Chapter 1682 – The River Diagram’s Inheritance

The heavens and the earth shook while the sky dimmed.

At this moment, the entire Ancestral Root Grounds was suffused by a strand of terrifying pressure that swept towards the surroundings like a gale.

It wasn’t just Luo Shaonong’s group, the other cultivators in the Ancestral Root Grounds had been alarmed as well.

“What’s this?”

“What a terrifying pressure!”

“Why has such an unexpected event occurred?”

“Flee! Quickly!”

The cultivators couldn’t be bothered to continue searching for Ancestral Roots. All of their expressions changed as they dodged towards the distance, and every single one of them felt extremely shocking and didn’t know what had occurred.

But in next to no time, they noticed that the terrifying pressure which surged over from all directions had actually moved to converge towards the center of the Ancestral Root Grounds.


Suddenly, the sky dimmed down. Thunder and lightning rumbled while dark clouds densely covered the sky, and thick, large, and zigzagged bolts of lightning danced wildly through the heavens and the earth like silver serpents.

The rumbling of thunder was like the shouts of Fiendgods and like the drums in the hands of heavenly gods. It caused all the cultivators in the surroundings to feel horrified.

This phenomenon was extremely unusual!

After an entire 10 minutes passed.


A wisp of shimmering violet light shot into the sky from the center of the lightning storm, and it emanated a strand of a grand, dignified, and ethereal aura.

It even emanated waves of spiritual chanting, and it was like the tune of the Grand Dao was resonating with it and the gods of the Manku period were reading scriptures. All of this drifted through the heavens and the earth, and they revealed a solemn force that struck directly at the heart.

For a time, the originally dark sky was suddenly tainted violet in color while the originally violent lightning had transformed into strands of zigzagged divine rays of light, and they stood on guard around the violet light that shot into the sky.

The gale, the terrifying pressure, and the horrifying flashes of lightning had vanished from the heavens and the earth, and only an expanse of extreme silence remained.

At this moment, violet light had shot into the sky while rays of lightning stood on guard around it and chanting that sounded like the sound of nature drifted through the air. It revealed an aura of that was peaceful, solemn, divine, and grand.

At this moment, all the cultivators in the surroundings were stunned. Just a moment ago, it was like the end of the world was arriving, yet at this moment, such a divine scene had appeared, and it caused them to feel slight disbelief.

“Violet light charging into the sky. Could that be… the place where the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root resides?” Someone spoke with a trembling voice.

“The ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root!? Right, only the appearance of such an unequalled Ancestral Dao Root would cause the rise of such grand phenomena!”

“But, according to the deductions provided to us, wasn’t the Genesis Ancestral Root supposed to appear a few days from now? Why has it appeared in advance now?”

“It was only a deduction, and it can’t be fully believed. Since the ancient times until now, the appearance of the Genesis Ancestral Root was never constant, otherwise, how could it possibly be considered to be something that can only be chanced upon by luck?”

“However, the time the Genesis Ancestral Root appeared this time is slightly strange indeed. In the instructions provided by the seniors of my sect, they’d never mentioned anything about that terrifying pressure. It’s even to the extent that such phenomena of the heavens and the earth is unprecedented as well!”

“Ignore all of that and quickly take action! Now that such a fortuitous encounter has appeared in advance, it would be a pity if we missed it.”

Amidst waves of animated discussions, the cultivators scattered around the Ancestral Root Grounds had practically simultaneously rushed from all over the Ancestral Root Grounds towards the area where the violet light shot into the sky.

It wasn’t long before they had no choice but to stop, and their expressions were even slightly surprised and bewildered.

When they arrived an entire 500km away from that beam of violet light, there was an invisible force field that lay before them, and it caused them to be unable to traverse it at all.

Some refused to accept this and tried to traverse it by force, yet they were blasted down by a bolt of violet lightning that appeared out of thin air. Even if they were top-rate existences amongst Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, they were actually unable to resist these bolts of violet lightning at all, and they were struck to the point of coughing up blood as they staggered back. Moreover, if they didn’t dodge in time, then they would have almost lost their lives.

This scene instantly caused many cultivators to erupt into an uproar. The excitement in their hearts receded greatly, and their eyes carried a wisp of a solemn expression as they gazed at the violet light in the distance.

Such an unequalled fortuitous encounter really isn’t so easy to obtain.

However, they were unwilling to stop here just like that and watch helplessly.


Suddenly, a blood red curved blade soared into the sky and shot down ferociously.

It was Di Jun. However, before the curved blade could even approach it, a wisp of violet lightning appeared once more.


It forcefully blasted the blood red curved blade to the point of trembling violently and being blasted away. Moreover, Di Jun even suffered backlash from this, and his figure staggered back uncontrollably by a few steps while his countenance turned livid and pale.

At this moment, everyone was completely stunned. Di Jun was a Spirit God Exalt ranked at the 12th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. Yet even he was unable to pass through the force field at all, and this obviously showed how terrifying it was.

“Hmph! I don’t believe I’m unable to destroy you!” Di Jun’s face sank. He gritted his teeth and was just about to continue when he was stopped by Luo Shaonong who stood at the side.

“There’s no need to continue. The Genesis Ancestral Root hasn’t appeared yet. So, not to mention you, it would be impossible for us to pass through even if everyone here joint forces.” Luo Shaonong’s gaze locked onto the violet light in the distance as he spoke in a low voice.

“Don’t forget that the Genesis Ancient Root doesn’t just contain a single violet ray of light. According to the records in the ancient books, it’s accompanied by the Violetsky Dao Palace. That place is the residence of the ‘Emperor’ of those innate gods that were born from the Chaos of the Manku period, and a true Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root can only be born there.”

The others in his group came to an understanding upon hearing this.

But right after that, Di Jun frowned. “Could it be that we have to wait here bitterly like this?”

A wisp of a secretive smile arose on the corners of Luo Shaonong’s mouth. “If my deductions aren’t wrong, then the Genesis Ancestral Root will appear at any time in the next two days. So what if we wait for this little bit of time?”

In this area, violet light shot into the sky, rays of lightning stood on guard in the sky, and strands of the faint sound of chanting that sounded like the tune of nature drifted through the surroundings.

On the other hand, an area of 500km with the violet light at its center was enveloped by an invisible force field, and it isolated all the cultivators from the violet light, causing them to be unable to approach at all.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Luo Shaonong’s group that was nearby.

For example, Le Wuhen’s group, Gongye Zhefu’s group…. At this moment, numerous groups had already arrived.

They’d similarly determined all of this, and they were waiting calmly here. No one was willing to leave. Even if it was those cultivators whose strengths were inferior to Spirit God Exalts, they were unwilling to miss this unequalled fortuitous encounter.

“Once the Genesis Ancestral Root appears, then extremely intense conflict is unavoidable. Yet now… where is Chen Xi?” Shentu Yanran’s fine and ink black brows knit together, and she was slightly puzzled. This phenomenon of the heavens and the earth was so vast, so logically speaking, Chen Xi would absolutely come over if he noticed this scene.

“Could something unexpected have occurred to him?” Yuqiu Jing’s brows raised. Since he let bygones be bygones with Chen Xi, he’d accepted Chen Xi and taken Chen Xi to be a friend. At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi still hadn’t arrived now, he was extremely worried in his heart.

The others went silent when they heard this.

Chen Xi’s combat strength was so formidable that he’d long since established an extremely high status in their group. It was even to the extent that even Le Wuhen acknowledged his inferiority to Chen Xi. If Chen Xi wasn’t present when they fought for the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, then it would undoubtedly affect their overall strength.

“Let’s wait a while longer. Hasn’t the Genesis Ancestral Root not appeared yet? It’s fine so long as he’s able to return in time.” Le Wuhen smiled as he spoke, yet he was slightly worried for Chen Xi in his heart.

“I wonder where that fellow went now?” Shentu Yanran bit her moist and plump red lips, and she complained while feeling slightly worried.

At this moment, Chen Xi was slightly bewildered and extremely shocked.

A dark, empty, and soundless universe lay before him, and only an ethereal figure that practically seemed to not exist sat cross-legged at the center of this universe.

His entire body was suffused by strands of seemingly ethereal light, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly.

However, Chen Xi discerned with a single glance that he was the owner of the iron sword!

Because that figure’s aura was powerful like the ages, distant like the Heaven Dao, and primitive like the source of the Dao. When looking at him from afar, it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but arouse the feeling that he was tiny like an ant.

Even though that figure was sitting cross-legged without moving, he seemed to have transformed into the overlord of the universe!

He was too formidable!

Even if Chen Xi had already attained perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm now, his entire body was still stiff as if covered in ice when he faced this figure.

He didn’t know how he’d arrived here, not did he know what he would encounter next, so he couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious.

Fortunately, his years of experience and abundant knowledge allowed him to instantly determine that even though this figure was the owner of the iron sword, it wasn’t an actual person, and it was an existence formed from a strand of Will Brand.

He’d experienced similar situations when he met his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan, and when he met the Sovereign Sect’s Master above the 33 levels of the Sovereign Realm.

All of them were just Will Brands at the time.

Obviously, the figure of the iron sword’s owner that sat before him was the same as well.


Right when Chen Xi’s thoughts were running wild, that figure that sat cross-legged there suddenly opened its eyes. In an instant, that gaze was like a bolt of lightning that split apart the Chaos, and it pierced Chen Xi’s soul to the point of trembling with terror.

At practically the exact same time, the River Diagram fragments in his mind suddenly droned and trembled, causing him to feel as if he’d attained sudden enlightenment while inexplicable comprehension arose in his heart.

Xuan, the seventh Comprehender of the River Diagram. The first innate god that was born from the Chaos of the Manku Period, and the master of the Manku Secret Realm!

So, the owner of the iron sword is called Xuan…. Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He wasn’t shocked because he’d found out the name of the iron sword’s owner, and it was because the iron sword’s owner was actually the seventh Comprehender of the River Diagram!

What did this mean?

It meant that all those years ago, Xuan had comprehended the profundities of the River Diagram just like he was doing now and had stepped foot onto the peak of the Grand Dao!

On the other hand, there were an entire six cultivators that had obtained the inheritance of the River Diagram before Xuan!

In the past, Chen Xi had never imagined all of this!

Because in his knowledge, he only knew that his Master, the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had relied on the River Diagram to comprehend the profundities of the workings of the heavens all those years ago, allowing Fuxi to step foot onto a supreme path towards the Dao.

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