Chapter 1677 – Acting Alone

Everyone was stunned, and then they started laughing.

Yuqiu Jing was trying to make bygones be bygones, and he was just using drinking as an excuse.

Chen Xi smiled and said as well, “Since you’ve said that, then I’ll accompany you to the end.”

Yuqiu Jing grunted coldly and said, “Perhaps I’m inferior to you in terms of strength, but you have to be careful when it comes to drinking!”

Everyone roared with laughter.

Actually, when they thought about it carefully, there wasn’t any deep enmity between Chen Xi and Yuqiu Jing, and it was at most just minor friction that had occurred between the two of them.

Of course, most of this was caused by Yuqiu Jing, and he’d already suffered quite a loss because of it. So, it was obviously very sensible of him to choose this moment to make bygones be bygones with Chen Xi.

After all, no matter if it was defeating the joint forces of Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang, blasting Di Jun back with a single strike of the sword, or confronting Luo Shaonong, all of these incidents had proven that Chen Xi was absolutely not ordinary.

When facing such a peerless figure that was rising like a shooting star, then so long as Yuqiu Jing wasn’t an idiot, he would definitely not choose to continue going against Chen Xi.

However, it obviously required an extremely great amount of courage and determination to make a prideful figure from an ancient clan in the Imperial Region like Yuqiu Jing to yield.

Yuqiu Jing’s actions caused Chen Xi to have a slightly higher opinion of him instead.

Regardless of all of this, no matter if it was Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, or all the other cultivators in their group, all of them were very pleased to witness such a scene.

This moment passed in the blink of an eye, and then everyone placed their attention on Zhuanyu Shui.

At this moment, Zhuanyu Shui had stood up and changed into a fresh set of clean clothes. Besides his countenance that was pale and translucent, it was utterly impossible for others to discern that he was in a hopeless situation, heavily injured, and on the verge of death just moments ago.

This was the benefits of cultivating in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. So long as one’s consciousness still remained, then one could recover at an extremely swift rate, causing the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement’s survivability to be peerless.

However, his injuries were probably impossible to recover completely in a short period of time.

After all, the injuries he’d suffered during the battle with Di Jun earlier was truly too heavy, and if it was any other cultivator, that cultivator would have probably died a long time ago.

Le Wuhen asked. “What exactly happened?”

Le Wuhen had always possessed a reserved bearing, so he just said in a simple manner, “A battle that occurred from fighting for an Ancestral Dao Root.”

“It wasn’t as simple as that.” A cultivator spoke in an agitated manner. He and two other cultivators were searching for Ancestral Dao Roots with Zhuanyu Shui. Just moments ago, if Zhuanyu Shui hadn’t fought desperately to protect them, then they would have probably been killed by Di Jun.

Of course, in the end, it was all thanks to Chen Xi lending a hand in time, and this allowed them to truly avoid calamity.

According to the description provided by this cultivator, Zhuanyu Shui’s group had noticed a group of Ancestral Roots by chance, and most exhilarating fact was that it was surprisingly a group of Ancestral Roots that had produced four seventh-grade Monarch Rank Ancestral Dao Roots!

However, right when they’d gathered these four Ancestral Dao Roots, they encountered Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, and the others. So, a horrifying battle was unavoidable.

In the end, Zhuanyu Shui fought desperately yet was only able to keep a single seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root, whereas, all the other three had been seized away.

When they heard all of this, the expressions of Le Wuhen and the others turned gloomy. 

They simply went too far!

Those were seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots!

Those Ancestral Dao Roots could be said to be treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck, and every single one of them was extremely rare. Yet now, Luo Shaonong’s group had forcefully seized three of them. Moreover, Zhuanyu Shui and the others had almost lost their lives because of it. So, how could they not be furious?

“Hmph! We absolutely can’t let this matter go. Since they dared to do that, then we must retaliate!” Yuqiu Jing was the first to be unable to restrain himself, and he gritted his teeth and spoke furiously.

“Exactly. We must seize those three seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots back!” The other cultivators spoke successively as well. They’d been constantly searching for Ancestral Dao Roots in the past few days, yet not only had they obtained only a few Ancestral Dao Roots, all of these Ancestral Dao Roots hadn’t attained the seventh-grade. So, when they heard that three seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots that belonged to their group had been seized, it was impossible for them to not feel enraged.

“That’s inadvisable. We still haven’t obtained sufficient Ancestral Dao Roots now, so it’s inadvisable for us to fight Luo Shaonong’s group now.” Le Wuhen pondered deeply for a long time, and then he shook his head and said, “Firstly, if we launch an assault against them now, then it would definitely affect our operations to search for Ancestral Dao Roots. Secondly, our true objective is the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root within the Genesis Ancestral Root. If we enter into battle now in advance, then many other forces would probably take advantage of the opportunity created by it. After all, it isn’t just our group and Luo Shaonong’s group that have entered the Ancestral Root Grounds this time.”

These words were reasonable. So, even though all of them were extremely unwilling in their hearts, they could only accept it.

Indeed, if they entered into battle with Luo Shaonong’s group now, then it would definitely be a horrifying battle. It was even to the extent that it wasn’t exaggerated to say that even if they were able to reclaim those three Ancestral Dao Roots in the end, both their groups would have definitely suffered heavy losses.

Such an outcome was something that none of them could accept.

“There’s no rush. So long as they’re still within the Ancestral Root Grounds, then we’ll still have a chance to seize them back.” Chen Xi said, “Even if we’re unable to take revenge now, we’ll definitely encounter Luo Shaonong’s group when the Genesis Ancestral Root appears. At that time, we can put an end to all enmity.”

When they heard Chen Xi say all of this, all of them instantly understood that they could choose to exercise forbearance for now.

After that, everyone discussed briefly before they decided to stop splitting up into smaller teams. They’d made this decision in order to avoid another incident like what Zhuanyu Shui’s group had suffered.

Most importantly, along with the passage of time, the number of cultivators in the Ancestral Grounds was growing in number, and the competition was growing more and more intense. At this moment, it was indeed inadvisable to remain split up in smaller teams.

Without wasting any time, all of them set out once more.

On the way, Chen Xi found out that Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, and Yuqiu Jing’s teams had encountered a great deal of competition and battle as well, but they were able to get through it safely. Unfortunately, they’d only obtained a few Ancestral Dao Roots.

On the other hand, it was his own group that had obtained the most Ancestral Dao Roots.

However, there were still around 10 days before the Genesis Ancestral Root appeared, and if nothing unexpected happened, then they didn’t have to worry about being unable to obtain Ancestral Dao Roots. The only problem they faced was the quality of these Ancestral Dao Roots.

Five days later, Chen Xi’s group stood before a seventh-grade Ancestral Root. Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, and the others had slightly helpless expressions.

It couldn’t be helped because they were a step too late again, and it was an empty seventh-grade Ancestral Root that lay before them!

During these five days of time, they hadn’t encountered much danger, and it had been peaceful all along the way. Moreover, with the forces they possessed , all the others didn’t dare go against them at all after they’d gathered together.

However, they’d only obtained a mere six Ancestral Dao Roots all along the way, and four of them were at the fifth-grade while two were at the sixth-grade. They didn’t even obtain a single seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t encountered seventh-grade Ancestral Roots, and it was instead that these Ancestral Roots had already been discovered by others a long time before they’d discovered it.

The current situation in their group was one where besides Chen Xi, Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, and Yuqiu Jing, all the other cultivators in their group had already obtained an Ancestral Dao Root each. These Ancestral Dao Roots were either at the sixth-grade or fifth-grade, so they were rather satisfied.

Zhuanyu Shui on the other hand had obtained a seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root a long time ago.

Only Chen Xi and the other Spirit God Exalts were searching bitterly for Ancestral Dao Roots at the seventh-grade or above yet had returned empty handed. This caused them to be unable to help but feel slightly anxious in their hearts.

Moreover, it wouldn’t be long before the Genesis Ancestral Root appeared. At that time, they wouldn’t have any further time to obtain other Ancestral Dao Roots.

In other words, there wasn’t much time left for them to obtain an Ancestral Dao Root.

“Dammit! There are at least 300 cultivators that entered the Ancestral Root Grounds this time, and it has caused the competition to become even more intense. Finding an Ancestral Root that hasn’t been discovered is simply as difficult as ascending the heavens.” Yuqiu Jing was slightly agitated.

“Even though it’s like this, there are still some areas that haven’t been discovered yet. This means that we still have a chance, and there’s no need to be so anxious.” Le Wuhen smiled as he consoled.

“I naturally understand that principle. However, I’m worried that other cultivators would have already arrived there before we arrive.” Yuqiu Jing said in a depressed tone, “The amount of seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots has been scarce since the beginning, what would we do if this continues?”

Shentu Yanran pondered deeply before she said, “If there’s really no other way, then we’ll go look for Luo Shaonong!”

“Look for him?” Yuqiu Jing was stunned, and then he spoke with a shocked tone. “You mean that we should go seize those three seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Roots back from him?”

Shentu Yanran shrugged and said, “Do you have any other ideas besides that?”

Chen Xi who’s remained silent since the beginning spoke abruptly at this moment. “I intend to go searching on my own.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

After that, Le Wuhen said, “Chen Xi, that’s extremely dangerous.”

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “I understand. However, it isn’t so easy for just anyone to look for trouble with me.”

When they noticed that Chen Xi had already made up his mind, they stopped persuading him.

“Then keep you Mindnet Shell well, and immediately notify us if you encounter any danger. Remember that you must return before the Genesis Ancestral Root appears.” Le Wuhen instructed.

“I understand.” Chen Xi nodded, and then his figure flashed before he left swiftly.

“This fellow, Chen Xi, wouldn’t be intending to kill and seize the treasures of others by himself, right?” Yuqiu Jin joked.

“He wouldn’t act in that way, unless he encountered an enemy of his.” Shentu Yanran seemed to be lost in thought, and she was unable to figure out Chen Xi’s intentions.

“Let’s hurry up and make a move as well. We don’t have much time left. I hope we’ll all be able to obtain a seventh-grade Ancestral Dao Root each before the Genesis Ancestral Root appears.” Le Wuhen took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

The current change in situation caused them to not dare wishfully hope to be able to obtain an eighth-grade King Rank Ancestral Dao Root, and this obviously showed how great the competition they faced was. Because even top-rate Spirit God Exalts like them found it to be extremely difficult, and they had no choice but to take a step back and choose the second best option.


At the same time, Chen Xi’s figure flickered in space as he whistled straight towards the north.

In these past few days, as the time when the Genesis Ancestral Root appeared grew closer, that trace of a faint summon had appeared once more in his heart.

At this point in time, this trace of a summon had even become extremely clear. It was constantly coiled around his heart, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to sit still.

He wasn’t sure what this summon meant, and if it was danger or fortune. So, out of consideration for all of their safety, he’d bid his farewells to everyone and chosen to travel there on his own!

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