Chapter 169 – Visit From Old Friends

Chapter 169 – Visit From Old Friends


The 72 Inner Court disciples gasped when they heard this, and they had expressions as if they’d seen a ghost and almost didn’t dare believe their ears.

Especially Dong Fang, this Violet Palace Realm cultivator that had been entrusted by Chen Xi with an important post of leading these 35 male disciples, his expression was extremely stiff, and even his lips started to shiver.

“Big Brother, Father ordered me to hurry over without stopping to participate in the sect entrance test as soon as he received your message. Haha! I haven’t seen you for so many years as well. So it turns out that you’re so impressive right now and have even become Chief Manager of True Heart Peak." Dong Xuanhong laughed loudly as he moved forward, as he spoke, he glanced complacently at everything in his surroundings with a proud appearance as if he was honored by his brother’s position as well.

“Good gracious! This kid is actually the brother of the Chief Manager of True Heart Peak? Who would dare make it difficult for him during the sect entrance test this time?”

“Alas, how good would it be if I had a relative like this.”

“This is fate, and you can’t obtain it by seeking it out!”

When they saw this, those cultivators from outside the sect that had come to sightsee at True Heart Peak revealed expressions of admiration as they exclaimed endlessly, causing Dong Xuanhong to become even more proud to the point his chin would soon tilt up to the sky.

“Big Sister, sorry for making you wait. But, once I pass through the sect entrance test, both of us can be together every day.” Right when everyone present was exclaiming with admiration, Wang Yunshi walked forward to intimately hold Wang Wan’s arm, and then she pointed at Chen Xi and said, “This fellow played many different kinds of tricks all along the way to attract my attention, and he’s extremely laughable. But he still brought me up to True Heart Peak so I won’t fuss about it with him. Should I give him some reward money?”

Instantly, Wang Wan’s expression became stiff and unsightly as well, and beside her, the eyes of other Inner Court disciples opened wide like saucers and were stupefied.

But when these words were spoken, it instantly attained a similar effect as Dong Xuanhong’s words, drawing exclaims of admiration from the surrounding cultivators, and Wang Yunshi’s vanity obtained extreme satisfaction as well.

“Hmph!” Dong Xuanhong seemed to feel as if his limelight was seized away, and he couldn’t help but snorted disdainfully before turning around to see Chen Xi still standing stupidly without moving, causing his to be greatly enraged in his heart and berate. “Kid, could it be that you didn’t hear me?”

“Oh, for the sake of your contribution of leading the way, take this 50 kg of spirit liquid as your reward.” At the same time that Dong Xuanhong spoke, Wang Yunshi took out a storage pouch and tossed over as if she was tossing trash, and from the beginning until the end, she didn’t spare a glance at Chen Xi.

Slap! Slap!

Dong Fang and Wang Wan couldn’t endure the rage and terror in their hearts any longer, and they made a move in unison, both fiercely slapping out at Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi to the point their face instantly became red and swollen.

The truly were unable to imagine how their younger brother and younger sister would actually be so stupid and so blind to actually curse Chen Xi before them, they were simply… simply like pigs!

“Big Brother, why did you hit me? What have I don’t wrong? You doted on me the most when we were small!” Dong Xuanhong cried out with a sharp voice, and his face was covered in disbelief.

“Big Sister! You…” Wang Yunshi was touching her face as well, and she stared at her own Big Sister in shock.

A Young Master and Young Miss that were favored and taken care of by everyone had been slapped in front of so many people, and it was even by their own relative. This sudden feeling of humiliation almost caused the two of them to go mad.

The surrounding people looked at this scene in disbelief as they were unable to understand exactly what was going on no matter how they wracked their brains.

“These two people are your younger brother and sister?” Chen Xi finally spoke, his expression calm as always. At this moment, he finally understood that this Dong Xuanhong didn’t form a relationship with him, but instead had a relationship with Dong Fang.

“Shut up! You stinking kid, trust me I’ll… AH!” Dong Xuanhong intended to vent his bellyful of rage on Chen Xi, yet he never expected that he’d only spoke halfway when his face was fiercely slapped by Dong Fang once more.

Originally, Wang Yunshi had opened her mouth and had similarly intended to vent her rage on Chen Xi, yet when she saw her Big Sister’s eyes go cold, she was instantly terrified to the point she was unable to speak.

“Supreme Ancestor, this person is indeed disciple’s younger brother. Supreme Ancestor, please hand out your punishment!” Dong Fang took a deep breath before bowing. He knew that it was no use no matter what he said, and he could only use his most sincere attitude to help his young brother atone.

“Supreme Ancestor, please hand out your punishment!” Wang Wan bowed at the same time.

“This, this… Supreme Ancestor?” Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi’s eyes stared wide open as they looked with disbelief at Chen Xi, and it was as if they’d seen a terrifying thing.

“Aren’t you going to kneel and ask the Supreme Ancestor for forgiveness?” Dong Fang and Wang Wan shouted out explosively at the same time.


Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi were finally unable to endure the terror in their hearts and knelt on the ground when they heart this, and they had an expression of being scared out of their wits. Only now did they understand that the nobody in their eyes was actually the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Elder, Bei Heng’s, sworn brother — Chen Xi!

When they recalled the attitude they treated Chen Xi with earlier, for a time, both of them even had the heart to commit suicide. The clan behind them was able to be domineering in Misty Sea City, yet in Dragon Lake City and especially before this colossus that was the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, their clans were simply like ants. At this moment, they’d actually insulted and ordered about a great figure with extremely great seniority in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. What difference was this from courting death?

When they saw this scene, the surrounding people instantly fell into shock, and their gazes shot in unison towards the young man in the distance, as they’d instantly guessed the identity of the young man in their hearts.

“I remember that on the first day I arrived at True Heart Peak, I said that I would surely not forgive someone that takes advantage of their power, now it would seem that…”

Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, Dong Fang and Wang Wan had knelt on the floor, and their bodies trembled without end.

These five years on True Heart Peak could be said to be their happiest days. They enjoyed an inexhaustible supply of various resources, and so long as they said they were disciples of True Heart Peak, then they would receive boundless admiration and courteous treatment no matter where they went. Moreover, cultivating on True Heart Peak had allowed them to get acquainted with various great figures. Not to mention the Supreme Elder Bei Heng, Daoist Wen Xuan, and the Sect Master Ling Kongzi, they’d also become acquainted with the Du Clan’s Eldest Young Miss Du Qingxi, the Song Clan’s Eldest Young Master Song Lin, the Duanmu Clan’s Eldest Young Master Duanmu Ze, the Patriarch of the three clans they were from, and so on and so forth. Unless one had stayed in True Heart Peak, one would be utterly unable to depict a portion of its benefits.

“Hmm? Little Brother, what happened here?” Right at this moment, an exclaim of surprise sounded out from the distant sky, and then Bei Heng in grey clothes descended from the sky with a speed so swift it was as if he was teleporting.

“Greetings, Supreme Ancestor!” When they saw Bei Heng, the other 70 Inner Court disciples bowed in greetings as they cried out in unison.

Instantly, the cultivators from outside the sect that had come to sightsee at True Heart Peak were stunned, and they looked at the grey clothed and grey haired old man in shock as a tempestuous storm arose in their hearts. This person is the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s great Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator of legend, Supreme Elder Bei Heng?

It’s really true, this kid is really Chen Xi… Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi, who knelt on the floor, instantly became exceedingly dreary in expression, and they were even regretful to the point their intestines went green.

“Hahaha, Chen Xi, look who I’ve brought… Hmm? Martial Ancestor is here as well?” Right at this moment, a hearty loud laughter sounded out once again from the horizon, but the laughter was instantly restrained when the person noticed Bei Heng, and it was precisely the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master, Ling Kongzi. There were two people following by his side, an azure clothed and white haired old man with a face covered in wrinkles, and another handsome middle aged man with peach blossom shaped eyes and long hair that hung on his shoulders.

Chen Xi was stunned when he saw these two people, and then a wisp of a smile instantly appeared on his face as he said in surprise, “So it’s Big Brother Xuan Jing and Qing Qiu. How did the both of you find this place?”

These two people were precisely the Profound-vision Old Turtle King and the Nine-tailed Fox King. When he was in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, they’d once help Chen Xi obtain a River Diagram fragment and a Profound Disruption Mountain.

“Haha, these two Fellow Daoists have joined my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect now. In this way, my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect already possesses 19 Rebirth Realm cultivators!” Ling Kongzi laughed loudly, and as he spoke, the three of them had already descended before Chen Xi.

Rebirth Realm? Not even ten years have passed, yet these two have advanced from the Violet Palace Realm to the Rebirth Realm? Right, Senior Ji Yu had once said that the two of them had remnants of ancient Divine Beast bloodlines in their body. Because of the River Diagram fragment, their cultivation had stagnated at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm for an entire few tens of thousands of years in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. Now it would seem that after the restriction vanished, it allowed their cultivations to skyrocket successively… Instantly, Chen Xi understood the cause and effect of the matter, and he cupped his hand and congratulated right away, whereas, Xuan Jing and Qing Qiu hurriedly accepted it modestly while holding smiles on their faces, and the atmosphere was joyful.

“Chen Xi, what’s going on? Have these disciples committed a mistake?” Ling Kongzi’s gaze swept past Dong Fang and the others who knelt on the ground, and his face sank. The impressive and dignified pressure of the Master of a Sect gushed out from his body to instantly form a pressure that caused the surrounding people to feel suffocated.

Dong Fang and the other even didn’t dare to breathe loudly, and they knelt on the ground with shivering bodies. The Supreme Elder Bei Heng has come, even the Sect Master Ling Kongzi has come, the incident today… is probably going to end really badly!

“No, it’s just a small mistake, and I’ve already punished them.” Chen Xi smiled to Ling Kongzi before turning around to speak to Dong Fang and Wang Wan who were on the ground. “Stand up. This matter will end here, and I won’t take action towards your offense. But during the sect entrance test tomorrow, your younger brother and sister must be like everyone else, relying on their natural talent and comprehension ability to undergo the test, and you’re not allowed to use your relations with others or give favors.”

After he finished speaking, Chen Xi paid no further attention to them, and he brought Bei Heng, Ling Kongzi, Xuan Jing, Qing Qiu, Mu Yao, and Mu Wenfei to head towards the great hall.

Dong Fang and Wang Wan only dared stand up after the figures of Chen Xi and the others vanished within the great hall, and both of them heaved sighs of relief with a lingering fear in their heart. They were even more grateful to Chen Xi in their hearts, as they both knew that if it wasn’t for Chen Xi speaking out for them, they’d probably have been expelled from the sect by the Sect Master long ago.

Now, not only had Chen Xi forgiven them, he’d even allowed their young brother and younger sister to participate in the sect entrance test, and this was already an extremely great favor. So how could they not be grateful?

Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi had stood up as well, yet their faces didn’t have a trace of arrogance any longer. The scenes from before had completely crumbled the arrogance and conceit in their hearts, and it caused them to utterly be unable to arouse the thought of resenting Chen Xi.


Authors note: These few chapters were done for the sake of appropriately making arrangements for the friends and relatives by Chen Xi’s side. Perhaps it was slightly dull, but the interesting part of the plot is coming right up! Almost half of the detailed outline has been straightened out, and I believe that it’ll surely give everyone a refreshing feeling!

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