Chapter 1681 – Astounding Might Of The Sword

That mysterious feeling that coiled around his heart was actually from that wisp of Sword Intent at the end of the open field!

Moreover, that wisp of Sword Intent was so familiar….

In merely an instant, Chen Xi determined that the wisp of Sword Intent was shockingly exactly similar to the inheritance of the bloodied damaged sword that he’d obtained!


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded. It seemed as if it had awakened from countless years of slumber, and a strand of an indescribably terrifying pressure rumbled as it swept out.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed while the clouds in the surroundings were dispersed.


The dense expanse of countless ancient ancestral god corpses that stood like statues on the open plains even knelt down in unison while their entire bodies shivered.

The invisible Sword Intent was like the aura of a supreme imperial sovereign of the sword. It enveloped this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it caused the world and everything in it to bow in submission.


Chen Xi felt his entire body stiffen while he faintly felt piercing pain from every single inch of his skin. Even if he circulated his entire cultivation, he still felt like his soul was about to be frozen.

At this instant, he even had the impulse to kneel down and prostrate himself in worship.

This Sword Intent was too terrifying. It seemed like an overlord, like an imperial sovereign, and like a supreme exalt. It emanated a pressure that was sufficient to deter the ages and dominate the world.

If Chen Xi hadn’t cultivated the True Heart Sutra to the point of accomplishing the first forging of his Heart Energy, and if his grasp of the Sword Dao hadn’t attained the first level of the Sword Emperor Realm, then he would probably be unable to stand at all!


The sword howl grew clearly and resounded through the nine heavens. It surged through the heavens and the earth, and its might grew even stronger.

At this instant, Chen Xi felt suffocated, and he was finally able to clearly see that a sword had floated up into the sky at the end of the open field.

The sword wasn’t dazzling, and it was extremely ordinary instead. The body of the sword was dim and mottled, and a portion of it was even incomplete. However, its imposing aura was so vast, grand, fierce, ancient, and suffused with the primitive aura of the Manku period.

It was like a peerless imperial sovereign. Even though the imperial sovereign wore simple and ordinary clothes, it was unable to conceal the imperial sovereign's great spirit that looked down upon all things and looked proudly through the ages!

As soon as Chen Xi laid eyes upon this mottled and incomplete iron sword, he couldn’t help but be extremely shocked in his heart. How could it be that sword?

Chen Xi had seen this incomplete iron sword, and it was exactly similar to that iron sword that was on the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword.

It was even to the extent that the oppressive aura that effused out from it was so familiar to Chen Xi. In his daze, he couldn’t help but recall those shocking scenes….

In the boundless and dark universe, a tall figure stood with his hands behind his back, and a iron sword was pierced into the ground before him….

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi gasped without end. He clearly remembered that the man in the vision had once relied on this sword to sweep through the universe, crush boundless space, and annihilate countless extraordinary and terrifying figures. It could be said to be all powerful!

But didn’t this sword vanish along with that mysterious man and was lost in that dark universe? So, why is it here?


Could it be that the Godsfall Ruins… was formed from that dark universe?

Chen Xi’s heart jerked while he suddenly recalled something.

This was the Desolate Manku Ruins’ Ancient Root Grounds. According to legend, it was the residence of the first group of gods that were born from within the Chaos of the Manku period. After that, it experienced a world shocking battle before being reduced to an expanse of ruins….

Could that world shocking battle be that collision between the mysterious man and those extraordinary figures?

If it’s really like that, then doesn’t it mean that it’s very likely for that mysterious man to be one of the gods that resided here all those years ago?


The damaged iron sword soared into the sky and floated there silently while its might grew stronger and stronger. Moreover, its terrifying aura rumbled as it swept out like a storm.

Countless ancient corpses that lay on the ground were instantly transformed into ash!

This scene shocked Chen Xi to the point he didn’t dare continue thinking about all of this. Because those were numerous monsters comparable to Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, yet they were actually completely obliterated by the pressure emanated by the iron sword!

Exactly what sort of terrifying force would be required to accomplish all of this? Chen Xi instinctively intended to dodge at full strength. Yet to his shock, when this pressure swept over towards him, it actually didn’t affect him at all, and it was like a gust of wind that flashed by him!

He couldn’t help but be stunned by this.


In the next moment, he noticed that this pressure hadn’t vanished, and it swept towards the surroundings with the open field as its center. It crushed layer upon layer of space, mist, and Desolate Manku Qi. Moreover, it was still spreading outwards without end.

Everywhere it passed, it was actually like a storm that swept away all things, and it destroyed everything in its path!

With Chen Xi’s formidable senses, he still couldn’t help but be horrified at this moment. Because in merely the time of a single breath, this pressure had swept out by 50,000km, and all the ruins, mist, and ancient ancestral god corpses on the way were completely obliterated!

Moreover, it was still spreading without end….

Yet all of this was caused by the pressure of merely a strand of Sword Intent that the damaged iron sword emanated!

This had even exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination, and it was more than two times stronger than the Skyruin Sword and Avīci Hellsword that he’d seen in the past!

How terrifying would this sword be if it was completely intact?

Chen Xi didn’t dare imagine this.

In next to no time, he noticed strands of scarlet red pearls of blood were floating up into appearance from the ground, and then they converged towards the damaged iron sword as if they’d been summoned.

If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, then those strands of blood pearls were probably left behind by those ancient ancestral god corpses that had been crushed by the sword’s pressure, and they formed a dense mass of a few tens of thousands!

It was even to the extent that these blood pearls even frequently flew over from afar, and all of them surged towards the damaged iron sword as if they’d been summoned.

This is….

Could it be that it urgently required energy upon awakening, so it emanated this pressure to kill those ancient ancestral god corpses in order to replenish itself?

Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered. But in next to no time, he’d repudiated these thoughts of his.

Because he noticed to his shock that those blood pearls surged into the mottled surface of the iron sword and were branded on it. They transformed into a strand of murderous energy that accumulated within it, and it seemed as if they caused to iron sword to possess a strand of vitality.

The bloodied damaged sword’s imposing aura grew even stronger, and it shook the surroundings!

This was the true appearance of the bloodied damaged sword!

It was exactly similar to the diagram Chen Xi had seen from the River Diagram fragments!

So those ancient ancestral god corpses were actually able to resurrect because they absorbed a trace of the bloodied damaged sword’s aura. Yet now, the damaged sword has awakened from its slumber, and it has started to reclaim the energy that belongs to it….

In an instant, Chen Xi came to a complete understanding. He finally understood that the reason those ancient ancestral god corpses were able to resurrect countless years ago and exist until now was actually because of the bloodied damaged sword’s aura!

Just think about it, a strand of blood was able to cause an ancient corpse to possess a strength comparable to a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and this obviously showed how terrifying the might of the bloodied damaged sword was.


Before Chen Xi could continue deducing, a sword howl suddenly resounded in the depths of his mind, and then the River Diagram fragments droned and started trembling.

At this instant, Chen Xi was slightly dazed. He felt a wave of piercing pain fill his field of vision, and in the next moment, he instantly lost consciousness.

Right at this moment, the bloodied damaged sword that floated in midair in the distance had suddenly vanished into thin air as well.

“I never expected that kid would actually be so slippery. We’ve actually been unable to notice his tracks until now.”

“Continue the pursuit! That was an eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root and four seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots that he took, and we must seize it back and deal with that kid before the Genesis Ancestral Root appears!”

“Dammit! That kid seems to possess some sort of secret technique, and he’d able to avoid being noticed by the ancient ancestral god corpses. If we continue pursuing him like this, then when would we be able to catch up to him?”

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to flee for long!”

Within the boundless mist, Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, and the others were teleporting at full speed, but their expressions were slightly gloomy.

After the time for an entire incense stick to burn, they’d actually still been unable to notice Chen Xi’s tracks, and it would be fine if it was merely like that.

However, to their annoyance, they frequently suffered the assault of ancient ancestral god corpses all along the way, and it was extremely unbearable and severely impacted the speed they pushed forward at.

At this moment, even Luo Shaonong felt extremely depressed, let alone that others.

“What an interesting prey. If I capture him, then I’ll definitely play with him properly. It’ll definitely be extremely exciting.” Di Jun chuckled happily at the side instead. He licked his lips that were scarlet red as if they’d been covered in lipstick, and his voice was feminine and sharp. Even though he was smiling, yet it caused a chill to run down the spine of others.

Even a figure like Luo Shaonong couldn’t help but feel a wisp of a chill run down his spin. He was clearly aware that once this madman, Di Jun, started to ‘play’ then the consequences were extremely severe and terrifying to Di Jun’s enemy. It would absolutely be an experience of utter misery, and that person would be unable to escape even after suffering all sorts of humiliation.


Right at this moment, a wave of terrifying rumbling suddenly arose from afar, and it seemed like an army was charging over from the dense mist in the distance.

Luo Shaonong’s eyes focused, and then he suddenly stopped moving and said in a stern voice. “Shit, retreat!”

Everyone was stunned. Another group of ancient corpses?

“Idiots! Flee! Quickly!” Luo Shaonong turned around and intended to flee, yet he noticed all of the others acting in such a way, and he couldn’t help but snap at them in a stern voice.

His expression was solemn, and it caused the hearts of the others to instantly tremble. Even though they were unable to figure the situation out, they still instinctively turned around and fled along with Luo Shaonong.


Space fluctuated as they retreated at full speed.

On the way, some of them couldn’t refrain from turning around to take a look, and the scene they witnessed instantly caused their scalps to go numb while their souls almost left their bodies.

A indescribable and terrifying pressure was moving like a sharp invisible blade, and it sliced space apart and crushed the Desolate Manku Qi. Everywhere it passed, it left a scene of destruction in its wake!

It was too terrifying. It was like the sickle in the hand of the god of death was reaping lives, and it terrified them to the point there was no need for Luo Shaonong to urge them on before they utilized all their strength to flee.

“What exactly is that?”

“How terrifying! That aura is 10 times more terrifying than when my clan’s Ancestor flares up. It’s simply lethal!”

After two hours passed, Luo Shaonong and the others had finally fled from the area which was covered by Desolate Manku Qi, and they returned to the area of the Ancient Root Grounds that they were familiar with.

At this moment, their faces were covered with surprised and bewildered expressions. Many of them were even gasping for breath, and they seemed as if they’d taken a walk through the borders of life and death.

All of them were looking into the distance. Up until this very moment, they still hadn’t figured out exactly what had happened.


Suddenly, the space in the distance exploded into pieces, and then Desolate Manku Qi rumbled as it swept over. That strand of extremely terrifying pressure had actually swept over once more.

“Dammit! It actually hasn’t stopped!” Luo Shaonong was shocked in his heart as he cursed furiously, and then he led the others to continue fleeing towards the distance.

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