was because the Luo Clan was unwilling to allow that beast skin to enter into the hands of others.

As for whether Luo Shaonong could be resurrected, it was practically impossible.

This thought flashed in Chen Xi’s mind before his gaze had already descended onto Gongye Zhefu who lay on the ground in the distance and was still unable to struggle up onto his feet until now!

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