Chapter 1699 – Mad With Hatred

His sorrowful and furious howl surged through the surroundings, and it was filled with pain, indescribable pain.

There had never been a moment where Chen Xi felt so powerless, sorrowful, and furious. It was like a blade had been pierced forcefully into his heart, and he was unable to breathe.

Watching helplessly as a woman he liked closed her eyes and died abruptly in his arms. Such a feeling was simply the greatest torture in the world.

At this moment, Chen Xi was weeping loudly from sorrow while his eyes almost split apart from rage. Moreover, his long hair was fluttering, and it caused him to seem as if he’d gone completely mad.

He embraced Zhen Liuqing’s body tightly as if he was deeply afraid that she would vanish just like that, and a line of tears couldn’t help but descend from his face.

Since some time in the past, Chen Xi had never cried again. IN these years, he’d even forgotten how crying felt, or what sort of warmth and weight tears carried.

At this moment, as a Spirit God Exalt that had stepped foot into the perfection-stage of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm and possessed a practically eternal lifespan, he was unable to restrain his tears from falling.


Extreme hatred!

It filled his chest and surged more and more intensely through his heart. The aura within his entire body became violent like an ocean as well, and it seethed and swept out without end, causing the sky to dim and all things to wail.

Zhen Liuqing committed suicide?

Di Jun and the others were horrified and dumbstruck. They seemed to be unable to imagine where Zhen Liuqing got the courage to rather die that submit to fate, and rather die that implicate Chen Xi!

Gongye Zhefu’s eyes were wide open, and he similarly didn’t dare believe his eyes.

Luo Shaonong frowned, and a wisp of indescribable coldness surged within his heart as he gazed at Chen Xi who seemed to have gone mad.

He was surprised by Zhen Liuqing’s death, but he wasn’t affected by it, and he merely felt that it was extremely troublesome and difficult to deal with.

Because he was clearly aware that they would probably have to face Chen Xi’s boundless flames of rage and suppression!

“Prepare to retreat!” At this instant, Luo Shaonong immediately decided and sent voice transmissions to everyone.

Gongye Zhefu suddenly recovered from his shock, and he said with a stunned expression. “We’re giving up on the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root just like that?”

“Do you think your life is more important, or that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root is more important?” Luo Shaonong’s brows knit together tightly as he replied with a question in an extremely icy cold voice.

Gongye Zhefu’s expression changed slightly, and then he laughed coldly and said, “Hmph! If you really had the courage to kill, then he wouldn’t have let Di Jun and the others off just now. Obviously, he fears the strong and is afraid of offending the powers that stand behind us.”

Luo Shaonong’s face sank. “So, in this way, you intend to stay back and go against him until the end?”

Gongye Zhefu shook his head indifferently. “Since you’ve already given up, then I have nothing to say.”

Earlier, Luo Shaonong had handed the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root to him, and he’d only assisted Luo Shaonong to seize this Imperial Sovereign Dao Root in exchange for that ninth-grade Ancestral Dao Root.

Now, since Luo Shaonong had given up, then he would naturally not persist on it.

“Strange, why hasn’t that fellow, Jia Nan, arrived?” Luo Shaonong frowned as he glanced towards the surroundings. In the end, he decided not to stay here any longer.

Those of high status refuse to put themselves in danger. He wouldn’t take such a risk with his own life.

“Let’s go!” Luo Shaonong glanced at Chen Xi who had a sorrowful and furious expression as he stood motionlessly like a statue with Zhen Liuqing in his embrace, and then Luo Shaonong withdrew his gaze and sent a voice transmission to the others.

Even though they were unwilling, they were clearly aware that if they continued to infuriate Chen Xi at this moment, then it would absolutely be no different than courting death.

They immediately followed behind Luo Shaonong and intended to head back down the mountain along the path they arrived on.

“All of you… are still thinking of leaving?” Right at this moment, a hoarse, indifferent, and emotionless voice resounded abruptly, and it caused the figures of Luo Shaonong and the others to stiffen while their expressions turned gloomy.

The scene they were most unwilling to see happen had still happened in the end!

“Let’s go!” Luo Shaonong didn’t dare hesitate, and he intended to leave first in order to avoid being pinned down by Chen Xi who’d almost gone mad.

However, his footsteps stopped abruptly right after that.

It wasn’t just Luo Shaonong, the others had stopped as well and revealed astounded expressions.

Because Chen Xi’s figure had suddenly appeared 300m before them.

His face was emotionless, his eyes were scarlet red like blood, and he didn’t reveal any emotions at all. He was like a puddle of still water, and it was horrifying.

Moreover, he was carrying Zhen Liuqing’s body on his back.

This caused him to seem slightly burdened, but when they met the gaze of his eyes that were filled with blood, their hearts went cold.

“Chen Xi, that woman took her own life, and it’s not our fault. However, it’s slightly related to us in the end. As compensation, we’ll give the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root within Master Xuan’s Divine Temple to you.” Luo Shaonong took a deep breath and spoke swiftly. “We admit defeat this time, so please make some concessions.”

“Didn’t you want to kill me just now?” Chen Xi was indifferent, and his voice was hoarse, low, and completely emotionless.

Luo Shaonong frowned while a trace of a bad premonition arose faintly in his heart.

“Didn’t all of you… want me to kneel?” Chen Xi’s scarlet red eyes moved slowly to sweep past Di Jun and the others, and it caused their expressions to become unsightly to the extreme.

“Bastard! Do you really think we’re afraid of you?” Gongye Zhefu frowned instead, and he shouted in a grim voice.

Chen Xi remained indifferent. He pointed his sword towards them from afar, and then a strand of oppressive killing intent shot into the sky. “All of you’ll pay the price with blood today.”

His voice was calm and hoarse, yet it carried an oppressive and resolute force.

Gongye Zhefu started laughing from extreme rage. “Haha! Idiot! Not to mention whether you’re able to kill us with your ability, even if you’re capable of accomplishing it, would you really dare do it? Do you know the consequences of acting in that way? Don’t be an idiot. Be a little smarter and quickly move aside!”


Gongye Zhefu’s voice hadn’t finished resounding when a strand of sword qi suddenly soared through the sky. It was seething and murderous to the limit, and it carried a strand of extremely oppressive sorrow and rage as it slashed out with a bang.

This sword strike was so resolute, murderous, and decisive. It was like a spar that completely erupted the hatred that flowed like lava in Chen Xi’s heart!

Gongye Zhefu was astounded, and his pupils dilated. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi would really dare to make a move against him, and this attack contained killing intent and allowed him to sense a strand of lethal danger.

He cried out loudly as he resisted with all his strength.


However, in the next moment, his entire body was blasted flying. It was like he’d been struck forcefully by an enormous mountain, causing his chest to be blasted apart, and his blood sprayed through the sky. Moreover, his body had almost been slashed into two!

“AH!!!” Gongye Zhefu let out a shrill cry and was completely horrified. This strike was simply too strong, unimaginably strong.

He struggled with the intention of crawling up to his feet, yet pain coursed throughout his body. Only now did he realize that the tendons and bones throughout his limbs had actually been forcefully blasted into pieces by that strand of sword qi.


“Dammit! This fellow really intends to kill us!”


This scene terrified Di Jun and the others to the point chills ran down their spines, and their souls almost left their bodies. They were unable to restrain the terror in their hearts any longer, and they immediately fled towards the surroundings. They seemed as if they simply wished for nothing more than to be born with more limbs.

At this moment, they couldn’t give any consideration to their dignity or status, and they fled with their tails between their legs.

Yes, when the powers that stood behind them were unable to provide them with strength that deterred their enemies, it was like they’d been stripped of their gorgeous clothes, and they felt terrified and horrified just like anyone else when facing death.


However, right at the instant that they started to flee, a wisp of chilly and illusory starlight transformed into a large net that covered the heavens and the earth, and it completely enveloped the peak of this mountain. It sealed off all their paths of retreat!

The Overarching Heaven Net!

At this moment, for the sake of killing these people, Chen Xi had thrown all caution to the wind, and he wouldn’t care even if the whole world was destroyed at this moment!


Some charged desperately and intended to break through the Overarching Heaven Net with the divine artifacts in their possessions. However, all of this was done in vain, and it caused them to be completely horrified.


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to execute a wisp of sword qi, and it instantly reaped a bloody head!

Shockingly, it was Pei Wei. He didn’t even have the time to react before his neck had been slashed off and head thrown into the sky, and his headless corpse crashed towards the ground!

This attacked had allowed them to fully understand that Chen Xi had really aroused killing intent towards them, and he didn’t intend to let them off!

The last remaining trace of hope in their hearts had been completely crushed and vanished at this instant. Their faces were covered in terror and rage. No matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to understand how such a fearless person could actually exist in the world.

“The Overarching Heaven Net! You’re an heir of Oracle Mountain?” At practically the exact same moment, Luo Shaonong shouted with shock and rage, and his voice carried a wisp of disbelief.

What? The Oracle Mountain?

All of them felt like the sky was falling. They originally thought that Chen Xi possessed mediocre origins and was unable to compare to them, and they even relied on the monstrous forces that stood behind them and thought it would be sufficient to deter Chen Xi from killing them. But who would have imagined that Chen Xi actually might be an heir of Oracle Mountain!?

Chen Xi remained indifferent and silent towards all of this. At this moment, he seemed to have transformed into an emotionless god of death, and his eyes were bloodshot while he moved with sword in hand.

He hated these fellows to the bone, and he hated them to the point he was on the verge of going mad. So, if he didn’t vent his anger, then he would really go completely mad!


He flicked his sleeve, causing a myriad of talisman markings to illuminate the heavens and the earth, and then they transformed into numerous mysterious and grand Divine Talismans. These Divine Talismans resided at the eight corners of an octagonal shape, and they shined brilliantly as they acted in cooperation with each other from afar and revealed boundless divine might.

In an instant, a complete divine formation had been formed, and it was like a cage that cooperated with the Overarching Heaven Net to completely lock down this expanse of the heavens and the earth!

“The inheritance of Divine Talismans and establishing a divine formation in an instant…. You… really are a disciple of Oracle Mountain!” Luo Shaonong was completely stunned, the hairs on his entire body stood on end while he felt as if he’d fallen into a pit of ice!

Since it was able to terrify Luo Shaonong, an existence that was ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, to such an extent, it obviously showed how great the shock he felt was.


Right when Luo Shaonong spoke, Chen Xi had already utilized the King Xuan Sword to kill another person, and it was Jin Qingyang. Even though Jin Qingyang had fought with all his strength, he was unable to resist Chen Xi’s attack, and he was slashed into two and met an extremely horrifying end.

“Everyone! If you don’t want to die, then use all your strength to fight this kid with me! Otherwise, if this continues, then every single one of you’ll be killed!” As he gazed at the others who were fleeing towards all directions in disorder, Luo Shaonong couldn’t help but take a deep breath before he shouted in a stern voice.

All of them instantly returned to their senses when they heard this, and they moved successively to converge on Luo Shaonong.


However, Kunwu Qing was a slight step too late. Even though it was an extremely inconspicuous little step, it took his life because Chen Xi’s sword had pierced his throat and minced his soul into pieces.

At the moment before his death, Kunwu Qing still howled with disbelief. “Why?”


What a laughable question!

In the end, Kunwu Qing fell to the ground and died with everlasting regret.

Chen Xi’s expression grew even more icy cold and indifferent. He carefully secured Zhen Liuqing who was on his back, and then his blood red eyes glanced icy coldly at Luo Shaonong and the others.

Author’s Note: Allow me to give another short explanation with regards to Zhen Liuqing. Perhaps many have noticed things like why Zhen Liuqing was able to enter the Violetsky Dao Palace with the other Spirit God Exalts, why she was able to arrive at the Ancient God Domain before Chen Xi, and why she’d been manipulated by Gongye Zhefu who was from the Imperial Region. I’ll be providing an explanation for all of this because I’ve been preparing everything related to this thread of the story for a very long time.

Has Zhen Liuqing really died or not? I can only say that I like this character, I really do like her. All those who like her as much as I do, don’t worry, I’ll give all of you a satisfying explanation. As for those who don’t, please don’t worry as well, she will absolutely not continue disgusting all of you as well.

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