Chapter 1680 – The Source Of The Summons

After he executed the Vorpal Strike technique, Chen Xi silently dodged to the side, and he watched as those four ancient ancestral corpses that were standing on guard at the side had charged out towards Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, and the others.

He didn’t hesitate to flick his sleeve at practically the exact same time, and he swept away the dazzling blue colored ball of divine radiance at the bottom of the eighth-grade Ancestral Root.

From the beginning until the end, it actually didn’t draw the attention of anyone.


Chen Xi didn’t have the time to feel excited, nor did he waste any time. His figure flickered like a wisp of ethereal smoke, and he silently flashed towards a seventh-grade Ancestral Root at the side.


The battle that erupted in the distance had caused Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, and the others to expose themselves, and they were encircled by over 100 ancient ancestral god corpses. They fought to the point the heavens and the earth dimmed while the sun and moon seemed lusterless.

Sometimes, waves of furious curses could be heard from the battlefield, and it caused Chen Xi to sigh with emotion in his heart as well.

Needless to say, his strategy of ‘diverting’ the ancient ancestral god corpses was extremely successful. He’d instantly divided all of this danger to Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, and the others, and the situation he faced swiftly changed to become advantageous to him.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s aura was concealed by the Daoseal Mark, and he’d successively gathered three of the seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots in practically the time of a few breaths.

In the distance, the sounds of battle grew louder. All sorts of techniques and divine artifacts collided, causing a myriad of strands of radiance to erupt, and it whistle through the surroundings and covered the heavens and the earth.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had no choice but to dodge it carefully so as to avoid being struck by the aftershock of the battle.


His figure flickered repeatedly, and he moved about through the warped and shattered expanse of space. In the end, he arrived safely before the final seventh-grade Ancestral Root.

However, right when he intended to seize that seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root, his pupils suddenly constricted as his actions stopped abruptly.

At practically the exact same time, his figure swiftly dodged to the side.


A sun that was condensed into form from black colored lightning had barely brushed past Chen Xi’s figure and smashed onto the ground at the side. It caused the ground in an area of 50km to instantly rumble, collapse, and shatter into powder. A bottomless collapsed area had actually been blasted open by just this strike alone!

On the other hand, the seventh-grade Ancestral Root was affected by this strike as well, it rumbled and trembled violently, and it seemed to be on the verge of destruction.

“Hmph! I knew that there was definitely something strange about this matter, yet I never expected that it would be you who was playing tricks from the shadows!” A cold, fierce, and extremely murderous voice resounded from afar, and it surged through the heavens and the earth.

Luo Shaonong! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He instantly noticed in the distant battlefield, Luo Shaonong’s long hair fluttered while his handsome and charming face was covered in an icy cold and murderous expression. Moreover, his entire body surged with monstrous black lightning and Divine Energy, causing him to seem like a peerless and domineering exalt of lightning.

Numerous ancient ancestral god corpses were besieging Luo Shaonong in his vicinity, yet from the beginning until the end, they were actually unable to break through the black colored lightning that enveloped his body, let alone injure him.

It was even to the extent that he didn’t move at all, and he was able to suppress those ancient ancestral god corpses to the point of collapse by relying on his divine aura alone!

Such divine aura could be said to be capable of startling the universe.

This obviously showed that as the existence ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, Luo Shaonong’s combat strength was extraordinarily formidable.

“So it was that fellow!”

“Bastard! I knew that something was off!”

“Dammit! We were actually schemed against by this fellow! We absolutely can’t forgive him no matter what!”

Meanwhile, Di Jun and the other cultivators suddenly came to an understanding, and all of them were angered to the point their eyes almost split apart while they roared loudly with rage.

With their identities and coupled with the fact that they were working together with Luo Shaonong, when had they ever been schemed against by someone?

However, they were merely able to cry out furiously for a moment before the ancient ancestral god corpses in the surroundings were like chains that caused them to be unable to do anything else.

Chen Xi merely glanced at Luo Shaonong before his figure flashed, and he suddenly charged towards the seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root.

This seventh-grade Ancestral Root was already on the verge of collapse after it suffered Luo Shaonong’s attack. So, if he didn’t act now, then the seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root at its bottom would probably be destroyed just like that!

If such a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth which could only be chanced upon by luck was destroyed, then it was simply something that would incur public indignation.

“Stay your hand!” Along with Luo Shaonong’s fierce and loud should, a black colored sun condensed from lightning seethed with a myriad of strands of divine light, and it emanated rumbling as it crushed through space and shot towards Chen Xi. It completely locked down all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat, causing him to be unable to dodge it or escape it.


A sword howl resounded. Chen Xi didn’t even turn around to look before he executed a backhanded slash.


An enormous bang resounded. It was like the sun and moon had collided or a myriad of volcanoes had erupted. Terrifying fluctuations of energy swept towards the surroundings, and it crushed the space in the surroundings.

The impact from this strike caused the vital blood in Chen Xi’s entire body to roil, and it felt as if an enormous mountain had pressed down onto his body.

But right after that, Chen Xi suddenly gritted his teeth and relied on this impact to suddenly speed up, and then he flicked his sleeve and seized the seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root.

Eh! Luo Shaonong was slightly surprised as well, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually be able to resist an attack of his.

After that, his face sank as he said coldly, “Chen Xi, even if you seize all the Ancestral Dao Roots, you’ll be reduced to my prey in the end. So, I advise you that it’s in your best interest to hand it over now, and I can forgive you this time and let bygones be bygones.”

His voice was piercingly cold, and it revealed an oppressive and threatening force.

“Let bygones be bygones? Haha, I, Chen Xi, don’t care about that!” Chen Xi shook his head and laughed coldly as he spoke these words. After that, he teleported swiftly towards the depths of the Godsfall Ruins.

He hadn’t done this merely because he wanted to avoid being intercepted and threatened by Luo Shaonong’s group, the most important reason was that after he’d obtained those five Ancestral Dao Roots, he wanted to seize this opportunity and see exactly what was the source of the summon that was constantly coiled around his heart.


Space fluctuated, and Chen Xi figure instantly vanished without a trace.

“You truly refuse to repent until there’s no hope. What a truly stubborn fellow.” A cold glow flowed in Luo Shaonong’s eyes, and it was filled with a cold expression.


His figure suddenly shook while his imposing aura suddenly rose, and then a myriad of strands of black colored lightning rumbled as they swept out from his body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of intense sounds of collision resounded. All those ancient ancestral god corpses in the vicinity didn’t even have the time to let out shrill cries before they were covered by the myriad of strands of black lightning, and then their figures shattered and collapsed amidst a wave of rumbling. They were obliterated into nothingness, and this formed a large expanse of empty ground in the surroundings.

This scene caused Di Jun and the other cultivators to be shocked in their hearts, and they looked over to him.

“Let’s go pursue and kill Chen Xi!” Luo Shaonong lightly spat out a few words from between his lips, and every single word was sharp like a blade and was filled with a murderous aura that assaulted the face.

Swish! Swish!

Space was parted like tidewater as Chen Xi’s figure moved like a sharp blade, and he teleported at an unbelievable speed.

Obtaining an eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root and four seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots didn’t cause Chen Xi to feel much happiness. If it was possible, he would rather take his chances to obtain that ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root.

On the other hand, everything he’d done now was merely for the sake of providing himself room to maneuver. In this way, even if something unexpected occurred during the fight for the ninth-rank Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, he wouldn’t have to worry about an Ancestral Dao Root for himself.

Luo Shaonong and the others will definitely be disgruntled after they were schemed against like that. However, the Godsfall Ruins becomes more and more dangerous the deeper one goes. It’ll all depend on whether they have the courage to pursue me…. Chen Xi pondered in his heart as he flew.

He wasn’t afraid of fighting Luo Shaonong. However, if he were to have to battle numerous cultivators by himself, then he would absolutely not act idiotically and go head-on against them.

The reason was that Luo Shaonong wasn’t the only Spirit God Exalt in that group, and there was Di Jun as well. Their combined combat strength caused Chen Xi to feel extremely fearful as well, and unless he didn’t have any other choice, he would absolutely not go head-on against them.

Nevermind, I’ll immediately converge with Le Wuhen and the others once if found out exactly what’s summoning me. Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped thinking about all of this. He started to carefully pay attention to the surroundings.

As he moved deeper into the Godsfall Ruins, the Desolate Manku Qi in the heavens and the earth grew denser and denser to the point of being seemingly material. It filled every single inch of space, and if an ordinary person had entered this place, then that person would probably get lost here and be forever unable to find his way.

It wasn’t just that, the air started to carry an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate and feel uneasy. Moreover, the atmosphere here was strange and silent.

Along with the passage of time, this aura grew stronger and stronger. It caused Chen Xi to faintly feel nervous and horrified.

If it was at any other time, he would have turned around and left resolutely since a long time ago.

Yet now, he didn’t act in that way. Because as he moved deeper into the Godsfall Ruins, that strand of a mysterious summon that had constantly coiled around his heart was becoming clearer and clearer.

All of this impelled Chen Xi forward without end, and he didn’t choose to step back.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t encountered any danger all along the way because the amount of ancient ancestral god corpses that filled the boundless mist had gradually increased in number as he moved deeper into the Godsfall Ruins.

Fortunately, Chen Xi had concealed his aura with the Daoseal Mark. Otherwise, he would have probably to fight all of these ancient ancestral god corpses all along the way.


After an entire two hours passed, Chen Xi suddenly felt the pressure on his entire body reduce while the Desolate Manku Qi before him split open, causing his field of vision to become extremely clear.

However, right at this instant, Chen Xi stopped abruptly!

A wisp of astonishment couldn’t help but appear on his handsome face, and his entire body suddenly stiffened.

This was a black colored expanse of the heavens and the earth. The sky was black as ink, and the darkness was boundlessly vast. On the other hand, the ground seemed like a boundless open field.

At this moment, thousands of ancient ancestral god corpses were standing on that open field!

All of them wore damaged armor, were completely enveloped by the black aura of death, and had their eyes closed tightly as they stood there silently. There was line after line and row after row of them. They covered every single corner of his field of vision, and a dense and boundless expanse of ancient ancestral god corpses actually filled his field of vision!

This scene was too shocking!

It was like a vast army of Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods was stationed here. They were silent and murderous yet were sufficient to arouse terror in the hearts of all.

This was too unbelievable and inconceivable.

When Chen Xi witnessed this scene, his entire body went cold as well, and a wisp of unprecedented shock arose in his heart.

Exactly what sort of place is this? Why are there so many ancient ancestral god corpses here? Why are they standing here?

After a long time, Chen Xi slightly recovered his calm. Only now did he notice that a wisp of fierce Sword Intent could be faintly noticed at the end of his field of vision.

Even if it was extremely far away, it still caused Chen Xi to feel shocked in his heart. Because its aura actually caused him to faintly feel a sense of familiarity.

At the exact same time, that trace of a summon that coiled around his heart had suddenly become peerlessly strong. It revealed a sense of yearning, and it pointed towards that wisp of Sword Intent that resided at the end of his field of vision….

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