Chapter 1671 – Encircled

Wei Zifu was very content with what he got. Because even though Chen Xi spoke of it in a casual manner, how could it possibly be so easy to find even more Ancestral Dao Roots?

The Ancestral Dao Roots weren’t common like cabbage, so how could they possibly be something that one could casually obtain?

Coupled with the fact that numerous cultivators had entered the Ancestral Root Grounds, even Luo Shaonong wouldn’t dare brag about being able to obtain a large amount of Ancestral Dao Roots.

So, Wei Zifu didn’t even hesitate before agreeing to Chen Xi’s condition.

It was even to the extent that he felt slightly grateful to Chen Xi for giving him two opportunities, and it had imperceptibly changed Wei Zifu’s existing opinion of Chen Xi.

As for Tao Dong who stood by his side, Wei Zifu couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Tao Dong.

Chen Xi glanced at Tao Dong whose expression changed indeterminately, and the smile on Chen Xi’s face gradually lightened as he said, “If you disagree, then take this fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Root and go look for Le Wuhen and the others.”

Tao Dong felt infuriated when he heard this, and he felt that Chen Xi was intentionally making things difficult for him, yet he was unwilling to just flick his sleeve and leave.

In the end, he said furiously, “I agree. However, Fellow Daoist Chen Xi shouldn’t count on me being of much help while fighting for the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root once we reach the Genesis Ancestral Root.”

Chen Xi smiled and couldn’t be bothered to deliver a blow to Tao Dong’s confidence because he’d never expected that Tao Dong would be of much help to him.

Chen Xi immediately flashed towards the shallow area.


As expected, there was a guardian in the vicinity of this Ancestral Root as well. As soon as Chen Xi made an appearance here, a wave of fluctuation arose in the space at that shallow area, and then a corpse that held a halberd and wore damaged armor charged out from within space.

This corpse obviously belonged to a perished god. It was completely flowing with the aura of death while its pupils were completely grey and were filled with a ferocious and vicious expression.


As soon as it appeared, it strode through space towards Chen Xi, and then the 3.6m long halberd in its hand carried monstrous killing intent as it swept through space and smashed forcefully towards Chen Xi.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi’s gaze was piercingly cold as he flicked his sleeve, causing divine radiance to flow from within it.


The divine radiance forcefully crushed the corpse into powder that vanished into nothingness, and it wasn’t even able to resist a single strike of his.

The corners of Tao Dong and Wei Zifu’s mouths twitched when they witnessed this scene. That corpse possessed a formidable aura comparable to a top-rate Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was even just merely slightly inferior to them. Yet now, Chen Xi had actually transformed it into ash with a flick of his sleeve!

Exactly what sort of terrifying cultivation would one need to accomplish that?


Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and then a blazing and dazzling ball of light flew out from the depths of the yellow beam of light and swiftly descended into Chen Xi’s hand.

Shockingly, it was that fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Root.

Chen Xi casually set up a sealing restriction, and then he opened his mouth and swallowed it to hide it within his body.

Tao Dong and Wei Zifu didn’t value this Ancestral Dao Root, but Chen Xi wouldn’t give it up. Because this fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Root would definitely be able to be of unimaginable use when given away as a gift or exchanged for treasures in the future.

“Let’s….” Chen Xi was just about to lead them away when he suddenly frowned, and then his eyes that were deep like an abyss suddenly narrowed while a sharp glow flashed within them.

“What’s wrong?” Tao Dong and Wei Zifu were stunned, but their expressions changed slightly right after that.

Because at this instant, they’d clearly sensed that numerous extremely formidable auras were closing down towards them from all directions.

It was even to the extent that these formidable auras had locked down all their paths of retreat!

“Dammit! Could it be that they intend to kill us and rob us?” Tao Dong was furious.

Chen Xi glanced at Tao Dong and sighed in his heart. If this fellow hadn’t delayed us, then we’d have left this place a long time ago. So, how could we have possibly encountered such a thing?

“Be careful and listen to my instructions. Don’t act arbitrarily.” Chen Xi instructed before he glanced at the surroundings.

In next to no time, over 10 figures that flowed with divine light appeared out of thin air in the surroundings, and they faintly formed an encirclement around Chen Xi’s group of three.

It was two young men who were in the lead. The young man on the left were skinny, cold, and had snow white brows. He wore a blood red cape, and as his eyes opened and clothes, two blood red moons that were extremely terrifying floated up into appearance within them.

The young man on the right wore a yellow robe, had fair skin, and possessed a golden tattoo of a flame in the space between his brows. Moreover, his imposing aura was like the scorching sun, arrogant and blazing.

“Yue Ruhuo from the Imperial Region’s Bloodmoon Clan!”

“Jin Qingyang from the Imperial Region’s Goldrock Clan!”

Tao Dong and Wei Zifu had exclaimed with surprise at practically the exact same moment. They revealed solemn expressions, seemed like they were facing a formidable enemy, and the nerves in their entire bodies had tensed.

So, it’s them…. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he recalled who they were.

Yue Ruhuo was ranked at the 14th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, and he was slightly superior to Yuqiu Jing who was ranked at the 15th position and slightly inferior to Shentu Yanran who was ranked at the 13th position.

On the other hand, Jin Qingyang was ranked at the 24th position instead. Even though he couldn’t compare to Yue Ruhuo, his strength couldn’t be underestimated as well. After all, he was a Spirit God Exalt, and since his ranking was so close to the top, he was absolutely not an ordinary figure.

Not to mention that they’d arrived together and had numerous cultivators following by their sides. So, such a situation was slightly grim.

If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, then no matter if it was Yue Ruhuo or Jin Qingyang, both of them were by Gongye Zhefu’s side when they entered the Ancestral Root Grounds.

In other words, they were part of the same group.

Obviously, they weren’t taking action with Gongye Zhefu because they’d formulated a similar plan as Chen Xi’s group had.

“Fellow Daoist Ruhuo, I’m Tao Dong, and I’m from the Imperial Region’s Tao Clan. May I know why all of you’ve come here?” Tao Dong smiled as he spoke. His Tao Clan had quite a close relationship with the Bloodmoon Clan, so even though he didn’t have any relationship with Yue Ruhuo, they were from the Imperial Region and the clans standing behind them had a close relationship in the end. So, he intended to give it a try and see if Yue Ruhuo would spare him.

“The Tao Clan? Tao Dong? Haha! Brother, don’t entrust your hopes on the relationship between our clans. That won’t be able to save the three of you.” Yue Ruhuo’s expression remained icy cold while he smiled spuriously, and he directly turned Tao Dong down, causing Tao Dong’s expression to change indeterminately.

Jin Qingyang grinned and spoke slowly from the side. “Exactly. If you want to avoid death, then hand over that fifth-grade Ancestral Dao Root, and we absolutely won’t make things difficult for the two of you.”

No matter if it was Yue Ruhuo, Jin Qingyang, or the cultivators by their sides, all of them seemed confident in their ability to dominate Chen Xi’s group and acted in an overbearing manner.

The atmosphere instantly became extremely tense and murderous.

Chen Xi suddenly started laughing instead, and he said to Tao Dong, “Look, this Ancestral Dao Root which you considered to be substandard has drawn two Spirit Gold Exalts over to seize it from us. Do you still not want it now?”

Tao Dong was stunned, and he was angered to the point he almost wanted to choke Chen Xi to death. It’s already at a time like this yet you still have the mood to make jokes!?

A substandard Ancestral Dao Root?

When these words entered into the ears of Yue Ruhuo and the others, it transformed into a form of humiliation instead, and it caused their expressions to become much gloomier.

“I’ll ask one more time. Will all of you hand it over or not?” Yue Ruhuo spoke with an icy cold voice, and his voice was sharp like a blade.

Tao Dong’s heart jerked, and then he gazed at Chen Xi and said hesitantly, “Why don’t… we hand that Ancestral Dao Root to them? We still have sufficient time, and we’ll have other chances in the future.”

Even though these words were slightly cowardly, he could only brace himself and speak them for the sake of protecting his life at this moment.

After all, it was Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang!

If it was merely one of them, then Tao Dong was confident that with Chen Xi’s ability, Chen Xi would absolutely be able to help them save the situation.

However, when these two Spirit God Exalts had set out together, Tao Dong absolutely didn’t think that Chen Xi would be able to go against the two of them.

Since even Chen Xi was unable to accomplish it, then he and Wei Zifu were definitely unable to accomplish it.

This bastard really is able to say just about anything. Chen Xi felt disdainful in his heart. If the situation allowed it, Chen Xi would really want to ask Tao Dong about where Tao Dong’s pride and sense of superiority had all gone!

He really is a pussy that seems impressive on the outside but is rotten on the inside!

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Tao Dong, and he swiftly instructed Wei Zifu. “Watch this fellow and leave everything else to me.”

Wei Zifu nodded.

When he saw this, Chen Xi stopped hesitating and strode forward. His icy cold gaze swept coldly past Yue Ruhuo and Jin Qingyang, and the vital energy within his body seethed abruptly, causing his entire body to be suffused with a wisp of an arrogant and murderous aura.

“Chen Xi! You… exactly what do you intend to do? Do you know that doing this will drag us down with you?” Tao Dong was instantly terrified to the point of turning pale when he saw this, and he intended to stop Chen Xi yet was forcefully held back by Wei Zifu. “Tao Dong! Don’t forget that Chen Xi has a Mindnet Shell in his possession, so we don’t have to be fearful at all even if we’re unable to defeat them!”

Tao Dong shook his head bitterly. “Even if Le Wuhen and the others find out about this, how could they possibly arrive in time?”

“Haha! I thought that you were a pretty boy that relied on a woman. I never expected that you would have some backbone.” Yue Ruhuo sneered and ridiculed.

The others by his side roared with laughter.

When they were before the Ancestral Root Temple, all of them had witnessed Shentu Yanran profess her love to Chen Xi in public.

At that time, even they felt rather envious in their heart. So, when they encountered such a superb opportunity, they naturally didn’t mind teaching Chen Xi a good lesson.

It was even to the extent that as far as Yue Ruhuo was concerned, it would be for the best if he could let Shentu Yanran know that this kid had lost miserably at his hand.

This displayed that he subconsciously felt that Chen Xi didn’t possess much ability at all.

It wasn’t just Yue Ruhuo, all the other cultivators including Jin Qingyang felt indifferent and even disdainful towards Chen Xi.

The crux was that Chen Xi didn’t possess a resounding reputation, and his name hadn’t appeared in the top 100 of the Domain Enlightened Chart at all!

The Domain Enlightened Chart was the most authoritative ranking in the Ancient God Domain!

They naturally wouldn’t arouse any doubt towards this, and this gave them an extremely great misconception that Chen Xi’s strength was mediocre and was utterly unable to go against them.

They didn’t know that Yuqiu Jing had possessed the same thoughts, yet a shadow had almost been left within his heart from the blows Chen Xi struck upon him. Even until now, Yuqiu Jing still felt disturbed and depressed in his heart.

“If all of you don’t stop talking nonsense, then forgive me for being unable to accompany all of you.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and in a manner that was neither fast nor slow. He seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the ridicule and disdain coming from the surroundings.

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