Chapter 1661 – Heavenshaker Nine Blaze

When they saw Chen Xi had been successfully prodded into action and had even leaped onto the platform, all of them were slightly stunned, and then they became excited.

“That’s how a man should act!”

“Haha, not bad. Even if you lose the spar with Brother Yuqiu this time, I’d still think more highly of you.”

“He has finally dared to accept the challenge. How rare.”

All of them sighed successively with praise, but all of their words carried a wisp of pleasure from Chen Xi’s impending misfortune. However, if one didn’t listen carefully, one might think that they were truly cheering for Chen Xi.

Le Wuhen smiled in response to all of this, and then his gaze descended onto Chen Xi who stood on the platform while he said in his heart, Please don’t disappoint me.

Why can’t this fellow be a bit more forbearing? Shentu Yanran had suddenly walked out of her room as well, and when she noticed all of this, it was already too late to stop. So, she couldn’t help but frown because of this.

She was rather displeased by Yuqiu Jing’s actions. Similarly, she was slightly disappointed by Chen Xi’s inability to keep his calm and composure.

But in the end, Shentu Yanran didn’t say anything. The spar was already about to begin, and she only hoped that Yuqiu Jing wouldn’t go too far.

To her surprise, she suddenly noticed that Zhuanyu Shui had already arrived in the surroundings, and he stood silently like a rock in the distance while watching silently.

Interesting! Looks like this fellow thinks very highly of Chen Xi’s strength as well. That’s very rare. Shentu Yanran seemed as if she’d thought of something.

On the enormous platform, Yuqiu Jing and Chen Xi stood in confrontation from afar.

“Not bad, merely your courage to stand out and accept my challenge is sufficient to make me take back what I said just now.” The corners of Yuqiu Jing’s mouth revealed a wisp of a smile.

But right after that, he revealed a serious expression, and a wisp of a fierce expression suffused his eyes. “Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, I have to remind you before the spar that if you’re powerless to resist during the battle, then please say something. Don’t try too hard because in that way, I would be in the wrong if I were to injure you.”

His words were filled with arrogance and confidence, and he seemed to be very frank and possessed peerless grace.

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he nodded and said, “Fellow Daoist Yuqiu, please be careful as well. Fellow Daoist Cao Zhen lost to me that day precisely because he held contempt in his heart.”

Cao Zhen’s face sank when he was publicly named by Chen Xi, and his expression was slightly unsightly. That damnable fellow. What a sharp tongue!

Yuqiu Jing felt a wave of anger in his heart as well. What does he mean by that? Could it be that he’s taking me to be a piece of trash like Cao Zhen?

How truly audacious!

“Hahaha! Then I’ll thank Fellow Daoist Chen Xi for your reminder. Let’s cut the chitchat. We’re about to arrive at the Ancestral Root Grounds, so let us start this spar of ours.” Yuqiu Jing roared with laughter while his face revealed undisguised delight.

“I like to fight and end battles quickly as well,” said Chen Xi.

Yuqiu Jing’s face froze while he erupted with rage in his heart. End me quickly? This fellow really is arrogant!

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, that was exactly what I was thinking.” Yuqiu Jing had an expressionless face, and his voice carried a wisp of an oppressive and murderous tone.

An aura of confrontation filled their words, and it caused everyone in the surroundings to feel even more excited. They were clearly aware that Yuqiu Jing had been infuriated. So, this battled wouldn’t be merely a spare, and it would definitely be unusually interesting instead!

Shentu Yanran couldn’t help but feel slightly worried when she witnessed this, and then she glanced at Le Wuhen who was grinning at the side and said via voice transmission, “Wuhen, if Chen Xi is unable to persist in the battle later, then let’s make a move together and stop the battle. We absolutely can’t allow the harmonious relationship between everyone to be affected at this moment. Otherwise, it would be extremely disadvantageous to our operation after this.”

“Of course.” Le Wuhen nodded, and he agreed very readily.

Shentu Yanran felt slightly relaxed when she heard this.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, please go ahead!” Yuqiu Qing made a welcoming gesture while his entire body emanated strands of divine radiance, and it caused him to seem even more arrogant and confident.

“Please go ahead.” Chen Xi returned the courtesy with an indifferent and tranquil expression.

This action caused Yuqiu Jing’s eyes to narrow while he felt insulted. He originally wanted Chen Xi to launch the first attack so as to display his impressive and dignified bearing, yet he’d never expected that Chen Xi actually didn’t appreciate it.

“Haha! Then I’ll do just as you’ve said!” Yuqiu Jing didn’t hesitate any longer, and he suddenly roared with laughter. His white clothes fluttered while he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed, causing a wisp of sword qi to surge out.


It tore through space as it slashed fiercely towards Chen Xi.

This attack was covered in blazing Divine Dao Laws, and its might was astounding. As soon as it appeared, it even emanated the sound of chanting and the resounding tune of nature, and it caused the hearts of everyone in the surroundings to feel extremely astounded.

This Sword Dao could be said to be peerlessly shocking!

This fellow really did utilize an ultimate move as soon as the battle began. A wisp of lightning arose in Le Wuhen’s eyes, and he was clearly aware that this battle would absolutely not last for long.

He really isn’t holding back. Ability at the Sword Emperor Realm, Divine Dao Laws at the Initial Realm, and coupled with the Yuqiu Clan’s Heavenshaker Nine Blaze. Does he intend to defeat Chen Xi with a single strike? Shentu Yanran’s pupils constricted abruptly, and she was extremely shocked in her heart.

No wonder he dared to act so arrogantly. So, it turns out that he possesses the ability of a Sword Emperor…. Chen Xi instantly determined how terrifying this strike was.

He had no choice but to admit that as a Spirit God Exalt ranked at the 15th position on the Domain Enlightened Chart, Yuqiu Jing did indeed possess sufficient ability to be arrogant.

While he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi’s reaction wasn’t slow at all. Before the sword qi could approach him, his figure flashed and teleported through space, and he dodged up into the sky.

He intended to see exactly how great Yuqiu Jing’s ability was, and then he would look for a superb opportunity to end the battle quickly and defeat Yuqiu Jing in one go.

Hmph! What’re you dodging for? What an idiot! Yuqiu Jing couldn’t help but sneer in his heart when he saw Chen Xi dodge, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed once more, causing a wisp of blazing sword qi to whistle out once more.


The strange thing was that as soon as the second strand of sword qi appeared, it instantly caught up to the first sword qi and fused with it, causing its might to instantly rise explosively by a great deal before suddenly crushing down once more towards Chen Xi.

The fusing and overlapping of the Sword Dao? This sword technique is pretty formidable. Chen Xi’s brows raised while his figure flickered repeatedly, and he dodged the attack safely.

He’ll be in a bad situation if he doesn’t face Yuqiu Jing’s attacks head-on…. Le Wuhen frowned. Could it be that this fellow hasn’t realized the strengths of the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze?

He’s finished. Shentu Yanran muttered in her heart. She was very clearly aware that the Yuqiu Clan’s Heavenshaker Nine Blaze was extremely domineering, and its strength grew with every strike. Moreover, the sword qi emanated by it were entirely capable of fusing and overlapping, causing its might to multiply!

At the point nine sword strikes overlapped with each other, it would possess nine times its offensive strength, and it was capable of transforming into an absolute realm of the sword. Moreover, its might would be so formidable it was sufficient to destroy the stars, moon, and all things!

At that time, it would already be impossible avoid it because once the absolute realm of the sword was formed, all one’s paths of retreat would be sealed, and it would be impossible to flee!

It wasn’t just Shentu Yanran and Le Wuhen, all the other people in the surroundings understood the how terrifying the Yuqiu Clan’s Heavenshaker Nine Blaze was, and they couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a strange expression when they saw Chen Xi dodging continuously. They took slight pleasure in his misfortune, and they also revealed pity and disdain.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi’s display caused Yuqiu Qing to feel even more reassured. Divine radiance seethed from his entire body, causing him to seem like a peerless exalt of the sword, and he successively executed strand after strand of terrifying sword qi.

As soon as these strands of sword qi appeared, all of the fused together, causing their imposing aura to multiply. The brilliant radiance emanated from the sword qi illuminated the heavens and the earth, and the imposing aura that swept out from it faintly formed a domain that was on the verge of enveloping the entire platform.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi had been constantly dodging as if he didn’t dare to bear the brunt of this sword qi, and he seemed to be barely able to dodge away safely every single time.

This caused those cultivators in the surroundings to feel even more excited. Because the strongest attack of the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze was about to be formed, and they wanted to see how Chen Xi would dodge then!

It was even to the extent that the pitiable scene of Chen Xi being crushed by a single strike had appeared in their minds.

Le Wuhen’s brows furrowed, and he was already accumulating force in secret. He was prepared to make a move and rescue Chen Xi as soon as Chen Xi lost.

What exactly is this fellow doing!? A wisp of anxiousness arose in Shentu Yanran’s heart. She was unable to figure out what Chen Xi was thinking, but she was clearly aware that if this continued, then the consequences would be unimaginable!

Zhuanyu Shui puckered his lips, and a wisp of imperceptible disappointment arose in the space between his brows.


Suddenly, a strand of vast and terrifying fluctuation arose on the platform, and then a domain that was formed by sword qi and suffused with a murderous glow had confined this entire expanse of space!

At that instant, space seemed to have been frozen and was unable to fluctuate at all!

This was the absolute domain of the sword that was condensed by the Heavenshaker Nine Blaze after it attained its limits!

Le Wuhen sighed when he saw this, Shentu Yanran frowned, and Zhuanyu Shui shook his head and remained silent. On the other hand, all the other cultivators were extremely excited. They opened their eyes wide and were deeply afraid of missing the scene of Chen Xi’s crushing defeat.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, how will you dodge now?” At this moment, Yuqiu Jing’s entire body flower with sword qi, and he was arrogant and mighty. His handsome face was suffused with a wisp of a grin and a confident expression, and he seemed like an overlord that controlled the entire situation.

A wisp of peerlessly dazzling sword qi floated before him, and it emanated dazzling divine radiance while its imposing aura was terrifying and shocking to the extreme.

At this moment, a wisp of terror couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of all, and they were extremely horrified because the aura of this sword qi was too formidable.

Just as everyone had guessed, Chen Xi was finally unable to dodge when being locked onto by this wisp of sword qi, so he stood on the spot.

However, to everyone’s surprise, his expression was still calm and indifferent, and he didn’t seem to reveal even a trace of anxiousness. It seemed as if he’d given up on struggling and intended to admit defeat.

However, Yuqiu Jing obviously didn’t intend to give Chen Xi this opportunity.

Or perhaps, it could be said that he wouldn’t allow Chen Xi to admit defeat now even if Chen Xi had decided to admit defeat!


Under the gazes of everyone present, that extremely dazzling and blazing sword qi suddenly circulated, and then a bang resounded as it smashed fiercely towards Chen Xi!

“Stay your….” Shentu Yanran couldn’t help but shout out to stop Yuqiu Jing, yet she stopped abruptly after speaking halfway.

Le Wuhen sighed in his heart and was just about to make a move to save Chen Xi, yet his entire body stiffened while divine radiance erupted from his eyes. Similarly, he stopped abruptly as well.

Zhuanyu Shui intended to turn around and leave. However, at this instant, his tall and robust figure seemed as if it had been frozen on the spot, and he was unable to move a single step.

At this instant, a wisp of incomprehensible coldness had even arisen in the hearts of all the other cultivators, and their pupils dilated.

All of this was because of a casual movement Chen Xi made. He pressed his fingers together into the form of a sword and flicked them lightly in an otherworldly manner.

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