Chapter 1696 – Blackspirit Sword


A wisp of sword qi appeared like a flash, and it slashed down at an unbelievable speed towards Gongye Zhefu who attacked with rage.

The Flowing Light Style!

It was the swiftest and most sudden move amongst the four great styles of the Profound Heart Sword Technique!

Gongye Zhefu grunted coldly before he clawed with his right hand, and his hand that was suffused by the Sky Unicorn Palm technique’s aura surged with dark blue divine radiance.


The collision between the supreme technique, Sky Unicorn Palm, and the Flowing Light Style emanated an ear piercing clang. The Sky Unicorn Palm was extremely solid, and it was suffused with terrifying might of the Divine Dao.

Everyone was visibly moved. As expected of an ancient technique passed down in the Gongye Clan. It was actually able to go head-on against an extremely sharp strand of sword qi.

The Sky Unicorn Palm remained completely intact while divine radiance shot into the surroundings, and Gongye Zhefu remained unharmed.

However, Chen Xi had seized this opportunity to grab Zhen Liuqing and take her out of the battlefield.

“If you still believe me like you did in the past, then stand still and wait. Leave these fellows to me!” Chen Xi instructed before his figure flashed and charged into the battlefield.

Zhen Liuqing was stunned while her extremely pale face was covered in a complicated expression. She was struggling extremely violently in her heart, but she didn’t move at all in the end.

This caused Chen Xi to feel extremely comforted in his heart, yet it caused Gongye Zhefu to become even more infuriated.

“Fine. I’ll kill you first, little bastard, before I settle things with her!” Gongye Zhefu grunted coldly before he clawed at Chen Xi once more.

His palms were both densely covered by the Sky Unicorn Palm technique, and it was extremely mysterious. His palms were like a pair of dragon claws, yet they were even sharper and terrifying. Their might was so formidable that it wasn’t inferior to a divine artifact at all.


At practically the exact same moment, Luo Shaonong that had been constantly watching coldly from the side made a move. A black sword appeared in his palm. It was mysterious, glistening, and emanated dazzling black divine radiance. In an instant, this expanse of the sky transformed into night.

Everyone gasped. The Blackspirit Sword!

This was an extraordinary Natural Spirit Treasure. According to rumor, it was found within a shattered expanse of chaos by an extraordinary figure of the Luo Clan after he experienced all sorts of dangers. Moreover, that great figure had relied on this sword to slaughter innumerable formidable opponents, and it caused a great stir in the Imperial Region.

Now, Luo Shaonong had withdrawn this sword against Chen Xi. As soon as he attacked, it enveloped the heavens and the earth beneath eternal night, and peerless Sword Insight coiled around surging jet black lightning as it struck down. Such a scene was simply astounding to the limit.

In an instant, two Spirit God Exalts attacked, and it threw the surroundings into disorder.

If it was any other cultivator, that cultivator would probably be terrified out of his wits while his will to fight would collapse.

However, Chen Xi was obviously not ordinary. Not only was he unafraid, he strode through space, and at the instant that he raised his hand, a world of swords was formed in space. This was the embodiment of the first level of the Sword Emperor Realm.


Sword Insight surged like the tide and swept out from the world of swords. It illuminated the surroundings with blazing and dazzling radiance.

At this moment, Chen Xi was like an overlord that controlled all swords. His Sword Insight shot into the sky while his figure moved through space, and he slashed left and right as he fought in this decisive battle with Gongye Zhefu and Luo Shaonong.

For a time, the peak of Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain seemed to have transformed into a turbulent place. Divine radiance swept through it, rains of light sprayed down, and rumbling rose and fell in its surroundings. The battle simply caused the sun and moon to dim in comparison while fear arose in the hearts of all living things.

Waves of the rumbling of the Grand Dao even came from the battle, and they formed into all sorts of terrifying phenomena. The gods roared furiously, the blood of gods poured down, and the world and Order of the Divine Dao appeared, collapsed, and transformed in violent energy that swept towards the surroundings. It was chaotic to the extreme.

This scene was too terrifying!

It caused all the others in the distance to retreat in succession while they were unable to maintain their calm because such a battle could absolutely be described as unprecedented!

Most shocking to them was that Chen Xi actually wasn’t crushed swiftly in such a battle, and he was able to resist the pincer attack of Gongye Zhefu and Luo Shaonong instead!

How could this be possible?

How could that kid’s combat strength be so terrifying?

Those two are existences at the 3rd and 9th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. They’re said to be peerless geniuses, and they’re practically invincible amongst those of the same cultivation realm.

Yet now, when both of them had joined forces, they were actually unable to harm a fellow that came out of nowhere. This was simply unbelievable!


Since this world shocking battle began, it was bound to be extremely intense. At this moment, the three of them simply seemed as if their battle would extend into the nine heavens. All of them executed supreme techniques as they collided, and it was simply like numerous suns colliding with each other. It was an extremely grand and terrifying scene.

The clouds collapsed into pieces.

Space was thrown into disorder.

This expanse of the sky was like a multicolored canvas, and it was torn apart into countless pieces, and it was a lustrous and dazzling sight. Moreover, it was even filled with unimaginable dangers. Once the other cultivators were swept into it, they would definitely perish on the spot!

“Bastard! Quickly cease your futile resistance!” Gongye Zhefu roared furiously in the sky. His palms glowed as they covered the heavens and the earth, and they surged with a terrifying crushing force.


Chen Xi’s eyes flowed with a murderous aura, and he grunted coldly. Suddenly, Chen Xi swept his sword outwards, and it was like the milky way was sweeping out. The sun and moon alternated, the five elements promoted each other, wind and lightning resonated, Yin and Yang circulated, and all sorts of supreme profundities were reflected within it.

All of the others were astounded as they watched from afar. The phenomenon revealed by this strand of sword qi was too grand and boundless. It seemed to cover all the Grand Daos of the universe, and it even seemed like the universe and stars were circulating within this sword qi as it covered the heavens and the earth and swept out!

This was the Ocean Cliff Style!

However, Chen Xi had executed it with his full strength, and he’d completely fused all of the Grand Daos he’d grasped into it. This was the source of such terrifying phenomena.


It seemed like a star had exploded here. It was deafening, and it caused even the divine mountain to tremble abruptly.

After that, a figure suddenly staggered backwards from the force of this collision and was in a slightly sorry state. Moreover, a wisp of shock and fury filled the space between his brows.

Shockingly, it was Gongye Zhefu!

He’d actually suffered a loss during this collision, and he was no match for Chen Xi!

The hearts of everyone shook fiercely. The battle from before had already proved how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was, but they’d still never imagined that even while under the circumstances of going against two enemies by himself, Chen Xi would actually have enough strength to forcefully blast Gongye Zhefu back!

Within the entire Ancient God Domain’s Imperial Region where countless peerless geniuses converged, how many people could accomplish this?

Exactly how formidable is this fellow’s strength?

At this instant, even Zhen Liuqing was stunned. Her clear eyes flowed with bright light while she muttered in her heart. So, he has already become so formidable now….

However, she seemed to have thought of something, and it caused her eyes to dim down once more. Moreover, her pretty and gorgeous face was suffused with a wisp of an indescribably complicated expression.

“Strike!” After a short moment, Luo Shaonong suddenly attacked from the side. The Blackspirit Sword was like a wisp of light that came from within a dark purgatory of lightning, and it shattered space and carried terrifying destructive force.

This attack seemed to be extremely terrifying, and it deeply conformed to the quintessence of hunting and assassination. It just happened to attack at the moment Chen Xi fought Gongye Zhefu and was unable to withdraw himself.


Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He suddenly struck fiercely with his sword and blasted Gongye Zhefu back. After that, his figure flashed like a bolt of lightning and barely dodged Luo Shaonong’s attack. However, a strand of his hair at the side of his head was still severed while he felt a slight piercing pain come from his face. Moreover, the sword qi that swept past his face caused a drop of blood to seep out from his face.

“Hmm?” Luo Shaonong was slightly surprised, and he seemed to have never expected that this strike would actually be unable to injure Chen Xi.

What a pity. All the others cried out in their hearts.

“Hmph!” At this instant, Chen Xi grunted coldly while his gaze grew even more deeper and icy cold. The Sword Insight around his body surged like an ocean, and he swung the King Xuan Sword as he continued his attack.

At this point in the battle, Chen Xi had already roughly determined that Luo Shaonong similarly possessed a cultivation at the first level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and his combat experience was extremely abundant. Luo Shaonong attacked decisively and murderously, and he lived up to his ranking on the Domain Enlightened Chart.

As for Gongye Zhefu, he was inferior to Luo Shaonong. But he possessed various supreme techniques, so his combat strength couldn’t be underestimated as well.

However, no matter if it was Luo Shaonong, Gongye Zhefu, or their joint forces, all of it was insufficient to cause Chen Xi to feel lethally threatened.

“Kill!” Gongye Zhefu’s gaze was like a violet vortex, and it was extremely shocked. As he swung his hands, he tore the sky apart while numerous blue sharp lights were formed, and they poured down like a torrential storm.

At the same time, Luo Shaonong stride over with an aura that was imposing like a dragon, and his Sword Insight grew endlessly. They formed into black lightning that ceaselessly struck towards Chen Xi, and his imposing aura grew even more oppressive and arrogant.

Obviously, the two of them had realized that Chen Xi’s combat strength was too extraordinary, and they had to fight with their full strengths and couldn’t hold back any longer.


Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. His lone figure suddenly straightened while his imposing aura actually rose one more. The aura emanated from his entire body simply seemed like the aura of a peerless exalt in the sword, and merely his imposing aura alone shattered this expanse of the sky into powder.

The heavens and the earth were in disorder. At this moment, Chen Xi had utilized his full strength as well. The King Xuan Sword in his hand emanated a wisp of crystalline and translucent light, and it was suffused with an obscure and terrifying aura.

Strands of Divine Energy transformed into mysterious talismans that flowed out from the sword. When he swung the damaged King Xuan Sword, an indescribably terrifying aura silently effused out, and it instantly crushed the heavens and the earth into pieces!


The strength of this sword strike was too formidable, and it blasted Gongye Zhefu back with ease. Even if he’d utilized his full strength, he wasn’t able to gain the slightest advantage in the battle.

If it was in the past, then by relying on the strength he revealed at this moment, all his enemies would be crushed and there would rare be anyone in the world who could be a match for him.

But now, not only was he blasted back by this sword strike, the Sky Unicorn Palm technique that suffused his palms was mostly shattered, causing blood to seep out of his palm while his bones had almost been broken from the impact.

He cried out in pain, and the space around him was shattered as his figure travelled backwards . He was actually unable to endure such enormous force, and he was unable to control his own body.

This scene didn’t just cause all the spectators in the distance to be horrified, even Luo Shaonong who was charging over felt shocked and disbelief in his heart.

But right after that, a cold glow flashed in Luo Shaonong’s eyes. He didn’t move away, and he utilized a secret technique instead, causing his might to become even stronger before he swung his sword forcefully.

It was like he’d swung a world of lightning down!


However, in merely an instant, a cold glow arose abruptly. It actually slashed this world of lightning into two by force, and then it rumbled and exploded into pieces.

Moreover, this wisp of sword qi didn’t lose momentum at all, and it shot explosively towards Luo Shaonong’s throat at an unbelievable speed.

In an instant, Luo Shaonong’s expression changed. He noticed a wisp of the aura of lethal danger, and he didn’t hesitate at all to dodge to the side at full strength, allowing him to barely avoid this wisp of sword qi.

However, his figure seemed to be in an extraordinarily embarrassing state because he’d rolled away in a laughable and ridiculous manner.

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