Chapter 1697 – The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar

In an instant, Gongye Zhefu was blasted back while Luo Shaonong dodged in an embarrassing and ridiculous manner. However, no one was able to laugh.

Conversely, all of them had stunned expressions at this moment, and tempestuous waves surged in their hearts.

He’s too formidable! This fellow is simply an incomprehensible monster!

If news of this were to spread, there probably wouldn’t be anyone that would dare to believe it, right?

“Who exactly is this fellow? Why have we never heard of his name in the Ancient God Domain?”

“He possesses such terrifying combat strength yet just happens to possess no reputation. It’s even to the extent that his name hasn’t appeared on the Domain Enlightened Chart. Isn’t he a little too mysterious?”

“The battle still hasn’t ended, so it’s a bit too early to talk about all of this. Don’t forget that this kid is our enemy!”

While they discussed amongst themselves, all of their expressions turned even more unsightly, and they couldn’t help but feel slightly worried.

“I never expected this, I truly never expected that such a figure like you actually exists in this world. This really makes me recall a legendary figure.” In the sky, Luo Shaonong had a livid expression as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and his gaze was extremely terrifying. “However, the more it’s like this, the more I can’t allow you to continue living!”

His voice was already filled with abundant killing intent. Obviously, Chen Xi’s formidable display had caused him to completely arouse his killing intent.

“Exactly. We absolutely can’t allow him to leave with his life intact. Otherwise, once he matures in the future, he would absolutely be a calamity for us!” Gongye Zhefu had an extremely gloomy expression while his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. That strike from before had caused him to suffer quite a bit of injury, and he was infuriated to the limit.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head, and he said, “All of you’re so full of nonsense.”

As he spoke, he suddenly strode forward while Sword Insight coiled around his entire body. He was like a peerlessly sharp blade that had left its sheathe, and he possessed an aura of absolute supremacy.

At this moment, he’d taken the initiative to attack because they’d clearly proclaimed their intent to kill him. So, he naturally wouldn’t hold back!


A strand of dazzling and extraordinary sword qi slashed down. It crushed the five elements, annihilated Yin and Yang, and it was murderous to the limit.

“Heaven Suppression Slash!” Luo Shaonong’s pupils constricted. He held his sword in hand, and it emanated hazy jet black lightning as he swung it.

It charged up into the sky before it crashed down.

This was his trump card, the 18 Lightning True Swords, and every single sword strike possessed the might to destroy the world.


To Luo Shaonong’s shock, this strike was actually merely able to go head-on against Chen Xi, and it was unable to cause any injury to Chen Xi.

This caused Luo Shaonong’s expression to grow even more heavy, and the killing intent in his heart blazed even more brightly. He let out a long and grim howl as he charged down once more.

“Heaven Devour Slash!”

“Heaven Incinerate Slash!”

“Heaven Crush Slash!”

After that, Luo Shaonong and Chen Xi were locked in intense combat. He executed various different sword moves from amongst the 18 Lightning True Swords. Every single one of them possessed unfathomable might, seethed with lightning, and possessed the strength to destroy the world. They were extremely shocking.

But in the end, all of them were destroyed by Chen Xi one after the other. Not only were they unable to injure Chen Xi at all, he himself had almost been injured during the battle.

This caused Luo Shaonong’s pupils to constrict to the limit, and he was shocked to the limit in his heart. How could this be possible? This fellow is clearly only at the first level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and it’s even to the extent that the King Xuan Sword in his hand is inferior to the Blackspirit Sword in my possession. So, why is he so formidable?

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi spat out a single word in an extremely cold voice before slashing with his sword, and Gongye Zhefu who was charging over from the side was forcefully blasted flying by this strike.

This fellow had been constantly launching surprise attacks while he fought Luo Shaonong, and if it wasn’t for Gongye Zhefu, Luo Shaonong would have absolutely not been able to deal with his attacks so easily.

“AH!” Gongye Zhefu coughed up a mouthful of blood while his expression turned savage. He was truly disgruntled. In the past, he’d humiliated Chen Xi on more than one occasion, and he’d always taken Chen Xi to be an ant. When had he ever imagined that he would actually not be a match for Chen Xi?

In the distance, Di Jun and the others were horrified by this scene, and they became even more worried.

“Dammit!” Gongye Zhefu roared furiously, and he charged forward once more.

However, he was blasted flying once more by a single sword strike from Chen Xi. This time was worse than the last. His entire figure was blasted flying like a sandbag before smashing forcefully onto the ground. Numerous teeth flew out from his mouth, and he bled from both mouth and nose.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t even spared him a glance, and Chen Xi’s gaze had always been locked on Luo Shaonong.

Compared to Gongye Zhefu, Luo Shaonong definitely caused him to feel even greater pressure. However, it was merely pressure.

“Heaven Disruption Slash!” At this moment, Luo Shaonong’s eyes contained monstrous killing intent, and he was completely different when compared to before because he revealed a domineering aura of supremacy.

The Blackspirit Sword in his palm seemed as if it was formed from the Grand Dao of lightning. It was filled with peerless spirit, and it was violent, all-powerful, and seemed as if it intended to crush all things into powder.

It was even to the extent that the images of numerous lightning spirits were faintly formed, and it emanated monstrous divine might that was terrifying to the extreme.

Such a change caused Chen Xi to be shocked, and he was clearly aware that this fellow intended to fight with his life on the line.


Chen Xi soared into the sky, and the damaged King Xuan Sword carried supreme profundities as it blasted forward without end, and the two of them fought intensely and incessantly.

In next to no time, they were locked in combat. They were like two bolts of lightning that collided with each other. They fought from the ground to the sky, and then arrived before Master Xuan’s Divine Temple. The battle was extremely intense.

Even Gongye Zhefu was unable to interfere in such a peerless and peak battle. It was too swift while the might of the battle was too terrifying, and it wasn’t something he could interfere in any longer.

This understanding caused him to feel a deep sense of defeat, and his expression was livid and hideous. Earlier, he thought Chen Xi didn’t have the qualifications to touch him and could only be trampled on at his will. Yet now, all of this had turned around, and he’d become the one that didn’t even possess the qualifications to interfere!

Such a blow simply caused Gongye Zhefu to almost go mad.

But no matter what, all of this had stopped revolving around his will. If Luo Shaonong steered the situation of the battle, then perhaps Gongye Zhefu would be able to participate in the battle. But it was very obvious that Luo Shaonong was unable to allow himself to be distracted at this moment, so he was naturally unable to accomplish this.


The battle between Chen Xi and Luo Shaonong grew even more shocking.

Chen Xi attacked formidably with his supreme sword technique, and he vividly displayed the quintessence and strength of the Profound Heart Sword Technique.

He had to admit that Luo Shaonong was unimaginably formidable when fighting desperately, and he deserved to be an existence ranked at the 3rd on the Domain Enlightened Chart because Luo Shaonong had already stepped into the highest limits of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

After all, he’d utilized the Infinite Divine Talisman, and he’d completely fused the profundities of the Divine Laws he possessed into his Sword Dao before supplementing it with Heart Energy. So, its might had already attained the extremes of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

On the other hand, even though Luo Shaonong was ceaselessly forced back, he’d resisted Chen Xi’s attacks in the end. So, this feat itself was extraordinary.

In other words, no matter if it was Chen Xi or Luo Shaonong, they’d utilized strength at the extremes of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm as they fought now!

“Chen Xi! If this is all you’ve got, then you’re dead!” Suddenly, Luo Shaonong seemed to have become slightly impatient, and he seemed to have made some sort of decision. He suddenly shouted loudly before a Vermillion Bird that blazed like fire silently floated up into appearance in his palm, and then it shot into the Blackspirit Sword.


At this moment, the Blackspirit Sword that was pitch black like the night sky suddenly seethed with a myriad of strands of dazzling flaming light while its surroundings were covered in strands of pitch black lighting. It had actually transformed to form a grand scene where fire and lighting were fused together and acted in cooperation.

It seemed like a boundless pitch black night was burning with divine flames!

After that, Luo Shaonong’s might suddenly rose explosively.


He attacked with sword in hand while the strength in his body was unprecedented. Boundless killing intent shot into the sky as he smashed down towards Chen Xi.

This was a sort of secret technique. It utilized the incinerated soul of a Vermillion Bird as catalyst to ignite the complete strength of the Blackspirit Sword, and it was capable of bringing forth unimaginable might.

However, the price paid to accomplish this was extremely heavy as well. Not only would one lose the soul of a Vermillion Bird, the might of the Blackspirit Sword would be affected because of this, and it would take a very long time to repair it completely.

“Die!” At this moment, Luo Shaonong simply seemed like an imposing overlord, and his bold and arrogant bearing caused all the others in the distance to feel excited.

All of them had discerned that Luo Shaonong had utilized a secret technique and exerted unimaginable strength. He’s become completely different when compared to before.

“We’re ending this in a single move? Alright!” Amidst his chilly and indifferent voice, a strand of an indescribably mysterious force field arose abruptly from Chen Xi, and it converged behind Chen Xi’s head before transforming into a dazzling divine altar.

The divine altar was suffused by nine lights that shot into the nine heavens. When the others in the distance saw this, all of them were excited because they thought Chen Xi intended to fight desperately with his Divine Dao Altar. Obviously, Chen Xi had run out of tricks.

But in merely an instant, their smiled froze abruptly while their pupils dilated, and their faces were covered in disbelief.

In their fields of vision, the nine lights behind Chen Xi’s head actually fused together in an instant, and they formed into a dazzling, resplendent, blazing, and completely round wheel of light!

“The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!”

All of them were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies, and they exclaimed involuntarily in unison while their expressions changed immediately.

Everyone including Zhen Liuqing were extremely shocked in their hearts.

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it actually occurred in an instant. After he condensed the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to attack with the Dismemberment Style.

At this instant, even time and space seemed to have frozen. All things had fallen into deathly silence, and all sound had vanished.

The greatest sounds were silent!

The strongest were shapeless!

The might of this strike actually caused the heavens and the earth to be stripped of the passage of time, the movement of space, and the transmission of sound!

After that, everyone witnessed to their shock that Luo Shaonong’s strongest attack was like paper before this sword strike, and it swiftly collapsed into a myriad of specks of light that rained down through the heavens and the earth.

On the other hand, Luo Shaonong seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. He bled from all seven aperture while his figure crashed uncontrollably to the ground. Moreover, his handsome face had even warped from pain.

“AH!!!” He couldn’t refrain himself from crying in pain, and his voice was filled with extreme shock and fury. Moreover, it even carried a wisp of terror that couldn’t be concealed. “The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar! It’s actually the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar! You… have actually attained this legendary state!”

At this instant, everyone in the surroundings was terrified and had frozen like statues. All of this was too inconceivable, and it caused them to almost allow inner demons into their Dao Hearts.

The Ultimate Divine Dao Altar!

Amongst all the known Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods in the Ancient God Domain, only Yea Chen who was ranked at the 1st position on the Domain Enlightened Chart had attained this extraordinary, miraculous, and practically legendary state!

Yet now, another fellow that attained the Ultimate Divine Dao Altar had actually appeared in the world! So, how could they not feel disbelief?

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