Chapter 1674 – Far-famed Reputation

When they heard Chen Xi’s suggestion, both Tao Dong and Wei Zifu nodded in agreement, and there were no conflicting feelings in their hearts.

If Chen Xi hadn’t stood out this time, then they would have probably encountered danger a long time ago. After all, they weren’t Spirit God Exalts, so even if they died, it wouldn’t cause much of a storm.

Coupled with the terrifying combat strength that Chen Xi revealed during this battle, it caused both of them to even feel slight veneration towards Chen Xi. Under such circumstances, they would naturally obey any suggestions of Chen Xi’s.

Chen Xi didn’t think too much about it. He found a hidden cave, and then he instructed Tao Dong and Wei Zifu to stand on guard for him before he started to meditate.

Even though he’d attained victory in the end, it had exhausted an extremely great deal of his strength. If his cultivation in the Dao Heart hadn’t attained its first forging, then he might have even been unable to persist until the end.

The reason was even though the Mysterious Sword of the Heart was formidable, it didn’t just exhaust a huge amount of Divine Energy when executed, it even exhausted an extremely enormous amount of Heart Energy.


Chen Xi took a deep breath before he started to recover with great concentration.

Within his body, Divine Energy surged out like the tide from within the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, and it ceaselessly replenished Chen Xi’s exhausted Divine Energy.

At practically the exact same time, the Heart Infant within his Dao Heart sat cross-legged, formed seals with its hands, and then started to circulate the True Heart Sutra. Its entire body was suffused with translucent and crystalline Heart Energy, and it seemed dignified and pure.

In next to no time, Chen Xi fell into deep levels and meditation.

Chen Xi originally intended to set out at dawn on the next day, yet never had he expected that once he entered into a meditative state this time, he’d become completely oblivious to the passage of time, and he’d actually not shown signs of waking up after an entire three days of time had passed.

This caused Tao Dong and Wei Zifu to be unable to help but feel slightly worried, and they thought that Chen Xi had suffered quite a heavy injury during the battle from before.

“If this continues, then what should we do if he’s still unable to wake up after the Genesis Ancestral Root appears?” Tao Dong was slightly worried.

Wei Zifu chuckled instead. “I never expected that you would develop a conscience and actually start worrying about Fellow Daoist Chen Xi. How rare.”

Tao Dong said furiously, “How could I be an ungrateful person? I admit that I looked down upon Fellow Daoist Chen Xi in the past, but can’t I realize my errors and mend my ways?”

Wei Zifu smiled and said, “Of course you can.”

When he spoke up to here, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “I too had never expected that a figure like Fellow Daoist Chen Xi could actually be born outside the Imperial Region. It really is as the seniors from the ancient times said, there really always is someone stronger in the world.”

Tao Dong deeply agreed. “Even though all of us who’re disciples from the sect and clans in the Imperial Region possess extraordinary identities and formidable cultivations, we’re far inferior when compared to Fellow Daoist Chen Xi. I’m not talking about how formidable his cultivation is, and it’s instead because he has obviously undergone extremely extraordinary experiences. He has definitely experienced the tempering of all sorts of storms of blood. On the contrary, all of us… hah…. Even though our combat strengths are formidable, our combat experience is far inferior to Fellow Daoist Chen Xi.”

Wei Zifu chuckled and said, “I never expected that your understanding of yourself would be rather clear. You really aren’t a wildly arrogant and ignorant fellow in the end.”

Tao Dong glared and was just about to speak when a wave of footsteps suddenly sounded out from the cave behind him, and he instantly revealed a happy expression as he said, “He’s done!”

“Thank you Fellow Daoists.” It was exactly Chen Xi who’d walked out from the cave.

At this moment, his aura was even more calm and extraordinary. His dark and deep eyes were calm like an ancient well that was without ripples, and every single move he made caused the vital energy in his body to surge. When compared to before, he revealed a trace of an invisible aura of perfection.

Obviously, his cultivation had improved once more during these three days of meditation.

Experiencing the battle from before had allowed Chen Xi to benefit from it, and his cultivation had finally traversed that final line and attained perfection in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

Even though it was merely a line that he’d passed, it had caused Chen Xi’s combat strength to attain an obvious increase, and he possessed an aura of perfection.

“Don’t mention it, Fellow Daoist Chen Xi.” Tao Dong and Wei Zifu hurriedly cupped their hands. Not to mention standing on guard for three days, they wouldn’t complain at all even if they had to stand on guard for Chen Xi for an entire month.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that their attitude towards him had undergone some sort of slight change, and he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Come, let’s continue searching for Ancestral Dao Roots.”

They immediately set out and didn’t delay at all.

Earlier, an intense battle had been triggered merely because of a single fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Root. This allowed Chen Xi and the others to obtain a deeper understanding of how brutal the competition in the Ancestral Root Grounds was.

It was only a fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Root, and if they encountered a sixth-grade, seventh-grade, or eighth-grade Ancestral Dao Root, then it was truly impossible to imagine how brutal the competition and slaughter for it would be.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi and the others became much more cautious. Especially Tao Dong and Wei Zifu, they seemed to be even more cautious than before.

Maybe luck was finally shining upon them because they’d found an unexplored Ancestral Root not long after they set out this time.

Moreover, a light green beam of light. Surprisingly, it was a sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Root!

This time, Tao Dong spoke swiftly before Chen Xi could ask. “Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, I’ve decided to take this sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Root.”

Chen Xi nodded. “Alright, go on and take it.”

Tao Dong charged over immediately.

During this entire process, Chen Xi was pondering exactly where he should go to search for Ancestral Dao Roots at the seventh-grade or above.

After all, there was only a single ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root within the Genesis Dao Root, and there were numerous competitors in his path to obtain it. So, if he was unable to seize it from them, then it would be equivalent to coming back empty handed.

So, preparing an Ancestral Dao Root of good quality was a pressing matter for him as well.

Especially because Chen Xi was clearly aware that he probably didn’t have much of a chance to seize the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root because he had to complete the mission Empress Yu Che entrusted him with and obstruct Gongye Zhefu.

However, Chen Xi was troubled because the Ancestral Root Grounds was extremely vast, and its landscape was complicated while the Ancestral Roots scattered throughout it were scattered in a disorderly and unsystematic manner. It caused him to be unable to determine exactly which Ancestral Root contained an Ancestral Dao Root at the seventh-grade of above.

Looks like I can only depend on luck. In the end, Chen Xi sighed in his heart. He had no choice but to admit that rare Ancestral Dao Roots like the seventh-grade Monarch Rank and eighth-grade King Rank Ancestral Dao Roots were really existences which could only be chanced upon by luck.

After Tao Dong returned, Chen Xi and the others set out immediately, and they didn’t delay at all.

During a period of an entire 10 days, they traversed the vast Ancestral Root Grounds and passed through expanse after expanse of boundless ruins. Moreover, they’d encountered some Ancestral Roots along the way that had produced Ancestral Dao Roots.

Unfortunately, the quality of all these Ancestral Dao Roots hadn’t surpassed the sixth-grade, and most of them had already been taken away.

In the end, Chen Xi was only able to obtain another fifth-grade and sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Root.

It seemed to be simple, yet Chen Xi’s group had once again entered into battles with some cultivators because of these two Ancestral Dao Roots, and they’d forcefully slaughtered open a path of blood.

If Chen Xi’s combat strength wasn’t strong enough, then not to mention these two Ancestral Dao Roots, Tao Dong and Wei Zifu would have probably lost their lives a long time ago.

All along the way, they’d also witnessed the battles and slaughters that occurred between other cultivators, and the scene of these battles was bloody and horrifying.

Many top-rate and extraordinary figures lost their lives in these battles, and it caused one to feel anxious.

Chen Xi on the other hand seemed to have expected all of this since the beginning. After all, the greater the fortune, the greater the dangers that accompanied it. It was impossible to gain something without paying a price first.

However, some prices could be accepted while others were impossible to accept, like death.

On this day, Chen Xi’s group noticed another sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Root. However, at practically the exact same moment, some other cultivators noticed this place as well.

It was a group of around eight cultivators. When they saw Chen Xi’s group of three, they actually seemed as if they’d recognized Chen Xi’s group, and their expressions changed violently.

“Shit! Leave! Quickly!”

“I never expected that it would actually be this fellow.”

“What’s going on? Why’re we fleeing?”

“Idiot! That fellow is Chen Xi! He has killed countless people! Even the joint forces of Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang who’re Spirit God Exalts had lost miserably at his hands. If we don’t flee now, then could it be that you intend to go court death?”

“It’s actually him!”


All of these cultivators seemed as if they’d been terrified, and they swiftly fled in all directions and didn’t stay for even a moment.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned by this scene, and then he laughed with self-ridicule. “I never expected that I’m already so famous now.”

Tao Dong and Wei Zifu were surprised as well, and then they sighed with emotion in their hearts. They were clearly aware that Chen Xi had formed his own reputation and influence through numerous battles, and he wasn’t an unknown figure like he was on the day they met.

At this moment, if anyone dared to say that Chen Xi was known for having played up to Shentu Yanran to gain protection, that person would definitely be spat on to death.

Because even Shentu Yanran would probably not be a match for such a shocking figure, so how could he be someone that relied on the strength of a woman?

Chen Xi was extremely indifferent towards all of this. He was clearly aware that he hadn’t just obtained reputation and influence, he’d also obtained the hatred sown from every single one of those slaughters!

After he smoothly obtained this sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Root, Chen Xi already possessed two fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Roots and two sixth-grade Ancestral Dao Roots.

This was absolutely a shocking harvest that would cause other cultivators to feel extremely covetous towards. However, Chen Xi felt slightly disappointed.

Because his target was an Ancestral Dao Root at the seventh-grade or above, and the Ancestral Dao Roots of other qualities were unable to arouse his interest at all.

“Strange, we’ve already been travelling for so long, so why haven’t we encountered even a single Ancestral Dao Root at the seventh-grade or above?” Chen Xi frowned, and then he pondered deeply in silence.

Tao Dong and Wei Zifu exchanged glances, and they felt helpless as well. They didn’t possess any knowledge about all of this, so they were unable to help at all.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s brows raised as he flipped his palm, and the Mindnet Shell appeared there. However, at this moment, the Mindnet Shell was glistening, and it emanated a strand of intense fluctuation.

After that, the sounds of battle sounded out from within it, and it was mixed with some furious roars.

“It’s Zhuanyu Shui’s voice!”

“Could it be that he has encountered danger?”

Tao Dong and Wei Zifu were instantly shocked.

At this moment, the voices within the Mindnet Shell had suddenly vanished, and then it actually transformed into a strand of white light that charged into the sky.

“Let’s follow it!” Chen Xi immediately decide. He brought Tao Dong and Wei Zifu along as he teleported, and he pursued after the Mindnet Shell.

He was very clearly aware that Zhuanyu Shui was a reticent and tenacious figure. So, unless Zhuanyu Shui encountered extreme danger, Zhuanyu Shui would absolutely not seek help.

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