Chapter 1692 – Master Xuan’s Divine Temple

This beast bone command token was around the size of a palm and was in the form of a sharp sword. It was completely translucent and crystalline, and it was suffused with a strand of pure Chaotic Qi.

There was only a single character ‘玄’ inscribed on its front, and it represented the name of the Master of the Manku period, Xuan. It was inscribing with forceful strokes that were sharp like a blade, and it was suffused with an oppressive and fierce strand of Sword Insight.

When looked at from afar, it caused one to feel a wave of piercing pain in their eyes. It was like a bright glow that pierced through the space between their brows, and it was extremely terrifying.

All of their hearts shook because while this command token seemed to be ordinary, it was obviously created by a great figure. Especially that wisp of Sword Insight that suffused it. That Sword Insight was peerlessly fierce, and it had simply arrived at an astounding state.

“An Ancestor of my Luo Chan obtained this treasure by chance from the Master of the Manku period, and this command token was refined from the bone of the Ancient Chaotic Beast, Howling Xiezhi. The character ‘Xuan’ on it was personally inscribed by the Master of the Manku period himself, and it’s branded with a trace of the profundities of the Sword Dao that he’d comprehended. It’s a priceless treasure. If I wasn’t heading to the Desolate Manku Ruins this time, then the seniors of my clan would definitely not hand such a precious treasure to me.” Luo Shaonong explained casually, and then a wisp of a faint grin couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth when he noticed the shocked and envious gazes coming from the surroundings.

This was the resources and reserves of his Luo Clan!

It was his pride as well! Even if all the others in the surroundings were from top clans in the Imperial Region, they were unable to compare to the Luo Clan in this aspect.

“Brother Luo, may I know exactly what sort of profound effects it possesses?” One of them couldn’t help but ask in an extremely curious manner.

Luo Shaonong smiled as he raised his head in a proud manner. He pointed at the ancient divine mountain that was floating beneath the sky in the distance and said, “The Battle Souls of all the formidable gods that the Master of the Manku period annihilated all those years ago are being suppressed there. Even though they’ve been confined there for countless years, all of them possess strengths that are even more formidable than Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. It’s even to the extent that there’s no lack of terrifying existences comparable to Imperial Monarchs.”

All of them were shocked and extremely astounded. All of them had never expected that such shocking killing intent would actually exist on this mountain.

Even stronger than Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods and no lack of existences comparable to Imperial Monarchs!

Merely these words alone were sufficient to make them feel powerless and despaired.

“However, with this command token in our possession, it’ll be sufficient to resolve more than half the lethal danger we face while ascending the mountain. So long as everyone works together with me, then we’ll absolutely be able to arrive safely at the peak of the mountain!” Luo Shaonong’s eyes burned with desire, and his handsome face was covered in arrogance.

No one knew how much preparations he’d made and what sort of painstaking effort he’d taken in order to seize this Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

For example, roping Gongye Zhefu’s group in to assist him.

For example, obtaining the assistance of Kunwu Qing and Pei Wen’s Ancestral Root Spirit Worm and Divine Blood Desolation Bell to lead the way.

For example, the Sage Portrait and beast bone command token in his possession.

All of these seemed to be easy, yet who knew the price and effort he’d paid in order to obtain all of this?

Now, success was within his sight, so Luo Shaonong’s heart couldn’t help but surge with a wisp of pride and excitement. I’m finally about to succeed. Once I seize that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root and advance into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, then would anyone be able to compare with me?

Yu Jiuyue that’s ranked at the second position on the Domain Enlightened Chart?

No, he can’t!

Even though that fellow is formidable, he’s only a rash and careless fellow.

Yea Chen who’s ranked at the 1st person?

Perhaps he can suppress me now, but it may not necessarily be the case once I’ve advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

When he thought up to here, Luo Shaonong took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, let’s set out.”

As he spoke, he took the lead and headed up the mountain path first.

The others followed closely behind him, and they quickly vanished amidst the boundless and steep path.

10 minutes later, numerous white jade lotuses suddenly bloomed at the other side, and they spread until foot of the mountain.

After that, Jia Nan strode on lotus flowers as he arrived swiftly.

Even though he’d entered the Door of the Grand Dao over 10 days after the others, he was actually only a thread away from catching up to their footsteps!

All of this was like a miracle, and it was unbelievable.

His clothes fluttered while Jia Nan’s expression was tranquil, firm, and composed as before.

He raised his eyes to gaze at the extremely tall and lofty golden mountain. He stared at it for a long time before he bowed, pressed his palms together, and silently praised Buddha.

He seemed as if he didn’t dare spear loudly and alarm those that resided above the sky.

After that, his expression became sincere. He withdrew a lantern, a meditation cushion, an alms bowl, prayer beads, and a Buddhist scripture.

He lit the lantern, sat cross-legged on the meditation cushion, placed the alms bowl before him, and pressed his palms together while moving the prayer beads through his fingers.

After he finished doing all of this, Jia Nan’s expression became even more sincere and solemn. His entire body emanated a layer of hazy holy light, and it was perfect and translucent like the Grand Dao.

The Buddhist scripture floated up before him by itself, and then page after page flipped open while it emanated a strand of boundlessly grand light that illuminated the nine heavens!

After that, a wave of chanting drifted through the world….

“If there’s obsession in the heart, then one is unable to allow fate to run its course. One must give up obsession of the material in order to truly comprehend the way of the Buddha.

“Everything in the world changes constantly, and the unknown brings pain. Fate governs everything, and only true comprehension brings understanding.

“Everything is born and destroyed by fate and destiny!

“I see my true self and seek my true self. Thus, the Buddha remains eternal, and my heart is reborn while I remain eternal….”

The sound of Buddhist chanting grew louder and louder, whereas, Jia Nan’s entire body seemed as if it was carried by an invisible hand and rose up along the path that led to the peak of the mountain.

As the lantern swayed, meditation cushion glowed, and prayer beads moved around him, a gale arose while the alms bowl floated in the surroundings and emanated boundless holy light!

All along the way, numerous ethereal images of gods charged out from time to time, yet they hadn’t even come close to him before they shaken by the sound of chanting to the point their bodies trembled, and they let out endless shrill cries before fleeing in the end.

“Hmm?” On the path, Luo Shaonong’s eyes erupted with a strand of divine radiance. He seemed to have sensed something, and then his expression turned grim. He grunted coldly and said, “So it’s the Buddhist Sect’s Five Saint Treasures? I never expected that this Jia Nan would really be quite capable. He was actually able to see the assistance of five great Buddhist Masters that have attained the Bodhisattva Stage!”

All of the others were shocked in their hearts.

Before they could recover from their shock, Luo Shaonong waved his hand and said, “Don’t get distracted. Let’s make the best use of our time to move forward. If that Jia Nan really dares to compete with us, then we’ll kill him!”

What grand Buddhist chanting…. On the other side, Chen Xi annihilated a Battle Soul with a single sword strike, and then he couldn’t help but frown.

He’d sensed the Buddhist chanting that surged through the nine heavens as well, and he was clearly aware that it was probably Jia Nan who’d arrived.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake. Because the addition of Jia Nan meant that there would be another variable to the situation. Coupled with the presence of Luo Shaonong’s group, the competition here would definitely become even more brutal.

Looks like I can only speed up. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and then he instantly decided to start charging at full speed.

Earlier, for the sake of absorbing the energy of the Grand Dao all along the way and allowing it to fuse the nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights on his Divine Dao Altar, he’d constantly maintained a fixed speed.

Yet now, he clearly couldn’t be bothered about all of this any longer.


At this moment, Chen Xi seemed like a sharp blade. He broke through layer upon layer of obstruction as he ascended like a whirlwind and swiftly approached the peak of the mountain.

All the Battle Souls he encountered on the way were easily annihilated by the damaged King Xuan Sword in Chen Xi’s possession, and none could bear the brunt of its force.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi finally arrived at the peak of the mountain. At this moment, Chen Xi’s field of vision was filled by an expanse of boundless golden light, and he saw numerous scorching suns soaring into the sky from within the ocean of clouds.

When he looked carefully, they were shockingly numerous extremely enormous three-legged Suncrows!

An entire 10 Suncrows resided above the sky and emanated blazing and dazzling radiance, causing the ocean of clouds, ground, and mountains to be dyed by their resplendent brilliance. It was an extremely gorgeous and magnificent sight.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that they weren’t real Suncrows, and they were formed from a type of mysterious force field.

Moreover, that mysterious force field came from the ancient building that stood towering at the center of the peak. It was completely constructed from golden rocks, and it was battled in golden light and emanated a myriad of strands of divine radiance.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, this ancient building seemed like a herb garden that had been established by a god. Even when he stood extremely far away from it, a strand of thick medicinal fragrance still drifted over and assaulted his face in the form of a rain of light.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s entire body felt comfortable, and his soul felt overjoyed and cheered.

This caused Chen Xi to instantly feel extremely shocked because merely its aura possessed such miraculous ability, and this wasn’t something an ordinary treasure could possess.

Exactly what resides within this ancient building? Could it be that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root?

When he thought up to here, a wisp of excitement that couldn’t be restrained surged from Chen Xi’s heart. He swept the surroundings with his gaze and noticed that no one had arrived here yet. This meant that he’d arrived before Luo Shaonong and Jia Nan, and he was the first to arrive!

When facing such a superb opportunity, how could Chen Xi possibly allow himself to miss it. His figure flashed, and he intended to charge into the ancient building.

However, right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred abruptly!

“Hahaha! We’re finally here!”

“Master Xuan’s Divine Temple! This is the Master Xuan’s Divine Temple of legend! Do all of you see that!? Suncrows reside in the sky and enveloped the surroundings of the divine temple with their brilliance. This is a supreme phenomenon that’s only possessed by Master Xuan’s Divine Temple!”

“Hmm? That’s…. Dammit! Chen Xi!”

“Dammit! What’s he doing here? He actually arrived before all of us!”

A wave of clamorous noise sounded out. Along with these voices, numerous figures tore through space and arrived here. Shockingly, it was Luo Shaonong’s group.

They were originally in excited discussion, but their gazes instantly froze when they saw Chen Xi standing in the distance.

At this moment, Chen Xi stopped abruptly while he sighed in his heart. He knew that if he moved forward rashly, then he would definitely suffer sneak attacks from these fellows.

“It really is him.” No matter if it was Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, Gongye Zhefu, Zhen Liuqing, Yue Ruhuo, Jin Qingyang, or Kunwu Qing and Pei Wen, all of their expressions became extremely complicated at the instant that they confirmed Chen Xi’s identity.

Yes, every single one of them had either suffered a loss at Chen Xi’s hands or had some sort of connection with Chen Xi. There wasn’t a single one of them that wasn’t related to Chen Xi at all!

For example, Pei Wei had almost been killed by Chen Xi when he’d just arrived at the Desolate Manku Ruins.

For example, since they started heading from the God Burial Ocean to the Desolate Manku Ruins, Kunwu Qing had successively come into contact with Chen Xi, and he intended to form an alliance with Chen Xi yet was refuses time after time.

For example, Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang had lost miserably at Chen Xi’s hands, and even Di Jun had been blasted back by a single strike from Chen Xi during the conflict between them.

As for Luo Shaonong, he’d exchanged blows with Chen Xi while fighting for that eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root from before, yet he was unable to do anything to Chen Xi in the end.

The last person was Zhen Liuqing… there was naturally no need to mention how she was related to Chen Xi.

So, this was the reason why their emotions were so disturbed when they saw Chen Xi.

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