Chapter 1666 – Circumstances Change With The Passage Of Time

I have to accompany him.

It was merely a single sentence that was spoken in a gentle and tender tone by Shentu Yanran’s voice that was pleasant and melodious like the sound of nature. It was so natural and so proud that it caused everyone in the surroundings to be stunned, and they almost didn’t dare believe their ears.

Especially because she possessed a gorgeous appearance and starry eyes that were bright and tender like water. She possessed unsurpassed beauty and a graceful bearing yet at this moment, she actually spoke such warm and tender words in public. So, it almost caused all of the people in the surroundings to go mad.

Who was Shentu Yanran?

She was a peerless beauty that countless young men of the Imperial Region admired to the extreme. She was of noble birth, possessed peerless wisdom, and was even an existence ranked at the 13th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart!

Even a peerless figure like Luo Shaonong didn’t conceal his admiration towards her at all, and he’d even expressed his true feelings in public. Moreover, he was even willing to seize that ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root for her. But in the end, he was still refused by her.

Yet now, she’d actually… publicly expressed her feelings for a young man that possessed no reputation. So, how could they not be shocked?

Who exactly is that young man?

Why would Miss Yanran be with him?


Truly damnable!

The hearts of many cultivators in the surroundings were on the verge of shattering and they wished for nothing more than to swallow Chen Xi alive.

Some were extremely envious. What heaven defying fortune in romance! This kid actually plucked a peerless flower like Shentu Yanran!

Some female cultivators were curious. Shentu Yanran was even able to refuse Luo Shaonong, yet it turns out that she has taken a liking to this young man. Who… exactly is he? Why was he able to capture Shentu Yanran’s heart?

For a time, the entire surroundings exploded into an uproar because of a single sentence from Shentu Yanran, and it obviously showed how great her charm was.

Even though Le Wuhen and the others were clearly aware of Chen Xi’s origins and knew that Chen Xi and Shentu Yanran had only known each other for a short while, they still couldn’t help but be stunned when they witnessed this scene.

Perhaps Shentu Yanran couldn’t bear the sight of Gongye Zhefu humiliating Chen Xi in public. But she actually paid such a price for the sake of helping Chen Xi. Isn’t this price a bit too huge?

No matter if it was true or false. At the very least, once news of this spread, then it would simply cause an earthquake in the Imperial Region!

Especially Yuqiu Jing, when he saw Shentu Yanran hold Chen Xi’s hand and seem to be filled with tender affection, the flames of envy in his heart were simply on the verge of going out of control, and his expression turned gloomy.

Yes, he admired Shentu Yanran as well, and it was even to the extent that his admiration was much deeper. So, when he saw Chen Xi and Shentu Yanran arrive side by side on that day, he felt a wave of discomfort in his heart. This was the reason why he’d intentionally gone against Chen Xi and been hostile against Chen Xi all along the way here.

Yet now, he saw the woman he adored showing such favor to a fellow she’d just met not too long ago. So, the rage and envy Yuqiu Jing felt in his heart was obvious.

However, no matter what, the protagonists at this moment wasn’t Yuqiu Qing, nor were Lu Wuhen or those cultivators in the surroundings.

It was Gongye Zhefu, Chen Xi, and Shentu Yanran, and perhaps Zhen Liuqing had to be included as well.

When he saw Shentu Yanran hold Chen Xi’s hand and speak those words in such a proud and natural tone, Gongye Zhefu wasn’t shocking, and he felt that this was extremely absurd instead.

He’d known Shentu Yanran for a very long time. So, he was naturally clearly aware that Chen Xi wasn’t amongst Shentu Yanran’s past pursuers.

So, when he heard these words, he instantly felt that Shentu Yanran was merely using Chen Xi as an excuse to refuse his invitation.

“Yanran, if you’re unwilling to speak with me, then be frank. Why use this Fellow Daoist as an excuse?” Gongye Zhefu smiled, and he seemed as if all of this wasn’t able to affect him at all.

“An excuse?” Shentu Yanran sighed faintly. She stared at Chen Xi with her starry eyes, and she bit her cherry lips with slight bitterness as she said, “Look, they don’t believe us.”

Her voice carried a trace of complaint that was like the wife of a reunited couple that was acting in a spoiled manner to her husband.

When had all the people in the surroundings seen Shentu Yanran reveal such an expression? So, all of them couldn’t help but be stunned by this scene.

Yuqiu Qing gnashed his teeth with hatred to the point his teeth almost shattered.

This damnable fellow! Miss Yanran has already spoken to such an extent, yet he actually isn’t showing any reaction to it at all. He simply deserves to be slices into a thousand pieces!

At this moment, after Chen Xi experienced the initial shock and astonishment he felt, only bitter laughter remained in his heart.

He was naturally clearly aware that there was absolutely no relationship between him and Shentu Yanran. It was even to the extent that he was sure that Shentu Yanran had acted in this way to help him vent his anger by intentionally embarrassing Gongye Zhefu. On the other hand, she intended to utilize this method to refuse Gongye Zhefu’s invitation.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi would naturally not naively think that Shentu Yanran had really taken a liking to him.

However, since Shentu Yanran was willing to put on this show for everyone to see, then Chen Xi was happy to cooperate with her. So, he didn’t speak out and deny it.

Thus, he’d maintain silence until now. He held Shentu Yanran’s hand in silence and silently listened to Shentu Yanran ‘put on this show’ with her tender and affectionate voice and expression.

It was even to the extent that when he heard what Shentu Yanran said at this moment, Chen Xi cooperatively stretched out his arm to hold her slender and smooth waist.

His movements were natural, yet Chen Xi acutely noticed that Shentu Yanran’s delicate figure stiffened imperceptibly when his fingers touched the skin on her slender waist. But right after that, she followed along this motion and leaned closely onto Chen Xi’s shoulder while her delicate figure stiffened momentarily again.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel amused in his heart. Perhaps this is the tiny price she has to pay for putting on such a show?

Actually, Chen Xi had overlooked something. With Shentu Yanran’s identity, on what basis would she have to make such a sacrifice? And it was even to the extent that she didn’t hesitate to offend Gongye Zhefu?

Moreover, even if all of this wasn’t mentioned, with Shentu Yanran’s identity, reputation, and cultivation, why would she put on a show with a fellow that she’d just got to know?

Perhaps this was a show she was putting on, but what would the people of the outside world think about her? Everyone else wouldn’t think that this was a show!

When he saw Chen Xi’s hand wrap around Shentu Yanran’s slender waist while the latter seemed to be happy and slightly embarrassed, Gongye Zhefu’s expression finally turned gloomy.

If he wasn’t wrong, then Shentu Yanran had never been so intimate with any man since she’d started cultivating!

When the others in the surroundings witnessed this, they were extremely shocked in their hearts. They felt rather doubtful before this, but this doubt had vanished when they witnessed this scene.

“Haha! Not bad! Not bad!” Gongye Zhefu’s violet pupils were suffused with a cold glow. He glanced deeply at Chen Xi before he turned around and led Zhen Liuqing away.

“We seem to have made Young Master Zhefu slightly unhappy.” Shentu Yanran spoke in a light voice.

“It seems to be like that,” said Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t feel even a trace of happiness in his heart. Because from the beginning until the end, Zhen Liuqing had constantly remained silent as if she was completely indifferent towards all of this.

On the other hand, when they saw Gongye Zhefu leave, all the spectators in the surroundings had complicated feelings in their hearts. No one had expected that this fellow who Gongye Zhefu had threatened and ridiculed, this fellow that they’d looked down upon would suddenly transform into the one and one man that Shentu Yanran had personally acknowledged until now.

The matters of the world are unpredictable! Everyone sighed in their hearts.

“This fellow is simply too detestable. He clearly already possesses a peerless beauty like Miss Yanran, yet he’s still thinking about Gongye Zhefu’s female companion. He deserves death!”

Many people felt indignant.

“Alas, I feel envious of that kid. He was able to win Miss Yanran’s heart, and he can die without any regrets.”

Some people were extremely envious.

Another thing that caused others to be on the verge of going mad was after some female cultivators witnessed all of this, it aroused a strong sense of curiosity and interest towards Chen Xi in them….

Le Wuhen and the others had complicated feelings as well. They never expected that after this minor disturbance passed, Chen Xi would have gained a great benefit because of Shentu Yanran, and it simply caused them to feel speechless.

No matter how all the others discussed it or how they thought in their hearts, Chen Xi had already withdrawn his hand that was around Shentu Yanran’s slender waist, and he said in a low voice, “No matter what, thank you for that.”

“You… thought I was putting on a show?” Shentu Yanran revealed a bitter gaze while her voice carried a slight sense of loss.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. This woman wouldn’t have gone too deep into the part she was playing, right?

After that, he saw Shentu Yanran explode with laughter, and a wisp of cunning and complacency flashed in her starry eyes.

Chen Xi immediately shook his head helplessly when he saw this. After getting along with Shentu Yanran for so long, he was able to clearly notice that while she possessed unsurpassed beauty, her disposition was difficult to figure out. She was sometimes modest and dignified, noble, and refined; sometimes lively, playful, and beautiful even when she seemed angry; sometimes bitter yet tender, weak, and pitiable. Her disposition and image simply took on a myriad of forms.

It caused others to be utterly unable to distinguish exactly which was her true self.

“Chen Xi!” Suddenly, Yuqiu Jing walked over with a gloomy expression.

Chen Xi’s brows instantly raised. What does this fellow want now?

Shentu Yanran restrained her smile as well, and she recovered her usual refined bearing.

“When you formed an alliance with us, why didn’t you mention that there’s conflict between you and Gongye Zhefu?” Yuqiu Jing spoke in a low voice, and it carried a questioning tone.

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused all the members of their group to look over.

“This seems to be my own private business. So, there no reason for me to tell you about it, right?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. This fellow failed on the last time he tried. Could it be that he still hasn’t given up?

“But you must realize that we’re part of the same group now. If some conflicts arise because of you in the Ancestral Root Grounds, and it implicates us, then what should we do?” Yuqiu Qing pressed down aggressively.

“Then what do you think we should do?” Chen Xi replied with a question.

Yuqiu Jing was instantly stunned. He opened his mouth yet didn’t know how to answer. Kick Chen Xi out of the group? That would definitely be impossible because Le Wuhen and Shentu Yanran would be the first to object.

After all, even if he was unwilling, he had no choice but to admit that Chen Xi’s combat strength was extremely formidable, and he was capable of playing a role of vital importance in the group.

But he was extremely unwilling to let it go just like this. In the end, he grunted coldly and said, “Even though we’re in the same group, if it’s related to some private enmity of yours, then please deal with it yourself. We have no obligation to help you.’

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Of course. Do you have any other questions?”

Yuqiu Jing gnashed his teeth with hatred when he saw Chen Xi’s indifferent expression, yet he was helpless. In the end, he could only glare furiously at Chen Xi before turning around and leaving while seeming as if he wasn’t willing to be associated with Chen Xi.

As it was said, circumstances change with the passage of time.

Chen Xi had already proven his strength, and he’d become a core member of the group. So, if Yuqiu Jing wanted to look for trouble with Chen Xi, it wasn’t as easy as it was in the past.

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