Chapter 1676 – Abrupt Stop

It was merely a single strike of the sword!

Yet Di Jun who was ranked at the 12th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart had been blasted flying by this single strike, and he staggered back and coughed up blood!

This scene had exceeded the imaginations of everyone in the surroundings.

This fellow… seems to be much more formidable than when he fought Yuqiu Jing. Zhuanyu Shui’s eyes narrowed while he exclaimed endlessly with shock in his heart.

The more he understood about Chen Xi, the more he noticed that Chen Xi’s strength was simply unfathomable. It seemed as if there were no limits to Chen Xi’s strength, and he was always capable of pleasantly surprising others.

“How could this be happening…?”

“He’s too formidable!”

“Even Di Jun’s unable to resist a single strike of his?”

All the other cultivators in the vicinity were astounded, and they gasped without end. For a time, all of their gazes at Chen Xi were filled with terror and disbelief.

“I never expected that I would actually encounter another young man that has stepped foot onto the Ultimate Path of the Sword here. Interesting. If this kid doesn’t die, then the Ancient God Domain will be much more interesting in the future….” In the distance, Luo Shaonong seemed to be lost in thought, and a wisp of an extremely charming arc had appeared on his lips.

Compared to this, Di Jun was infuriated at this moment. This attack hadn’t caused him to suffer much injury, yet it caused him to clearly realize that the combat strength possessed by that Chen Xi who stood in the distance was at least on par with him, and even he was unable to determine exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was.

After that, he suddenly started laughing. He slowly wiped off the bloodstains on the corners of his mouth, straightened his figure, and gazed at Chen Xi from afar. His gaze faintly carried a wisp of burning madness as he said, “Not bad, not bad! I haven’t experienced such a feeling in a long time. How exciting!”

His voice was sharp and feminine, yet it carried a horrifying tone, and it caused others to feel as if Di Jun possessed a warped and perverted disposition.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent. His attention was still mostly on Luo Shaonong who stood in the distance. As for Di Jun, Di Jun wasn’t really threatening to him.

It wasn’t that Di Jun wasn’t strong enough, and it was instead that when compared to Luo Shaonong, the threat that Di Jun posed was undoubtedly extremely small.

Earlier, Chen Xi had utilized his full strength as soon as he attacked, and he made Di Jun suffer a defeat in one go. He’s done all of this for the sake of revealing his own strength in order to deter everyone else in the surroundings.

At the same time, he’d done it for Luo Shaonong to see. He wanted Luo Shaonong to realize what sort of price Luo Shaonong would have to pay in order to deal with him at this moment.

This was the most important reason.

Luo Shaonong was unlike the other cultivators. He was an existence ranked at the 3rd position on the Domain Enlightened Chart. So, Chen Xi felt quite pressured with Luo Shaonong present here.

Coupled with the fact that Zhuanyu Shui was heavily injured and on the verge of death, and he had to protect those three other cultivators behind Zhuanyu Shui. In such a situation, Chen Xi could only seek to guarantee everyone’s safety first.

“Chen Xi, come! I won’t underestimate you this time. Take my head if you’re able to defeat me. I guarantee that the Di Clan of the Imperial Region won’t come looking for trouble with you!”


Di Jun licked his scarlet red lips and seemed to be extremely excited. The curved blade in his hand emanated a strange fluctuation while a bloody glow flowed through it, and then it dyed the nine heavens blood red!

At this moment, his entire body was suffused with battle intent that blazed like the sun and surged like lava. His imposing aura was much more formidable than before. When looked at from afar, he simply seemed like a god that had emerged from the bloody ocean of purgatory, and it was a horrifying sight.

“This fellow is going to go berserk again!” The figures of all the others by Di Jun’s side trembled. They knew that once Di Jun went berserk, then he would simply be like a demon that killed without batting an eye and was impossible to stop, unless he tortured and killed his opponent!

“Watch out. This fellow is a renowned madman in the Imperial Region. He’s cruel, bloodthirsty, and has a ruthless disposition. Once he goes berserk, he even dares to kill the members of his own Di Clan!” Zhuanyu Shui’s anxious voice entered into Chen Xi’s ears via voice transmission, and it caused Chen Xi’s eyes to narrow while his expression became serious.

“Chen Xi, come on! I’ll let you make the first move this time. Quickly! I can’t wait anymore!” Di Run roared with laughter that was filled with madness. His jet black hair suddenly turned blood red, and it caused him to seem even more evil like a bloody devil.

On the other hand, the scene of a blood red purgatory actually floated up into appearance from the exquisite curved blade in his hand. The purgatory was filled with bones, the wails of ghosts, the sorrowful howls and sighs of gods…. It seemed shocking to the extreme.

Obviously, since it was able to reveal such a terrifying scene, this blade was a Natural Spirit Treasure that possessed unfathomable might!

This scene shocked everyone in the surroundings, and it caused their bodies to go cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“You really need a beating.” A wisp of a chilly arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. He spun the Talisman Armament in his palm, and then he pointed its tip towards Di Jun from afar.

Along with this slight action of his, copious and vast Sword Insight effused out from Chen Xi’s body like an ocean.

Sword Insight surged like an ocean and was boundless like an abyss. It filled the heavens and the earth, and it simply seemed to have transformed the surroundings into a world of the sword. Every single inch of space was suffused with traces of an extremely sharp and fierce aura.

This scene could simply be said to be unprecedented. The expanse of the heavens and the earth where Di Jun resided at was like a blood red purgatory. Everything was tainted by blood, and the wails of gods and ghosts resounded.

On the other hand, the expanse of the heavens and the earth where Chen Xi resided at seemed to have transformed into a world of the sword. The space, airflow, light, dust, and even every single thing in the surroundings…. All of them seemed to be swift, fierce, and murderous like a sword, whereas, Chen Xi seemed like the overlord that controlled all swords. His imposing aura was fierce and powerful, and it shot into the nine heavens.

This was the effect of the imposing aura emanated by two Spirit God Exalts. They hadn’t even fought, yet the terrifying phenomena created by them shocked everyone in the surroundings.

Only existences that had attained the heights they had were capable of creating such shocking scenes.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth were filled with a murderous aura while Chen Xi and Di Jun stood in confrontation from afar.

A world shocking battle was about to erupt between the two of them. However, right at this moment, a lazy voice suddenly resounded. “Alright. Di Jun, we should leave now.”

It was merely a single sentence, yet it was like the sound of the Grand Dao. It was capable of rousing the deaf and enlightening the blind, and it even weakened the killing intent in the surroundings.

Everyone felt astounded. Only now did they realize that Luo Shaonong had spoken from afar.

It was truly surprising to everyone. No one had expected that Luo Shaonong didn’t intend to lend a hand, and he wanted to lead Di Jun away. This caused them to wonder why he did this.

Even all the cultivators by Di Jun’s side were bewildered.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and then he came to an understanding.

“Take it easy. Wait for this battle of mine to end.” Di Jun frowned and was slightly irritable. As he spoke, he suddenly took a step forward, and the blood red blade in his hand roll about in his hand as he attacked abruptly.

“It really is time to leave.” Suddenly, Luo Shaonong’s sigh resounded through the heavens and the earth. As his voice resounded, his figure suddenly appeared in the battlefield and obstructed Di Jun’s path. He stood in the blood red blade’s path.

He didn’t even attack and just stood there casually, yet Di Jun’s attack stopped abruptly like it was magic.

“You….” Di Jun roared madly. “Why’re you stopping me?”

“I never say the same thing three times.” As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Shaonong placed his hands behind his back and walked swiftly towards the distance.

Since the moment he obstructed this battle until he left right now, he seemed to be extremely casual and indifferent, and it was like he’d done something that was extremely ordinary.

However, the more he acted in this way, the greater the pressure Di Jun felt. He stood on the spot while his expression changed indeterminately for a long time. In the end, he stomped his foot furiously, and then he turned around and left.

Everyone was slightly stunned when they witnessed this. This little freak from the Di Clan that acts lawlessly upon going berserk was actually stopped by a single sentence?

But in next to no time, all those cultivators that were part of Di Jun’s group couldn’t be bothered to think about all of this, and they hurriedly followed Di Jun and left.

“Chen Xi, I’ll deal with you myself when we meet next. I hope you’ll be able to enter the Genesis Ancestral Root with your life intact. Don’t disappoint me.” Luo Shaonong’s lazy voice drifted over from afar, and it reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

“Unfortunately, my opponent is Gongye Zhefu. If you want to fight me, then you probably have to line up and wait….” Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice that sounded like a resounding bell came from between the lips of Chen Xi who stood there on the spot, and it sounded out into the distance.

The figures of all the cultivators that heard this voice shook, and they were filled with disbelief. This fellow is simply too arrogant. He actually wants to challenge both Gongye Zhefu and Luo Shaonong at the same time!?

Moreover, he even went to the extent of saying that Luo Shaonong can only line up and wait in order to spar with him?

At this moment, even Zhuanyu Shui was shocked. He’d never imagined that such arrogant and domineering words would be spoken from Chen Xi’s mouth.

“Hahaha! What a truly interesting fellow. So long as I’m able to kill you, then there’s no harm in waiting!” Luo Shaonong’s voice drifted over once more from afar. It rumbled as it resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it instantly overpowered Chen Xi’s voice.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t speak further. He just smiled in a casual manner, and he seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the piercingly cold killing intent within those words at all.

Kill me?

That’ll depend on whether you have the ability!

Along with the departure of Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, and the others, this danger had been completely resolved.

However, at this moment, those three cultivators who Chen Xi had protected were still bewildered. They were unable to figure out why Luo Shaonong and the others who occupied an extremely great position of advantage would leave.

But in next to no time, they came to an understanding.

Zhuanyu Shui came to an understanding as well.

Because at this moment, numerous figures floated up into appearance from the space in the vicinity. Shockingly, it was Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, and the others!

Obviously, they hadn’t just arrived at this moment.

As soon as they made an appearance, Le Wuhen smiled as he said to Chen Xi, “You wouldn’t blame us for disturbing your battle with Di Jun, right?”

Chen Xi shrugged. “So what if I do? It’s not like all of you’d compensate me.”

Le Wuhen roared with laughter. “You’re actually learned to joked as well.”

Shentu Yanran smiled without end as well. Her starry eyes carried a wisp of extraordinary splendor that was impossible to conceal when she gazed at Chen Xi, and she seemed to be filled with admiration and shock.

She’d watched everything that occurred just now, and she had a deeper understanding of how extraordinary Chen Xi was. Especially the last words Chen Xi spoke when he was in confrontation with Di Jun, It caused her breath to be taken away.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I just don’t joke with people I’m not familiar with.”

Just these words alone caused the hearts of Le Wuhen and Shentu Yanran to feel warm. They knew that Chen Xi had already stopped taking them to be strangers, and since they weren’t strangers to him any longer, then they were naturally friends.

“It isn’t the time to joke around. Let’s leave this place as soon as possible.” Yuqiu Jing spoke coldly from the side.

Le Wuhen and Shentu Yanran were stunned, and then they gazed at Chen Xi. Yet they saw Chen Xi shrug before he said casually, “Fellow Daoist Yuqiu is right, we really should leave this place first.”

Yuqiu Jing seemed to have never expected Chen Xi would agree so readily, and he was stunned for a moment when he heard this. He said, “Hmph! Don’t give me that! I won’t accept it at all.”

As he spoke, he turned around and left. However, he stopped halfway and said, “Unless… you drink with me for three days!”

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