Chapter 1690 – Lotus Platforms Rising With Every Single Step


The lightning spirit formed from the Grand Dao of lightning was slashed into two beneath the might of this sword strike, and its entire 30km tall figure suddenly transformed into a rain of light that vanished into nothingness.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. He gazed at the damaged King Xuan Sword in his hand, and he was extremely shocked in his heart. He’d never imagined that while this sword was clearly damaged and mottled with rust, it was able to exert such terrifying might.

If he knew this sword possessed such miraculous ability since the beginning, then how could he have had such a hard time to advance all along the way here?

Chen Xi went silent for a moment before he took a deep breath, and then he put the Talisman Armament away and utilized the damaged King Xuan Sword instead. After that, he continued forward on the path.

After a short moment, a spirit formed from the energy of the Star Grand Dao surged into appearance. It controlled numerous stars, and it was like the ruler of the universe as it shot explosively towards Chen Xi.

This spirit was even more terrifying than the lightning spirit from before. Its entire body was suffused by the aura of the Star Grand Dao, and it was like numerous stars were smashing down towards him. Merely the oppressive imposing aura it possessed caused Chen Xi’s entire body to stiffen, and he was practically on the verge of suffocating. If nothing unexpected happened, then he would definitely suffer calamity and be blasted flying by this strike.

However, the damaged King Xuan Sword in Chen Xi’s hand shook at this moment. It carried a strand of obscure radiance and actually instantly crushed all this pressure into pieces.

“King Xuan! How could… why is Xuan… still in this world!?” At this moment, the spirit actually let out a sharp cry, and it seemed to be terrified to the limit.

It actually possesses intelligence and memories! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he had a deeper feeling that this place was extraordinary.

He didn’t hesitate to slash his sword towards it.

Unfortunately, this spirit condensed from the Star Grand Dao seemed to have noticed that the situation was bad, and it instantly vanished on the spot. It had actually fled and didn’t dare obstruct Chen Xi.

As expected, everything here is definitely closely related to Xuan! Chen Xi was even confident of his deduction when he saw this.


Chen Xi circulated his cultivation, and he held the damaged King Xuan Sword in hand and slashed with it while moving forward.

He instantly noticed that all the pressure that existed on this path was easily crushed into pieces and were completely dispersed. They couldn’t obstruct him at all any longer.

It simply felt no different than traversing flat ground, and it was extremely easy.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi noticed that while he advanced with the damaged King Xuan Sword in hand, he actually didn’t encounter the obstruction of any spirits formed from the energy of the Grand Dao.

It wasn’t just that. During this entire process, even though the pressure from the energy of the Grand Dao had been crushed into pieces, it didn’t disperse, and it transformed into drops of light that were easily absorbed by him instead. They were converted into the energy of his own Divine Dao, and it seemed to be extremely miraculous.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart again. He couldn’t help but guess if the Door of the Grand Dao was personally sealed by Xuan all those years ago.

If it wasn’t for that, how could I possibly obtain such good fortune at this moment?

Swish! Swish!

No matter what Chen Xi thought, all along the way, all the pieces of the aura of the Grand Dao had been absorbed by him, and he converted them into a part of his own cultivation in the Divine Dao….

Wasn’t all of this a great fortuitous encounter as well?

Later on, Chen Xi felt as if his entire body was on the verge of being filled by the aura of the Grand Dao, and he had a feeling of being full and on the verge of exploding.

However, to Chen Xi’s disbelief, even under such circumstances, his cultivation in the Divine Dao at the initial-stage was still unable to step foot into the advanced-stage.

It just a thread away from breakthrough!

Yet it was like a natural chasm that lay before it, and this allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that even though he possessed sufficient energy of the Divine Dao, he lacked a critical factor to break through.

This sort of critical factor couldn’t be replaced by quantity alone, and it required comprehension!

When he understood this, Chen Xi paid no further attention to all of this, and he continued advancing step by step.

Actually, at this moment, no matter if it was his cultivation in qi refinement or comprehension of the Dao, both of them had attained a full state.

In other words, the strength he possessed had already arrived at the limits of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and if he wanted to break through, then he only had a single path — advance into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

Otherwise, no matter how he continued cultivating, it would truly be difficult for him to improve by even a trace.

This was a form of common knowledge in the cultivation world, and Chen Xi was extremely clearly aware of it. It was even to the extent that he was clearly aware that amongst the cultivators in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, it was practically impossible to find anyone else that could rival him!

However, what happened next exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations.

Because as he advanced all along the way, even though his qi refinement cultivation and comprehension of the Dao had arrived at a bottleneck, the Divine Dao Altar that floated in his soul was gradually undergoing a transformation!

Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods were existences that had established a Divine Dao Altar in their souls.

According to the amount of Divine Altar Spirit Lights emanated by the Divine Dao Altar, cultivators at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm were divided into various different ranks. For example, the Divine Dao Altar Chen Xi established possessed nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights, so he possessed the potential of a Spirit God Exalt. This was the most supreme potential one could possess within the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

For example, the experts at the top 100 positions of the Domain Enlightened Chart were all Spirit God Exalts that had established Divine Dao Altars which possessed nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights. The reason there was a difference in their ranking was entirely because of the gap in their overall combat strength.

Simply speaking, existences that possessed nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights had already stepped foot into the extremes of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and they were exalted existences.

However, at this moment, as Chen Xi constantly absorbed strand after strand of the energy of the Grand Dao, the nine spirit lights that suffused the Divine Dao Altar which floated in Chen Xi’s soul had actually showed signs of fusing together! 

The nine spirit lights were divided into the colors of crimson, orange, yellow, pine green, dark blue, indigo, violet, black, and white. They were completely different, acted in cooperation with each other from afar, and resided in the surroundings of the Divine Dao Altar within his soul. This was the potential of a Spirit God Exalt.

Yet now, the nine Divine Altar Spirit Lights on Chen Xi’s Divine Dao Altar were gradually fusing, and along with the passage of time, they were faintly on the verge of becoming a single whole.

Nine were converging back into one!

At this moment, these nine spirit lights showed signs of convergence!

Even with Chen Xi’s current knowledge, he was unable to distinguish exactly what these changes meant.

But it was undoubtable that along with the emergence of this change, he was able to clearly sense that his soul was strengthening without end, and his senses, will, and even vital energy were obtaining enormous benefits!

Actually, to put it simply, this was a form of transformation of the soul. It was a form of evolution of one’s own foundation in the Grand Dao. Moreover, this sort of breakthrough had already exceeded the scope of a Spirit God Exalt!

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel excited, and a wisp of hope arose in his heart. Exactly how much would my combat strength be able to improve by after this transformation is completed?

“Over 10 days have passed now. Why has there been no news at all?”

“There’s no need to be anxious. Didn’t you notice that Luo Shaonong’s group hasn’t returned as well? Perhaps this proves that Chen Xi hasn’t suffered misfortune yet.”

“If it’s really like that, then Chen Xi is truly too extraordinary. He’s all by himself after all, yet he’s actually able to persist until now. I really wonder exactly where this fellow came from.”

“Do you remember that I once mentioned Wang Jianchen from 8,000 years ago? His name was not on the Domain Enlightened Chart as well, yet his sword shocked the world, and no one in the Imperial Region’s Dao Institute could stop him. Later on, he was addressed respectfully as the Sword Demon. Chen Xi isn’t much inferior when compared to Wang Jianchen from all those years ago.”

“So, could it be that Chen Xi might become a second Wang Jianchen?”

“No, every single person has their own path. Chen Xi is Chen Xi, and Wang Jianchen is Wang Jianchen. But without a doubt, both of them are peerless figures that’re unknown to the world.”

In the hall, Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, and Zhuanyu Shui were waiting silently while chatting in low voices, and they couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when Chen Xi was mentioned.

None of them had expected that this young man who’d joined their group midway would actually reveal such dazzling light in the Desolate Manku Ruins. He was simply like a comet that tore through the sky and caused others to be unable to not catch sight of him.


While they chatted, a figure suddenly flashed into the hall. In an instant, that figure arrived before the door that lead to the paths of the Grand Dao.

He wore a moon white monk’s robe and straw sandals, and he held a cane made out of withered wood. His expression was calm and tranquil, and his entire body was suffused by a firm, composed, and peaceful aura. Shockingly, it was Jia Nan who was ranked at the 7th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

Ten days after Chen Xi entered the Door of the Grand Dao, he’d actually arrived by himself at this moment, and he seemed as if he actually intended to step into the Door of the Grand Dao as well.

Le Wuhen and the others couldn’t help but be stunned by this scene. He has arrived so late. So, even if he sets out now, he would probably be far from being able to compete with Luo Shaonong’s group and Chen Xi. Why does he still refuse to give up?

Yuqiu Jing couldn’t help but cry out. “Jia Nan, you don’t have a chance any longer. Please step back!”

“Fate is determined by the heavens, and all fate is predetermined. So, how could there be any difference between being early and late?” Jia Nan spoke calmly and didn’t even look back.

“But… that’s the Door of the Grand Dao, and it’s filled with killing intent!” Yuqiu Jing frowned as he spoke.

“Thank you for the reminder, Fellow Daoist.” Even though Jia Nan said this, his figure took a step forward and instantly vanished behind the door.

“The members of the Buddhist Sect really are stubborn and impenetrable.” Yuqiu Jing shook his head lightheartedly.

“Don’t underestimate him. Amongst the numerous powers in the Imperial Region, the Buddhist Sect is even more mysterious than Oracle Mountain. Its disciples practically never step foot into the world. If Jia Nan wasn’t seeking the path to discover his true self, then he would probably have not step foot out of the sect. His ranking seems to be inferior to Luo Shaonong, but his true strength can’t be underestimated at all.” Le Wuhen had a serious expression, and he revealed a wisp of a solemn expression. “Perhaps, he’ll become a formidable enemy of Chen Xi’s!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of everyone shook, and they couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

Behind the Door of the Grand Dao.

Jia Nan stood silently before his own path for a long time, and then a wisp of a grin arose on his indifferent and firm face.

He knew that he’d arrived just in time, and he wasn’t late.

After that, he utilized the withered wood cane in his hand and pressed his hands together before bowing slightly. He praised Buddha in a sincere and serious manner before he took a stride and started to move forward.

“Buddha be praised.”

“Buddha be praised.”

“Buddha be praised….’

Wave after wave of boundlessly grand chanting swept towards the surroundings like golden ripples, and on the other hand, numerous white jade lotus platforms arose beneath Jia Nan’s feet. They ceaselessly bloomed and seethed with strands of divine radiance that carried a holy aura.

He strode atop these lotus platforms and moved like flowing water as he flashed swiftly towards the depths of the path. From the beginning until the end, he actually seemed to have not suffered any obstruction at all!

If such a scene was witnessed by Le Wuhen and the others, they would definitely not dare to believe their eyes.

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