Chapter 166 – Invitation to Attend the Ceremony

Chapter 166 – Invitation to Attend the Ceremony

“Brother, you’ve cultivated it successfully?” Chen Hao spoke in pleasant surprise. Actually, after he experienced Chen Xi’s sword moves earlier, he’d understood that his Big Brother had already successfully cultivated the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, but this pleasant surprise was too sudden, to the point he didn’t dare believe it.

Indeed. The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was the sword technique that was circulated the most in the world, yet was the most difficult to cultivate. During these thousands of years, it was rare to hear of anyone cultivating it successfully. Even if it was the sect that practiced the Sword Dao, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, not a single person was able to cultivate it successfully. So Chen Xi sitting there in a haggard state for five years and actually cultivating it successfully was indeed something that was difficult to believe.

“I can only be said to have gained initial success, and there’s still an extremely long way I have to go to completely master it.” Chen Xi sighed. He’d mastered all the variations of the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, but it was instead the most basic thing, and when considered carefully, he’d only just learned the fundamentals and was extremely far from mastery.

Because the Qian Sword of Sky, the Kun Sword of Ground, the Kan Sword of Water, the Dui Sword of Marsh, the Xun Sword of Wind, the Li Sword of Fire, the Zhen Sword of Lightning, and the Gen Sword of Mountain weren’t isolated from each other with a style of their own, and they were instead connected to one another. In other words, these eight great sword moves were only the foundation, and what Chen Xi had to do next was to combine these eight great sword moves with each other to form even more formidable sword moves.

For example, when the Gen Sword of Mountain and the Dui Sword of Marsh were combined together, it would form the Gen-Dui Sword of Mountain and Marsh. The Mountain and Marsh were compatible, one primary and the other secondary, one as the trunk and the other as the branches, and its might had at least skyrocketed by double when compared to using a single move.

For an example, the Xun Sword of Wind and the Li Sword of Fire would form the Xun-Li Sword of Wind and Fire. When combined with each other, the wind would support the might of the fire, then the fire would turn around to assist the might of the wind, and its miraculous effects were boundless.

All in all, when these eight sword moves were combined with each other, they would produce new sword moves. The more that were combined, the more variations would be available, and its evolution cycle was boundless.

But if Chen Xi wanted to combine these eight sword moves and deduce them little by little, the current strength of his soul was unable to accomplish this. For example, the Qian Sword of Sky and the Kun Sword of Ground, one was the sky, the other the ground, and they were entirely different; or the Kan Sword of Water and the Li Sword of Fire, water and fire don’t mix as they both moved to one extreme, so would it be easy to fuse and connect them together?

“Initial success is already so formidable, then how extraordinary would it be if you master it completely?” Chen Hao gasped with admiration.

“What? Do you want to cultivate it as well?” Chen Xi smiled.

Chen Hao hurriedly shook his head. “It’s important to be completely devoted to one single thing in the Dao of the Sword. My Righteous Sword Dao has only taken form, and it wouldn’t be inferior to the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture after it attains the peak. I don’t want to divide my attention into two, as that’s a great taboo in cultivating.”

Chen Xi didn’t force Chen Hao. After all, he’d only just learned the fundamentals of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, so how would he be able to guide Chen Hao’s cultivation?

“Little Brother, you’ve finally realized that you’ve strayed and returned to the right path?” Right at this moment, Bei Heng tore through the sky, and he couldn’t help but speak out in pleasant surprise when he saw Chen Xi standing proudly at the side of the precipice from afar.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Chen Hao had said this, and now Bei Heng said this as well. Could it be that everyone thought that I would fail?

“Martial Ancestor Bei Heng, my Brother has already cultivated it successfully!” Chen Hao cried out from the side.

“He succeeded?” Bei Heng was stunned and he almost staggered and fell down from the sky.


Today, the news that Chen Xi who’d sat on the spot for five years had successfully cultivated the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture spread through the inside and outside of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. For a time, everyone had an expression of having seen a ghost, and they stared blankly, at a loss for words.

But no matter what, this news spread out from the Supreme Elder, so who would dare doubt it? Not to mention, with his status, would he go to the extent of deceiving the disciples of his own sect?

True Heart Peak instantly became bustling as guests from everywhere arrived ceaselessly, and they all came to congratulate Chen Xi. Even Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin rushed over together when they heard the news, and they seemed to want to verify it was true with their own two eyes.

Only after a few days passed did this bustling gradually calm down, and life on True Heart Peak went back on the right track.

Amongst a piece of old and verdant pine forest, Chen Hao and Chen Xi were drinking tea together. So long as he had free time from cultivating, Chen Xi would come chat with Chen Hao, then spar while exchanging what each other had learned.

“Brother, Senior Brother Ling Kongzi asked me to tell you that the recruitment day of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect will be arriving in a few more months. He wants you to attend the ceremony.” Chen Hao put down his teacup before speaking.

“Attend the ceremony? My status seems to be slightly improper, right?” Chen Xi was stunned. He knew that when the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect recruited disciples, there would be numerous elders presents, as they were not only able to test the strength and natural talent of the new disciples, they could seize this opportunity to select the disciples that were to their liking from the new disciples. After all, they were able to encounter extraordinary genius figures during every recruitment, and if they were able to take these geniuses as their disciple, then it would be an honor for them as well.

“What’s improper about it? Just take it as enjoying a diversion. Besides that, this is something the Senior Brother Ling Kongzi requested himself, and it’s not nice to refuse,” said Chen Hao.

Chen Xi nodded. It was indeed so. During these five years of time, he’d received an extremely great deal of care from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and Ling Kongzi was the Master of a Sect, so no matter if it was out of personal feelings or for a specific reason, he couldn’t refuse.

“There’s also one more thing. Brother, I want to return to Pine Mist City and rebuild our Chen Clan!” Chen Hao spoke once more. He seemed to have made an extremely great resolution, and after he finished speaking, he stared fixedly at Chen Xi and seemed to be deeply afraid that Chen Xi would refuse.

“That won’t do! Your cultivation is so shallow now, and you’re all alone. You have neither money nor subordinates, so how will you rebuild the clan?” Chen Xi shook his head without the slightest hesitation.

“Brother, during the five years that you’ve been sitting there cultivating, I’ve already advanced to the Golden Hall Realm!” Chen Hao spoke loudly. “With my current cultivation, it’s sufficient to sweep through the various powers of Pine Mist City, so who would dare obstruct me? Not to mention I have Master’s support behind me, and no matter who wanted to make a move against me, they’d first have to consider the consequences of offending my Master.”

Chen Hao was speaking the truth. Compared to Dragon Lake City, Pine Mist City that was situated at a side of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range was simply like a remote village. Amongst the various powers of Pine Mist City, the strongest cultivation was only at the Violet Palace Realm, and with Chen Hao’s cultivation, it was indeed sufficient for him to establish a power of his own in Pine Mist City.

Not to mention Chen Hao still had a Nether Transformation Realm Master standing behind him, and he was even the Junior Brother of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master. The strength of this power was so strong that it wasn’t a problem to crush all the powers of Pine Mist City.

“But… Do you have money?” Chen Xi hesitated.

“Brother, could it be that you’ve forgotten? When the Starnet Palace was annihilated five years ago, Senior Brother plundered treasures that could be piled up to an entire mountain. After they were sorted and counted, he passed 40% of all the treasures to me. So, you completely don’t have to worry in terms of resources.” Chen Hao seemed to have considered everything, and he answered in perfect order.

“This won’t do.” Chen Xi still shook his head and said, “Rebuilding the clan isn’t as simple as you think. With regards to the various problems of inheritance and rebuilding of the clan, you’re all alone and haven’t gotten married, so you can’t even pass the barrier of inheritance.”

Chen Hao’s face instantly went red when marriage was spoken about, and he said bashfully, “That… Brother, to tell you honestly, I and Senior Sister Fei Lengcui have fallen in love with each other, and we intend to get married after establishing the clan.”


A mouthful of tea sprayed out from Chen Xi’s mouth, and then he hurriedly placed the teacup down before staring at Chen Hao in astonishment, as if he was looking at a freak.

Chen Hao was stared at to the point he was slightly unable to endure it, and he puffed up his chest and said, “Brother, I’m 20 this year, and mother and father were only 16 when they got married!”

20 already…

At this instant, Chen Xi instantly felt as if he’d been cut off from the outside world for ages. Right, Chen Hao already isn’t the small child that needed my protection any longer. He has already grown up and had his own considerations, plans, and thoughts. He’s like a baby eagle that has spread its wings, he needs to cry out proudly in the sky and soar freely, and not stay in the warm nest and be protected.

“Brother, you’ve already taken responsibility for so much pressure for me. I’ve already grown up, so let me bear some responsibility.” Chen Hao spoke with a firm expression. “I’ve already heard from Martial Ancestor Bei Heng that you want to participate in the Allstar Meeting. Let me make arrangements for all these things, whereas, you can work hard to cultivate and strive to obtain the top ten positions to enter the Primeval Battlefield so that you can head to the Dark Reverie in the end and find out about father and mother from Aunt Bai. Comparatively speaking, your pressure is much greater than mine, and what I can do is rebuild the clan and save you from worrying by protecting it.”

Chen Xi patted Chen Hao on the shoulder and didn’t say a single word.     

Chen Hao understood that Chen Xi had already tacitly consented to him, and he couldn’t help but feel a wave of excitement. After twenty years, he was finally able to help his big brother…


At dawn the next day, Chen Hao left right away, and leaving alongside him was Fei Lengcui, an extremely beautiful young woman in a white dress with features that were like a painting. It was indeed as Chen Hao had said, she’d already fallen in love with Chen Hao, and after the Chen Clan was rebuilt, they would get married and become husband and wife.

Fei Lengcui’s departure caused Ling Kongzi to be extremely unwilling for a time. After all, she was the leading figure in the younger generation of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and her natural talent, cultivation, and comprehension ability were the very best and one in a million. Now, she’d instead been swindled away by Chen Hao and intended to live peacefully in Pine Mist City that was like a remote village. As the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, how could Ling Kongzi possibly be willing? Not losing his temper was already the extreme limit of his endurance.

Chen Xi didn’t go send his younger brother off, and he only stood on the extremely high True Heart Peak and silently looked into the distance in the direction of Pine Mist City.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, it was less than three days to the day the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect officially recruited disciples.

During these few days, there were a lot of young men and women that gushed towards the Wanderingcloud Sword under the protection of their family members every day, and they intended to participate in the tests, as they yearned to come up in the world.

Since swallowing the large amount of treasure left behind by the Starnet Palace five years ago, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was already a matchless great power in Dragon Lake City, and even the southern territory. It towered above the rest and took the lead, and it became more and more flourishing and prosperous. Coupled with the great Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator, Bei Heng, holding down the fort, at the instant the sect announced the news that it would open its door to recruit disciples, it instantly drew the gazes of the cultivators in the entire southern territory.

Even if he stayed on True Heart Peak, Chen Xi still obviously felt that the entire Wanderingcloud Sword Sect had become more bustling than usual, and the disciples and elders of the sect few about as they arranged various matters.

After I attend the ceremony, it’s also time I leave…

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