Chapter 1662 – Nine Marks Of The Sword

A wisp of sword qi soared through the sky.

It didn’t make a single sound, nor did it carry a dazzling and oppressive imposing aura. All it had was a form of calmness, and it was extremely ordinary.

However, when they laid eyes upon this wisp of sword, the hearts of Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, and Zhuanyu Shui were filled with shock, and they felt a wisp of deep terror.

It was an indescribable aura. It seemed like when that sword strike was executed, it didn’t shock the heavens, it didn’t shake the earth, yet it was capable of silently seeing through the heart, destroying the will, and slaughtering the Dao Heart!

What sort of Sword Dao was this?

No one was able to say for certain.

On the other hand, the other cultivators hadn’t noticed this because their levels of strength were too low, and they were unable to understand how terrifying this sword strike was.

It was even to the extent that when they saw such an ordinary sword strike, they couldn’t help but ridicule in their hearts. Is this fellow really out of tricks?

But in the next instant, their gazes froze while they revealed dumbstruck expressions.

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it actually occurred in an instant. When Chen Xi pressed his fingers together into a sword and executed that extremely ordinary strand of sword qi, the entire platform suddenly fell into a form of deathly silence.

Shit! Yuqiu Jing’s heart jerked while a strong bad feeling surged into it, and his expression changed abruptly.

He practically instinctively dodged backwards with full force.


The sword qi of the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze that had attained its peak state was suddenly slashed into two at the center, and it was like a piece of catkin that was slashed apart. It seemed to be so weak.

This wasn’t a collision, so it didn’t emanate any rumbling or the sound of an explosion. On the contrary, it was like a piece of grass that had been accurately and swiftly reaped by a sharp blade.

If they didn’t witness it with their own two eyes, they would absolutely be unable to describe how strange this scene was. There was no deafening sound of collision, there was no dazzling divine radiance created by an explosion, and everything seemed to be so clean, murderous, swift… and calm!


Finally, a sound that sounded like a piece of cloth being torn apart resounded on the platform, and it was instead that absolute domain of the sword which enveloped the entire platform that had a rift easily torn open on it.

After that….


A strand of a terrifying and enormous bang resounded. Divine radiance exploded into pieces and swept though the platform, and the rumbling from the explosion seemed like a thunderclap that shot into the nine heavens, and it tore at the eardrums and shook the soul.

All of this happened in an instant. The battle on the platform transformed from a strange state of deathly silence to its current state of rumbling and disorder. It seemed like a reversal between motionlessness and movement, and the strong visual impact it revealed caused others to feel suffocated.

It was too terrifying!

Earlier, everyone including Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, and Zhuanyu Shui thought that when Chen Xi adopted the conservative strategy of dodging, it was equivalent to trapping himself within a web and causing himself to fall into a hopeless situation. So, he would absolutely be unable to withstand the ultimate attack of Yuqiu Jing’s Heavenshaker Nine Blaze.

But no one had expected that such a shocking turn of events would actually occur!

A strand of extremely ordinary sword qi moved like a skillful butcher as it slashed the sword qi of the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze apart, destroyed the domain in an all powerful and crushing manner!

If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own two eyes, they would have almost thought that they were seeing things.

The Sword Emperor Realm? No, he has already walked onto the path to seek the Ultimate Path of the Sword! Le Wuhen’s gaze burned and flowed with a strand of divine light.

This fellow…. Shentu Yanran’s heart had risen and fallen like a wave. At this moment, she actually didn’t know what to say about Chen Xi.

Zhuanyu Shui still remained silent. No one noticed this his hands had been imperceptibly clenched tightly before being relaxed once more.

On the other hand, the other cultivators opened their mouths wide while their eyeballs almost fell off. How could this be possible? How could that kid possibly overcome the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze technique so easily!?

This outcome was simply like an invisible slap that struck them to the point their faces burned with pain, and their minds were slightly dazed.

At this moment, even though Chen Xi was calm as before, his image in the eyes of everyone had instantly grown, and it carried an unfathomable and mysterious aura.

Yuqiu Jing was an existence ranked at the 15th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, and he’d even utilized his strongest technique, the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze, during the battle just now. Yet Chen Xi had utilized such a casual strike of the sword to destroy Yuqiu Jing’s strongest attack and completely suppress Yuqiu Jing. So, how could such combat strength be described with just the word terrifying?

“What sort of Sword Dao was that?” On the platform that was suffused with dust and dirt, Yuqiu Jing’s voice that carried slight shock and rage resounded. At this moment, his clothes were snow white, his appearance was still rather handsome, yet his face was covered in disbelief.

There was even a wisp of horror in his heart. If he hadn’t noticed the approach of danger and dodged in time just now, the consequences would simply be unimaginable.

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t answer Yuqiu Jing and just cupped his hands before he said, “It was a good battle.”

As he spoke, he turned around and intended to walk off the platform. From the beginning until the end, he seemed as if he’d done an extremely ordinary thing, and he was neither arrogant nor haughty. He seemed extremely indifferent and clam like the surface of water in an old well.

However, at this moment, no one dared to question his strength again.

“Wait! The spar hasn’t ended, yet you’re leaving just like that?” Suddenly, Yuqiu Jing shouted in a deep voice, and then his figure flashed to block Chen Xi’s path.

Chen Xi frowned. He raised his eyes to look at Yu Qiujing, and then he went silent for a moment before he said, “Fellow Daoist Yuqiu, you’ve already lost.”

“I’ve lost?” Yuqiu Jing was unable to control the rage and shock within his heart any longer, and he cried out. “It was merely a single strike. How could I have possibly lost? Aren’t I still standing here completely unharmed?”


As if it was a reply to Yuqiu Jing, everyone suddenly noticed that the clothes on Yuqiu Jing’s legs, knees, ribs, shoulders, and chest suddenly tore open. Shreds of his clothes fluttered in the air and revealed the skin beneath them.

If one looked carefully, one could notice that all those spots where his clothes tore open seemed to have been soundlessly slashed apart by a wisp of sword qi.

There were an entire nine spots, and if they were slightly sharper, then everyone could imagine that Yuqiu Jing’s legs, knees, ribs, and shoulders would have been slashed through while a hole would have been pierced through his heart!

In an instant, the surroundings turned deathly silent.

Everyone stared fixedly at Yuqiu Jing while tempestuous waves arose in their hearts, and it was even more shocking that before. It was even to the extent that it was… slightly terrifying!

Because they’d actually not noticed the appearance of these marks of the sword at all!

So, didn’t that mean that if Chen Xi wanted to kill Yuqiu Jing, then Yuqiu Jing would have died numerous times already?

“This….” Yuqiu Jing’s mind droned, and he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. He opened his eyes wide as he looked at his bare skin, and his expression was blank while his body had stiffened completely on the spot.

He had lost!

At this moment, he finally realized that he’d been completely defeated this time!

Chen Xi wasn’t dodging earlier because Chen Xi was afraid of him, and it was instead because Chen Xi had already attacked soundlessly. However, laughably, he’d actually not noticed anything since the beginning until the end, and he was still attacking in such a complacent, proud, and confident manner.

Suddenly, a strand of an extremely strong feeling of humiliation arose in Yuqiu Jing’s heart, and he felt like an idiot. Because Chen Xi had played him for a fool since the battle began!

“How… how… how did you accomplish this?” Yuqiu Jing’s expression changed indeterminately, and his voice was heavy and hoarse.

“I reminded you early on at the beginning of the battle. The reason Cao Zhen lost so quickly was because of carelessness.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

This time, Cao Zhen wasn’t angry at all when Chen Xi mentioned him in public, and his heart was filled with extreme bitterness instead. Because he finally understood that they weren’t existences on the same level at all, and the gap between them was too great.

On the other hand, when he heard Chen Xi compare him to Cao Zhen once more, tempestuous waves surged endlessly within Yuqiu Jing’s heart, and the corners of his mouth twitched, yet he opened his mouth and found himself to be speechless in the end.

All the other cultivators in the surroundings couldn’t help but feel dejected in their hearts. Because it was truly slightly pitiable that Yuqiu Jing had challenged Chen Xi successively yet faced such an outcome.

This spar ended here.

Yuqiu Jing seemed as if he’d become a completely different person. He remained silent from the beginning until the end, and he just drank wine by himself and seemed to be extremely quiet.

No one disturbed him. Because everyone was clearly aware that Yuqiu Jing definitely felt horrible after suffering such a blow.

On the other hand, the spar from before caused all of them to completely change their views of Chen Xi, and none of them dared to doubt and reject him again.

It was even to the extent that the gazes many cultivators shot at Chen Xi carried a trace of reverence.

“Amazing! Now, I even slightly wonder if you’re the same type of person as that Sword Demon, Wang Jianchen, from 8,000 years ago.” Le Wuhen grinned as he looked at Chen Xi, and he didn’t conceal the praise within his voice at all.

“Fellow Daoist Wuhen is too kind.” Chen Xi smiled. He hadn’t had the intention to embarrass Yuqiu Jing during the spar just now, and he’d attacked a long time ago with the Vorpal Strike technique and left numerous marks of the sword on Yuqiu Jing’s clothes while refraining from injuring Yuqiu Jing. So, he’d already given Yuqiu Jing a great deal of face. Unfortunately, Yuqiu Jing hadn’t noticed it at all.

“I’m very curious about whether you or Young Master Wuhen is more formidable.” Shentu Yanran spoke from the side, and she had a tender gaze that revealed traces of extraordinary splendor.

Le Wuhen instantly laughed bitterly, and then he waved his hand and said, “Yanran, don’t compare me to Fellow Daoist Chen Xi because I can’t compare to him at all. In my opinion, Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s combat strengths is sufficient to go against Gongye Zhefu, Jia Nan, and even Luo Shaonong.”

Shentu Yanran grinned from ear to ear and said, “Isn’t that even better? With Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s assistance, our group will definitely be in an even more advantageous position while fighting for the Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root later.”

“Hahaha! Yanran, you’re right indeed.” Le Wuhen roared brightly with laughter.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was slightly unable to endure their praise, and he smiled bitterly and said, “I’ve already told the both of you, it was only a spar just now. I was just lucky.”

“Oh you! Everything about you is great, and you just have a single flaw. You’re too modest!” Le Wuhen feigned anger and pointed at Chen Xi before he suddenly roared with laughter. “Could it be that you’re unaware? Excessive modesty is a form of arrogance as well.”

Shentu Yanran puckered her lips and chuckled without end.

Chen Xi was completely speechless.

The other cultivators noticed all of this, and they felt rather complicated emotions in their hearts. Many of them even felt slightly regretful in their hearts for being unable to keep an open mind and maintain a good relationship with Chen Xi.

As for Yuqiu Jing… he’d been constantly drinking wine in a depressed manner, and he seemed to be extremely quiet. It seemed as if he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to everything in the surroundings.


Suddenly, everyone felt the ground beneath their legs shake lightly, and then the entire Soulsever Bottle Gourd seemed as if it had left a swamp and suddenly sped up.

“Haha! We’ve finally arrived!” Le Wuhen was stunned, and then he gazed out towards the outside world. After that, a wisp of delight couldn’t help but suffuse his face while he roared with laughter.

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