Chapter 168 – A Nobody and A Somebody

Chapter 168 – A Nobody and A Somebody

The instant this group that arrived later stopped, the guard in the lead with a rectangular shaped face swept his gaze towards the surroundings, and he couldn’t help but frown before riding the Flamecloud Bloodmane Horse beneath him to arrive before the treasured carriage that was like white jade and ice crystals, then cupped his hand and said, “Young Miss, it’s the members of the Dong Clan, should we continue forward?”

The treasure carriage’s curtain was pulled open, and a young girl that wore a cyan colored luxurious robe with flying phoenixes on it walked down slowly.

This young girl was around the age of 14 or 15, with an exquisite and beautiful oval shaped face. Her brows were like two mountains in the distance, her pupils like two dots of ink, her cherry lips pink and moist, and they seemed to curl into an elegant angle with a light pucker. Her skin was white, tender, and smooth like moist jade, and her long hair that was pitch black like ink was coiled up with six jade hair clasps to reveal her snow white neck. She was entirely beautiful and refined, like a clear lotus that had been placed in water, and she emitted a strand of an aura of beauty that took one’s breath away.

But her expression was instead arrogant and cold, and it carried along an icy cold feeling of being unapproachable, as if she was a cold beauty.

A few female attendants followed by her side, their expression similarly icy cold, their gazes arrogant.

As soon as this young girl made an appearance, the charming aura that effused out from her body instantly caused everyone present to stop chatting, and their gazes looked right at her while revealing traces of burning lust and greed.

Chen Xi had to admit that this young girl was indeed a potential beauty, and in another few years, she would perhaps become a beauty that could overturn a country.

“This pool doesn’t belong to the Dong Clan. Since they can rest here, then why can’t we? Wang Kun, set up camp. The sect entrance test of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect is tomorrow, so let’s rest for a while,” said the young girl slowly with a chilly voice that seemed like a murmuring clear stream’s resounded clear chime.

“Yes.” The middle aged man called Wang Kun cupped his fist and received his orders, then commanded the other riders to instantly occupy the other side of the pool, and it was even to the extent of almost arousing conflict with the Dong Clan guards that had arrived long ago for the sake of space, causing the air to be filled with the smell of gunpowder.

“Heh, I was wondering who it was. So it turns out that it’s your Wang Clan’s Second Young Miss, Wang Yunshi. Although far away, those who are fated shall meet one another. I’d long since wanted to go to the Wang Clan to propose a marriage and ask Uncle Wang to betroth you to me. Now we even have the fortune of meeting here, what else is it but fate?” The handsome young man stood up and raised his chin before grinning as he spoke.

“Dong Xuanhong, be respectful. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude. You must remember that I live up to my word.” Wang Yunshi spoke coldly.

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Dong Xuanhong burst into rage. “Once I become a Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciple, let’s see if your Father agrees to the marriage between us. At that time, I’ll properly deal with you.”


With a flip of her right hand, a sword that glowed with cold lights had appeared in Wang Yunshi’s hand, and she pointed it towards Dong Xuanhong from afar, yet she puckered her lips and said nothing.

When they saw this, the guards by Wang Yunshi’s side drew their sabers, and all of them had the expression of brazenly fighting at any moment.

On the other side, Dong Xuanhong’s guards withdrew their weapons as well when they saw things weren’t going too well, and they stood at the side, standing in confrontation with the Wang Clan guards from afar. Instantly, the atmosphere had become of dangerous and confrontational, and even the surrounding air seemed to have frozen.

“Everyone, everywhere around here is the territory of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and it’s not good to cause trouble here. I hope that both of your sides can show slightly more tolerance for each other and avoid conflict, and it’s best if both of your sides can get along peacefully.” Chen Xi held the azure scroll in his hand as he stood up with extreme helplessness, and then he shook his head and sighed.

The place he sat just happened to be at the center of the two groups of people that were in confrontation, and he was as inconspicuous as inconspicuous could be. Not to mention he couldn’t watch idly by as two groups of people fight in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s territory, as if he were to do that, he would be unworthy of the care Bei Heng gave him.

“Cause trouble? I spoke a few words with you earlier and you act familiar with this Young Master? And you dare teach this Young Master a lesson? Fuck off quickly! Otherwise, I’ll bash you as well!” Dong Xuanhong frowned.

Wang Yunshi noticed Chen Xi as well, and her pink and moist lips curled into a wisp of an arrogant and disdainful arc when she heard Chen Xi. Although she didn’t speak, her attitude had indeed revealed it completely.

She’d seen too many fellows that overestimated their abilities, and for the sake of winning her attention, there were even many people that didn’t even care about their lives any longer. Actions like these were simply laughable and immature to the extreme in her eyes.

Indeed, Chen Xi’s charm was restrained and he held an azure scroll in his hand. Even though his disposition was extraordinary, he looked like an ordinary scholar, so who would take him seriously?

“Big Sister, look, there seems to be people fighting over there.”

“Shut up. Our journey is more important, mind your own business.”

Suddenly, another two people walked over from afar. One was a tall and handsome young man with a firm appearance, the other was a beautiful and elegant young woman. Especially this young woman, her eyes were like the bright stars in the night sky, dazzling and deep, seeming to be misty and watery, and they revealed an indescribable charm.

Mu Yao? Mu Wenfei?

Chen Xi’s gaze swept over and instantly recognized this pair of brother and sister. Five years ago, the unexpected encounter outside Dragon Lake City had caused him to become acquainted with this pair of brother and sister. After that, at the Immortal Assembling Pavilion, he’d stood out for them, fiercely teaching a lesson to the Xie Clan’s Young Master, Xie Zhan, and he’d even arranged for them to enter the Du Clan to cultivate. Now that they’d not seen each other for five years, the appearances of this pair had already changed greatly, and they weren’t the green youth and young girl from all those years ago.

“Big Sister, look, that’s…” Mu Wenfei instantly noticed Chen Xi who was within the crowd, and he couldn’t help but be stunned before cried out in excitement.

Mu Yao raised her eyes to look over, and her clear eyes abruptly lit up. She was just about to open her mouth when Chen Xi had already walked over and said with a smile, “Why have the two of you come here?”

“I, I and my younger brother intend to join the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect as well,” said Mu Yao, and she unconsciously lowered her head, seeming to not dare meet Chen Xi’s eyes.

Chen Xi said in astonishment, “Could it be that cultivating in the Du Clan isn’t good? Or did they treat you unfairly?”

“No.” Mu Wenfei said hurriedly, “My Big Sister said that if we cultivate in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, then we’ll be able to see…”

“Shut up!” Mu Yao raised her head to glare at her younger brother, and her beautiful face had already flushed red.

She wore a light yellow dress today, her skin supple and white like snow, her jet black hair hung down gently to reveal her beautiful and delighted appearance, and her figure was graceful and slender. Compared to five years ago, she was like a ripe red apple at this moment, her beautiful face tainted with red, causing her to seem even more indescribably charming and delicate.

Chen Xi’s heart shook as he instantly understood. This little girl has probably fallen for him, and he felt both amused and an indescribable feeling in his heart.

What a joke. Which person in this world wouldn’t be happy from obtaining the love and admiration of a beauty? Not to mention the girl before him was a great beauty that was a feast for the eyes and drop dead gorgeous. Chen Xi was no saint, so being able to obtain Mu Yao’s affection had indeed caused him to feel a sense of male pride, but…

But, five years have already passed, and I’ve even almost forgotten her, yet why does she not forget me?

This thought flashed in Chen Xi’s mind, and then he said with a smile, “Since it’s like that, then let’s go. I’ll bring the both of you to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.”

“Alright, I want to go experience the wonders of True Heart Peak as well. Supposedly, the geniuses of the younger generation of the southern territory have all taken True Heart Peak as the first place they must go upon entering the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.” Mu Wenfei cried out excitedly.

“True Heart Peak? Wait! Since you know the way, then bring this Young Master along. Don’t worry, once we arrive at True Heart Peak, this Young Master will surely reward you.” Suddenly, the distant Dong Xuanhong’s voice sounded out.

“Right, someone leading the way will save us a great deal of trouble.” Wang Yunshi sheathed her sword as well and didn’t carry on with the dispute any longer.

Along with the two of them speaking, the two groups of people that were originally in confrontation and the atmosphere that would break out into a fight at any moment had instantly collapsed and dispersed, and it was as if nothing had happened earlier.

When he heard these people ordering his Big Brother Chen Xi that he respected the most about, Mu Wenfei’s face flashed with an enraged expression, yet Chen Xi signaled at him with a shake of the head when he was just about to speak, causing him to only angrily snort before not sparing another glance at these people.

Right away, the group of people headed towards the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

This waterfall and pool was within the Wanderingcloud mountain range and was only 500 km away from the location of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s doors. Chen Xi, Mu Yao, and Mu Wenfei walked at the front and weren’t impatient to rush on their way, and they chatted cheerfully all along the way.

Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi’s groups followed behind the three of them. These two Young Master and Young Miss from great clans in Misty Sea City would naturally not walk like Chen Xi, and they each sat in their own treasured carriage and had capable and robust guards opening the way from both sides, causing them to seem extremely stylish. All along the way, they attracted the gazes of most people.

When they arrived within the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi got down from their treasured carriages and walked slowly with Chen Xi under the accompaniment of their guards. This place was the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and no matter how great their background was, they didn’t dare act rashly here.

Moreover, both of them obviously noticed that after they entered the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, no matter what they were doing and how busy they were, many of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples they saw on the way would cup their hands towards Chen Xi. Even though it was soundless, yet it revealed an extraordinary feeling.

Hmph! This fellow’s relations with people is really not bad. Looks like although he isn’t joining the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, he’s surely a local tyrant. But a nobody like this only knows how to play tricks left and right and please everyone, and is nothing worth mentioning. Dong Xuanhong thought disdainfully in his heart.

Intentionally setting up a deceptive array? Perhaps this fellow intentionally acts as if he’s very familiar with those Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples, and wants to rely on this method to get close to me? Hmph! I never imagined that nobodies like this have learned the methods of those profligate sons of the rich. Perhaps he never imagined that I’ve long ago become accustomed so scenes like this, truly a pitiable clown. Wang Yunshi shook her head, and the gaze she shot at Chen Xi was even more contemptuous.

But although they thought like this, the two of them were jealous in their hearts. Both of them were proud geniuses from their clans, holding countless halos above them, and they were flattered and praised no matter where they went. Now, their limelight was instead seized by a nobody, and it would be weird if they felt fine in their hearts.

“Ah! It’s actually the Dong Clan’s Young Master. The Dong Clan behind him possesses the number one merchant group of Misty Sea City. Its wealth is abundant, and its strength is exceedingly great. I never imagined that he would actually come to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect as well. Amongst those 100 positions in the sect entrance test this time, there would surely be a position for him.”

“What a beautiful little lady! If I’m not wrong, she should be the Misty Sea City’s Wang Clan’s Second Young Miss. That Wang Clan has been inherited for 10,000 years, and in terms of resources and reserves, it’s even above the Dong Clan. I never imagined that a proud genius like her would actually come as well!”

When they ascended True Heart Peak, the situation of Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi instantly changed. There was no lack of Misty Sea City cultivators amongst the cultivators from outside Dragon Lake City that had come to sightsee at True Heart Peak, and as soon as they saw the Dong Xuanhong and Wang Yunshi and the guards by their sides, all of them exclaimed out with surprise as they revealed expressions of shock. Instantly, it drew the attention of even more people in the surroundings, and it could be said that they were the absolute center of attention of everyone.

Their moods instantly became excellent, and their bearing became restrained as well. They raised their chins slightly and hung a light smile on their faces, and every action they made carried a sense of respectability.

On the contrary, Chen Xi, Mu Yao, and Mu Wenfei that lead the way at the front had become people that no one showed interest in. But Chen Xi didn’t care about all this. After all, he’d been annoyed to the point of hiding outside during these past few days!

The streams of people on True Heart Peak were still extremely numerous today, and the originally spacious mountain path was filled with a crowd of people that rubbed shoulders as they walked past each other, and it was similar to how the ordinary people in the mortal would ascend the mountains to burn joss sticks and pray to the Buddha, causing everywhere to be filled with clamorous noise.

I won’t walk back again in the future… Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he walked up the mountain and arrived before the great hall. Making my way through the huge crowd of people is really not easy.

When they saw Chen Xi squeeze out from the crowd of people, the 72 Inner Court disciples maintaining order nearby were stunned. Chen Xi didn’t say anything, and he waves his hand to ask them to continue their work, whereas, he instead brought along Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei to walk towards the great hall.

However, before he could leave, he was instead called out to by Dong Xuanhong, this Young Master that was arrogant, conceited, and disrespectful to everyone, and Dong Xuanhong shouted out loudly. “Kid, leading the way is one thing, but why are you rashly trespassing towards the great hall? Are you courting death? Quickly come back! This Young Master does as he speaks, and the reward that I ought to give you won’t be even the slightest bit lesser!”

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