Chapter 1689 – The Sage Portrait


The Divine Blood Desolation Bell wailed without end, and the strands of blood red divine radiance it emanated were on the verge of dispersal.

This caused Pei Wen to simply not dare believe his eyes, and he cried out involuntarily. “Some sort of unexpected change has definitely occurred within this Door of the Grand Dao, otherwise, this treasure of mine would definitely not be so weak.”

This was a fact. Because at this moment, it wasn’t just his Divine Blood Desolation Bell that had lost its effectiveness, even the Ancestral Root Spirit Worm in Kunwu Qing’s possession was the same.

The expressions of everyone turned gloomy. They were unable to figure out exactly what had occurred here.

However, they were clearly aware that once they lose the protection of the Divine Blood Desolation Bell and didn’t have the Ancestral Root Spirit Worm to lead the way, then they would definitely have to directly resist all the killing intent on this path!

This was a path of the Grand Dao.

There was a total of eight people in their group, and every single one of them possessed various different Grand Daos. This meant that while they were on this path, they had to face the pressure from all the Grand Daos that they possessed !

According to the information they’d obtained, since the ancient times until now, there hadn’t been a single person capable of relying on his own strength to overcome this path!

If it wasn’t for that, the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root would have probably been taken countless years ago, and how could it possibly still be there for them to pluck?

“What should we do?” All of them looked at each other.

“Put your treasures away. From now on… I’ll lead the way.” At this moment, Luo Shaonong suddenly took a deep breath while his narrow and long eyes were suffused with a wisp of a resolute expression. He seemed as if he’d made some sort of decision.

All the others were stunned, and then they saw Luo Shaonong suddenly step forward, and he arrived in front of the group before he flicked his sleeve.


A beast skin soared in the sky as it glowed brilliantly, and then deafening strands of the sounds of chanting and the reading scriptures drifted out from it

After that, the images of a myriad of living beings actually floated up into appearance from the beast skin. All of them had sincere expressions, and they knelt on the ground as if they were worshipping.

At the same time, strands of dazzling divine light charged out, and it transformed into a rain of light that descended in the surroundings. Every single droplet that descended to the ground transformed into a page of a Daoist scripture, and these scriptures were branded with numerous obscure and ancient characters. Moreover, every single one of these words was like a gem that glowed brilliantly.

Countless golden droplets formed into innumerable pages of Daoist scriptures and ancient text. For a time, all sorts of words drifted through this expanse of the heavens and the earth while the grand sound of scriptures being read and ancient Sages preaching resounded.

Such a scene could be described as a supreme divine miracle. It caused others to feel shocked and wish for nothing more than to sit down cross-legged and listen to this teaching.

“The Sage Portrait!?”All the others were shocked, and they seemed to feel disbelief. This was one of the most mysterious Natural Spirit Treasures in the Imperial Region. It was originally a mysterious beast skin born from within the Chaos, but after it was refined via secret techniques by numerous supreme innate gods, it converged the Karmic Luck of all living beings and the core blood of sages. Its might was so formidable that it could be considered to be heaven defying!

According to rumor, the ancestors of the Luo Clan from countless years ago had relied on this treasure to comprehend the Dao, and it allowed them to establish such an enormous and eternally dazzling clan that has continued to exist in the Imperial Region until now.

Moreover, there were numerous rumors about the might this treasure possessed. But it was without any doubt that the current accomplishments and forces possessed by the Luo Clan within the Imperial Region were closely related to this treasure.

Now, Luo Shaonong had actually brought this treasure with him, and it instantly shocked all of the others. But right after that, a strand of strong confidence surged out from their hearts, and they felt extremely excited. Only now did they understand that Luo Shaonong had already made complete preparations for the sake of traversing this path and obtaining that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root.

“Everyone, let’s go.” Luo Shaonong couldn’t help but grin as he sensed the unusual gazes coming from the surroundings, and he instructed casually before he strode forward.


The Sage Portrait glowed and flowed with a myriad of strands of Daoist scriptures and ancient text, and it resounded with the grand sound of gods chanting and reading scriptures.

An invisible force swept out, and it easily dispersed the pressure that was surging over from the path. It seemed to be extremely miraculous.

All of the others felt another wave of excitement in their hearts upon witnessing this scene. With the Sage Portrait on our side, would we need to worry about being unable to pass through this barrier?



At another area, Chen Xi sat cross-legged while a myriad of strands of dazzling divine radiance arose from his entire body, and they transformed into strands of mysterious and extremely dazzling talisman markings that coiled endlessly around him.

His expression was calm while his entire body was enveloped by a primitive aura of the Grand Dao from inside out, and it ceaselessly nurtured and tempered his foundation in the Dao.

During this entire process, his grasp of the Divine Dao improved rapidly as well, and it seemed to be extremely inconceivable.

This was the energy of the Grand Dao in the Chaotic Ancestral Root. It was ancient, primitive, and was boundlessly close to the aura of the quintessence of the Grand Dao.

So, when the Chaos was split apart, it formed into the heavens and the earth, and the Heaven Dao circulated in everything. All things were born because of it, order existed because of it, and the landscape of the world was formed because of it.

Everything came from the quintessence Dao Energy from within the Chaos!

The Door of the Grand Dao was a Chaotic Ancestral Root that all the innate gods of the Manku period had sealed up, so the purity and age of the energy of the Grand Dao within it was obvious.

Now, because of the unexpected movement of the King Xuan Sword, it had allowed Chen Xi to instantly and coincidentally obtain the chance for this energy of the Grand Dao to enter into his body, so his own comprehensions and cultivation naturally benefited greatly from it and improved along with it.


Divine energy surged and circulated throughout the universe within his body while his Divine Dao seethed and was ceaselessly tempered and improved. This entire process continued for a few hours.

When Chen Xi opened his eyes again, he seemed as if he’d been completely reconstructed. The meridians and apertures within his body were enshrouded with divine light while even his bones were suffused with bright golden light, and they vividly displayed the miracles of divinity.

Especially his Talisman Divine Dao, it was actually only a thread away from stepping into the advanced-stage from the initial-stage!

The cultivation stages in the Divine Dao were divided into the basic-stage, initial-stage, advanced-stage, peak-stage, and perfection-stage. The advancement up to every single stage was extremely difficult and obscure, and it was comparable to how difficult it was for an ordinary person to ascend into the heavens.

Normally speaking, Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods could be considered to be astounding by being able to temper their Divine Dao to the advanced-stage. But at most times, Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts were still only able to possess a cultivation in the Divine Dao at the initial-stage.

Yet now, Chen Xi had actually accomplished such a comprehension in the Divine Dao while possessing a cultivation that had attained perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. It could already be considered as world shocking.

No matter how outstanding a Domain Enlightened Spirit God’s natural talent was, it was absolutely impossible to accomplish this without great fortune.

I never expected that I would actually profit from misfortune while traversing this test, and it allowed my strength to improve greatly…. Chen Xi sensed the changed in his vital energy, and he couldn’t help but exclaim with shock in his heart.

However, he was clearly aware that all of this was definitely related to ‘Xuan’. If he didn’t possess the assistance of Xuan’s King Xuan Sword, then Chen Xi would absolutely be unable to encounter such a fortuitous encounter.

Not to mention that, this place… was Xuan’s residence and place of cultivation all those years ago!

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he stood up and moved forward once more.

Unlike before, even though he was still enduring terrifying pressure from the surroundings at all times, Chen Xi didn’t feel fearful any longer.

It was even to the extent that he was able to clearly sense that after he tempered and reconstructed himself to the point his strength increased, he seemed to be able to traverse this path in a much more confident and calm manner.

The path was boundless and seemingly endless. It just happened to be like the path of cultivation, and it was impossible to find where the end was.

Without him realizing it, another three days had passed.

Chen Xi felt a strand of extremely terrifying pressure again, and the energy of the Grand Dao that filled the path grew every stronger.


Suddenly, an ethereal spirit floated up into appearance ahead. It was 30km tall and covered in strands of violet lightning. As soon as it appeared, it let out a loud roar, and then it suddenly charged towards Chen Xi.

This was a force that was born from within the Grand Dao of lightning, and it had been condensed into form. It had transformed into the might of the gods, and it intended to obstruct Chen Xi’s path.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. The energy of the Grand Dao actually possesses intelligence of its own, isn’t this a bit too terrifying!?


He withdrew the Talisman Armament to resist the spirit. However, after merely a single collision, he was shaken to the point the vital blood in his entire body surged, and he staggered back while almost coughing up blood.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked once more. He’d once fought the Sovereign Sect’s Ye Yan who was at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and the attack of this ethereal lightning spirit before him was simply no different from a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God!

How could it be so formidable?

Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, that lightning spirit had attacked once more. It controlled lightning and transformed it into blades, spears, swords, halberds, pagoda, mountains, seals…. It was even to the extent that it even condensed a lightning city that smashed down ferociously at Chen Xi and intended to crush him into powder.

On the other hand, during this entire process, Chen Xi actually didn’t have the strength to resist even with his current combat strength. He was struck to the point of coughing up blood while the bones in his entire body had almost been struck to the point of falling apart. He was in an extremely sorry state.

It was too formidable!

If this lightning spirit born from within the Grand Dao of lightning was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, then it was absolutely a first-rate existence in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

Chen Xi grumbled in his heart. Isn’t the test in this Door of the Grand Dao too abnormal? Even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would probably be unable to resist such a test, right?

No wonder that from the ancient times until now, no one has been able to seize that Imperial Sovereign Dao Root. With such a harsh and brutal test standing before it, could any Domain Enlightened Spirit God be able to traverse the test and arrive before it?


Lightning surged and transformed into an ocean of lightning, and then it assaulted Chen Xi.


Chen Xi withdrew the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

However, it hardly produced any effects!

Because the lightning spirit was formed from the energy of the Grand Dao, and it didn’t possess a physical body. So, no matter how formidable the Copper Coin of Treasurefall was, it was actually unable to do anything to the lightning spirit!

After that, Chen Xi withdrew the Overarching Heaven Net. This treasure was said to be even able to capture the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao and the traces of the Grand Dao. If it was still unable to produce any effects, then Chen Xi would truly be helpless against it.


The large net that was chilly and illusory soared into the sky, and it instantly wrapped around the lightning spirit. This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief, and he was clearly aware that he’d found the right method.

However, before he could feel delighted, his entire body shook. The lightning spirit had actually shaken its entire body and struggled free from the Overarching Heaven Net’s restraints in one go!

Chen Xi suffered backlash because of this, and he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood while his countenance turned pale.


Chen Xi’s expression turned gloomy. If I’m defeated, then my mission would have failed completely. But… exactly how should I deal with this danger that stands before me?


The lightning spirit walked over with large strides, and it didn’t lighten its suppression towards Chen Xi at all.


At this instant, Chen Xi suddenly gritted his teeth and withdrew the King Xuan Sword that floated in his sea of consciousness before slashing with it.

He was unable to think of any other way, so he could only give the King Xuan Sword a try. If it failed as well, then he could only turn around immediately and flee.


A shocking scene appeared.

As soon as the bloodied damaged sword appeared, obscure droplets of light drifted out from it.


It slashed the lightning spirit into two with a single strike, and it was simply as easy as tearing apart a piece of paper or blowing off dust!

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